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You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. ~Bob Marley

Trapped in inky darkness, Bella worked furiously to get out of her current situation. Somehow, she'd ended up in the wrong place and definitely at the wrong time. Despite all the events of the past several months, she was still surprised to learn the men from the terrorist organization Zion knew all her moves before she made them. Tasked with stopping the release of the deadly weapon they'd stolen, she didn't get far into the building before they'd grabbed her and marched her into a claustrophobic holding room. The man in the black balaclava shoved her inside, tying her to a folding chair and leaving her alone to ruminate over her choices.

Living on the right side of the law had become a second skin; her business had flourished like a child under her watchful eye. She'd never had any intention of getting involved in the Family life again, but the circumstances were miles past dire and left her without a choice. The plan had been solid; she was sure of it. So how did he catch her?

The door opened with a soft click, a shaft of blinding light revealing a shadow man in the opening. With a flick of his wrist, he flooded the room with light. Blinking, Bella tried to focus on the man towering over her seated form.

Recognition rammed her in the gut, stealing all hope for an escape. She wanted to gasp, but bit her tongue instead. Over the years, one thing she'd learned in spades was to never show fear. "Why am I here?"

Snorting, he replied, "This is karma coming back around, Bella. You can't run from it any more than you can run from your past."

More people came in the room; people she knew, and those she didn't. Although, it could be said she'd never truly known any of them if they were capable of this.

"If you think I'll meekly accept whatever you've deemed as my fate, you're out of your mind." Tossing her head to settle her hair behind her shoulder, Bella struggled uselessly against the plastic ties binding her wrists.

The man circled her chair, clucking his tongue. "You always were so stubborn."

Saying nothing, she scowled at him as he came back around. A tear trembled on her lower lashes, but she would be damned if she allowed it to fall. Shifting her feet, she tried to wiggle them free of their restraints. "We had an agreement."

His laugh grated her ears. "Let's just say I received a better offer."

"I won't give you anything, no matter what you do to me."

"Oh, Bella," he crooned in that hypnotic voice of his. "Do you honestly think there's anything I couldn't have from you if I wished it?"

Air heaved in and out of her lungs as she tried not to scream. "Arrogant fucking bastard. I saved your life!"

The touch to her chin burned her skin. "I was never yours to save."

She jerked her head away and glared at him in defiance. Bile churned in her gut, warring with twenty years worth of emotions.

"Life ruined, but so desperate to live," he murmured, moving toward the door. "Since I caught you trying to break in and steal the weapon, you've given me no choice."

A second man she knew spoke up, clearly bored with her impending death. "Just get it over with already."

Murmurs of agreement sounded from the men near the door. All the effort, the meticulous planning she'd done, and it was for nothing. The thought of the world she was leaving behind was a sharper blow than the betrayal of those she'd trusted. With unfettered access to the weapon, there wouldn't be any survivors—except for those who would deliberately unleash it on the unsuspecting planet.

"You have to die," one of the strangers said.

The strangled shout ripping its way from an anguished heart didn't belong to Bella.

It belonged to her son.

"You can't do this!"

The second man stalked closer, sneering at Quinn. "Shut your mouth, boy."

Though Bella refused to cry, there was simply no stopping the tears streaming down Quinn's face. "There has to be another way, Uncle Jasper."

"Don't make me restrain you." Turning, he faced the group of men congregating near the door. Waiting for their retribution; their payback for threats both perceived and actual.

"End her," one of those men said. "Do it now."

Without a moment's hesitation, Edward raised his gun and shot Bella dead center in the chest.

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