Hey all I was bored so I wanted to see if I could write a good story with two of my favorite T.V shows haven't done fanfiction in a while but I wanted to try it. I kind of given up on my other two story because I have lost interest in both Yugioh and Naruto also they super long I didn't think I could keep up so If you don't like it fine but if you do let me Know and I'll see if I should continue it. I do not OWN RWBY or GAME of Thrones they belong to their owners. Anyway here's my story

FIRE and BLOOD in Remnant

Cold winds blew in the air and dark clouds blasted the sound of thunder and waves rose high from the Ocean. Yet it did not mater to the woman clothed in a red dress standing on the cliffside on the island of an ancient Castle known to all as Dragonstone. She was looking up at the sky as if she's waiting for something or someone. The woman in question was known as Kinvara a Red Priest who served a fire god named Rhollor or in simple terms the Lord of Light.

She smirked when she saw a dark shadow flying near her and instantly new who it was.

Drogon was carrying the body of his beloved dead mother Daenerys Targaryen. Who was just stabbed in the heart by the man she loved more than anything Jon Snow or his real name Aegon Targaryen.

Instantly she lit a pyre that she made earlier on Dragonstone because she foresaw this. The fire rose quickly.

Drogon was flying through cold winds with tears coming out of his eyes. His mother was gone, she was taken by someone who he was beginning to see as a father to both him and his brothers before they died as well. His massive head snaped to the right when he saw a massive fire light up near the temporary castle he and his mother and brothers called home.

At first the Black Dragon was going to ignore it and continue to head east towards the ruins of his ancestors called Valyria, but then a great force made him shift his wings and his massive body began to descend onto Dragonstone and he could not control himself so he simply accepted it.

The Red Priest looked up and smirked when Drogon landed on the cliff, as if he was under a spell he carefully placed Daenerys body into the burning pyre.

She saw the dagger left by Jon Snow so she reached into the flames and pulled the dagger out. As soon as she did the clothes on her body burned away but that wasn't the only thing that happened.

Dany's belly expanded to 3 times its size and all of a sudden a pop was heard followed by the sound of a baby wails.


Kinvara was shocked as the baby was born so quickly but then what was even more surprised was when both she and Drogon looked up as the massive flames took the form of a giant Dragon.

The great beast let out a massive roar before the flames around spiraled down and into Daenerys mouth.

The Dragon Queen rose from the fire along with holding the new infant who was still wailing until she placed the baby by her breast and child started nursing from her.

She could see that the child was a boy but she could also see her eyes have changed from their normal Amethyst color to a blazing inferno color.

The Red Priest knelt to one knee and even the mighty Drogon lowered his head as if he new who had taken possession of his mother.

"My Lord of Light Rhollor I am honored to be graced by your presence in flesh." Said Kinvara.

Dany didn't even look at her she was still focused on the baby she was holding as it was nursing on her and fire blazed around her. Till she walked out of the fire and faced the loyal Red Priestess and spoke.

"Kinvara you have been a loyal follower and for that I thank you," the Lord of Light spoke through Dany.

"I only live to serve you my lord," spoke the Red Priest.

"It's a shame what happened to this boy's parents for they were my champions in stopping the Long Night even though they did it was not in the way I had hope," said Dany.

"If Jon Snow killed the Night King like I had hoped then the mark on that Three eyed Raven boy he was given from the Night King would have vanished and Westeros would have had an ever lasting peace under Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Instead however he was killed by that girl who was follower of that disgusting many faced god. Arya Stark I believe her name is."

Dany then looked up into the sky to the distance and it was almost as if she was looking into the far reaches of space. Kinvara followed her gaze curious as to what her lord was looking at.

"So my sons are still playing their own pathetic game," the lord spoke.

"Pardon my Lord?" Asked a confused Priest.

" I will reward you with a story about my origin and how I came to this world and answer your question," said Dany as she started walking towards the Castle of Dragonstone with Kinvara right behind her. Drogon decided to rest on embers of the Pyre and wait till they came back and had need of him.

"One upon a time I was a lone Dragon that traveled the stars searching for life so that I could make friends. However no matter where I looked I could not find anybody. So instead I decided to create my own friend. I then instantly separated myself into two Dragons little did I know was that by doing so those two new Dragons would become my Sons and have wills and conscious of their own. I was just reduced to a mere flicker that couldn't do anything except watch them. My power had all but disappeared and was given too them. I watched as they created their own world and filled it with life and destruction all I could say was that I was proud of them. That is until they put two people in a endless battle for power that is still going on." Said Daenerys with an angry look while holding her newborn son as they walked into the castle and up stairs to the throne room.

"I then decided to leave their planet before they abandoned it. In doing so I came to Westeros your world. Once I came here my magic started to regrow and I became stronger. However it was not much when I learned about the long night and the Night King I started speaking to certain people who became the priest of your order as you know."

"I then set things into motion that would lead all they way up to were we are now although I am very disappointed on how things have turned out. No matter you can't change the past, even the gods learned that the hard way. I sent Daenys Targaryen the dream of the destruction of Valyria because I saw greatness and no arrogance in them at the time and the other Valyrians annoyed me to the core so I decided to kill them before they could wipe out the whole world but first I gave the Targaryen's a chance to escape which they took and I'm glad."

"After watching them for a few generations I was tempted to make Aegon the Conqueror my champion against the long night, which he almost did by ruling over all the kingdoms but he failed to pay closer attention to Dragonstones cave paintings. Also the White Walkers had fallen asleep before Aegon made his landing so I had to wait until they woke up again." said Rhollor with a heavy sigh as Daenerys.

"As I waited for my champion to be born I watched as the Targaryen's destroyed themselves in both the Dance of Dragons and the Blackfrye Rebellions. I saved them only to watch them kill themselves in the process what a disappointment. I was happy when Rhaegar Targaryen took my prophecy serious and married that Lyanna Stark girl to have Jon Snow."

"I believed in him," she said as she moved away from the throne room and headed towards Daenerys bed chamber.

"Now I'm putting my faith in this boy to fix the mess that my sons have created."

Dany looked down as the baby had fallen asleep as she finished part of her story, she walked down a hall of Dragonstone to the Queens room and sat down on the bed before looking up at Kinvara.

"It seems my time is almost up if I stay any longer this body will be incinerated, Kinvara I want you to tell Daenerys what I'm about to tell you because she needs to prepare herself for truths about her and this child and Jon Snow," said the Lord of Light.

"Of course my lord," said Kinvara as she took the baby from her and wrapped it up in a blanket and held it while Daenerys lied down on her bed and started relaying the message as the rain and snow poured outside of Dragonstone.

Drogon looked up at the castle from where he was lying down and saw the light in the room and let out a soft pure with happiness for now he had a new brother and he would protect this child with his life. He roared as the storm raged on and decided to go back to sleep. Something was working its way in the Universe only time would tell what that is.

That is my first chapter of a story I just put up please let me know what you think and I'll tell you this by the time your finished reading this chapter I'll already be working on the next one I just hope this is a good story.