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A single look.

That was all it took.

A single look was enough to change everything... And suddenly it was no longer gravity that hold her in her place. Sams Thoughts flashed in her mind and sie had to admit, that they were quite fitting.

The second she laid her dark brown eyes on his golden ones, it was over.

Even if she hadn't heard and seen the effect of the imprinting in her pack brothers minds, it didn't took a genius to realize what just happend.

Suddenly something stirred in her. The wolf awoke and pushed her in his direction. It has just one aim, just one longing- to be with him. Greedily it took his scent and admired the godlike face.

Leah could only stare and ask herself, what she had done to deserve this kind of cruel punishment. She thought about fighting it, to not let herself become a mere puppet to her own needs. Her stubborness already formed a plan, but it was hard to believe in them when her whole body just wanted one thing. Him.

She wanted to laugh and cry. The only thing, that could free her from Sam. That would heal her broken heart, silence her dreams and thoughts became her curse.

It was funny that of all people, Paul was the first one to notice it. His eyes almost popped out and his face was so shocked, that it was almost funny. Problably for the first time in his life, he did'nt know what to say.

She could hear some voices behind her but she could not understand them. Her eyes still were fixed on her curse. It took some seconds before his golden ones found hers again and her heart almost stopped. Immediatley she could feel the bond building, getting stronger and harder to ignore. A questioned formed in his eyes and Leah wondered - could he feel that too? It took Billy to break the moment and she felt suddenly felt cold, as the gold eyes left hers. Her knees got weak and she stumbles, as if his look alone was keeping her upright. Apperently she did held her breath and now she felt her lungs protest.

Greedily she sucked up the air and stared at his retreating form.


Paul finally found his voice but it was not the same, cocky, annoying and douchey voice she expected. It was as weak as she felt. She could not bear it. She could feel the fire in her veins and her first instict was to follow him. Her paws dug in the moist earth underneath her and the trees were a mere mix of colour as she speed through the forest. It took her a moment to realize, where she was heading.

She followed his scent.

It felt so natural, that she didn't even noticed it.

She stopped and threw her massive head into her neck. Her frustration was building and building and erupted in a heartwrenching howl. She could not hear nor feel the calls of her brothers, their desperate tries to calm her, to soothe her.

Leah Clearwater imprinted.

On her natural enemy.

On a married man.

On Carlisle Cullen.