Mistakes weren't supposed to feel so good.

An embarrassing moan escaped her, the sheets of his hotel room balled up into her hands as she let him do everything he wanted to her, and he wanted to do a lot. His hands grabbed at random places, holding her, squeezing her, touching her, teasing her, making her feel so alive. He held one of her legs up over his shoulder, while the other was between his own legs, forcing her to the side while he remained upright.

It felt so good.

Sex felt so good.

His dick felt so good.

A grunt escaped him, sending a shiver down her spine that met with the boiling fire just below her navel, making her bite her lip in anticipation.

The suggestion to wear a blindfold to remove her poor eyesight from the equation had sounded strange at first, but as soon as she put the blindfold on and proceeded to let him guide her, she had realized that he had been in the right. She might not be able to see him, but she could still feel him, and she could still hear him. Those two sensations were amplified by a factor of ten, and were so much better than the constant squinting she would otherwise be doing.

"Mmm," she moaned, her body relaxing as she felt herself growing closer and closer to her first actually enjoyable sexual encounter. Her hips bucked and matched his pace as she grabbed towards where she felt he was and felt his hand grab hers. He moved, lowering her leg and guiding her body into the correct position. Now firmly on her back, she felt his hand travel down her arm before grabbing hold of her breasts.

She could see them as much as she could feel them, those beautiful red feathers of his wings flying around her and teasing her with the lightest of touches in places that stimulated more than tickled. He paid special attention to her breasts, kneading one with a strong hand and teasing the nipple of the other with two swirling feathers.

The teasing stopped and she felt him lean downward, pulling her hips closer as he continued to move in several mind-boggling ways that were making her feel better and better. She felt her body tense again. Was this an orgasm?

Her first two times had been awkward, short, and completely lackluster. But this, this was amazing. Was this what it felt like to be with a skilled lover?

Was he even a skilled lover?

A tender kiss on top her breast earned a gasp from her. The rest had her biting her lips as she found his head and ran her hands through his short blond hair, smiling all the while. He took her nipple in her mouth and sucked, nibbled, licked, and teased it, earning more and more moans out of her. Where once she had been ashamed and even annoyed by her large breasts, now she was grateful that they were getting the attention they deserved.

"Ahh!" She screamed, her legs locking around his waist as she felt a sudden climax slam into her with enough pleasure to define that moment as what an orgasm really was.

"Shit," He groaned, "Fuyumi," He knew her name. "I'm going to cum."

"Kiss me."

He grabbed her hand, their fingers entwining off center as he lunged forward, pushing himself deeper into her and making her entire mind go blank until he kissed her and painted a whole new world for her.

The tactile sensation of his lips, the grip of his hand, the still-thrusting movements of his hips, and the slightly pasty texture of their sweat mixing with their sunscreen was burned into her mind as a feeling she would never forget. And then she felt it. She felt him cum inside her.

The sensation was strange.


But not entirely unpleasant.

If anything, she might have actually enjoyed it.

She kissed him harder, smiling as she wrapped both arms around the man's neck despite not knowing what his name truly was. It might have been the one drink to many that she had, but there was not a single regret in anything that had happened tonight. There might be tomorrow, but certainly not tonight.

"You're pretty good at this," she panted, still blindfolded as he rolled off of her.

"You're not bad yourself." His cocky voice was back as he pulled the blindfold off, revealing the blurry images of his dark hotel room. With a level of deftness she couldn't match sober, he placed her glasses on and smiled at her. His golden eyes twinkled with excitement and mirth. "But shouldn't we be worried about cumming inside?"

She snorted. "I'm not sober enough to worry about that." She waved her hand and ran her hand up and down his muscular chest. This was her first time with someone that knew what they were doing, and her first time with someone that had actual abs. She liked the abs. "Besides, I'm on birth control. So I'm fine."

"Oh." His smile grew and his hand went south, playing with her still-sensitive bits. "If that's the case," he growled and leaned forward, kissing her softly, "what do you say we go for another round or two? Say, in the bath?"

It was hard to say no when he was still kissing her.


Fuyumi felt her heart drop, the pregnancy test in her hand trembling with her shaky breath. This was the third one she had taken today. Just like all the others, this one told her the exact same thing. She was pregnant. She didn't have morning sickness, or any of the other symptoms. She had missed her period, but that was nothing new. She had missed periods before; hell, during finals she had missed two, largely because of her poor eating choices.

But this was different.

Those times she hadn't had sex in months, if not years, but this time, this time it was hot off of spring break where she had gotten drunk, and then procceded to get laid by a fantastic lover, who she still thought back to from time to time. Between college and whatever the hell he was doing with his life, they had only texted once or twice before they both just stopped talking to each other.

With a groan, Fuyumi looked at the latest pregnancy test and frowned.

Why her? Was there something wrong with her IUD? Were they just unlucky?

Did they have too much sex?

She knew letting him do it in the morning was a terrible idea.

Even if it felt better while sober.

So much better.

With her cheeks flushed, she sat on the toilet and pulled out her phone.

Buried under several months worth of texts from her brothers, father, mother, and countless notifications from her classes was her last conversation with Keigo Takami. It was casual enough, just a quick 'hey how's it going', followed by a 'studying right now, you?', which was ended with a 'doing hero stuff.' It was a lackluster death to any hope of a relationship between them.

She didn't even know if they had any chemistry outside of the bedroom.

Because there was a lot there.

Fuyumi bit her lip and stared at her phone. Call or text. Call or text. A text asking to call? Call first?

Calling would probably be for the best. It was more genuine right?

"Alright," she said to the unborn child developing in her stomach. What was the stage at this point in life again? That'd be a fun question on a test if she ever taught biology. "Let's call your daddy, alright?"

She felt like she was losing her mind.

She wanted to cry.

How was she going to tell her mother this?

What would her father say? Actually, no, she was going to avoid that last part as long as possible.

Natsuo might try to fight Keigo, which, considering how Keigo was currently the number three hero and Natsuo was the former ace of his highschool volleyball team, the odds were totally in her brother's favor.

Shoto might stand a chance, right after he got over the same daddy issues that had led her to get drunk during spring break and have mind blowing sex with the first cute guy to say hey to her. Were those daddy issues? Those were more just standard college girl issues.

Right, phone call.

She pressed the call button on his contact and let out a sigh of relief.

The phone rang exactly once.

"Yo! If it isn't the cute white-and-red-haired Fuyumi!" Keigo's jovial voice rang out over the phone, the sound of someone grunting in pain following soon after. "How's it going?"

"Uhh, are you fighting villains right now?" she asked, raising an eyebrow and trying to sound more dignified than she felt, calling him from a college bathroom with a pregnancy test in her hand. "I can call back if—"

"Nah, nah, nah, I just wrapped things up here." A smack followed a quick grunt reminded her that he wasn't the number three hero for no reason. "Besides, it's a rare occasion to hear from you, so what's up?"

"So uhh," She paused and hummed to herself. "Do you think we could meet up soon?"

"Name the time and the place and I'll be there."

AN: I wrote Hawks x Fuyumi! Pog! Hope you all enjoy the start of this.