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"Wait, you want me be an alien big brother to a 13-year-old?" She said.

The God said. "I think you can pull it off because I've been told, that you're more like a guy than a girl"

And God's word struck her.

She couldn't turn her mannerisms off, guys clothes were more comfortable and she was cursed to be flat-chested all her life.

She often got mistaken for a guy, even in her late 30's.

She said. "Alright, I'll do it and I know the perfect face. Seto Kaiba"

Seto Kaiba was not only fine as hell and he had that style, but the dude's roast level was God level.

She fell in love with his roast game more than his looks and money.

The God said. "Fine and I'll give you a system. Maybe, you'll bring Duel Monsters to Earth. That would be interesting"

Yes, it would.

Games deserve an upgrade and she knew, Dark Magician girl would be the number one selling card.

And then reality happened and the teenager that was chosen was staring at her wide eyes through the laptop screen.

She said. "So that's what happened. You wanted a big brother and now you have one. My name is Seto Kaiba from now on and I'm going to call you Mokuba"

The teen then proceeded to close the laptop, and nobody would blame him.

Then his phone rang and it was her on the phone screen.

The guy understandably screamed.

She said. "Stop screaming, you big baby. I know you don't believe me so I will prove it to you"

Then she said. "I just gave you a thousand euros and placed it in your wallet. Go and check"


The black-haired teen was understandably sceptical but it couldn't hurt to see.

He opened his donated wallet and there it was, in stacks of 20 bills, there were 1000 euros altogether.

The teen mouth opened wide.

She said. "So do you want to be Mokuba?"

The teen nodded slowly.

If money kept coming like this, he would answer to fluffy.

She said. "Great. Now. No brother of mine is going to live at an orphanage. When I have the money to, you will be transferred to a mansion with a limousine and security"

And the teen's eyes were huge.

But the original Seto Kaiba would laugh at this his shock at something so small.

She said. "Have a great day and do spend it wisely"

And then she cut the connection off.

She went from tough to squealing.

Her voice was so cool.

Thank you, Eric Stuart, for the voice of current Kaiba!

She looked around and found that it was just an empty room with a computer, desk and chair.

How depressing.

Well, she was the only one in the galaxy here, the share proof that life existed, she shouldn't be living like this.

Let's living thing up a bit.

She looked at the exercise quests and began to do a push-up.

It was bad, but she had to do it, she didn't have the physic of Saito Kiba.

After all, you don't look that great in a tight shirt sitting down all day.

So while her, she meant he, he was busting his buns to get the body and do something to make the room nice, his new little brother was going to school with a huge smile on his face even though he was still just a nobody.

Kaiba had to stop the activities because his body couldn't take it but after a nice rest, he continued until he had the office of a Rich CEO with an amazing view to match, even if its fake.

He showed his little brother the room by camera panning and the teen was amazed.

Of course, he had the recent Yugioh movie to lead him in the style department.

But he was physically and mentally drained while talking.

He should invest in Stamina.

He smiled at Mokuba and then turned it off and slept off.

He woke up a few hours later and got active again and invest in stamina and durability, then he began designing and making cards.

He failed horribly but it did unlock a skill, he kept on trying, failure after failure.

He tried for two whole days before presenting the pack to his little brother.

The teen was woahing as he saw the cards.

They did look cool, didn't they? He thought.

He said. "I have yet to make the virtual reality headset and deck to bring them to life. But the idea is that the most appear in front of you and you can battle with them"

The teen was impressed and said. "Can you touch them?"

He said. "Of course not, if I make them real, I will be drowning in lawsuits from injured players. The idea is, even Toddlers can duel"

The teen said. "Wow, Seto. If you can it work, then it's going to change the entire world. You'll be drowning in money"

He said. "WE will be drowning in money. It's only a matter of time until I get you out of there Mokuba. I need to sort out the device and this life cycle with my employees. Having people will make me more money and ease the burden on me"

There was a silence between them.

Then the teen said. "Hey, Saito. What do we look like on the inside? Or is it just you?"

Of course, the teen would ask that.

He said. "Logically, you should be fully human but I'm a bit different to allow me to survive all the way here. I have yet to eat and feel no fatigue. However, there are options where I can tweak stuff like the blood for a cost. Naturally, it should also apply to you"

The teen said. "Can you make my blood blue? I want blue blood'

He rose an eyebrow.

A demand?

He was stopping any spoiled brat attitude, now.

He said. "I will give you blue blood when I see that you've done all your week homework, Mokuba."

And the teen opened and closed his mouth.

It was Monday!

He said. "Kaiba's do homework and I'm not letting you fly in a private helicopter if your failing class"

The teen went red.

He said. "But I would be more than happy to help you out tomorrow. After an intelligence boost"

Yes, he was cheating and they both knew it but he wasn't the one forced into class.

And then he ended the call.

Then he created his first assistant with the man's own house and then a shop and clothing store.

Then as he built, more people slotted in to create a somewhat functional society, she finally rested and sent a text to Mokuba to have a great day as he went to school.

He continued to build and make money.

He did whatever he could to increase the revenue.

He promised his new little brother a mansion and a limousine surrounded by guards, so he was going to do it.

He invested in the new food business and education and from there he built a lab to replicate the first duel desk, and the few kids he brought to life, ate it up.

On Friday, he was ready.

He brought earth people and the biggest mansion in Paris, then he brought the inside stuff.

It would cost him one million a day, but it was worth it.

The humans came for Mokuba after he tipped the guy off.

Mokuba later told him that the whole orphanage was left speechless after the guys gave them a check for two million as a thank you for taking care of him all these years.

The guys obviously showed a fake image of the two brothers as young kids and Kaiba with normal hair and it was indeed Mokuba.

However, the teen wasn't a Kiba yet, he called the school principal and talked to him, explaining that he was now his little brother guardian after a split because their parent's death many years ago, people gave his brother a new name and now he had tracked him down and was old enough to be his guardian now.

He asked the man, to update the school system and he would wire him 10 grand right now.

The man was shocked and updated his name and then the man gave him his bank details and Kaiba really gave him 10k just like that.

The man was suddenly putty in his hands seeing the money in his account.

He said. "Please take care of my little brother Mokuba, while he studies here. I'll take care of the bank questions and I hope you don't mind that I have guards here. I am a very high profile man"

He knew no bank would ask him questions because of his system power.

The man said. "Y-Yes, of course, Mr Kiba. Feel free to bring your guards here. He would get top-notch education while he studies here."

He said. "Good"

He then ended the call, knowing that the man was definitely wondering who this teen's big brother was.

The man would immediately inform the teachers that somebody with a lot of money had appeared.

The teen was now officially Mokuba Kiba.

He talked to Mokuba later in Mokuba new room and Mokuba complained about how big this place was.

He said. "But there are elevators and a floor plan on each floor."

Mokuba said. "But I want to see it all"

And he was amused.

He said. "Well, you have all weekend to explore" before he said. "And did you finish your homework?

Mokuba was ready and said. "Yes"

He said. "All of it?"

Mokuba showed it to him one by one and it was indeed filled out.

He said. "Alright. You held up your end and I will make our blood blue"

He then pressed the system and said. "Done and I added a little extra. Just don't do it, in front of the servants they will pass out."

He added sparkle to the blood.

And Mokuba had a wonderful two days in the mansion before Monday rolled around and he had to go to school.

This time Mokuba could wear the best clothes without a grown adult asking him where he got the money from.

His phone was replaced with the best, along with Electronics and Kaiba wished he could see the look on Paris face when Mokuba drove out onto the streets.

But his imagination was not that far from the truth because Mokuba got on Paris news for the fancy limousine, the motorbike security, the cars protecting him and the helicopter following as if the president of the United States had arrived.

He wasn't even two streets away before everybody in Paris was notified and the world even caught wind of what was happening in Paris.

Who was arriving and why hadn't the media told them!?

There was a squad of cars front and back!

Nobody had ever seen security like this since a president came.

However, while the Mayor of Paris was sweating, anticipating whoever it was coming here.

Paris and the world were about to get the biggest shock of their lives.

The entire thing stopped at a school and parked, the school children outside especially the rich ones which including Adrien Agreste and Chloe Bourgeois, were wide-eyed.

Then the door opened and a literal red carpet rolled out.

Everybody opened their mouths, as grown men walked out and got into a bowing position on each side and out walked Mokuba looking like he had been birthed from a golden egg.

He was given his bag and the grown men said. "Have a good day, Master Mokuba"

Mokuba managed to keep the grinning away from his face as he straightened up and walked to the steps and began walking as everybody outside gawked at him.

The men after him inside as security for Mokuba and they surrounded the school on the outside as well.

The escort drove away.

The look on his classmates faces as they saw Mokuba now, was commercial and so was the teachers who were now calling him Mokuba Kiba.

The whole school watched with wide eyes as Mokuba was escorted to all his classes and the staff was okay with it.

Not even the Mayor of Paris daughter was escorted to class!

Who the hell is he!? Thought the whole school.

At break, the class wanted to talk to him.

Of course, they did.

He said. "Oh, the money is not mine. The security and everything was given to me by my big brother Seto. We were separated years ago because Saito wasnt not old enough to be my guardian. Well, my big brother found me recently and now he's my guardian. I was shocked too to hear he now had money"

Shocked indeed. Thought his class, seeing security go up and down the walkway.

Who is his big brother?

He was then escorted to the restroom and then the day went on.

It was Lunchtime and in the cafeteria, the men set up a new table before the students very eyes and revealed the fancy prepared food on a silver platter as Mokuba sat down.

Everybody opened their mouths including the lunch ladies.

Chloe had her phone out to show her dad, what they were dealing with.

A new rich kid had entered the building and he was very rich.

He ate his fancy lunch not caring if the cafeteria was staring and texted.

Who is that?

Alya Cesaire had no-hit on him on the web.

He finished and wiped his mouth and the table was deconstructed and the platter was taking away.

He went to the student lounge to play games on his phone.

Students found out they can go in and a blond girl rushed to make connections.

Students followed the money and sat next to him hoping to get set for life.

Chloe Bourgois sat opposite him after pushing a guy out of the way and said. "Hi, I'm Chloe Bourgeois"

However, Mokuba looked up and said. "I know who you are. Your that girl who made the whole school cleaned up her mess by using her dad."

And Chloe was stunned, and students ears became huge.

He said. "Yeah, I'm not a new student. I was here on that day but I didn't have my birth name with me then. I was also here when you turned into Killer Bee and mind-controlled everybody in the city. I know what you want and you destroyed any possible relationship with me, months ago so please go away"

And Chloe face flamed because she didn't know how to react.

She didn't expect that he had seen her ugly side and wanted nothing to do with her.

She didn't know her attitude would bit her today.

How was she going to explain why the Kaiba family wanted nothing to do with her family because she treated him like trash?

Mokuba then snapped his fingers at the guards and pretty much motioned them to take Chloe and the next thing Chloe knew she was being lifted and taken outside the room kicking and screaming.

Lila Rossi replaced her immediately and said. "Hi, my name is Lila Rossi. My mother is the mayor of Italy. "

And he typed it in and said. "No, she's not." The look on the girl's face dropped but he went on and said. "According to the internet, the mayor of Italy is Sir Blackwood. Who are you and why are you lying to me?"

And the surrounding students heard him and Lila was stunned, as she didn't expect him to not he an idiot and google.

But Mokuba was not a kid who grew up comfortably and surrounded by high-class adults.

Of course, a orphaned kid his age would google.

Lila quickly covered up and said. "Did I say, Mayor? I meant Treasurer"

She was good because Treasurer handled all the money.

However, Mokuba had common sense.

He said. "Treasurer? That's wrong again. I have it on my web page who is who in running Italy. There is nobody with that last name Rossi listed as a treasurer. However, there is a Secretary with the last name Rossi. Is that your mother?"

Students around and behind face changed and then started googling!

Was it true?

Was Lili mother getting drinks for the Mayor of Italy?

He said. "You know, you shouldn't lie about who you are when people can just google it."

Lila had actual fear because she saw students look at her with realisation.

She made an excuse and left.

However, the damage was done and by tomorrow morning, everybody would have googled everything she was known for and realised she lied about everything and they had been idiots.

Somebody took over from her and actually introduced themselves as a normal person, no bull.

Mokuba asked the students in the room if they wanted to go on a shopping trip with him after school to a mega-store and they can pick out two items of their choosing.

He would pay for it.

He was serious.

Of course, they said hell yeah.

The news spread like wildfire through the school and he ended up taking half the school, the one's who didn't need to go home right away, to the place for the trip.

They went inside the cars and limousine.

And he really did treat them all.

The card went through and the manager was basically kissing his feet and making sure, his name was on VIP with a photo.

Everybody went home with new stuff and of course, they could not tell their families and those connected to them that Mobuka Kaiba treated half the school to a free shopping trip.

And this wasn't just sweets, this was a superstore with electronics and nice stuff.

The news spread not just to the half that couldn't go and was sopping, but also online too.

His classmates added their two cents and told everybody that his old brother was the one who was loaded and was now his guardian so it was his brother who was spoiling his little brother rotten.

They had no idea what god-level job his brother was doing but he must be making bank.

If not, they would learn about it when the bank came for the Kaiba family to ask them questions and strip it all away if it turns out they were doing something illegal or had hidden money.

Meanwhile, Saito connected to his brother and said. "Hello, Mokuba. How was your first day at school now that everybody knows your a Kaiba?"

And Mobuka exploded.

It was the best school day of his life.

He thanks God for sending him, his big brother.