Chapter 14

Planet Riis, 3037

In a forest outside of the planet's capital Riis-Prime, a 12 ft tall Eliksni sat down with several young Eliksni children that she was telling stories to. Her name was Eido, adopted daughter of Misraaks, Eliksni Hierarch, and scribe of House Light.

She has lived for over a thousand years, thanks to her people having much longer lifespans than most species. And with that lifespan she has seen much in her time as a scribe for her foster father Misraaks' House of Light. Whether it be living through her people's civil war to overthrow the corrupt High Kells who ruled the Eliksni with an iron fist. Her father being crowned Hierarch of Eliksni civilization for his efforts in overthrowing the corrupt regime and ensuring that anyone part of the old rulers' secret alliance with Vilgax were captured and turned over to the Plumbers. Or more recently, defending their borders from Glorft forces and Kell's Scourge Insurgents.

The Glorft have been on a warpath for the past several decades destroying and conquering everything in their sights. What was most troubling for the Eliksni people was that a few years ago the Glorft made an alliance with the Kell's Scourge group. Kell's Scourge was a crime syndicate founded over 500 years ago who seek only to seed chaos wherever they go. And if they made an alliance with the Glorft then it wasn't good. From what Eido understood the Glorft hired Kell's Scourge to help them wipe out the Earth Coalition forces.

Many have become worried with recent events and from what her father has told her the intergalactic powers are discussing about making a counter attacking on the Glorft Dyson Sphere. Though the hatchlings have become scared Eido decided to keep them calm by telling them stories of the Eliksni's past and now she has decided to tell them her favorite story.

"Gathered young." She says softly and sweetly to the children present. "Let me tell you of how our people came onto a new world for the first time."

The children give their attention to Eido who continues talking. "Our people once lived in dark caverns, tunneling and continuously making new homes as the old ones would fall to shifts in the world. Then one day, a tribe of Eliksni tunneled upward and found themselves in an unfamiliar land. The land was dark, and they had no light sources to guide them, but suddenly…a miracle happened. They saw their first sunrise, to them it was a ball of fire far into the horizon rising to illuminate this strange new world. And thanks to the light they saw a finely crafted paradise before them. A light pink sky, with carefully tended lakes and rivers, fields of lush iridescent crops, and groves of starkly colored trees. They brought news of this new world to the other Eliksni and soon all of our kind made the exodus to the surface where they would grow and prosper. Our ancestors gave thanks to the light for showing them the new world, which is where our worship of the Light comes from. Always remember, that even in the darkest of times light can always be found."

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The Leviathan, Large Magellanic Cloud,

5 years ago

The Drifter watched as the carnage unfolded before him, Cabal killing Cabal. Soldiers adorned in Red Legion uniforms and blue Imperial armor fighting against Cabal adorned in purple and gold armor that left their arms and feet bare. These opponents were Calus' Loyalists all fighting for the glory of their 'true' emperor.

What the Drifter knew about the former emperor was that he wasn't looking so good these days and often sent robotic duplicates of himself to talk to people in his place. And for when he did do it in person, he would be placed in an exosuit that pumped him full of that 'royal wine' stuff he's always drinking. That slop is made from planets the Leviathan grinds up and Calus drinks it to empower himself with psionic abilities, abilities on a far greater scope of what the Psions are capable of. Though he wouldn't be surprised if drinking all that stuff is the reason why Calus is basically on life support these days.

Drifter calmly made his way to his destination and just in time to see the grand finale. He sees Empress Caiatl, dressed in a blue combat pressure suit fighting Calus in his exosuit. Assisting Caiatl was her mentor Evocate-General Umun'arath, Primus of All Legions using a Bronto Cannon to provide covering fire to her student. The Bronto Cannon manages to deal heavy damage to Calus stunning him in the process and allowing Caiatl to tackle her father to the ground. With a golden hammer in her left hand and a Severus blade in the other she forcibly opens her father's exosuit to get a good look at him. Calus had become heavily emancipated and thin, a sharp contrast to how hulking and big the Cabal are. Most people would think the species was fat, but the Drifter knew that the Cabal didn't have any fat on their bodies, that was all muscle, real tough to chew.

"My daughter…" Calus wheezed as he spoke to his estranged daughter. "You have truly grown…fat from strength."

"I told you that I would never be weak like you father." Caiatl coldly said to her father. She raises the Severus blade in her hand and brings it down.


Calus was dead at last. Caiatl removes the Severus blade walks out toward the exit.

"Tell the Loyalists that if they surrender, they will be allowed back into the Empire." Caiatl says to Umun'arath. "Anyone who refuses is to be killed, we do not want any of them escaping and threatening the safety of the Empire."

"At once Empress." Umun says to her student before following her out of the room.

Drifter meanwhile just smirks at the dead emperor and brings out a green coin and flips it into the air.

"Talk about family reunions." He says as he catches the coin.


Creation, Eventide Colony, Europa,

Present Day, November 30, 201X

The group was going through the Bray facility with Variks, Solomon, and the other G3 agents. The group had told him everything; the distress signal, the Black Pyramid from another universe that granted them abilities from a Darkness in that other universe, the alternate future Elsie, Variks, Eramis and her House of Salvation, Banshee-44 being Clovis Bray I, how he's the Spiral Wielder of Creation, how he found it on the Infinity Train in World War II, and how Clovis I accidentally got his son killed and replaced him with a clone which answered Solomon's question of the clone Clovis II.

All in all, it was a pretty crazy adventure and now it was almost over. But first they had one last task to deal with, they have to check on the Gem of Creation. From what Banshee told them when he passed the test the Spiral Gem gave him it took on the form of a large forge hammer that was at least a foot taller than him and yet was very light.

"Are you sure the AI didn't do anything with the Gem of Creation?" Solomon asked Banshee-44.

"Positive." Banshee replied.

"And do you intend on taking the Gem back to Earth?" Ana asked.

Banshee remained quiet as the group reached the final set of doors and entered a large room. In it several Frame robots stood on guard as at the end of the room was a giant Exo head. The group approaches it and its eyes flash to life.

"Artificial Intelligence activated." The head said in the voice of Clovis Bray I as it took notice of Variks and the G3 agents. "And who in the hell did you bring this time Elisabeth?"

"So, this is what Clovis I was really like." Solomon deadpanned after hearing the AI talk.

"Welcome to my world." Elsie said sarcastically. "Only the people who are going to keep careful watch of Eventide and the Black Pyramid. And depending on Banshee's choice they'll also keep the Gem of Creation safe."

The eyes of the Exo head turn toward Banshee-44 and spoke to him.

"It is good to see you in person again Clovis-44." The Clovis AI said.

"That's Banshee-44." Banshee said to his AI double. "I'm not Clovis Bray I anymore. That man was a monster I on the other hand actually care about others."

"Noted." The AI said. "Are you here for the hammer?"

"Yes." Banshee said. "Show me."

Out from the floor in front of the group a large golden hammer emerged. This hammer was the Spiral Gem of Creation. Banshee-44 approaches it feeling it call out to him asking him to wield it once more. He grabs it and out from the floor materials emerge.

"A little something to let you test the hammer out again." The Clovis AI said revealing that it was the one who sent the materials. "I'd figure that you would want to use the hammer again after so many years of not having it."

"And I know just what to make." Banshee said as he held the hammer over the materials. "This is something I was working on before Ana called me onto this mission."

The hammer begins to glow bright releases energy onto the materials as well. The materials begin to glow and reform into something new. After emitting a bright flash, the materials have taken on a familiar appearance.

"No way." Ana says in shock at seeing the new object. It was the same weapon that future Elsie had, No Time to Explain.

Future Elsie grabs the gun and gives it to Ana.

"Remember to give this to your Elsie once she regains her sanity." Future Elsie says to Ana. "She'll need it for whatever fights may lie ahead."

"I understand." Ana said as she accepted the rifle.

"And this thing will be staying here." Banshee says as he returns the hammer. "It might be safer if it remains here instead of Earth."

"G3 will keep a garrison on Europa to keep the Gem, the Eventide facility, and the Black Pyramid safe." Solomon says to the group. "We'll also choose specific agents to wield that Stasis power."

"That power is meant Bray legacy not the benefit of mankind!" The Clovis AI interjected.

"It hasn't gotten us anywhere!" Banshee said to the AI. "Look at all the damage that 'legacy' has brought us."

"Screw you Clovis!" Ana said to the AI. "We'll use this power to help mankind just to spite you."

"How noble of you." The Clovis AI deadpanned. "If I have to get use to these new accommodations then so be it. But I will not be pleasant about it."

"That's the spirit big guy." Cayde said cheerfully.

"Eris and I can help teach the G3 agents wielding Stasis to control it." Elsie said to Solomon. "After all Darkness is only a tool it will only corrupt you if you believe it will."

"My experiences with dark powers will be most helpful for your chosen agents Solomon." Eris says to the G3 leader.

"Your aid will be most helpful." Solomon says to the group before turning toward Variks. "And what of you? If I remember correctly your wanted by the galactic community for causing the breakout at the Prison of Elders."

"I will turn myself in." Variks says. "I will contact the House of Light and await for them to send their forces to bring me in."

"You helped a lot of people here." Cayde says to the old scribe. "They might go easy on you."

"Your words are reassuring (wheezes). But I will face whatever judgment awaits me." Variks says to the group. "I am proud to call you, my friends."

"May our paths cross once more." Ana says as the group leaves the facility.


(The End)

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Written by EndeavorT

Special thanks to Lord Maximus and everyone who read the story

Listen to the wind blow, down comes the night

Break the silence, damn the dark, damn the light

And if, you don't love me now

You will never love me again

I can still hear you saying

You would never break the chain (never break the chain)

And if you don't love me now

You will never love me again

I can still hear you saying

You would never break the chain

You would never break the chain

Listen to the wind blow, watch the sunrise

Running in the shadows, damn your love, damn your lies

Break the silence, damn the dark, damn the light

And if you don't love me now

You will never love me again

I can still hear you saying

You would never break the chain (never break the chain)

And if you don't love me now

You will never love me again

I can still hear you saying

You would never break the chain

And if you don't love me now

You will never love me again

I can still hear you saying

You would never break the chain

You would never break the chain

Chain keep us together

Chain keep us together (running in the shadows)

Chain keep us together (You will never love me again)

Chain keep us together

Chain keep us together

Chain keep us together (running in the shadows)

Chain keep us together (running in the shadows)

Chain keep us together (running in the shadows)

Chain keep us together

And if you don't love me now

You will never love me again

I can still hear you saying

You would never break the chain

You would never break the chain


Moscow Psychiatric Hospital, December 25, 201X

Another Christmas day has come, and Ana was making another visit to see her Elsie. And accompanying Ana was her girlfriend, Camrin Dumuzi and Banshee-44. Camrin was an African woman with brown eyes, and dreadlock hair tied up in a ponytail.

"Thanks again for coming with me Camrin." Ana says to her girlfriend.

"Any time Ana." Camrin says to her. "I know you always like it when you have company with you when visiting your sister."

"What am I? Chopped liver?" Banshee snarked to the two girls.

"Well, we can't tell everyone your secret now Banshee." Ana said to the Exo who was originally her grandfather. "We can only trust that information to Sebben and a trusted few."

They reach the door to Elsie's room. Ana grabs the handle and lets out a deep sigh before slowly opening it.

"Elsie I'm here and I've brought-" Ana says before she stops talking after seeing Elsie's room.

What was once littered with artbooks was now clean. The artbooks that had once littered the floor were placed in neat stacks. And sitting in a chair was Elsie as she was going through the pages of one of her artbooks.

"I was wondering when you three would get here." Elsie said as she saw the group and got up from her chair.

"Elsie?" Ana asked seeing that her sister seems to have recovered her sanity.

"It's me little light." Elsie said warmly to her sister.

Tears poured out of Ana's eyes as she rushed to her sister and hugged her.

"You're back Elsie!" Ana said joyfully."

"Indeed I am." Elsie said as she hugged Ana back and looked at Banshee-44 and asked. "So how was the other me old man?"


Turrawuste, December 31, 201X

On the desert world of Turrawuste life was hard for the organisms that lived on it and not many people would visit the harsh world. Making it the perfect place for rogues to make secret deals.

Glorft shuttle had landed on the planet some feet away from an Eliksni Ketch. Out from the Glorft shuttle stepped out Vilgax, Warmaster Gorrath, and a few Glorft soldiers. They approached the camp the Eliksni set up in front of their Ketch. Gorrath noticed the leader of the Eliksni group. He was 12ft tall, tattered blue clothes, a tattered grey cape with fur lining his shoulders, armor on his arms and legs, spiked shoulder pauldrons, a spiked white helmet with two blue glowing eye slits. Gorrath recognized this Eliksni as Siviks, Lost to None, the founder and leader of the Kell's Scourge crime syndicate in the 31st century. The Glorft Grandmaster had ordered Gorrath to hire Siviks and his crime syndicate to help eradicate the Earth Coalition forces. Though Gorrath was against the idea he was not one to question the Grandmaster's orders.

Siviks sees Vilgax and Glorft approach him and his Eliksni. He says something to them in Eliksni that sounded like he was displeased to see them.

"The feeling is mutual Siviks." Vilgax says to the Eliksni with the same amount of disdain the Siviks was displaying. "Now where is your overweight brother. I was expecting the Spider to be here."

Siviks motions a nearby Servitor with spikes on its back to come forward. The floating spherical robot comes to a stop in front of Vilgax.

"Vilgax." A voice spoke from it. "It's been too long."

"The Spider." Vilgax said after hearing the voice. "I was expecting to see you in person."

"You'll have to forgive me old friend but with the revelation of your secret alliance with the old Kells becoming public knowledge the Plumbers have been actively checking on Eliksni crime syndicates to see if any of them have a connection to you." The Spider said. "So, I have my brother overseeing this meeting in person instead. It's not very good business if the red spots know I've been doing business with you. It would be all the proof they need to take me down."

"Do you have what I have asked for?" Vilgax said impatiently.

"Do you have my taydenite?" The Spider asked in response.

Vilgax motioned one of the Glorft soldiers to come forward with a wheelbarrow full of aqua colored crystals. Siviks goes to the wheelbarrow and picks up one of the crystals. He examines it for a bit before he says something to the Spider's Servitor. Though judging by Siviks' tone it seems to be confirmation that the crystals are real taydenite.

"Bring it out." The Spider ordered.

A group of Eliksni soon come out of the Ketch with a large cylinder-shaped contraption.

"As promised, one Vox Peniculus." The Spider said to the Chimeran warlord as the Eliksni took the taydenite. "Capable of absorbing power, even from living beings and then transferring that power to another."

"This will prove useful for future my plans." Vilgax said as the Glorft took the device back to the shuttle.

"It's been a pleasure doing business with you old friend." The Spider said as the two groups returned to their ships.


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