We thought ourselves to be dead, to be nothing more but a bunch of paste and food for the Grimm to come as the bandit's leave's us to our terrible faith and the Brother God's abandoned us to our fate, we have been nothing more but generous people, giving passer-by's comfort and in the price of wanting to live in peace and quiet, nature provided us with fruits and vegetables and the Grimm were never once attracted to this place due to the belief that they are only attracted to the negative, we surrendered our ways of the cities and fled here to start anew.

Working jobs that required the needs of the settlement, tending to the crops, hunting, bathing in the waterfall not far from here, even if it meant avoiding Grimm of which I and my dad have done so for years now, all in all, it was perfect and even dad found love in here after what seemed to be in a long while after mom passed away until they came.

My parents told me of bad people doing worst to other people in the name of greed and evil things, that we thought that we would never be found but we were wrong, they came in like a storm with vehicles and weapons and took everything from us to live, killed those who fought, and take those whom they see fit to serve there's especially the children and women we have and in the negativity, the Grimm were attracted upon a view.

Me and my other neighbors can see them all like an avalanche and the bandits and thieves leaving us to our death's and we could only watch as the horde makes its way upon us and increasing by the numbers, our own loved one's taken and we that were left to see ourselves, we closed our eyes in acceptance and despair of what is to come, that in our hubris and wish to be left alone is the one going to kill us all.

Until a boom reached our ears and dust picked up in the wind and a crater formed that we even felt as if it was an Earthquake and when the dust settled, in the center was a humanoid figure, but I cannot see as the crater was proven to be deep and when the figured walked out I can finally see it's true figure and it was marvellous.

it was a half-naked man with armour covering his waist to his legs in strange blackened plate armour, his own body adorned in markings of red ink and they seemed to be fastened to his body but the most noticeable mark is the one adorned in his back, of which that to be both swords crossed onto one another, and just looking at him, she can already tell along with the others, he exuded power and commanded it, just from his stance, he is a warrior.

He began to look at us and his own eyes are the same as that of the Grimm, blood red but unlike the Grimm seemed to be searing heat, its like she is staring at a furnace, looking at all of us with disturbing silence, he then brought out his hand and he did something that was not expecting, fire began to slowly form and when it grew to the size of a ball, he crushed it and it turned into embers and spread all over us and began to circle all of us and the entire settlement, like hard-light tech she kept seeing in Atlas barriers used against the Grimm monsters.

It also did something that I will remember in my entire life, like a warmth it enveloped us but we did not feel pain and clung to our skin and slowly our wounds and bruises that the bandits gave us as a form of sick entertainment and punishment, began to heal us, it was amazing, the embers are so bright and very mesmerizing like the sun and spoke the words that would never leave us for the rest of our lives and etch upon.

"אל תפחד",

Word's that we do not know the meaning and yet were able to calm us, his voice or the flames reminded us of a soft-spoken but experienced battle-hardened warrior, like my parent's but more reassuring, He again turned to the oncoming horde and in one flash, he disappeared and we look onto the Grimm being sent apart, the horde had a hole in its center, and upon it, chaos ran rampant, he descended upon them with fury and hate that made them all fear.

We could see the Grimm hesitating but attack nonetheless, we watched in awe at the slaughter that happened all of their blades and claws that we see rip apart even the greatest of huntsmen rip unto his skin but he did not even felt hurt by it and seemed to invigorate him more and more as I can see that small wisps began to come to him, more Grimm emerged from everywhere in the forest.

All of this is one that the Grimm really wanting this man killed, now numbering in the thousands and counting, adding to the winged creatures, their own howl and roar signalled to us and the man our incoming and painful end, their own maw's were forming of fires began to emerge and spewed forth at him and burning everything in its path and along with him and other Grimm's while some began to release there claws regardless of the flame and ready to kill.

The fire began to react to him and immediately circled him like a hurricane and changed into embers and clung to him and with an stretched clap, it released the hurricane surrounding him and began to tear apart the Grimm and again closed in on another Grimm and ripping it apart and next was the giant Goliath appearing out of nowhere and try to crush him but the moment it had its foot on him.

He held onto it and pushed the Grimm back, making him crash and destroyed other Grimms by its sheer weight and jumping on it with an already readied fist, and dug it in, not caring for the thrashing of the Goliath and using its own body as a Frisbee to the number of Griffon that was caught as he threw it with multiple swings.

His body began to red alight once more and the markings adorned on his body followed, and in a roar that made even the wind blow back, he unleashed a beam of destruction, the sound was that of chalk being seared into the board but more deafening that we had to cover our ears, I look to my parent's and the settlers and they were all covering and some are on the floor and I look on to see the man further destroyed the flying Grimm and turned the blue and clear sky dark upon its touch and began to cover us all in darkness.

It was becoming a nightmare and apocalyptic in levels, the clouds began to swirl and lightning began to form and rain down on the Grimm, the hurricane's that are ripping apart the hundreds of Grimm in their way are becoming more and more powerful that it is now threatening to tear apart even us and the settlement but to her shock, the hurricanes were being repelled back and she was reminded again of what the man did and she look again to the man whom is carving a bloody path on the Grimm.

No Grimm was spared and when he was done with the beam, the Grimm resumed there attack to kill him but then his own body began to form a barrier that any Grimm that tried to enter was incinerated and unleashed a field of energy that targeted and burned every single one in his range, it destroyed the very ground it was set upon that tremors began to emerged and cracks along with it.

I was pulled along by my Father as Mother was also helping others into the store and every underground they have created in-store of alcohol and food of which the bandit group, the crown, has stolen but I again raced out and went to the window to see the man destroy and annihilate the Grimm, he was fast, dodging, evading them all with and coming back with a ferocity that outmatched their ow.

He brought down the biggest upon them unto the horde like a ram, and minutes to even a half an hour has gone by and the horde began to wane and some began to escape to our own surprise as Grimm do not fear anything and by then the field and the road were now filled with Grimm's guts even when they were supposed to disintegrate, which baffled all of us and also look upon the field with not only elation but beauty, which disturbed us but in a way is gratifying.

But still, more Grimm remained and are still numerous despite the punishments they had endured and went to fight the man. A King Taijitu slithered to the field and hissing at the warrior but the warrior was undeterred and began to zip through and tried to eat him but he sidestepped and put his foot down on the head of the snake as his own other began to attack of which he caught with his hand.

He reared his head back and head-butted it which we can also hear the bone crunch from here, and dug his hand's onto the head and split the giant snake wide open, the snake that has been squirming on trying to break free, he lifted his foot and brought it down again, this time crunching the snake's skull and burrowing it into the ground, then he did something that was on sadism, he took both the barely alive Taijitu and looped them together like a pretzel and squeezed them.

The sound was grating as we can also feel the snake not hissing anymore but whimpering and gasping as if he is signalling to the warrior to stop and he did as with enough force, with the sound comparable to that of paper being torn, he ripped them both apart and proceeded to toss them away from him like a pest, the surrounding Grimm she can are now becoming hesitant which in her entire life she had not seen as they are always called "Nature's Wrath", but it seems that today, there is another contender for that mantle and it is a man who has fallen from the sky.

They all again charged despite of all of this and he returned their response in kind collided once more and ploughing those in his way and he looks to his side to see a Boarbatusk tried to charge him down but caught the horns with his hands, lifted him up and slammed him unto the oncoming Grimm that tried to attack him and more were caught a the Grimm in his hands was squirming trying to get out of his hands but they were firm, and slammed him down again, tore off a Boarbatusks horn and jammed it to the stomach and proceeded to rip it to its head, making the Boarbatusk stopped squirming and dead, its own blood spilling on its body, spraying from head to toe, making his already fearful appearance downright terrifying.

He then released another roar so primal and loud than the last that it pierced the heavens and everything in his sight and anywhere he sees and even eclipses the Grimm's roar, the warrior threw the body to the side and then once again zipped through the field like a blur that we cannot see him and continued the slaughter, he tore them all to the ground and by his hand and even those that flew up in the sky.

He jumped so high and brought them down, and killed them all ten-forth, ripped their heads, claws and chugged it to their heads and ripped through the body and threw them unto the pile of corpses, the giant Grimm's as well stood no chance as the warrior used them as weapons and battered everyone in his way and some he just knocked over and proceeded to stomp on there head,

At the end of all of this slaughter, he stood upon them all, there own body and mind broken, his own body and fist caked in his own blood and all manner of injuries inflicted upon him and of the Grimm and in one was the head of a goliath and in another the head of the flying creatures, the field should have made others ran in fright but it did not seem to deter him.

All alone he stood upon the piles of corpses of every kind of Grimm, desecrated and eviscerated on every part of their body, it was like looking at a painting and I look back at his own body rising in and out like he is heaving, smoke was rising from it like a machine until he was brought to his knees and seeing this, I quickly took off with my water jug and dashed out, to the dismay and fright of my parent and along with the other settlers as they called onto me but I did not care, the man needed help.

As I am now in front of the man, I can see up close his own marks and tattoos and they all seem to pulsate until he again roared and he released the same beam that he used and unto the sky, it knocked me off to my back and to see the beam up-close is amazing and even beautiful until he stopped and dropped to the ground, becoming unconscious, I can hear my family come near and tried to get me away but I do not want to and I look more to see that the sky began to split open and ray's of light began to shine upon the man, the blood that once seemed to mar his skin is now removed along with the wounds but the scars remained.

And I look again to the battlefield, the dead Grimm's bodies are, to my shock, slowly disappearing when they should have disappeared right now and she can see their bodies litter the field, and I look all around for more, It makes the battlefields in the Great War as we're depicted like skirmishes or small conflicts, it was truly horrifying sight.

I look at him again and I can now see his own face up-close and it is rugged, muscular, and even rough has a scowl which would be said that he seemed to never have smiled or ever in a long time.

"Wait let's help him", my parents look at me with surprise but more of my dad and before he can voice his own opposition, the other settlers have come on to the man and began to carry him back to the infirmary, regardless of my dad's decision.

"Are you all crazy? What if he turned against us", my own dad was afraid and I can see why but I will not pass this.

"Dad, he helped us, he took down an entire army of Grimm that we have not seen before that has to take an army of huntsman to do or even Atlas itself, he could have killed us when he wanted to but he chose to help us", my dad is really mistrusting after the bandits from the crown came in disguised, it was one of the reasons why they even came here in the first place.

Our own dad is a really great man, serviced into the army for decades in Atlas and has seen as well in so many places that every day he has another's story to tell us, he could have had more but decided to step away and be with us, left the city and start our new life here alongside the settler's, but it was broken now.

"John, it's fine", my foster mom put her hands on his hands and he seemed to soften and sighed, "You are lucky young lady your mother is here", I smiled and went to the unconscious man, running like the wind and bypassing every person in front me to see the man that is a God.

It is not every day this kind happens but I hope that this will be the start of something greater.


Be not afraid - אל תפחד