Bolts, Blood and Sound

By me

God-fucking-dammit that sentence was basically playing on repeat in Zer0's head. Over and over again he thought back to how he got into this mess. Fighting a bunch of Badass Bullymongs was not something he wanted to do with a concussion and a malfunctioning wrist. Having his built-in music player broken to bits did not help to ease his annoyment.

But no matter how many times he cursed himself for his own foolishness, Zer0 could not find it in himself to regret his actions. Not saying he was particularly proud of them either. Glancing a bit to the left, he gazed upon the reason for his current situation. Having just blown the brains out of a Brat Bullymong that had come awfully close to taking a swipe at her legs, the young mechanic he had met only a few hours earlier take step back before quickly reloading her SMG.

He wasn't quite sure why he did what he did but seeing the energetic girl dart behind her robot guardian to let her shield recharge made him not regret it as much.

Turning back to his own devices, Zer0 couldn't help but to admire how well the red haired girl was handling herself. From the panic in her eyes when they were first ambushed to her trembling hands and feet, it was clear to even a child that she did not have much combat experience, if any at all. But that made it all the more impressive with how well she was doing. Clearly, the many bodies of Bullymongs near her feet spoke for themselves, even if her robot did most of the work.

Waking up from his musings, Zer0 just put another bullet into the skull of an approaching Bullymong when the battlefield finally started to clear. Bodies littered the field where they first came into contact with the ape-like creatures.

"Everybody ok? We should probably heal up before facing Flynt." Said our self-proclaimed leader, Axton. Since he was an ex-sergeant for one of the biggest companies in the galaxy, letting him lead the group was not the worst idea. Starting to move towards the looming ship, Axton took the front with our very own Siren, Maya. So far she had proven herself to be quite useful but then again she was a suren so that was to be expected. Salvador, the loud, obnoxious and foul-mouthed gunzerker, stayed in the middle while Zer0 preferred to stay in the back.

"You ok?" came a sudden voice from behind him. Of course, he neglected to notice the very girl he could not tear his eyes away from before. Green eyes bore into the darkness of his mask as he looked to his right, now walking side by side with the said female.

Flashing a question mark from his helmet, he kept his pace while wondering how she had managed to focus on anything else but the onslaught of ice-apes.

"Well, it's pretty obvious something's going on with your left arm." Moving her eyes to his arm and then the ground, her voice taking on a guilty tone, "I didn't see everything but I'm fairly certain you didn't injure it during the fight just now so the only time it could have been injured was on the train."

Thinking things over in his head, Zer0 found no reason to hide the truth from his person he will probably be working quite closely with . "It is nothing serious/ Hinder my fighting abilities it does not / No reason for guilt."

"That does not change the fact that you got hurt protecting my stupid ass! Can I atleast help you take care of it?" Switching between guilty and pleading with the snap of a finger, Zer0 wondered if perhaps the mechanic happened to be bipolar. Currently staring at his helmet with the biggest pair of puppy-dog eyes he'd ever seen, he almost gave in before the more reasonable part of his brain kicked in.


"Aw come on, please? You know I'm one of the best damn mechanics on this dirtball of a planet plus it was my fault in the first place."

He couldn't deny the fact she was probably much more knowledgeable in robotics than he was if Deathtrap was any indication.


"Fuck yeah! I knew I cou-"

Cutting off her rather loud celebration, Zer0 was already feeling like he made one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

"There are conditions however/They must be met before any planning/Listen carefully, I will not repeat."

Quickly shutting her loud mouth but keeping the excited grin on her face, Gaige gazed upon his dark-as-night helmet, waiting for an explanation.

"Secret it must remain/Asking you to keep it confidential/Others must not know."

"Yeah yeah, whatever you say. I'm just so goddamn excited! " Almost bouncing as she walked, Gaige couldn't stop the eagerness from slipping into her voice.

With the conversation clearly over, Zer0 turned his attention back to the road, only now noticing how close they had come to the entrance of the bandit camp. Slipping the sniper-rifle from his back and quickening his pace, intending to scout ahead, he was unfortunately interrupted once again.

"You know, you never did answer my question."

Blasting a bright red question mark, Zer0 had no clue what the teenage prodigy was talking about.

"Back on the train, right before shit hit the fan. I asked what you were listening to, you never did tell me." Putting one of her robot fingers to her chin, her face taking on an appearance as if being deep in thought.

Their rather short interaction in the wagon had completely slipped Zer0's, focusing more on the aftermath. Knowing full well that Gaige would not leave him alone until he gave her an answer, he let out a quiet sigh.

"Capital Cities"

"No freaking way, you serious?! That's like one of my favourite bands ever! Who knew behind that helmet of yours you actually had some personality."

Zer0 could basically see the stars form in her eyes as she gushed about all things music from her favourite song to her least favorite genres. Despite her not seeing it, he gave her a little smile, happy to find someone who appreciated music just as much as he.

Finally arriving at the entrance, Axton stopped and turned to face the other members of their little band.

"Alright everybody, this place will most likely be packed full of marauders, psychos and every other type of enemies you can think of so be prepared. And seeing as one of our members isn't as experienced as others " giving Gaige a soft yet worried look " I think a good idea would be for someone to be near Gaige at all times. Sounds good?"

"Hey, I'm not some helpless child ok, I'm 20 for Christ's sake! I can take care of myself just fine plus I have Deathtrap with me."

After a short pause, everybody, including Zer0, recovered from their shock of hearing their teams mechanic was 20, seeing as she looked more like 17.

"Uh, ok then. Anyway LET'S GO!" shouts Axton as he basically kicks down the door. Following him, only Salvador shared Axtons enthusiasm as he screamed something about getting bread.

"Hey Zer0, you better not get more beat up than you already are so you better stay Safe and Sound!" came a shout from the front.

Catching the not so subtle reference, all Zer0 could do was shake his head slightly.

Entering the base last, feeling strangely content despite the lack of any music in his helmet like usual, Zer0 loads his weapon, ready to take some lives.