Something that just popped into my head after reading the Charmed comics. Timeline-wise takes place in Season 7 of Charmed and after BTVS 6x10, where Willow almost got Dawn killed. For the sake of the story, Leo is not haunted by Avatars.

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Giles was in England in his apartment, reading a book at his desk, when he heard some noises and turned around to see a blue shimmer of light materialize into a blonde man wearing a beige jacket and jeans.

"Hello, Giles." The man said.

"Leo? What are you doing here?" Giles asked, not understanding as he got up.

"You haven't heard any news from Sunnydale recently, have you?" Leo asked.

"Why? Is something wrong with Buffy?" Giles asked worriedly.

"Not Buffy. Willow." Leo said and Giles blinked, not understanding. "Have you heard anything from her recently?"

"What has happened?" Giles inquired, having a bad feeling.

"Couple of days ago, Willow has encountered a warlock named 'Rack'." Leo explained and Giles paled, while Leo nodded. "That's right. And do you want to know what happened next? He gave her so much taste of his magic it drove her out of her mind and she almost got Dawn killed while playing with her new powers."

Giles widened his eyes in terror as he breathed out. "My God, I had no idea…"

"And have you considered the possibility that you share some blame on it?" Leo said scornfully, stepping up so close to Giles that their faces were inches apart from each other. "I understand you were trying to do what you thought was best for Buffy and didn't want to rely so much on you, but others needed you as much as she did, yet you neglected them in favor of her and where were you, when they needed you the most? What have you done to prevent what has happened with Willow and her addiction to magic? Like when her words came to a reality or the memory wiping?"

Giles opened his mouth to say something to justify himself, but nothing came out as his mind started looking back. While he had been there for Buffy most of the time, he had played a father figure to most of the Scooby Gang as well, but he had not been there for any of them as much as for her and while he wanted Buffy to be more independent, the rest needed him as much as she did and at best, he had given Willow just basic instructions and advices on magic, at worst, he had called her a rank amateur, making him realize he could have done more for her as shame and guilt flooded him.

"Oh, dear. I… I must remedy this. I must return back—" Giles started as he turned, about to pack his things.

"We've already taken matters into our own hands." Leo interrupted as Giles turned to him. "Now, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, Giles, you may still help Willow, if you wish but you do realize that what has happened is the bed of your own making. One of ours is going to speak with Willow soon enough. I just hope you have realized how your own actions have led to this juncture."

Leo orbed away, while Giles just stared and sighed, feeling himself deflate, contemplating on how he had failed Willow and possibly others, even though he was trying to do what he felt was best for Buffy but neglecting other Scoobies in the process.

Back in Sunnydale in Summers's house, Buffy and Willow were making breakfast, when they saw a shimmer of blue light outside the front door.

"What is that?" Buffy asked, when the doorbell rang. Buffy was apprehensive, considering that it could have been something supernatural as she warily looked through the peephole to see a brunette in early 30s and wearing a red jacket with black shirt and jeans as Buffy considered. It could not have been a vampire and while some demons were able to look like humans, would they be bold enough to attack her in her own home? After a moment, she opened the door to the woman. "Yes?"

"You must be Buffy Summers. Hello." Paige said, offering her hand as Buffy shook it.

"Can I help you?" Buffy asked.

"Actually, I'm looking for your friend. Willow Rosenberg." Paige said.

"Yes?" Willow asked as she approached the front door. "What's going on?"

"Paige Matthews. Headmistress of the Magic School." Paige said and Buffy and Willow stiffened at the mention of 'Magic School', while Paige nodded. "Yes, it is exactly what does it sound like and it is led what you would call 'The Powers That Be', though I prefer calling them 'The Elders'." She said with a mix of amusement and bitterness.

"What do you want from me?" Willow asked.

"I am aware of the recent events and I've been instructed to approach you." Paige said as Buffy looked interested, while Willow shifted uneasily.

"Look, you don't have to come to the school immediately but it would be best if someone was looking out for you and you have been assigned to me as my charge. I may be help you, if you feel like slipping. I can either listen to your call or I can… sense if you need help." Paige offered and Willow looked unsure.

"I think it is actually a great idea for Willow to have some guidance but Magic School." Buffy noted. "But… after the recent events, perhaps lack of magic might be best. But… if you are really one call away…"

"…I'll be there to help Willow and you if possible with anything supernatural or magical." Paige said. "Just call my name and I'll be there in a shimmer." Paige said as they shook hands before turning to Willow.

"I… I appreciate the offer but… I need some time to think about this." Willow said, still uncertain and unconvinced.

"Of course." Paige said before orbing away.

Buffy turned to her best friend, looking at her in worry. "What do you think?"

"Honestly… I'm not sure. But maybe I'm not as much alone in it as I had thought." Willow said, now smiling and more sure of herself, while Buffy held her hand in assurance as they smiled at each other.

I wanted to have Paige to be the one to help Willow, but wasn't sure about it, considering that she was just learning the ropes of the Headmistress of the Magic School, but still, considering she already had some experience as Whitelighter and guardian of good witches, I thought she could do better job with reaching Willow due to her magic as well. Plus, sending Willow off to the Magic School, at least immediately right after she almost got Dawn killed, didn't feel like the best idea, it would be like leaving a cat alone in a fish ship, so letting Willow become Paige's charge felt like the next best thing.

Plus, it would make sense if Leo had met Giles at some point and I wanted someone to call him out on his crap. Now, Giles was great the first few three seasons, save for Tento di Cruciamentum, where he drugged Buffy and stripped her of her powers (to be fair, he was made to by the Watcher's Council) but then he was just there for the sake of being there and not contributing much to the show, save for when he stepped up to kill Ben/Glory but one of his biggest failures is NOT helping Willow at all with her magic and letting her handle it all on her own until it built up to the magic addiction and Willow almost getting Dawn killed in Season 6. It's understandable why he left Buffy to let her be more independent but the rest of the Scooby Gang was just as dependent on him as her and he could've stayed for the sake of everyone else, if not for Buffy's and the fact that he basically handed Willow a match and dynamite and told her to figure it out is just idiotic and don't get me started on Giles conspiring with Robin to try to kill Spike and him letting Team Angel on their own regarding Fred and Illyria, Giles is lucky Angel or Spike didn't kill him for that one.

Also, I'm imagining Paige later intervening and healing Buffy and Tara after both girls get shot by Warren and the scumbag getting arrested. While I think Warren deserved to die after killing Katrina and trying to frame Buffy for it, what Willow did to him was extreme IMO. While I'd like to see Spike killing him, I'd also settle for Warren going to prison for life.

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