"Ah!" I yelped in suprise, and rapidly moved my head, inspecting the warm classroom. "Hey, are you okay? I know the class is so boring, you looked like you've seen a ghost." A familiar voice rang in worry. "Ah, Aoi-san. Sorry, I was just dreaming on something..." I trailed off, and suddenly another voice butt into the conversation. "Oh, is Naegi-chi having a hot and steamy dream?" I once again yelped and saw Leon, alive and well. "No, I'm not-"

"Naegi! How dare you slept during class!" Ishimaru suddenly burst out, cutting me off. "I'm so sorry, I will not do it again" I stood up and repeatedly bow to Ishimaru. "Good, because it was disrespectful to the teachers in this school, for an Ultimate it was very embarrassing. And also, THIS IS THE THIRD TIME IN THIS MONTH, NAEGI!" As the ultimate hall monitor scolded me for

sleeping, Two people decided to speak up. "Dude chill, maybe Naegi is tired. You knew that the exams are comin' right?" Mondo placed his hand to Ishimaru's shoulder to calm him down. "Yeah, even I'm super tired too!" Chihiro chimed. "Fine, I'll let you pass Naegi. But I will remember this!" The hall monitor sighed in defeat.

"As your vise representative, I already taken care of the responsibility while you are sleeping. Are you sure, you're doing well?" The gothic lolita girl asked. "I'm fine, Celeste-san. I'm just stressed, really." Celeste seems unsatisfied of my testimony, she raised her left eyebrow. "Hm, I was going to sent you to the nurse office. Are you sure that you are okay?" I raised my hands in nervousness and stuttered. "Y-yes! I'm sure"

"Naegi-kun, are still up for the festival? You

could take a break because you've been researching for weeks." The very worried Ultimate Pop sensation, Sayaka spoke. "Naegi, we can cancel the training. Rest is very important." Sakura crossed her arm.

"I agree with Oogami, Naegi. Rest is a must" Mukuro seconded.

"Naegi-kun! You told me to rest and yet you can't even take care of yourself!" The infamous Junko Enoshima place her fist on her hips, trying looked to be angry in reality she's just pouting. "Pathetic, how can you be a proud leader of Naegi Artifact Industries if you didn't fix yourself." As usual, Byakuya sneered at me.

"You jerk! Think you could anger Master Byakuya like that!" Toko suddenly just pop in and I didn't even noticed her. "Naegi-chi, let's go grab some chips and watch Netflix!"

Yasuhiro happily chirped. "Master Naegi, have you dreaming rather nice and hot dream-" Yamada was cut off by Celeste's kick. "You pig, shut it"

While Yamada plead mercy from Celeste wrath, I saw Kyoko walking towards me. "I can tell you are lying, Naegi." I scratch my head sheepishly. "I promise, it wasn't bad. I was just tired after all." Kyoko smiled before walking away, she tapped my forehead in sibling like manner. "We don't want our Ultimate Archeologist get tired, you know."

"Yeah yeah sure" I once again looked around the whole classroom, seeing my classmates happy and well.

"Hey Naegi, you comin? The other's are waiting outside." Sayaka asked, I just nodded, gather my things and went outside.

I remember now, I'm Makoto Naegi. The Ultimate Archeologist that discovered different artifacts existed for hundreds of centuries, the proud heir of Naegi Estate. I'm currently in 3rd year of Hope's Peak Academy. That was just a dream, a horrible dream...right?