I'm baaaack! Have you noticed that Grissom gets really lucky in some episodes? This is my take on one of them. All characters belong to the creators, except Kevin, he belongs to Fleasia.

Dominic exits the building with the package in his hands.

"Dominic, stop! Stop right there! Put it down!" Grissom shouts while running towards the school entrance where Dominic just came out with the package.

"No, it's all right. Everyone is safe," Dominic says with a smile.

"No, no, no. Drop it. It's active!" Grissom shouted getting closer.

Dominic stops smiling as Grissom's words register.

Suddenly time slows down, Dominic sees Grissom coming closer, he hears the timer ticking a little faster. Dominic knows what is about to happen, but is powerless to do anything about it. He takes one final breath and in one final second he hears an earth-shattering noise, then he knows no more.


Grissom was running towards the entrance, hoping beyond hope that they could get there on time, but it seemed that fate had other plans for this day. He saw as if in slow motion, Dominic walking out with the bomb, thinking all was well. He saw the smile on Dominic's face disappear as realization sinks in.

Grissom did not stop, even as some of the officers behind him called out to. He was close, so close. Maybe too close.

Even though he knew the explosion was coming, it still surprised him when the force of the blast threw him backwards. He saw the blinding light, felt the scorching heat as the fire ball erupted and heard the deafening boom, he also felt the impact as he was slammed back and his world went black.


Officer Kevin was one of the last at the scene. He had just come on duty when the call came in, so was a little late to respond. As he got out of the car, he saw CSI Gil Grissom and a bunch of officers running towards to school entrance where a man just came out carrying a brown package. Kevin heard Grissom shout at the man to put the package down. He watched the whole scene play out. He ducked behind a squad car with the rest of the officers as the bomb went off.

When the debris stopped falling and Kevin stood up, the scene in front of him would stay with him for a long time. He looked around to see where he could help. Some officers were focused on crowd control, some on radios and phones to call paramedics and back up, a few ran into the school to check if all was clear. Kevin looked towards the entrance and made his way to the downed officers. He noticed a few of them were getting back up, a couple was still on the ground, but they were talking. Kevin noticed that Grissom was lying on his side, he moved towards the CSI to help him up when he noticed the older man was not moving.

"I need medics over here," Kevin yelled as loudly as he could. "Grissom? Can you hear me?"

He gently rolled Grissom over to his side and took in the criminalist's face, looking for obvious injuries with a practiced glance.

Grissom's face was red and covered in scratches. He had a cut on the side of his face that was already turning a dark purple and bleeding quite badly. His left arm was oddly shaped, and his hands were blistered. Before he could notice anything else, the medics arrived.

"What do we have?" one of the medics asked, kneeling next to the pair.

"Gil Grissom, not sure how old he is, he was the closest to the blast and hasn't moved since," Kevin said moving out of the way.

"Blood pressure is low, pulse is thready," the second medic said.

"Looks like a broken arm, there is some bruising on his torso, possible broken ribs, damage to his ears," the medic said.

A hand on Kevin's shoulder made the officer jump slightly. He turned around and looked into the face of his captain. Jim Brass' face was pale, and his eyes locked on the unmoving form of Grissom surrounded by medics.

"What happened?" Brass asked quietly.

"He was closest to the blast. We have a few officers down, but Grissom is the only one who got knocked out," Kevin answered. The CSI might be a bit on the weird side, but he was respected by most of the force. Kevin had worked a few scenes with the Night Shift supervisor and he kind of liked the random bits of information he sprouted at some of the strangest times. One thing was for sure, if you were on a scene with Grissom, you learnt something.


When the call came in of the bomb explosion, Brass was already on his way to the scene. As he got out of his car, he had a bad feeling. He quickly took in the scene, looking around for Grissom. He knew his friend felt a little bad for the security guard and he suspected Dominic might be here as well. What he saw was pure chaos. Some police officers were pushing the crowd back, while others were helping their colleagues up from the ground. Medics were on the scene and they were surrounding a few people who was still down. One such group caught his eye and he moved in that direction. As he got closer, he noticed Officer Kevin was transfixed on the scene in front of him. Brass could not explain it, but somehow, he knew, he knew the person being treated on the ground was his friend- even before he looked down.

Brass touched Kevin on his arm as he came to a stop next to him.

"What happened?" Brass asked quietly. He was shocked at his friend's appearance. He was pale with blood on one side of his face and blood coming out of his ear. He was so still, which got to Jim the most. At that moment, Brass would have given anything to hear one or another crazy fact.

"He was closest to the blast. We have a few officers down, but Grissom is the only one who got knocked out," Kevin answered.

Brass had to shake his head, the one time his friend was faster than a police officer was the one time he should have been slower. Leave it to Grissom, Jim thought.

"We need to get going," one of the medics said. Jim noticed that Grissom was now sporting a neck brace and a bandage on his head. He was on a gurney and strapped in ready to move.

"OK, where are you taking him?" Brass asked.

"Desert Palms. Are you coming with?" the medic asked.

"No, I have to clear the scene first. I will get in touch with his team and have them meet you there."

Brass walked next to the gurney as they moved towards the ambulance. He helped with the gurney and watched the ambulance drive off. Jim took a deep breath and turned around.

"Let's get this cleared up," Brass said as he moved to get a sit-rep, he took out his phone and called the one person he knew would keep a clear head and get the team to the hospital in one piece.

"Hey Warrick, I have some bad news," …


Seeing Brass' number on his phone was not something Warrick wanted to see. The two men did not really see eye to eye, but they have a kind of truce going.


"Hey Warrick, I have some bad news," Brass' voice was tight, and Warrick sat up straight, across the table Sara noticed his change in behavior.

"What's wrong?" Warrick asked and he felt his stomach drop. Brass had gone to meet up with Grissom at Tyler Stirling's school, so for Brass to be calling with bad news…

"Dominic picked up the bomb and Grissom got caught in the blast. He is on his way to Desert Palms," Brass said. Warrick heard the worry in the police captain's voice.

"Oh crap! Ok, I'll get the team and we'll head there," Warrick said. He motioned for Sara to get Catherine and Nick and watched as she ran out of the breakroom looking for the other CSI's.

"Thanks, Rick. I have to clear up the scene and then I will meet you all there. Please let Al know as well, I have to go," Brass said and hung up.


Warrick Brown hated giving bad news, and this was the worst of all. He turned and saw Sara, Nick and Catherine standing there. Catherine called his name and he wondered if she felt that her best friend was in trouble.

"Dominic got there before Grissom, he triggered the bomb," Warrick started and stopped to take a deep breath, "Grissom got caught in the blast. He is on the way to Desert Palms."

Catherine let out a sob, Nick just stood shell-shocked, and Sara moved to comfort Catherine with red eyes of her own. Warrick closed his eyes and sent up a silent prayer for his boss, mentor, and father.

"Let's get over there," Warrick said and led the way out of the lab.

Hi guys, I haven't written anything in a really long time. The last couple of years was not the easiest for me and lately, well let's just say I am trying. I don't really have much of an outlet, it used to be writing, but after a few bad criticisms I lost all interest in writing. A few weeks ago, I got a little lesson from another writer (Thanks Roff) about not worrying about those kind of reviews and to just write because I enjoy it. So, here I am, getting back on the horse so to speak.

I am not sure if this will turn into a story or a series. Please tell me what you think..