Note: I change the title as I felt it to be overused and just plain boring as I look into so many titles of other fanfics and it is one of them. I want my title to be original and new as this is a fanfic the first to ever cover Davoth as the MC. Enjoy this story and bye.


"Welcome to the Vytal Festival", on the banner and title on the castle walls of Vale was what he saw and heard all around the kingdom, whom are in all sorts of celebrations rang through the entirety of Vale, all manner of folk came in to see the greatness of Vale and its citizens at this time of the year, and adding with the security given by the grace of the Atlassian Military and with the mutual acceptance of the Council of Vale and Atlas as well is a sweetener that they will not forget and giving them positive recognitions despite criticisms of such way at the start when soldiers were also in the lot but have later died down for the festival to kick-start without a problem or complaint.

Décor of celebration's were all over the place and all kinds of sounds of positivity that gives the feeling of a brighter tomorrow rang in, Music's of joy and fun were sang and sung and oddly enough to him is the music of different tunes as well, similar to that of earth's music parties which still irritate him but on the classical side he loves the most and along with his creations taste of music to an extent, and people too were enjoying the merriment, vendors and shop keepers all around and imploring people to buy their products and goods for good fortune, luck and prosperity, children playing with each other, stranger or not, and the same could be said for adults as well in amusement parks, talking with all sorts of stuff and even playing with the children as well for entertainment and to keep them happy.

He is looking all around this festival and he can see not a single negative emotion and that is fine with him as even without it, he can still thrive on other things, even the positive ones, stopping at the center of circus to look for more and he had to dampen his own powers as that moment he went closer to all of them, their fears began to act up as when he tried to get close, he felt them shiver but when he went away, they can finally breathe a sigh of relief and went on like nothing happened.

"Best not go in the direction first", as he passed by so many people, he can feel another change in the air and look upwards and with his sight that expanded even more and each day and he could see the machines of Atlas coming as well, along with a few guests and one that he has been waiting to see.

Davoth could see that she still bears the brunt of the training she endured from the last few days, a sling on her arms and a few stitches here and there, some even on her face but relatively she is fine and still alive as I have seen to, it made him smile in a way to see her, but alongside her made him snort in disgusts at the sight of the general alongside his own army of machines and men and very arrogant and sure in his power, which in a nutshell, is a house of cards and paper waiting to be tumbled to the ground by just a blow.

Behind and beside him were operatives as well and under the pale woman's command but ultimately fall under the General that punched him several times, although it was influence that fueled it but the General acted on it as he wanted to see if the General has a sense of control but he could see he does not have, "Ironwood, let's see how much of an iron you really are in the coming conflicts ahead", and much like the teams from the academies of this world, they are all colourful, literally colourful, even those who are pale or grey are no exception, which made him laughed so much that his spectre's look at him strangely and rightfully so but he can understand why.

"Must be an effect of this aura or the world itself", jokes aside, it must really be the effects of this worlds energies affecting to even a biologically and genetically, "This reminded me of a world where humans are stransported to another world and in that world, they can jump so high and are much more powerful than those living in Earth", and also another part of this is they are vulnerable to attacks and some are not even good for stealth, they have signs off their back or front that says, "HERE I AM, HIT ME", and other huntsman as well from there's participating, their own fleet is impressive to say the least, but it is what they can offer but still in a way, it is pathetic.

"Multiple Worlds and even earth's, whom even when are not still advance in this part of robotics, still have a more fighting chance than this rabble", they all focused on air superiority and machines that he could see have dominated there military, making the human part involve less and less and he could see it despite the academies they have that trains future soldiers, the naïve mind-set they have on Atlas being the strongest kingdom in all Remnant that even bordered on arrogance, and adding to the weak cyber defences they have which is prone to even the lowest of hackers that even the past earth's can do that he has engaged, they are all useless.

Even the bullets and "powerful", if that is even right by other standards, guns that they created infused with dust and aura is nothing, he has seen the effects of this, expecting it to be as powerful or more than gunpowder, one that the humans of Earth use and to his disappointment and it did not even hurt or even scratch his own spectre's even the lesser ones as well, they are not even that powerful.

It is very cheap as it is available everywhere but dust is a very different matter than aura, comparable to a blank bullet and only effective against Grimm and that's it for their weapons, even a bullet from the humans not imbued with aura and only pure gunpowder is still more powerful and can actually scratch and even kill some of his lesser and even closer to higher demons of the demonic legions before falling, it cannot even be used in space which is all the more adding to the embarrassment of this "gods" the wizard worships or champions.

The only saving grace of this pathetic and almost useless energy is that it is not only very cheap as it is found everywhere but it is safe compared to gunpowder or other energies that can kill by touch, smell or sight, one other advantage is that it can empower individuals and people but to a certain extent of them only as not anyone can unlock their own and only be unlocked by either a fellow huntsman or other person with semblance, even clothing as well, and making them fast and powerful along with melee weapons of which if imbued can pose a very big threat to even his lesser creations and this, to him is the only thing accurate about what Aura says as it exist in all living things and makes him confused even more.

"This energy is the most confusing and dumbfounding energy I ever had the chance to see in my decillion years of living", the gods that his son created are either stupid, not very bright in making energies sensible in any way or rushed everything and came up with whatever they pull out of their minds or ass and just accepted it as fact and absolute of this world, he will have to look at it later.

For a world in an always constant cycle of war, suffering and death, they have a laughable way of reacting to such an environment that they live in, using children to fight their battles instead of the old, not even training the simple minded citizenry to fight and hold a weapon as simple as a pistol, abolishing their arms and armies' after the wars that they have endured because, in the words of so many people and even the leaders, it is traumatizing and that they deserve peace which is hypocritical, ironic, outright stupid and the most retarded message and reason he had ever heard and this is coming from the rulers of old.

The weapon's production and innovation is laughable as well and even insulting as he could see the Huntsman having more weapons and varieties than the armies themselves and they all rely on a nation to police their own security, it made him laughed, "Pathetic", how is this kingdom of the wizard and his lackeys of professors, headmasters and so many going to defend itself and themselves when Atlas fells or even against human or other sentient beings? Even the silver eyed girl is more useful than these rabble.

The Huntsmen? They are still green and naïve, the majority do not even have experience handling human or even different types and elements of enemies aside from the Grimm, not even the police force that they have is enough along with the other kingdoms and also the lack of special groups like from what he saw in other worlds to counter other organizations and even against himself as well.

He shook his head, he had seen enough from that rabble, there are places more interesting look to more places and he look and can see the arena in the distance they are going to hold the festival in and it is a floating arena above Vital, and it made him laugh as it is, by design, an acorn. "My lord, we found something on the islands", one of his newly created homunculi said and I already what he and others meant, "Is it him? ".

His own servant nodded, "Yes, and we have been finding everything about him, and are now ransacking and taking everything that he has, and have been interrogating the man ever since", and a scream could be heard followed by a roar and cackling of his people.

"The abhorring scientist sent unto us Machines more advance than that of its Atlas Counterparts Grimm of artificial making and seemed to have given us a problem for a bit because of the unfamiliarity with the body we have and for uncountable years we have none but we endured and we destroyed them all, and the man even have the gall to try and control us and put us to many of its "trials and tribulations".

He can already feel the anger and rage of his creation through his voice and he can understand, as more screams could be heard along with metal being ripped like paper and the sound of doors burst open, he is intrigued but also concerned for his people especially of them being tried to be controlled, he will have to help them with this when he comes back.

"Bring all the robots, documents, schematics and everything of value back to base for inspections and the man as well but bring him in to the coliseum and continue the interrogation. Squeezed out everything you can from the man until he is useless and have the entire island as a new base for us and turn it into a fortress not even the Grimm or any vermin cannot walk in without permission", his own servant nodded once again.

"Yes My lord", as the communication was cut and he look again at beacon. He looks again at the base and the robots and he is intrigued, for a madman, he seemed to know what he is doing, "Merlot, another literature character", this world is getting more interesting than ever.

Merlot, the mad scientist, the one cause for the failure of Vale's stronghold, Mount Glenn, turning it into a inhospitable wasteland, filled with Grimm and destroyed hopes and dreams, all for the sake of controlling Grimm, he laughed at the approach of the man, but he applauds it a little, his work as he could see, had some progress but from the start it is useless as the Grimm only have one ruler and it's not him or the humans, it's a being that is beyond them and a resident of this world, and in the future, he will see.

He look to beacon and he could see the students all over are ecstatic and filed with energy, excitement and even nervousness for the first students that came in, but all in all, a positive one, looking more and he could see security camera's all over the school, leaving no hole unfilled, he then felt a energy of the wizard, a green shade and it seems to be weakening, and from the look of it, it must have been the effects of being on this world for far too long but that is not important at the moment.

Something else he can see at the bottom or underground, and he went to it through the secret passage in the Wizard's office, where he found it through a painting that leads to an elevator and went down, bypassing so many obstacles and rooms, it almost reminded him of the false kings hideout, so many rooms and hallways but still small in comparison and walking in one of the rooms is was a woman in a dark room, who seemed to be dying, and placed in a machine and in suspended animation.

"Another product of Atlas", the woman's face is scarred and is wearing a white skirt and shirt as well, and is pronounced dead and the only thing that is important to her is this power she has, one that the wizard tried to protect until a new hosts is made and he could see it, "The wizard is getting desperate with this game he has with the witch", and seeing enough he was about to leave but then he felt another power similar to that of the Wizard but something more.

He turned around and to the power and followed it, it was old, ancient and albeit powerful, crouching and feeling the ground,and when he was about to feel more of it, he felt the passage open and he immediately hid himself, and back to the surface, leaving behind the unsuspecting Headmaster, General and the vice headmistress, Although he can feel the wizard and the vice headmistress having a suspect about the energy, they have no idea anyway so it is useless to think of.

Deciding to look more into this academy of the wizard and champion of the "gods", he went and explored it and saw many of the students rooms, dorms, classrooms he compares to Universities of earth and royalty of European style, the cafeteria is the same is spartan but of the same as a school cafeteria and everywhere was the merriment all around, the music of all kind of this world's musician played, although again some annoyed as nothing more but noise, he was tolerant of the others, and he stopped by a room to look, the room is painted white, with couches facing the TV and to his left where two doors that led to this dorms tenants with their own bathroom respectively and a kitchen by the living room.

Looking around the room was uninteresting but what intrigued him was the two tenants, walking to their room and he picked up a picture of a boy with blonde hair and to the girl he seemed to see in commercials and it seems to be the celebrity of this world that even trump others just by her achievements alone, he even saw her in a box and posters in some of the kingdoms, some even try to copy her by children and most embarrassingly, adults as well, and they amuse him but notably the blonde.

But that is not important as his sight is on the boy he found and smiled,

"Show me what you are capable of".


"Oz, did you feel something?",


"I felt that someone is here", and he look at her and she seemed to be not joking as he readied his cane, and both of them slowly walk and in the room where Amber resides but when they got there, there was no one.

But that did little to have the experienced huntsman's just lax and still look at their surroundings, "I swear Oz, I felt it".

"Do not worry Glynda, I felt it as well but it seemed to have left",

"But who could it be?", Ozpin look at the ground and saw a footprint, new and fresh, "I don't know", he took a dirt of it with his finger and rubbed it between his fingers, producing only dust, and wiped it on his shirt.

"It does not matter now, we have to prepare ourselves for the coming conflict". he could see Glynda still unsure but she dropped it and worked on their plan.


"Yeah! We are going to the Vytal festival!", the scream of a young huntsman is heard followed by her team, a blonde kid, a redhead, and an Asian, all dressed and armoured to the bone with their respective weapons of choice,

"Nora please calm down", Lie Ren said as he is walking normally with Jaune and Pyrrha, Nora is like an energy bunny bouncing and jumping meanwhile Lie ren is trying to calm her down.

Pyrrha laughed as she looks at the duo's, "They are funny aren't they Jaune?", but Jaune was not paying attention and seemed to be looking elsewhere and not here, Pyrrha nudged him and he look at he smiled sheepishly, "Sorry Pyrrha, I am just getting nervous that's all, this is the first time in my whole life that I am going to be in a tournament, I fear that I-", but he was stopped by her taking hold of his hand.

"Jaune, do not worry, we are going to be great and you have been progressing you know, all this days of you actually coming close to actually landing a hit on me and you have been very durable now than before", this words seemed to have brought a sense of peace within Jaune as he shook his head and smiled, "Yeah I guess you are right, come on lets go", and they both went on their way but Jaune's problems is not that but he relented as he doesn't want to show it.

"It's better this way, would not want her to worry and besides, I hope it is not real".


Hilda was practicing with her weapon that is now on her arms and frustrated that she cannot summon her own powers like what the bitch did to her to her bow, she resorted to using it to punch and it was effective, she has been practicing for hours when there lord left, and the bitch was also practicing with her bow and from the corner of her eye, she could see her using the bow and an arrow made of stick and see it stick thirty times and pulling it out to do another, she was pissed, the woman managed to do it while she cannot, how? what was she missing?

She was so frustrated that in one punch, she took the tree of its roots and onto the other trees, making the birds leave there nests and trees together, and heaving as she wiped off the sweat running on her chin, "Do you need help?", she look to see Gillian beside her, in which she snarled, "I am not going to let you do me bitch, I'll work this on my own so scram off", as she returned back to a boxing formation and punched the air harder and faster that a part of the wind is being blown.

"I know that I made mistakes", she scoffs as she went farther but I walk to her slowly, "But please, take this as a way of-", she felt the ground rumbled as the woman punched the ground beneath them, knocking her back, and she look up to see the raging visage of the ax girl, "Let me say this again Blondie, and understand it clearly, I. DO. NOT. CARE", this time she walks to the forest and away from me.

Standing up and dusting herself and removing the creases and dirt that latched on to her clothes and skirt, she can still hear Hilda muttering angrily about her and she sighed, "I am sorry ok? I-", she felt something tackle to the ground and hold her own neck, and she look again to see the woman has her fist raised up and ready to punch her this time, Hilda was angry and I understand completely, as I gripped her arms as well to lessen it some degree as I felt it clenching, "Whatever me and my brother did that was horrific and disgusting-GHKKKK", the hand on her throat tightened.

"For the last time woman, you really, really want to go there?", Hilda look at her like a predator ready to rip Gillian to shreds with her trusty axe by her side that is now aflamed, ready for it, "All right, let's go then", she lifted her up and threw her to the forest, which she crashed into many trees and jumped in time to evade Hilda's axe, she went for Bow but found it nowhere and Hilda was on her again, slashing and hacking at her that the wind felt like it was punching her but she evaded them all and jumped into the air acrobatically and produced a bow made from wood and the arrows from lightning that came from the sky and began to shoot at her with many strikes but all of them were blocked and missed.

"Try harder Blondie", as she slashed at earth and dust and the ground came up that blocked her arrows and wasted no time as she closed the distance, Gillian was shocked at what she did that she was shook as well from the quake and tried to use her bow to no avail and it was cut, and she was kicked, and again pinned by Hilda, "Hilda Please I am sorry-", but he was pinned ever more by her neck once again.

"You are damn right Blondie, we were just getting by and you and your pathetic, inbred brother took that and how will you repay it huh? Helping me? You think I will just forget what you damn did to me!?", as the hand tightened, making it for her hard to breathe but she is trying to manage it.

"I know that, I am sorry about what we did to your family and I regret what I and my brother did that day, you may not forget nor forgive me but please, I just want reconciliation between us",

"Reconciliation?! Are you fucking kidding me?! Where is that haughty, sadistic, arrogant piece of shit-self you have Huh?! Did it circle down the drain in your shitty mind when Master went and razed your base and the entirety of your fucked-up group to the ground and leaving nothing but ashes and pile of corpses for the crows and Grimm to feed on?! And why the hell should I trust you huh?!",

"Because he would be displeased if we were fighting relentlessly instead of working together and you would not want to disappoint him would you?! and after we have seen?", but instead of calming her, it further enrage her that she picked me up and slammed me again, forming a crater on the ground, and her hand clasp in a vice over my neck, my semblance as well is flaring and lighting up a bit from the impact.

"Do not read me like you know me and never put our master's weakness and vulnerability into this, I only work with you so that the day will come that I will kill you now leave me the fuck alone, I will deal with mine and you deal with yours", she slammed me again leaving the air out of me and with that she went and left, disappeared off to the forest in a blur, already eager to use her newfound powers to get away from her.

I sat up and coughing because of the slam on my neck and massaging it and breathing slowly, and relieving the pain but not my mentality and heart, I sighed, "This is going to be a long while but I will keep myself up and stand", as she formed her bow and went back to her spot, sparing one last look to the forest, she could hear the trees being pounded and shook of their roots and the scream of her rage echoing in and the ground too quaking in and her power raging in that she could see fire already forming.

"One day", she went back to her training and she has been admiring it, the power she was given is unlike anything she had ever seen and possibly even surpassing the powers of this world, and even synchronizes with her aura and semblance, not only giving her semblance more power to absorb attacks but her own body as well as she could see is becoming like steel and she could also see this in Hilda, whom has her own body becomes more prominent, masculine and feminine at the same time and she seem to have become taller but before she could think more of the implications and usage, all of a sudden, she look behind her and a number of portals opening and out that came were the people there master made, carrying again crate after crate and went back to the portal but more are coming, approaching one of the people, that has the head of a lion, "Hey, um, where did you get this?", it still made him uneasy from talking to them as looking at them is really bizarre.

The lion head narrowed his eyes at me of which made me squirm but kept myself, "Objects and Tools that we have found on the Islands our creator gave us, the previous owner of this has been defeated and is currently on the coliseum being interrogated", his voice is a bit uneasy as well but he did gave me the information, it felt like a speaker has gone off and I am surprised that my eardrums are still working.

"Thanks and can I go see this man?", he look at her puzzling but relented and nodded, "You may but proceed with caution", and went off, she felt Hilda approaching behind her to see what has happened and she saw that was puzzled, "They found something on the Islands that our master has taken a hold in and from it is that", she could see one, whom is a normal but still a giant, opening the crate and pulled out a robot of red color and in its hand still clutched a sword but the remains of its upper body is destroyed and more came in the forms of papers of different colours, folders and metals.

"Hey Hilda, want to come with-", as she turned to see her already going to the coliseum, meaning she heard and she sighed, "Progress", as she too went after her to the coliseum to see this prisoner that the Giants had taken.


"ולחשוב שהוא יכול לשלוט בנו? כמה מצחיקומגוחך",

"איזו ישות עלובה זו",

"לצעוק יותר !", as sounds of whips and slashes being made on to skin and the cries of a certain scientists, the scientist can hear them sneering, jeering and even laughing at him and his response that he can muster is only croaks, groans and sounds of suffering can be heard from his mouth, his own words has already left even before at the base but the most weird thing is he cannot understand them which makes gives him the answer of them having a different language.

Merlot was crying, but the giants laughed evermore at his suffering, "למה אנחנו בכלל מאריכים את הקיסר הזה, בואו נמשיך עם זה להרוג את הרימה הזו", as the being whom has the face of snake said as he walk to the scientist gripped his head to look at them, "תראה את האשפה הזו", as he slammed his face back to the ground, knocking a few teeth's and disorienting him, his name was Apollo.

"כי תגמול, וזמנים כאלה, שישויות אחרות צריכות לדעת כבוד", as the being whom is fully human but as the same height as them, stepped on the scientists back and cracking a few bones and releasing a few gasps and groans, his name was Araceli, this time a being whom has the head of a gorilla spoke but unlike the others in the room he was soft spoken but still having the boom his own brothers and sisters have, "וגם למה שנשתדל עם זה? יש לנו כל כך הרבה עבודה לעשות וזה לא פרודוקטיבי" and his name is Cross.

"And you think I do not know? I want to get a kicks out of this before we dispose it", the same human being again said as his foot is still on the back of the scientists, "Beings like this thing, created in the name of other gods and even stolen from us sickens me", the eyes soon lightened as he closed in for the kill but then he felt something enter the coliseum and saw that it was the two servants of their creator, "Madam Kids, come to see the show?", and they went wide eyed at what they are seeing.

"Is that Merlot?", the blonde said with shock meanwhile the brown haired stared at the scientists with indifference.

"Yes, you know him?", I spoke now in the tongue of this world and my own colleagues followed suit, she nodded, "Yes, he was a criminal and pronounced dead by the Vale Kingdom and was responsible for the disaster of Mount Glenn, we thought he was dead", he shook his head.

"Well you thought and others wrong as we found him in one of the islands, Trash tried to capture and make us his slave, Pathetic right", as he kicked him in the stomach, but not enough to explode his stomach but enough to make him feel pain beyond anything he has felt before. "Have you found out what you were looking for from him?", I shrug and smiled at her as I pulled the man by his head.

"Yeah, we already have, we are just getting a few kicks out of this, you and her can join us if you like", but they both shook their heads, "We just came here to see who is this person that was brought and it really does not matter to us even if, hypothetically, we met him the first time in our whole lives, in fact we would kill him", the other one too accepting as well her answer, he smirked.

"Suit yourselves and please, if you like to stay, find a seat on the stands and watch", as he holds up the scientists and the scientists can only gape his mouth and cannot even form sentences, both the servants went and sat on the seats meanwhile we ignored them and continued with the scientist for what seemed to be hours and he look again to see them in a way fascinated,

"Hey have you heard, the humans are having a celebration and it is called Vytal Festival", his own sister spoke, and her head is that of tiger and parts of her body as well unlike some of her brothers and sisters in the room, "Should we see this celebration? I have not been in one for years", as she is lying on the crate.

"Our creator has strictly told us to stay here first, we are still new to this world so we should take one step at a time sister, I know you are impatient and have a heart of an explorer but it is what it is and also we would freak out the inhabitants of this planet and cause trouble in the process", the one is named S'jet, whom has the head of a lizard and her body of a reptile.

"Yeah, we should stay here for a while, this is basically our domain now anyway and if they do manage to get here, then we already know what to do", this time a man but with cougar parts on his body, and his hair was long and reached his waists and has a feral look unlike some of his brothers and sisters, and shining his own claw, "Kill them all without mercy? That is not the way to go there Reich".

"Yeah I know but still, it is fun especially if some of them have the gall to challenge us, like this one", and he punched the scientists to the ground whom has groaned and whimpered from the pain, and no more of its laughing or mirthful smile to event he cynical and mad scientist but that of a rat waiting to die, "That I can agree", another spoke and his name is Pan, she was human unlike some of her brothers and sisters but has a long hair like Reich but is flawless but do not mistake for she can kill without mercy, "You know what? Let's spar, I have enough of this thing",

"Well, see you later or never", as he gripped his back and flung him out of the coliseum, only for the newly created hawk the creator has made that is the size of a boulder, swoop in and snatched him, crushing him and his neck, killing him in the process and brought him to its newly created nest, its own caw was heard all over the land but not beyond, "Alright, let's do this", he look again to the servants and they were looking up, "Creator-Servants, do you want to join as well?", they look to him and his brothers and sisters and at each other and back to him again and nodded.

"Well then get ready, always have your open, be on your guard and never waver", as he clasp his hands and crack them and his brothers and sister as well, and cracking their bones and stretching it and there power, that is not of semblance origin, came in the form of electricity, and his eyes and there's, lighting up as well and his grin that they could see reach his ears and they all as well except for the servants, "FOR WE WILL NOT BE MERCIFUL", and both of them gulp and a day of pain and suffering was drawn in and emerged.


"Oz, do you really think that she is ready?", as said by Glynda emphasizing and what she meant, whom is looking at Ozpin and the container with concern, both look at the body of amber, whom is now just a host for the maiden's power to kept until a new hosts for the power to be in.

"It must be done Glynda, she is the only viable option",


"It must be done, I have faith in her to do this", with this answer, Glynda relented and just look at amber with guilt.

"I am sorry for this but we do not have a choice", as he turned away along with Glynda and the General and leaving the woman but then out of the dark, red of eyes of anger opened and the figure emerged and approached the machine that contained the soul of the huntswoman and the power of the fall maiden, extending his hand and feeling it but not absorbing it, not yet.

"It is still early for that to happen", and he looks again to the source of power in the room to the ground, buried deep within the earth, he was tempted to take it but like the power of the maiden in the host, it is still not viable at this time.

Walking back to the cast, he may not have it at this time but he could at do one, extended his hand again, he felt course through and began to surround the cast and onto the maiden, imbuing a part of himself to the power but not enough to corrupt, "But at least, I will have to see".


"And to think he has the gall to control us? How laughable and ridiculous", - "ולחשוב שיש לו את המרה לשלוט בנו? כמה מצחיק ומגוחך",

"How pathetic of a being this is" - "איזו ישות עלובה זו",

"Why are we even prolonging this Kaiser, let's just get on with it and kill this maggot" - "למה אנחנו בכלל מתנצלים על הקיסר הזה, בואו פשוט נמשיך עם זה להרוג את הרימה הזו",

"SCREAM MORE!" - "לצעוק יותר !",

"Look at this trash", - "תראה את האשפה הזו",

"Because retribution, and times like this, that other beings should know respect", - "כי תגמול, וזמנים כאלה, שישויות אחרות צריכות לדעת כבוד",

"And also why should we give a damn about this? We have so many work to do and this is unproductive", - "וגם למה שנשתדל עם זה? יש לנו כל כך הרבה עבודה לעשות וזה לא פרודוקטיבי",