Chapter 1

Accessing File: Elisabeth Bray

Second daughter of Clovis Bray II and his wife Svetlana (original name Slyvie). She is of Russian and Indian descent and was to become the next head of the Clovis Bray corporation (sometimes called BrayTech) after her sister older sister Wilhelmina was killed by members of Satyra. Elsie spent some time studying abroad in England where she developed a British accent and a few years after returning home to Russia she underwent the procedure to become an Exo now known as Elsie-1.

Eventually she could no longer be the heir to the BrayTech corporation after she subjected herself to an experiment to let her see into the future despite her father ordering her to cancel her experiment. She is now stuck seeing possible futures and has been sent to a mental hospital to hopefully recover. She has been given art supplies to allow her to draw out her visions. These pictures are studied by the A.I. Warmind Rasputin in the hopes of uncovering what events may lead to them.

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Accessing File: Eliksni

The Eliksni are an insectoid alien race native to the planet Riis. They are a hardy species and can survive in a wide range of environments without heavy armor or complex modifications to their physiology. Eliksni have four arms with each hand possessing three fingers, four glowing blue eyes, partable mandibles, and typically wear a helmet with a built-in respiration apparatus. Respiration is assisted by spiracles. The Eliksni can regrow their arms if removed from their body. Their blood color is reddish purple. Eliksni hatch from eggs and have soft and translucent shells when very young. It is believed that they molt at least once as they grow.

Eliksni depend on a substance called Ether to survive, which only Servitors and worlds terraformed to their suiting can produce. A single kilogram of Ether is enough to keep an Eliksni alive for a day. When traveling beyond their own worlds Servitors convert scavenged matter and energy, presented to them ritualistically by the Eliksni, directly into ether via unknown processes. Higher-ranking Eliksni that travel beyond their systems get a bigger ration of ether, and more ether allows Eliksni to grow; this is evident by their rankings Captains are taller than Vandals or Dregs, and why Kells and Archons tower over other Eliksni; the Kell of a House controls and distributes ether flow using their own personal Elder Cipher. When a Eliksni is killed, a quantity of ether escapes its body and dissipates.

Dregs and Wretches stand at 6'4 feet tall, Vandals are 7'10 feet tall, and Captains stand at least 9 feet tall. Some of their Barons, Archons, and Kells are at least 12-16 feet.

The Eliksni culture is a social organization separated into Houses each lead by a Kell. Their race is known for their privateer warfare tactics and cloaking devices, devices that were first developed as toys for their children. They have control of multiple star systems and have defended their territory for millennia. Should an Eliksni commit a crime or fail in their assignments in a way that would disgrace their own leaders they are to undergo "Docking," a ritual of humiliation that ensures their obedience by cutting off an Eliksni's lower arms and placing docking caps on the stubs to prevent them from regrowing making them Dregs and Wretches. They can get out of this if they prove themselves in a way that shows that they are still useful. It is not unheard of for higher-ranking Eliksni to be demoted to Dregs if they have failed their superiors in some way if they are not killed outright.

For millennia, the Eliksni have expanded and control multiple star systems within their territory and in an unknown event, they contacted the United Stellar Alliance and were granted membership. However, the Eliksni secretly formed an alliance with the Chimera Sui Generis warlord Vilgax and supply him with information about the current events going on with the Stellar Alliance.

A civil uprising is currently going on in Eliksni society. Citizens and minor Houses have grown tired of how the leaders of the major Houses (the Houses of Wolves, Winter, Devils, and Kings) have been ruling their race. This was caused when the younger generations of Eliksni left their home space and learned about other cultures and how they are far better than their old traditions that have proven harmful to their society. Many minor Houses have merged into new Houses and some Houses that once had a high standing in Eliksni society, such as the Houses of Rain and Stone, have rallied to fight against the corrupt ruling Houses. The Eliksni rebels have also gained the support of the major house the House of Judgment. Leading the charge is a former member of the House of Wolves named Misraaks, the Forsaken who now leads the new House of Light as it is Kell.

While the Eliksni revolutionaries are winning the war many Eliksni have been left without a purpose and are now looking for a new future for themselves, even if it be one of ill will.

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November 10th, 201X

Unknown facility, destination unknown

A laboratory of human origin is seen. The lab itself is dark but lights up as soon as a door opens on its own and from it steps forth five individuals. These individuals were not from any race on Earth, no, they are Eliksni an insectoid alien race from the planet Riis, which is located far away from Earth. Three of these Eliksni had four arms while the two lightly equipped ones only had two arms. If one looked closely, you could see that their lower arms were stubs and possessed caps on them. These two Eliksni are Dregs a position that is bottom rung for them in their own society and reserved for Eliksni who have failed their leaders or tried to rebel against them. To ensure total obedience their original ranking is removed, and their lower arms are removed and have docking caps placed to prevent them from regrowing.

The other three Eliksni were of a higher rank, they also wore respirator masks that covered their mouths. Two of them were Vandals, a normal Eliksni soldier but the third was a Captain, a fierce Eliksni soldier on the battlefield who lead their crews, equipped with absorption shields, and possess a short-range teleportation device.

"Search this place." The Captain ordered his crew as he ended his sentence with an insect like chittering.

The Eliksni begin their search of the lab. They open several storage units in the room and toss away anything that they saw as useless. Whatever it is these Eliksni are looking for it is not in this lab.

"It's not here." The Captain says with a growl.

"Why must we look for this artifact?" A Vandal asks.

"The Kell believes that with this artifact our House shall become the undisputed master of this galaxy." The Captain explains as he tosses away a mechanical head.

"But why this artifact?" A Dreg asked as she approaches her Captain. "Isn't the power she found on this desolate moon more than enough?"

"She says that the power will be enough to make the other Houses bow before her and allow her to claim Riis and her colonies." The Captain explains as he raises his upper right hand and clenches it into a fist. "But the artifact hidden on this moon shall allow the Eliksni to conquer the galaxy and the rest of the universe. It will be a new golden age for our people."

The second Vandal in the group then scoffs at his Captain's words.

The Captain then turns his attention toward him. "Is their something you want to say?"

"I believe our Kell lost it when she heard about this artifact." The Vandal says as he walks toward the Captain. "And this power she discovered? I do not like it at all. She told us of its origins and if what she said is true then what's keeping this power from destroying us just like-*Grunts*"

The Captain grabs the Vandal by the neck and lifts him up to his eye level.

"Mind your tongue!" The Captain snarled at the Vandal. "Or I'll have you docked to Dreg, so you'll be able to learn your place!"

The Captain than throws the Vandal at a control panel. The Eliksni grunts in pain as he slowly gets back up.

"*Cough*Forgive me*Cough*." The Vandal says as he coughs from being choked.

"This laboratory is a dead end, let's move on." The Captain orders his crew as they walk out of the room.

Though what no one realized is that when he threw that Vandal at a control panel, he had accidently hit a button that made the panel do something. On its screen it displayed a message saying, "Emergency signal sent to Clovis Bray Corporation HQ."


Moscow Psychiatric Hospital

"I've been going to the Bunker in the Vostochny Cosmodrome to check in on the YoRHa units. Though that is the 'official' statement, I really just hang out with them."

Inside the room of this psychiatric hospital Ana Bray, the adopted daughter of Clovis Bray II is paying her weekly visit to her sister Elisabeth Bray, or better known as Elsie or by her Exo designation Elsie-1. All around Elsie's room, artbooks littered the floor, with the pages filled with drawings of every future she has seen.

"You'd love interacting with them Elsie, despite what some may think the YoRHa androids are real people." Ana said as she looked at her sister. "I normally spend my time their with 2B and 9S with me. Really wish I could bring Camrin with me, but the U.N. won't allow me to bring unauthorized personnel."

Ana looks at her sister who is still focused on the drawing she is making. The tattered cloak Elsie is wearing makes it hard for people to get a look at her head. Since Elsie's mind was fractured by her own experiment, she was only able to have a single moment of clarity but that was a few months ago and it was only for a couple of minutes. Ana's only living relatives include her sister Elsie and her grandmother Lusia Lin, but while Lusia is a great person Ana always felt closest with Elsie and continuing to see her in her present state served to only be heartbreaking.

Ana sighs and gets up from her chair. "Well…I guess I'll see you next week sis."

But as Ana turned around, she felt her right wrist being grabbed by one of her sister's metallic hands. Ana turned around to see that her sister was done drawing and looking up at her little sister, allowing the elder Bray daughter's white faceplate and glowing blue-white eyes to be shown through her hood.

"Elsie?" Ana asked her sister. This sort of behavior Elsie displayed was unusual given her current state of mind. Could she have attained a second moment of clarity?

Elsie lets go of Ana's wrist and tears out the page containing the drawing she just made and hands it to Ana. Ana looks at it and sees that the picture has a drawing of her alongside two other Exos. She recognizes them as the mercenary Cayde-6 and the weaponsmith Banshee-44. The three of them are in a snowy landscape and before them was a black tetrahedral shaped pyramid.

"Go to Europa." Elsie says to Ana. "Power not from this universe awaits you there."

Before Ana could say anything her cellphone begins to ring. She looks to Elsie who simply stares at Ana's ringing cellphone.

Ana takes it out and answers it, "Hello?"

"Dr. Bray we've received a distress beacon from an unknown Clovis Bray facility that dates back to your grandfather Clovis Bray I." The man on the phone says with uncertainty in his voice.

"Well, where is the facility?" Ana asked.

"Uh, on Europa?" The man says.

Ana's eyes widen as she stares back at the drawing and then she stares back at Elsie.

"Secrets lie buried within the ice." Elsie cryptically says. "Discover them, so that when the time comes, we may push back the dark one."

Ana doesn't know what secrets Elsie may be referring to on Europa, but she did have a good idea of who Elsie was telling her this dark one was so that these 'secrets' may be used against them.


Ana knows from Sebben that out of all the futures against Sammael and other evil entities there was one that was considered perfect. Even if they could not achieve that future what Ana might find on Europa may at least achieve a future where victory is bittersweet.

"George I'm going to need one of the jumpship's and a team with me." Ana says to her phone. "And I know just who to bring."


Unknown Location, dark room




Gunfire stops as the sound of something hitting the floor stops soon after. A door opens into the dark room and two men enter it. One was human who wore a dark grey suit and hat, and the other man was an Exo with a blue face, white forehead, a horn, and light aqua blue eyes. The Exo man was wearing brown cloak and brown clothes, all of which had symbols the most notable were spade marks.

"It's too dark. Cayde can you give us a light?" The human man asked.

"You got it." Cayde-6 said as he conjured a flame from his hand which illuminated the room. The room was small and in it were several boxes and on one of the boxes was a card.

The human man picked up the card and says, "A Jack of Spades?"

"Yeah, I had a whole system to keep track of things Archer. The royal cards stood for weapons, spades meant Häkke, clubs for Crux/Lomar, diamonds for Omolon, and hearts... well, hearts are for my wife." Cayde explained.

"What's her name?" Sterling asked.

"I don't remember." Cayde said as he looked around. "I haven't gotten that memory back yet, and she keeps skirting around it every time I ask, she's funny like that. But I do remember the nickname I gave her 'Queen.'"

A ringing is heard and Cayde sees that it is coming from his phone.

"I got to take this call, help yourself to the technos, but leave the Dust for me." Cayde says as he answers his phone. "Hello?"

"Cayde Reynolds."

"Ana Bray! How are you? It's been way too long since we talked." Cayde said as he paced around the room as Sterling was looking through the crates.

"I need you for a mission. It's to Jupiter's moon Europa."

"No fooling?"

"No fooling."

"Will it be dangerous? And will I be paid."

"Possibly. And yes."

"I'm in."

"Report to Vostochny within the next twelve for liftoff."

"You got it." Cayde says before hanging up.

"Hey, Cayde. All these boxes are empty." Sterling said as he looked at Cayde. "I guess those bandits got to them long before we got here."

"They took my loot!?" Cayde said in exasperation. "It's like there's no rules."

"Hey, those weapon foundries you mentioned, I've never heard of them before." Sterling said. "Where have you heard of them?"

"Uh, don't you have somewhere else to be?" Cayde said in response.


Weaponsmith, St. Petersburg, Russia

Another day another end to it. These were the words that went through the mind of the weaponsmith Banshee-44 as he closed his workshop for the day. His head was mostly blue with some yellow plates going to his forehead, and eight antennas sticking out of his head. Six on the top sides of his head and two on the bottom sides of it. He wore a light blue shirt, a green scarf, tan camo pants, a red slash around his waist, and brown boots.

When people become Exos they first undergo a reboot to make them forget their human bodies so they will have a better time acclimating to their new forms and overtime will recover their memories. And they are even given the ability to consume food. All done to make sure their minds can accept their new reality. However, it takes time for them to be fully use to their new forms and should they begin experiencing Exomind Rejection Disorder they have to go to Clovis Bray to be rebooted once more. It is recommended to only be rebooted twenty times as going over can make it hard for an Exo to recall their memories.

But Banshee was in fact rebooted 44 times. No one knows who he is and how he became an Exo but all anyone knows is that he was found on an abandoned freighter with five hundred unregistered Exos. And not even one of them remembers who they were except for their names.

"Now what was I going to do again?" Banshee said to himself.




Banshee looks at a nearby table and sees that his cellphone is ringing. He picks it up and sees that caller is Anastasia Bray. He then answers it.

"Dr. Bray. I haven't talked to you since…since…when was it when I last talked to you?"

"That doesn't matter right now Banshee. I need you for a mission if you want to come along."

"Sure. I don't get out that often and the last time I went on a mission was during that Ice Queen fiasco."

"It's to the moon Europa. It might be dangerous; you can back out if you want."

"No. I'll join you. It might be interesting after all."

"Okay, report to Vostochny within the next twelve for liftoff."

"Okay." Banshee says before hanging up. He then enters his armory to grab his supplies. He'll be in space, so he'll need ammunition that isn't Dust based. He grabs a few guns and some explosives he then stops himself as he looks at a large sword mounted on his wall.

The Lament is the name of the sword and it appeared to be made from circuits and other electronic materials. Inside it was a crystal that could coat the blade in flames making it quite deadly in the user's hands. When Banshee was found he had the blade with him and on it was a note. He could recall every word written on it.

Dear… me.

For one who has delved into some of the greatest secrets' science has to offer, you would think I'd find speaking with oneself rather monotonous. However, this very letter represents a successful culmination of all I have worked to achieve.

You'll have questions, no doubt. Hopefully by now, the AI has answered most of them.

Except one: Why?

Legacy, of course.

…Is the answer you'd expect from me. And rightfully so. It's not wrong, but it's only part of the story.

Frankly, I'm alarmed. For all my successes in scientific research, I have lacked any substantial findings of an afterlife. All I can find is death. An infinite nothingness. No remembering my loved ones, no seeing them again. No feeling their touch or hearing their voices.

In my pursuit of eternity in this reality, I have foregone those niceties. Abandoned them. But you are a second chance. An opportunity to continue what I started, and hopefully in time, make amends with those I've wronged.

Attached to this letter, you will find a gift. A blade built just for you.

Keep it close. Never let anyone else take it. Stay alive.

For legacy.

Banshee was not sure what it all meant but the note did tell him enough for him to get a good understanding of who he was in the past. A man who made himself into a monster who realized what he had become after it was too late. The man who he once was wanted atonement, and Banshee-44 was that answer. Still, there was something about the place Ana said they were going to that kept getting at him.


It is one of Jupiter's moons and made of ice…ice…ice…ice.

Banshee clutches his head with one hand and remembers something he once said. A memory he had long forgotten

"When Clovis woke me, he told me I was special. Said he had a powerful weapon for me. Called me unstoppable. But that I need my training first."

The memory ends and Banshee looks at the Lament and then puts it on his back.

"Time to get some answers."

(Intro: Unused opening music for Final Space season 1)

The screen opens onto a snowy landscape. We see Ana, Cayde-6, and Banshee-44 frozen in a dark blue ice.

GrimmFall: Beyond Light

When darkness makes me feel so small

We get a close up on their faces to see they had donned a look of horror.

Count the stars as they fall!

The ice on the three begins to glow and shatters freeing them.

The three look forward with looks of determination on their faces.

The camera points into the direction they were looking, and we see the one who froze them.

The culprit is revealed to be a 12 ft tall Eliksni in black and has a metal patch covering her right eyes.

She then conjures up a staff made of ice and charges toward Ana and her team who charge in kind as well.

The screen goes black just soon as they try to strike each other, and the title appears again.

GrimmFall: Beyond Light

(Unused opening music for Final Space season 1 Ends)