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Protecting Rin

Vicious red eyes peered into the deepening forest. They seemed to glow out of rage alone.* Some one dared to touch his property! No, not just touch but to attack his Rin. They will die a slow and pain filled death*. Sesshoumaru's claws glowed and eerie green of venom before it slashed the throat of the ogre who dared to harm his possession. As the venom coursed through the ogre's veins its flesh disintegrated and in a matter of seconds, there was nothing left but a pile of bones that lay at his feet.

His eyes slowly returned to their regular golden spheres. He turned to look at the small human child who was curled up next to a tree. Walking over to the tree he asked "are you all right, Rin?" she responded with an almost unnoticeable nod. Sesshoumaru started to head back to were Jaken was likely to be waiting for him and said "Rin, come". The small child got up and looked at him with large brown eyes and said in a confidant voice "hai!". She stumbled up from where she was crouching and ran to catch up to her guardian.

They continued walking a ways in silence until Rin spoke up "umm. . . Sesshoumaru-sama. . . ". " Yes. What is it?" Sesshoumaru answered in is usual monotone voice. "uh. . . Arigato Sesshoumaru-sama" he nodded his head is acknowledgment and continued walking until they made it back to where Jaken was waiting. "Come Jaken, we are leaving."

On their travels Sesshoumaru had found that he has grown found of this young human for some unknown reason to him. He enjoyed hearing her talk. It didn't seem right any more on his journeys if there wasn't constant talking or questioning from her, or bickering with Jaken. Its true that they have been traveling with this girl for more than a year now, but he still seems not to understand her way. *Why is it that every time she does something I am unaware of it? * This question bothered him partially because he was the great Lord of the Western lands, and he knew everything. But for some reason he couldn't understand this child. She does things that he is completely not expecting her to do. When he was brought from his thoughts at the noise coming from his right.

He glanced to his right slightly and saw that she was again arguing with Jaken, and at something he said she stuck her tongue out at him which made the lesser youkai furious and started chasing the girl around Ah and Un. He found this slightly comical and almost smiled. . . -almost.-

When the sun was begging to lower to the horizon did he finally speak again "we will stay here tonight". Jaken surveyed the grassy clearing in the woods and nodded his head in agreement "hai m'lord!" He pulled Ah and Un over to a tree near the edge of the clearing and tied his reins to it. He then scuttled off to find his meal for the night. "Rin". Rin turned to look at her guardian and asked "yes Sesshoumaru- sama?". " Go, and find your meal for the night. Then go refresh your self at the stream nearby. You are to come back after that." Rin replied by standing up-strait and saying her usual "hai!" and wondering off to find her own food.

In the few moments he was left alone Sesshoumaru was left to think of things. He chose a large tree to sit under while he waited for his "companions" to return. Right when he was in the middle of pondering about tetsusaige he heard sudden outburst of screaming from the direction in which Rin had gone beckoned his sharp youkai ears, "SESSHOUMARU-SAMA!!!". He lifted his head up to the wind and caught a whiff of another youkai in the vicinity. He practically flew like lightning to where the screaming had come. When he approached it was very near dusk and the light was dim, hard for humans to see but not for a youkai lord such as himself. He knelt down to where Rin had fallen down apparently from a scare. "Rin, I'm here. What happened?", she pointed a finger in front of her.

It was then that Sesshoumaru saw the reptilian youkai. Fangs barred and claws out stretched. It hissed out its first word "so, this little human morsel belongs to another. A bother. Give her to me and you wont have to die". "hmm. . . yes, she does belong to me. But not in manner in which you speak of. You are mistaken though, you will be the one who reaches their death tonight."

The slimy youkai simply just smirked and continued speaking "well, isn't this interesting. A youkai keeping a human child for a pet. We shall see who meets their death". Sesshoumaru responded by standing up and ordering Rin to go back to the camp. "But. . . " a pause, "Go Rin, do it. . . for me" she nodded her head and ran of towards the camp. "Now, you will die -now-. For even thinking of touching that which is mine." With that he used his incredible speed and gripped the scaled youkai by the throat. Using its skin to its advantage it slipped through Sesshoumaru's grasp. Sesshoumaru grunted at the feudal stunt pulled by the reptile.

After escaping Sesshoumaru's grip, not knowing of course that he could have just died, he pulled a long blade from behind his back. "Even if you hide the child, when I'm done with you I can always find her". At that Sesshoumaru chuckled inwardly to himself. *This fool has no idea to whom I am.pity. He could have escaped*. After that thought he decided to speak to the reptile "I am surprised be your lack of intelligence. But, if you want to met your death-" he stopped half way into his sentence and unsheathed his own sword "-don't put it upon me to make you wait".

Using his godly speed Sesshoumaru lunged at the other youkai with such force and agility he skewered him right through the stomach, pinning him to a tree right behind the scaly youkai. The reptile had a screech fowl enough to shatter glass. To shut him up Sesshoumaru pressured the blade deeper into his enemies gut making him cease his sirens yell. The reptile looked down at him and smirked. It was amazing. Some how, this youkai was still alive. *How can he still be living. I've at least punctured his internal organs*. Sesshoumaru was brought from his thoughts when he heard a gurgling noise coming from within the youkai's throat. Then it spoke "You think that will kill me.Ha!". Sesshoumaru took his hand of the hilt of his sword and took a step back to get a better look at this strange youkai. "Who are you.and what business do you have in the western lands. . . ?" asked Sesshoumaru in a cold tone, not even hinting curiosity, his eyes turning practically into slits as he deepened his glare. "I've come from the south, baring the name Yuuzu. . . I have orders from my master to take possession of the human child and bring her back with me. Also, I will be rewarded handsomely for your destruction."

*Hmm. . . from the south he says. . . who in the south would want Rin. . . and my unlikely death. . .* "who is this master in which you speak of. . . ". There was no answer from Yuuzu. After a moment Sesshoumaru was getting impatient "tell me or met your end quicker". Yuuzu just glared at him.

What he did next surprised even Sesshoumaru, he started to pull the blade from his stomach until it was completely out and tossed it to the floor near Sesshoumaru's feet. Not one to be degraded by having to bend over and picking it up Sesshoumaru simply stepped on the hilt and grabbed the blade with his talons and pulled it to him, then righting it so he had his hand on the hilt. Doing this his gaze never faltered off his opponent.

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- _-

Rin had made it back to the camp and stopped short when she heard a high pitch screech emanating from where Sesshoumaru was. It was so loud Rin had to put her hands over her ears because there was a painful pressure in her inner ear. She crouched on the ground waiting for it to stop. When it did she uncovered her ears and tried to hear what was going on. All she heard was the wind through the branches of the hundreds of trees in the forest and the tall grasses in the field. She started to look for Jaken and after a few seconds found him next to Ah and Un trying to calm the dragon down. "Jaken-sama" Rin said seeming to ask a question. "Go rest human. Lord Sesshoumaru will return soon." With a some what sad tone of voice she replied "hai. . . " and went to a nearby patch of flowers in the field to lie down and watch the stars. Before she feel asleep trying to wait for her guardian to return she thought. . . *I hope Sesshoumaru- sama will be safe and come back soon*.

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- _-

Back at the fighting area, two youkai face off, swords in hand. One sword was covered with a thick reddish-greenish substance the other deadly clean with moonlight shimmering off the blade. Sesshoumaru hated dirty things, especially if they were his things. With a flick of his wrist the sword was rid of the disgusting youkai's blood. Now, two shimmering swords face off for a death match. For a few minutes all they did was glare at each other, determining the others strengths, weaknesses, and movements.

Yuuzu made the first move. Seeming like he disappeared into thin air while actually rounding on Sesshoumaru to attack from behind. Using his keen sense of smell Sesshoumaru was aware of this and didn't bother to dodge until the last seconds before Yuzuu stroke. Caught off guard by this sudden movement Yuzuu kept going forward a few feet then spun around only to catch a glint of silver seconds before he felt a sharp pain in his upper right shoulder. His eyes glazed over and enlarged to several times their regular size. Sesshoumaru pulled his blade back from his foes flesh, slowly, to inflict more pain on this Yuuzu who wanted to steal his Rin.

He hadn't realized just how much he cared for the small human child until now. And knowing that some one purposefully wanted to bring her harm enraged him. His eyes took on a red tint and his breathing started to sound labored. He stepped back from Yuuzu who now looked completely and utterly afraid for his life. Yuuzu slowly backed up while still sitting on the ground then stood up. He readied his sword in front off him if only for protection. Being an ignorant low class youkai he taunted Sesshoumaru "so.now he is mad. Was it because I will steal his human." He chuckled and continued "such emotions are unbecoming of youkai."

*Fool! Does he not know who I am? He will die. . . a most unbecoming death. . . for thinking he could steal my Rin. His master will also pay! * With that in thought a very, very angry Sesshoumaru readied his venom claws. They started to glow slightly, then it became more intense, it became so intense it lit up most of the now dark surroundings. Yuuzu scared stiff couldn't even move. . . *How could some one have so much power? And out of what? love for a human child. . . ?* Yuuzu watched on, the venom in Sesshoumaru's talons was so strong it was starting to melt the grasses in the area leaving bear ground around him.

His pupil turned into slits and iris' now a deep green, and scelera, bright red (Scelera=white part of your eye). Now was the time to strike.

(And now the most commonly used word by strong guys. . . )

He Barely whispered it "-Die. . . !-"

He flew forward sending Yuuzu once again to the ground. The glow from his hand illuminated Yuuzu'a horribly disgruntled face. He did his usual "crack of the knuckles" and lunged his hand at Yuuzu's scrawny neck. This venom was so strong that Yuuzu's flesh deteriorated before Sesshoumaru's claw even came in contact with his skin. Only his bones remained, which became a dust cloud and was carried off with the wind. Standing up strait Sesshoumaru calmed himself to get his breathing back to normal. The glow of his hand slowly lost its light and the surroundings became dark once more.

After getting back to his "old" self he started to slowly walk back to the makeshift camp they had set up. He supposed it had taken nearly forty-five or so to finish up the fight, and that Jaken and Rin were probably already asleep. On his short walk back he thought about what Yuuzu had said about his master wanting Rin and wanting Sesshoumaru dead. *Why would any one want Rin. . . for food? No. They wouldn't go through all this trouble just for food. Then why. . . and to want me dead as well. This is interesting. I will have to look into this. This "master" he was speaking of, he must be a worthy opponent, to be able to control a middle class youkai such as that one. Yes. . . I believe I will look into this matter at hand. While keeping her safe.*

As he entered the field he saw the small remains of a fire and his youkai companion sleeping near the dragon. *Where is Rin*. . . He thought while looking over the field. . . Some what worried about where she could have gotten of to. Though he would never let it show on his face. . . of course. He turned his head slightly a sniffed the air. He could smell her scent, of flowers and wildlife. He had grown found of her fragrance but he would not allow a lord such as himself to ever admit to something like that, especially about a human.

He walked over to the small patch of flowers where her scent was strongest. He leaned over her small form and just looked at her. Yes. He detested humans. Most of them any way, but, this one. . . this one was different, and was starting to grow on him, though he know not why. *Humans, disgusting creatures*. He nudged her shoulder and her tired eyes slowly fluttered open. Still a bit hazy she tried to make out who was standing by her "Sesshoumaru-sama?". *But Rin, is mine.* "Yes Rin, it's me" he said to the small child. "umm. . . Sesshoumaru-sama?" "Yes. What is it?".

She gave him a large smile and found himself trying to do the same thing but caught himself and instead gave a small grin almost not noticeable. "I- I'm glad your back Sesshoumaru-sama. . . Oyasumi nasai" she said before falling back asleep. "Oyasumi" Sesshoumaru said before picking up the small girl and heading over to a tree near the fire. He settled down there and held Rin under his arm and used his boa to wrap around her to keep her warm. He gazed at her and wondered. . . *who would want to bring harm to such a little human*. . . He listened to the wind in the leaves above him and looked away from his possession to the stars. *I will find this master Yuuzu spoke of. And I will kill him. No one touches my things. Especially. . . My Rin.* He glanced at her from the corner of his eye and saw the fire light flicker over her and then took to pondering again and gazing back to the sky.

*She is mine. And I always protect what is mine. To protect her, for she is but a child and can not protect herself. To Protect Rin.*

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- _-


"Oyasumi Nasia" - Good Night

"Youkai" - Full Demon

"Hai" - Yes

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- _-

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