Konohagakure after the Nine Tail Fox Attack…

The Third Hokage sighed as there was yet another council meeting to discuss the state of the last member of the Uzumaki Clan.

Naru, the young infant with the Nine Tail Fox trapped within her was also a member of the Uzumaki Clan, long thought to be extinct. Now, was a chance to return this clan to its rightful place in the Hidden Leaf. Hiruzen Sarutobi did not like the idea of Naruto being forced into a marriage when she should have the freedom and choice to do so. But he had little say on what the council discussed on how the clan should be revived.

"I know you wish to revive the clan, but we shouldn't force the child into a marriage." Hiruzen tried to convince the others.

"This is an opportunity to make the Fox brat useful and return the clan to where it belongs." Danzō Shimura sneered at the man.

"Or it could backfire and turned Naru against us. The third is right, we can't force the kid into marriage, but the council is also right about needed to restore the clan." Shikaku Nara advised.

"I have come up with a compromise." Homura Mitokado suggested, "There is plenty of time for the child to find husbands. So, will set a time limit. Naru Uzumaki must find at least three husbands by the time she turns Eighteen or the council will decide for her."

Hiruzen sighed as that deal was good enough as it gets.

"All in favor?"

It was unanimous as everyone agreed to the plan.

"Very well, then the time limit is set for Naru Uzumaki's courtship." The Third proclaimed as Fugaku spoke up.

"I have a recommended candidate to court the fair remaining member of the Uzumaki Clan," Fugaku suggested as the council looked to the man.

They were still suspicious of the attack as they knew that Fugaku wanted the benefits of the Uzumaki Clan, their compound, their wealth, and everything that came with it.

"Who?" The Third wondered.

"My eldest son, Itachi. He is not too old for Naru and is quite the gentleman, a prodigy in the making." Fugaku advertised as the Third sighed.

True, the boy was good and at least Naru wouldn't be stuck with an old man.

"We will arrange a meeting when Naru is old enough and see what she would think." The third sighed as Fugaku smirked while the others glared at him.

Hiruzen Sarutobi frowned as he hoped he was not making a horrible mistake.

Five years later at the Uchiha Compound…

Naru was wearing a pretty blue kimono with a number of flowery images crafted into it and was being rowdy as the Third was trying to brush her spiky hair.

"Naru, please settle down. We are almost there to meet Itachi and we want you to look your best when you meet him." He advised the younger girl who was whining.

The girl could not sit down if her very life depended on it. She was defiantly her mother's daughter, there was no doubt about it.

"Boys are dumb! They think I'm a monster!" Naru shouted at the elder man who sighed.

It was rough for Naru to make friends, but hopefully, Itachi will be the one to make her feel loved. Fugaku may be using this arrangement to grant him wealth and power, but Itachi was a good soul and a kindhearted person. Maybe he would be the one who can be a friend to Naruto as well as a fiancé.

"I am certain this boy will be quite fond of you." The Third promised as the door opened from the carriage, "Now behave and try to be good for him."

Naru pouted as the Third picked her up and the two entered the compound. Waiting for them were two others, an older intimidating man, the other a pale but kind-hearted looking boy, taller than her. The adults and the boy bowed.

"Remember, you must do everything you can to keep her. This is the good of the clan." His father ordered his son quietly.

Then the boy marveled at the beauty in her eyes and the inner strength he could see.

"I am Itachi of the Uchiha Clan and I am pleased to meet you." He bowed as the girl was surprised that the boy was talking to her that way.

Maybe he was just playing nice in front of his father and the Hokage.

"I'm Naru Uzumaki and I'm going to become the next Hokage, Dattebayo!" She proclaimed as the Hokage sighed a bit at her enthusiasm.

Then Itachi did something that surprised Naru even more.

"I believe it."

Then he kissed her small hand.

He was the first person to ever say that to Naru, to treat her with respect. Itachi saw her as a person, not a monster, and was… nice to her. He never met anyone like Itachi and it made her heart flutter. It couldn't be a lie, no matter how much Naru thought it would be, his face was too genuine.

"Do you wish to tour with me around the village? I would be happy to escort you." Itachi offered the young girl whose face felt extremely warm.

She took his hand and followed him wherever they went.

He was the only person she knew who believed she can become Hokage.

That was the seal that would form their relationship and the first fiancé to capture her heart.