At the Hokage's Office…

Itachi entered the room as the Hokage was doing paperwork.

"Have you come to report on Team Seven's development?" The elder ninja wondered as his eyes were kept on his paperwork.

"It seemed that the bridge builder was not as honest to the Leaf Village."

The Hokage then looked up.

"The mission is so far really a rank A, and it seems they had little money for such a mission. Gato is bleeding the poor people dry." Itachi explained as the Hokage could understand what he was getting at, "You know, it would hinder for us to call them back and Team Seven could still do the mission while I collect Gato and his men."

Itachi, such an overprotective person. It was hard for him to let go of his baby brother, with the addition of his future wife being out there with so many perverts in the world was unsettling. But Itachi did make a point and would even the odds considerably. After all, Itachi is a prodigy and a master in many forms, even with his arm missing and his retirement of the Ambu.

"Very well, go and assist Team Seven. Bring back Gato, dead or alive. If dead, then bring back his employees to interrogate." The Hokage agreed as he knew that Itachi just wanted an excuse to see his family.

At the Boat at Night…

Sakura finally had Kakashi alone to speak to him about the situation with Naru's engagement and why she needed to marry at a young age.

"Kakashi Sensei, remember when you said you were going to explain Naru's engagement?" The pink-haired girl wondered as she was really curious.

"Yeah, I forgot to tell you. Most people don't know this, but Naru is in the Restoration Act, a revival program of her clan." Kakashi explained as it surprised the girl.

"Clan?" Sakura wondered as Kakashi had to clarify a bit more for her as it seemed that Naru's Clan is almost forgotten.

"The Uzumaki Clan is almost extinct, leaving Naru the very last of her clan. The council didn't want that and so she was placed in the restoration act to rebuild it. The Third did not wish to have Naru become a Broodmare, so there came a compromise. She needs to find at least three husbands by the time she turns Eighteen or the council will decide for her." Kakashi explained.

"What? Why add a time limit?" Sakura wondered as she could not believe that Naruto was forced to marry others.

"It was the only way to give Naru some freedom. Luckily, Itachi is the first to win her over, so she just needs to find two more." Kakashi sighed as they were getting closer to the village.

Soon danger would await them as the mist grew heavy.

On the flight of a Crow…

Itachi did a little more research on what kind of man he would face in the village.

It seemed that Gato had deep pockets and even deeper sins as he can afford deadly ninja at his disposal. Itachi will need to keep on his toes when the brawl against them. He looked to what ninja he may face and was prepared for whatever was coming his way.

What was this?

"Oh, dear. I need to hurry. Looks like the danger may be too much." Itachi uttered under his breath as his crow flew faster.

Itachi looked down to see that the battle was already started! Kakashi was down and the three students were facing off against Momochi Zabuza! Itachi decided to watch as he knew when to intervene, especially since it seems that Sasuke and Naru seem to have them on the ropes and Kakashi was ready to fight again. Itachi knew he would activate his Sharingan.

The two brawled as Itachi settled from behind, he knew it was between Kakashi and Zabuza. It will give him enough time to check the wounds of others.

"Itachi, what are you doing here?" Naru wondered as he was patching up Sakura.

"Oh, just on a mission and saw you were fighting a swordsman. Thought I could lend a hand." The older Uchiha innocently answered as Sasuke knew that his brother was half lying, "Oh, and Mr. Tazuna, the Hokage does not appreciate being lied to."

The bridge builder gulped but the skilled shinobi continued.

"Next time, be certain to explain your situation. You will be forgiven once, but only since Gato is also wanted." He informed the man, "I am here to collect him."

With that Kakashi was about to kill him, but a hunter nin intervened and killed the swordsman, then left without a word. Kakashi fainted as his team and Itachi helped him. The Uchiha looked to where the hunter nin disappeared and knew it was not over.

It would be best to wait for Gato to come to him and stay with the group.