Hello everybody, Wombag1786 here. So a while back I did an April fools joke with another writer by the name of Crimson Weresloth. We wrote a short story and swapped it with each other. I enjoyed it a bit too much and end up writing a few more chapters. So by the time of posting I had written all ten chapters. I have posted the second chapter along with this one. Hopefully you all enjoy it. I really love this Youtube Original when it was first uploaded, and I still do to this day. (Season 2 was the best, fight me on that.) In any case, enjoy the story.

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Narration POV

It started with a dream. A young Rose, having successfully foiled a plot by an infamous criminal had recently begun suffering from a constant nightmare. Most of us has nightmares, for there is nothing out of the ordinary. Yet this was no ordinary nightmare. For the past month, she has received the same dream over and over again. She would always find herself, before a house. In the cold pouring night, she stands before a grave. A list of names upon a tombstone appear before her. Each night it always changes, never the same order. As she would look in horror, a flash of lighting would draw her attention up. To a house overlooking her. On the Balcony a strange man is standing there. His face covered by a ugly bird mask and hood. In hand was a strange relic of some sort. It produced an overwhelming aura of horror, causing Ruby to shake. Completely terrified where she is kneeling. Then with another flash she wakes up. Perhaps this is just a figment of her mind. A trick from watching too many horror movies. Or perhaps it isn't, perhaps this is a warning of things to come. A nightmare is a nightmare right? Just a figment of your imagination trying to scare you. But if that is true then what does that say about your mind? A few words of comfort, all be it hollow ones before this nightmare ends.

These Nightmares wrap their evil hands

Around my soul at night, they try

To pull me deep withing a world

That's ruled by fright. The dark thoughts

May follow me, but they'll never win the

Fight. I'll escape the mooing shadows

With the help of dawns first


-Christy Ann Martine

3rd POV

The view opens up on Ruby sleeping roughly in her bed. After a few moments of shaking sporadically she finally shakes to life in a fit of panic. As she breves heavily in a cold sweat, she looked around the room. It became apparent that she was no longer in the nightmare rather in her room just shortly after sun rise. Her teammates were sleeping soundly in there beds. Her startled start has yet to awake them. As she calms down, she suddenly felt the nudge of something warm against her hand. Looking down she saw a familiar face. Her little corgi Zwei nudging against her. He had noticed how she was having nightmares. She wanted to tell her friends but felt that they had enough to worry about with the Vytal Festival coming up soon.

"I'm ok Zwei. Just another Nightmare… nothing to worry about." Ruby said as she rubbed her pups ear. As she does the dog whimpers before a sudden knock on the door can be heard at the door. The banging caused the dog to bark and growl, waking the rest of the girls up.

"(Bark, Bark, Bark grrrrr!) … hmmm would someone (Bark, Bark, Bark grrrrr!) please shut that mutt up? "(Bark, Bark, Bark grrrrr!)" Blake groaned as she covered her ears with her pillow.

"(Bark, Bark, Bark grrrrr!) He probably needs to go (Bark, Bark, Bark grrrrr!) to the bathroom." Yang said as she wipes the sleep from her eyes.

"(Bark, Bark, Bark grrrrr!) No, doubt he'd (Bark, Bark, Bark grrrrr!) growl to go outside." Weiss remarks as she gets out of bed. Putting on slippers before walking over to the door.

She gently push Zwei aside before opening the door slightly. In front of the door was a man dressed in the strangest clothes. He looked like one of those fancy hotel elevator bellhop. A blue double button jacket, with a tie underneath. After opening the door Weiss responds. "May I help you?"

The man remain stoic for a few moments before pulling a letter from behind his back. He then said in a toneless voice, "Telegram for Ms. Ruby Rose."

Weiss looked down at the letter confused before hesitantly taking it. After doing so, the man tipped his hat before walking away. Weiss gave a strange look before shrugging. She closed the door before inspecting the letter. She had seen these things before. Very few people still use them and even then, it was never good to receive one.

"What you got their Ice Queen?" Yang asked as she and the rest of team RWBY walked on over to her.

"A Telegram… addressed to Ruby." Weiss said as she hands it over to Ruby.

"Oh… wait what's a telegram?" Ruby asked as she looked at it with curiosity.

"It's like a dustmail except in the form of a letter." Blake explained.

"Huh… that's a weird way to send a message." Yang remarks as she wondered who sent it. "Well sis, what does it say?"

Ruby looked it over again before carefully opening it. She has never received a telegram before. After carefully opening it she read the note aloud.

"Dear Ruby Rose 'Stop'… Stop? What does that mean stop?" Ruby asked.

"It means the typography spacing." Weiss explains gaining a strange look from the three. She then explain. "The line between the words."

"Ah… nerd." Yang replies with a smile, much to Weiss's annoyance.

"Anyways, what does it say Ruby?" Blake said trying to continue the conversation.

"Right eh hem. Dear Ruby Rose 'Stop' You don't know me. But If you are reading this then I am dead. 'Stop' I am a distant cousin of your mother, Summer Rose. 'Stop' I have no family, no heirs, no adopted children. So upon my death I have decided that instead of my old home rots away in the outskirts of Vale, it shall fall to you 'Stop' My last living blood relative. All my possessions including the illustrious Mansion falls to you. 'Stop' It's a unique mansion. I have found that despite it's location the Grimm themselves fear it. There are a few rules to access the house, same reason why they fear the house perhaps 'Stop' The house shall remain bared and lock to all but those who enter dressed in attire accustom to the days when it was first made. A period known as the roaring 20's. Along with that items such as dust, weapons, and even something as simple as plastic Lien should be left behind or they shall disappear altogether. 'Stop' I have never met you or your mother. But from what I heard you are a good girl. Please, do take care of the old house. The will and deed to it will be left to you in the house. The Butler Author Nut will hand it to you. 'Stop' I wish you well. Shame we have never met 'Stop' Sincerely yours and fare-thee-well, Distant Cousin Robert Browns. 'Stop'

After reading it, Ruby noticed a photo on the back. Upon looking at it, her heart skips a beat and her eyes widen in shock. The photo was taken with a very old camera. However that wasn't the problem. The Mansion. It was the same one from her dreams. She begins to tremble at the sight, as he eyes take in every last detail of the mansion, she noticed right in the background the masked man. The very same as the one who had stalked her nightmares. Before she could even react her sisters voice blared in her right ear.

"Monty almighty! That's a really cool house!" Yang said with awe.

"Hmm not as big as mine but the décor and place of venue is indeed interesting." Weiss remarks.

"And no Grimm? Sounds a bit too good to be true." Blake remarks suspicious.

"Yeah… seriously, what is even the roaring 20's? Monty I better not be wearing one of those tight fitted cage skirts." Yang remarks.

"I don't know. We might have to look it up." Blake remarks.

"Agree, I'm sure we will have to dress accordingly to these roles." Weiss added.

"Wait… oh I have an idea. Let's have a costume dinner party!" Yang suggested.

"A what?" Ruby asked finally pulling herself away from the thought.

"Actually that's not a bad idea. We all have to dress up, might as well make it a bit fun." Weiss agreed with a hint of excitement in her voice.

"Mind if we invite Sun? He has been board ever since the arrest of Torchwick. Might be fun to have him there." Blake asked.

"Sure. Oh hell yeah. This is going to be Yang of a time." Yang punned only to get groans in response. However, a devious idea came to her mind. "Oh, I got an idea. How about we randomly pick an archetypes. Something to fit with the time period."

"Hmm… that could be fun." Blake remarks.

As the three talked on and on. Ruby was about to remark upon how bad an idea this was but after looking back at the photo, she noticed the figure was gone. Perhaps it was all a fantasy in her head. She looked up to see the three girls quickly getting dress to head out to the library to learn more about this period. With a sigh she decided to join in. Maybe she will get some answers to this. She put's the photo on the desk before walking away to get ready. As she gets dress the view pulls upon the photo. It pulls in closers and closer before suddenly color pops out transitioning the scene.

Hours later, Forever Falls woods at dusk.

The view pulls away showing the mansion in all its glory. A three-story estate made from stone and wood. By the side were lavish gardens and pools. It all fit nicely to this beautiful gated mansion. After a few moments an old white car drives up. Out stepped familiar faces all dressed in attires fitting of the 1920's. Some fitting their attitudes while others pulling them out of character. They walked up to the door and ringed the bell. Upon doing so the Butler arrived and open the door allowing in one guest at a time.

First, Neptune walks in dressed in a slick brown leather jacket with a blue tie underneath. As he walks in his voice can be heard like he was monologuing. "My name is Neptune Vasilias and they call me the Renegade."

Shortly after he walks by the view and a new character walks in. Dressed in a green and pink flapper clothes and jacket with a light kaki cloche hat on. She introduced herself with a smile the same way as Neptune. "Salutations, my name is Penny Polendina, my character is that of the Journalist."

After looking around, Jaune walks in. Dressed in a flamboyant yellow and blue pinstripe suit with a golden paisley vest and Yellow Bowtie. As he removes his fedora he remarks. "Hello I'm Jaune Arc. Jazz singer extraordinar."

Following after is Pyrrha dressed in a white shirt and knickers mix. Over her shirt was a tan leather suit vest with an alligator tooth for buttons, and over that was a jacket made from cougar skins. As she removed her Pith Helmet she remarks "Hello, I'm Pyrrha Nickols and I am the Big Game Hunter… don't worry the coat is fake… I think."

After Pyrrha left to find Jaune, Blake came strolling in. Free from outside witnesses she had her Faunas traits out. She wore a black cocktail dress under a black minx coat. Over her head was a gold chain tiara that covered her Faunas Ears. As she adjusts her elbow high arms she remarks. "My name's Blake Belladonna and I'm the Gambler."

She then strolled out of the way as Ruby came on over. Dressed in a mix of red, silver, and black flapper dress. Over it was a dark red silk robe coat. As she looked around with a semi worried look she remarks like the rest. "My name is Ruby Rose and I am kinda like a fixer, I fix problems… or maybe people."

Following behind was Sun. Dressed sharply in a tweed coat and bow tie tucked into his cuffed pants. As he uncomfortable plays with his collar he remarks aloud. "My name is Sun Wukong, I am called the Professor. Though I don't know why I have to wear this monkey suit to party."

After moving to find Blake, Yang strolled in with a poche manner. Trying really hard not to laugh at her false mannerism. She was dressed in a revealing white feather outfit with multiple set's of jewelry and a Tierra. She then strikes a 'Weiss' Pose before monologuing, "I'm Yang Xiao Long and I am an Heiress. Heh, for one night I get to pretend to be a 'fabulous' ice queen."

Followed up was Ren, dressed in a green two-piece suit and wool flat cap. He removed the blazer and tossed it over him. Revealing the pants being held up by a Magenta suspender. He looked off to the side before remarking in his still serious voice. "Lie Ren and I am a Hustler. Or Carpet Bagger if the research I did is accurate."

Weiss then walks in dressed in a white and blue square three-piece suit with matching bowler hat. She was chomping on a chocolate cigar before remarking in her still posh tone. "My name is Wiess Schnee, I'm the Mobster. Suppose simply I have to act like Yang. Not because she's a criminal. But because I want to give her a taste of her own medicine."

Finally Nora walks in with a Pink flapper dress and stockings. Wrapped around her neck was a feather boa. She then makes a sexy pose before flooping her hair while mouthing 'Boop'. Just like the others before she remarks in a monologue "I'm Nora Valkyrie the Savant and I'm here to party like it's 1920 something!"

The group gathered around. Talking and mingling with one another. The house was beautiful, not only that but true to the letter the Grimm seem to stay away. It's like they were terrified of it. Also Ruby's letters to this place fell on deaf ears. Any and all modern items disappeared including scrolls, weapons, and anything with a microchip. Though otherwise this place looked amazing. After mingling about Ruby walked over to the railing.

"Um, hello everybody. Welcome to my new home." Ruby said as she held out her arm's to point to the entirety of the house. The group of friends clapped for a few moments before Ruby continued. "So, this place comes with a lot of fun things but for now let's all have fun and explore the rest of the house tomorrow morning. This here is the staff, um head butler Author um…"

"Nut Ma'am." The Butler replies with a courteous bow.

"Sorry, Mr. Nut." Ruby said apologies for not knowing his last name.

"No offense has been taken, Mistress. Rose. It is the first night after all. I'm sure you'll learn our names by the morning." The Butler said with a smile.

"Heh here's hoping. Anyways this is the head of staff Author, the Maid Sarah, and then there's Marvin the grounds keeper. They surprisingly come with the house." Ruby said as she rubs the back of her head. "Um I don't know if I can afford to pay you all."

"No need to worry Ma'am. Before your distant relative passed, he set up an accounting system with the money. We will receive our checks like clockwork. Though service to your family is reward enough Ma'am." The Butler deflected politely. He then turned to the group before remarking. "Now, Dinner will be ready any moment now. Please enjoy yourselves here on the ground floor. Embarrassingly we need to fix the upstairs. It's a bit of a mess at the moment. We will comp you free beverages till then"

With that said he then excused himself allowing for the group to split up into smaller groups.

Pyrrha, Jaune, Neptune and Weiss moved to the library. Inside was a table with a game of poker already set up. Neptune suggested the idea and began shuffling cards for a friendly game of Black Jack. As he delt the cards they begin talking.

"That's a beautiful vest you got there Jaune." Pyrrha remarks as she points Jaune's vest.

"Oh, thanks. My dad wore this on his wedding night so I figure I figure I might as well." Jaune remarks as he straightens his vest.

"Yeah man. Looks cool on you." Neptune said with a smile.

"Oh don't sell yourself short Neptune. You look just as lovely." Weiss remarks.

Neptune waves it off politely before handing out the cards. As he does the view pulls away to the living room. There a dart board is set up and Ren, Nora, and Ruby were shooting darts. It was Ren's turn and he was aiming carefully before throwing a dart, bulls' eye.

"Dang it. You won by one bulls eye." Ruby said snapping her fingers.

"It's all in the wrist. Your still better with a sniper then I could ever be." Ren said humbly.

"Yeah… guess those flick wrist guns make for good practice." Ruby reasoned before the three went to collect their darts. As they did Nora spoke up.

"So, this is your house now huh?" Nora asked.

"Well, not yet at least. I still have to sign my name to the deed first." Ruby replies.

"Then it's your house?" Nora continued.

"Yeah, it will be. Huh, wonder how dad would like it. He never did like scrolls. Would always complain that we spend too much time on it at the dinner table." Ruby said with a smile reminiscing her childhood.

"Heh yeah. Still I'm a little sad I can't bring my baby with me." Nora remarks feeling a bit harden that they had to leave behind their weapons. Even Jaune left his family sword behind.

"Well look on the bright side. Grimm seems to be terrified of this place." Ren remarks as he finishes collecting his darts. "Though I'm not sure why they are."

"That's a good question though. Why are they afraid of this place?" Nora asked.

"I… I actually don't know." Ruby remarks. The three then continued their game of darts while the view changed to group in the smoke room.

Inside the four remaining party goers overlook the massive pool bellow while they were enjoying the complimentary champain. It was a low alcohol grade drink, so technically it was legal but with very few adults around, none of which didn't take orders from Ruby. They could have gotten away with pure ethanol if they wanted to. Regardless they made small talk as they looked on at the pool.

"Hmm hey Ms. Belladonna. Should the day be gentle tomorrow would you care to take a dip with yours truly." Yang inquired with the terrible Schnee accent.

"You don't have to talk like that." Blake said before taking a sip from her glass.

"Talking like what? I'll have you know this accent is a natural of the most well to do from the Isle of Solitas or what you outsiders refer to as the dickens isle." Yang continued trying her hardest not to break character with a chuckle. Blake tries to hide her smile but found it rather difficult.

"Heh, that's pretty funny Yang." Sun remarks before changing his voice to sound as posh as he can. "It is quite a pleasure quite a pleasure indeed to meet another fellow dickens. Tell me, from which family do you represent. The Snoods, The Farting-ton, no, I have you pegged for Douching-tons."

"Tsk, close Professor Wukong of castle flatulation. I am actually from the oldest family on the Isle of Dickens. The long noses of family nose ver pickings." Yang said continuing the joke. After a few moments they broke down laughing historical at the ridicules names.

"Oh, so you know of Green Nose Ver Pickings? Clever dedication to character. I almost mistook you for her." Penny said recalling the elites of Atlas. The two looked at her for a few moments before laughing even harder than before. Even Blake had to join in. Much to Penny's confusion. For some reason people always have that response with the Pickings name. Least not as bad as the Biggus Dickus family.

Thirty minutes of fun passed by; the party went fairly well with no problems. Ruby admittedly had some doubts but for the most part put her thoughts of worry to rest now that she was here. Seeing all her friends having a ball, best of all was this house was hers. A place of her own. Her attention was interrupted upon hearing a gong. Turning to it, the group noticed the Butler was putting down the rubber mallet before turning to everyone.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Dinner is Served." He said before walking to a door and opening it. In the dining room was a row of plates. Each one with a well broiled steak and collard greens. Everyone famished for something they quickly head to the dining.

As they all do, Weiss noticed something. Neptune sneaking off somewhere upstairs. Curiosity getting the better of her she was about to say something when she remembered she's playing as the criminal. What would Yang do in this scenario. Probably follow him upstairs and seduce him… that actually doesn't sound too bad. So putting on her Yang thinking she turned around and followed after Neptune.

Neptune slowly made his way up the stairs. Careful not to make a sound, as he does however he failed to hear someone approaching from behind. He had just made it to the top when something slapped his butt, causing him to jump.

"What you doing up here… hot ass?" Weiss said in her best attempt at sounding like Yang.

"Um, looking for the bathroom." Neptune said as he looked at Weiss with a perplex look. "And what's with that voice? You got a cold or something?"

After a few moments Weiss gave a small sigh in embarrassment. "(Sigh) No, just trying to stay in character. Ended up trying to act like Yang."

"Oh… heh well you almost did sound like her. Though I think I like you without it." Neptune compliments.

"Oh, well thank you." Weiss remarks with a blush. "Still why are you up here?"

"An excellent question Ms. Schnee." Penny said behind Wiess. Scaring her into jumping into Neptune's hands.

"What the. Um hey Penny… how long were you standing there for?" Neptune asked as he struggled to hold Weiss in his arms.

"Oh since Weiss slapped your posterior." Penny replies as Weiss blushes in embarrassment since seeing that. She quickly got down as Penny continued. "In any case may I ask what the two of you are doing up here?"

"Um, I was following after Neptune." Weiss remarks.

"And I was just looking for the bath…room." Before Neptune could finish he noticed something in the corner of his eye. It looked like a pair of legs being dragged around the corner.

With a serious face he quickly walked over to see what was going on when the body was pulled out of sight. Weiss and Penny followed after. While they didn't see the body, they did spot the blood trail. It was too much to be a simple cut. As they look on in horror, the maid walked on out with a blood cut over her cheek.

"The Dinner's ready. Why not you three head downstairs." The maid insisted as she moved towards them. The three took a step back.

"Um, are you ok. That blood doesn't look like yours Ms." Penny remarks.

"Please head back downstairs." The maid continued to insist. Before she could get any closer Neptune quickly stepped between her and the speechless Weiss.

"Um yeah sure. Guess we got turn around looking for the bathroom." Neptune remarks before motioning them to go down. They shortly complied not wanting to do anything rash. As they head down Neptune quickly turns around and grabs the maid. He pulls her in before whispering something to her. Upon a few simple words the Maids eyes widen in shock. The two broke apart before trading deep glairs. After a few moments Neptune head downstairs to join the others. Downstairs the group was eating their meals and enjoying some small talk when the three arrived.

"Oh hey, there you guys are? What were you doing?" Nora said before going at the steak.

"Oh, um just going to the bathroom." Weiss lied.

"Uh huh. Sure you were." Sun said with a smirk as he spotted Neptune walking in.

"That's the honest truth, seriously." Neptune said before looking up at Penny. "Go on, tell them nothing happened. Seriously. We just were looking for a Bathroom."

"Hmm oh yes. The one on this floor was… in usage." Penny said nervously catching the attention of Ruby. She knew Penny, she was horrible at lying. So she was about to ask when the Butler walked on by with a folded piece of paper. He handed it to Neptune.

"Oh, what you got there? Another letter from your girlfriend in the bathroom?" Sun teased.

"Heh, sure. We were all necking while doing our business." Neptune joked back with a small smirk before opening it up the parchment. As he silently read it Yang turned to Weiss.

"So, you Neptune, and Penny huh? Kinky." Yang said with a smirk causing Weiss to fluster a bit.

"Wha, how dare you Yang. We were simply looking for a bathroom. Nothing like that happened." Weiss strongly remarks.

"Maybe but it is kind of strange Weiss." Pyrrha chimed in.

"Yeah sure is." Jaune remarks before taking a sip from his glass of water. There was a hint of subtle jealousy in his tone.

"See, everyone agrees with me. You were gone a bit longer then a bathroom break. So tell us, is he a good kisser or not as good as Penny?" Yang remarks causing Weiss to fluster even more.

"Yang, I told you. Nothing happened." Weiss said without even looking up from her steak. As she quickly got away to cutting it up she remarks. "Sides, only you would jump to something so dirty at the first chance you got."

"Hmm maybe… or." Yang then turn to the rest of the room. "Raise your hands if you think they were kissing?"

Everyone raised their hands much to Weiss's anger and Penny's embarrassment. Neptune remained awfully quiet about it. After counting everyone's hands she then turned to Weiss who was obviously annoyed by this. With a smirk she leaned over before remarking. "So… you were saying about dirty mind?"

"You all are miserable perverts! I swear nothing happened. We just went to the bathroom. Tell them Neptune." Weiss snapped before turning to Neptune. In response he suddenly fell into a fit of coughs.

"Whoa there. Don't want him to choke on a piece of accursed broccoli." Nora explained with excitement as she touches Neptune's shoulder. As she does, he turned to her and spat something up hitting Nora in the face.

At first she thought it was bit's of vegetables and was about to gag when she realized something. It wasn't puke green. It was red. Like blood. As she slowly turned to the rest of the table, there fun had ended with a look of absolute horror befell everyone. They quickly turn to Neptune who begins coughing up more and more blood before collapsing back. Before hitting the ground Sun quickly grabbed him.

"Neptune? Buddy, dude what's going on!?" Sun said as he held his friend in his arm.

"P…P… P (Cough, Cough) P-Poi… (Cough, Cough)… s-son." Neptune struggled to say.

"Oh Monty Almighty. Guys I think he's been poison." Sun said in a panic.

"What? No… this has to be some kind of joke." Jaune remarks in disbelief.

"A Joke! Does this look funny to you!?" Sun snapped as he held onto his friend holding him up right as he continues to cough up blood.

"No, but he seriously couldn't have been poisoned, least not on purpose." Jaune said trying to calm down the situation.

"Sadly, I think that is what exactly happened Jaune." Ren remarks as he hands him the Paper that Neptune had received earlier. Jaune quickly snatched it and begins reading it out loud.

"In 15 minutes, you'll be dead. 'Stop' Your lungs filled with blood, however, you know I love games. 'Stop' There is an antidote hidden on the first floor of the house. 'Stop' If you and your friends are wise enough, they'll be able to solve the clues and save you. 'Stop' The symbols of your cult mark the clues leading to the antidote. 'Stop' It all begins with your last dish of the night. 'Stop' May you die in a horrible pain, my cursed enemy. 'Stop'" Jaune read aloud, as he does a pair of heels drew everyone's attention. Over by the entrance to the dining was the maid, holding a silver platter. It took only a few moments before realizing that the clue was under that platter. Without hesitation Weiss got up and grabbed the platter and brought it over to the table. She pushed aside the plates and cups, not caring if they fall off onto the ground and smash.

She then pulls the cover off, a choice she would regret for under it was a decapitated head. The room was suddenly filled with screams of mass panic. Only one who didn't hear them was Ruby. Her mind simply went blank as the silence of utter disbelief hit her like truck. Her eyes moved about the room, Sun holding his dying friend, Yang and Blake confronting the maid. Ren trying to shield Nora's from the horror, Pyrrha patting Jaune on the back as he vomits up his dinner in the corner, Weiss staring on in disbelief at the sight with Penny looking on with equal amount of horror. As the silent ringing kept on going, her attention turns to the other side of the table. There the masked man sat looking on at her. The two stared before Penny's voice broke through the ringing drawing everyone's attention.

"WAIT! There's something in that man's mouth." Penny called out just before Weiss covered up the plate.

Everyone's eyes were on her as she reaches into the mouth of the decapitated head. Instantly everyone quickly begin to regurgitate in disgust. Except for Jaune, he turned and vomited again. After poking around in the dead guys tongue before pulling out a piece of paper. After doing so Weiss quickly covered it again. Everyone except for Sun gathered around her as she opened it up and read the clue outload.

"Something is not okay with this room. I like it in a perfect order but certain things wander around the table instead of finding their perfect fit." Penny reads aloud.

"What in Montys name does that even mean?" Nora asked.

"Just look around. It has to be in hear." Weiss said as she quickly looked around the room.

"Ugh, the symbol. Didn't the last one note say he had hid the clues with the symbol of Neptunes cult?" Jaune asked as he slowly recovered his sick stomach.

"Yeah. Look for this mark." Weiss said as she quickly grabs the previous letter and showed it to everyone. After a few moments of searching High and low for that damn symbol. As the clock continue to tick down for poor Neptune, Jaune approached the window looking outside before noticing something in the reflection. Bellow him was a wooden cup holder with different sizes for different cups. The one in the center had that symbol scrawled on it.

"Hey Guys! I found it!" Jaune called out gaining everyone's attention. They quickly went over to it and in response Weiss pats Jaune on the shoulder.

"Gods be good Jaune. Thank you." Weiss said as she pats Jaune shoulder and quickly races over to inspect it.

Upon looking over the strange board it became apparent that they needed a certain glass cup to be centered in them. Quickly working they tried every single glass till finally they found the right combination of glasses. Upon completing the puzzle a box on the other side of the room burst open frightening Ren who was closest to it. After recovering he quickly raced over to it and found that there were three vials inside. Locked behind a grate. Without hesitation Ren grabbed it and with his aura pulled hard. Much to his surprise he couldn't open it. Yang and Nora stepped in and tried but for some reason it didn't work.

"Grrr, what the hell is wrong with this chest!" Yang snapped in anger as she punches the grate with red eyes of anger. Much to her surprise not only did punching grate do nothing but also cut her hand with intense pain.

"Better question what happened to our strength? This thing should be easy?" Nora said in agreement surprise by the strength of this box to her aura.

"We can deal with this later. For now, we need to get this unlocked." Ren remarks before noticing something written on the inner side of the lid. He pushes it up and begins to read as quickly and clearly as he can. "There are three keys to unlock life, all hidden from view but to save an innocent life. In the first-floor study, one key to life is as high as the mountain top. It's only a small thread. But it can give you what you're looking for. In the library is the second key which lies hidden beneath the nine circles of hell described by letters and words. In the foyer, it's the third key to life which can easily be found but no one person can retrieve it without the helping hand of a friend."

"The Study, Library, and Foyer, right?" Sun asked as he stands up.

Ren gave a nod and Sun quickly bolts to the Foyer. Screaming out for someone to follow him there. Seeing this Penny, Yang, and Blake quickly went after him. Jaune shouted out he'll head out to Library Ren and Pyrrha followed after. With that Nora then remarks that she'll check out the Study, Ruby, Weiss followed after but not before calling out to Butler.

"Author look over Neptune!" Ruby commanded as the Butler quickly raced over with a pillow.

"At once Ma'am." The Butler replied as he comforts Neptune with a pillow beneath his head.

The group splits up into the three groups. In the Study, Nora barged in and quickly looked around the room for something. Anything to do with Mountains. Within a few moments of Weiss entering in last, she spotted a portrait of a mountain. As she points it out Ruby noticed a thin ribbon camouflage with the painting background. She reached up to it and pulled, sure enough a Key was ripped out from behind the painting.

"Ok that was easy." Nora remarks.

"Now is not the time, come on we need to go!" Weiss snapped as she snatches the key and raced on out of the room without a second thought.

As they ran by the Foyer, a strange table has somehow set itself up. As if this was a sadistic game of someone's. Shortly before hand Sun had made it to the table. Multiple holes protrude from the side, just big enough for him to stick his hand through. Without a second thought for his own safety, he quickly placed his hand inside and proceeded to shuffle about. He then felt something. A box, loose enough to move about but couldn't be pulled out the same way as his hand. Looking it over he realized that it was maze and he needed to push the box out through it. Blake, Yang and Penny quickly caught up with him. He told them a quick version and they all stuck there hands inside.

As they fiddled about trying to figure out the maze, Jaune's group quickly raced into the Library. There only hint was that it lies hidden beneath the nine circles of hell described by letters and words. The first thought was that it was in the book case. So looking through they eventually found a bulky book out of place with a pad lock on it. Overlooking the book they soon found much to their chagrin that the puzzle required math.

"So there's two devils. How many souls has he perverted this week? Three young ones. To confound the king of devils and avoid his fiery wrath, he gives them a riddle instead of a straight answer, okay, okay… is anyone a secret mathmagician?" Jaune asked cursing his young self for saying math won't be useful in a real-world scenario.

"Um… only basic and if we had a calculator." Pyrrha admitted awkwardly.

"Same." Ren remarks.

"… Crap." Jaune remarks before reading the instructions again.

As they tried to figure out what was going on Weiss quickly used the key on the great. First two locks didn't fit. The last one is opened and without a moment to lose she grabbed the vial of strange liquid and raced over to Neptune. He was barely holding onto life as it is, she kneeled down by his head and quickly perked it up onto her knees. She uncorked it, to which it unleashed a horrible smell. She shook her nose before holding it up to Neptune's mouth.

"I'm sorry Neptune. Please just hold on. We will have the antidote shortly." Weiss pleaded as Neptune sucked down the vial concoction.

Back over with Jaune's group they were tempted to try and break the lock open. Hell Pyrrha held out her hand to use her Semblance. Yet nothing happened. It was like she had lost it. So without thinking they went back to work trying to open it. As Jaune was calculating with his hand to try and find the numbers that if multiplied all together would equal 36, Ren noticed thirteen demons on the bottom cover. All but one seemed to be worshiping. He quickly realized it was 12 and they added the combination. Gaining the numbers 12-1-3. After trying it, the lock came undone just as the Butler called out.

"Hurry up! He has 90 seconds before expiring!" The Butler called out.

As Ren raced over to the grate with the key, Sun's group was having the most difficulty. The box had proven to difficult to push and even harder to pull. Upon hearing that they had a minute and a half Sun snapped. He got up on top of the and proceed to beat it. No matter how strong he punched with the Aura enhancing it, the damn thing didn't gave and leeway. Rather it just bloodied the poor Faunas hand.

"Sun stop! We'll find a way!" Blake called out of fear for Sun as blood from his fist flew out over the table.

"No damn it. We need to get that damn key!" Sun cried out at tears of fear, pain, anger, and horror streamed down his face.

"Please Sun stop, you're going to…" Before Blake could even finish Sun's hand burst through the wood.

Without stopping he ripped his hand out. Causing multiple cuts on his hand from the splinters and sharp wood. Didn't matter to him. the key was in sight. He nabbed the key before racing to the chest with blood pouring out of his right hand. He came in to see Neptune's head on Weiss knees. Tears were streaming out of her eyes onto his friend's face. He was gasping for air as his eyes nearly rolled into the back of his skull from asphyxiation.

"Hold on buddy! I got it. I got the key right here!" Sun screamed out as he raced to the cage. He swiftly unlocks the cage and races over with the vial in hand. He got over to his friend and applied vial to his mouth. However when applied, the liquid simply flowed out of the side of his lips. "Buddy? Pal… Neptune?"
Neptune remained motionless. After a few moments the Butler remarks much to everyone's horror. "Ladies and gentlemen. ("Oh no, Oh no, Oh no, Oh no!") Time is… unfortunately up. ("Oh no, Oh no, Oh no, Oh no!") Neptune is… decease."

Sun burst out into tears. His best friend had just died within moments of rescue. The only person besides him that was just as distraught was Weiss. Surrounding him was everyone there. They stared on disbelieve. They had failed. No one could do anything. As they stared on at their friend's body. Ruby's eyes goes wide. Her nightmare's come flashing back. She could have done something. Said no. torn up that damn Telegram. Shouted not to go or burn down this house the moment she laid eyes on it. Anything. Yet she pushed this dream off like it was nothing. And thus now suffer the consequences for not heading the message. As she looked down at the body Jaune squats down to their level, looking at Neptune's corpse. He noticed something, off. His hand was inside his jacket like he was reaching for something. Jaune was about to reach for it when Weiss spoke up.

"Don't… fucking… touch him." Weiss said with tears streaming down his face.

"Weiss. I'm sorry but he's reaching for something. It could be usefu…" Before Jaune could finish Sun let's go of his friends corpse and grabs Jaune by the collar. He slams Jaune against the back of the wall with anger in his eyes.

"SHE SAID NOT TO FUCKING TOUCH HIM! YOU BASTARD!" Sun snapped in a fit of anger as he strangled Jaune.

The group then quickly trying there hardest, struggled to pull Sun off Jaune. As he screamed out in anger, Ruby noticed something on the ground. It was Neptune's wallet. He was reaching for it but why? A piece of paper was sticking out of it. Upon closer inspection Ruby realized it was that same symbol from before. She reaches down and quickly snatches the wallet before pulling out the paper. She slowly reads it muttering every line now and again before her eyes widen.

Back over with Sun. Blake shout for him stop but he cursed off everyone. Blaming them for the death of his friend. To go to hell. As the argument heated Blake had half a mind to punch her friend when Ruby shouted out.

"GUY'S STOP IT!" Ruby shouted out, gaining everyone's attention. After a few minutes she approached Sun. "Sun… I'm sorry what happened but Jaune was right. Neptune was trying to help us before he died."

Ruby then hold's up the letter before handing it off to Sun. "This was in his wallet. Jaune was right. Please read it aloud."

Sun looked at Ruby with some hate in his eyes… but after a few moments he snatch the letter with his mangled hand. He then looked it over recognizing it as his friends handwriting. With a small sigh he read the message aloud. "If you're reading this, I have failed in my mission. My killer is not who you might think it is. It's the house itself… Which is possessed of an ancient evil that has locked it in time. This same entity has lured in guest and innocents for as long as it has stand. As I'm sure you all notice by now, your Aura's and Semblances has failed you. The evil has slowly stripped them away from the moment you walked in. That doesn't mean it can't be defeated. See, I came here tonight with the intention of destroying it. I am a member of a secret organization known as the Society Against Evil. We've been battling this wicked force for centuries. Inside this very home are four artifacts which the evil has hidden behind a series of puzzles and clues. If they can be gathered and a binding ritual performed, the evil will be locked away. However, to complete the final task to retrieve each artifact, the group must vote on two people who must undertake a dark challenge. Tragically one of them will die. But to help you along the way, the Society Against Evil has marked the clues with their symbol. You have until sunrise to recover the artifacts before you are trapped here forever. What lies ahead will not be easy but I'm afraid you have no other choice if you wanna get back to Vale… Sun, if your reading this… please know this wasn't your fault much less anyone present. I knew the risks coming here. I bet I died in your hands or in that snow angels. Heh maybe even that cool guy Jaune. Regardless, know you were the best friend I could ever ask for… take care of Weiss for me while I'm dead. Maybe one day… we will meet again. Neptune Vasilias."

"… So… the house killed him." Nora asked after a long period of silence.

"Apparently" Blake said as she looked over the bloody note in Sun's hand.

"… Then why don't we leave?" Nora continued on from her last sentence. Everyone turned to her with a strange look. "What? We're weaponless, aura-less, and now force to play puzzle games of death? As much as I hate to say it. We should run away and then come back with weapons."

The group looked around. Nora had a point, this was way to dangerous. Just nobody want's to admit it. However Ruby jumped at the first chance, agreeing wholeheartedly. "Yes, we should go. This is way to dangerous. More so then the time Torchwick tried unleashing Grimm."

"… Ugh, I can't believe I'm running away from the house." Yang remarks begrudgingly agreeing with them.

"What about Neptune's body?" Weiss asked as she finally set's his head down on the ground while the butler slowly covered his face with a blanket.

"Yeah, I ain't leaving his body like this." Sun said with an aggressive tone.

"Sun, I swear… we will, return… for it… once we… return." Jaune struggled to say as he messages his throat.

Sun and Weiss didn't wish to leave Neptune's body. But they recognize the danger they were in. Sun's blood dripping out onto the ground was proof enough that they needed to leave. So with heavy heart they said there goodbyes to his corpse and followed the group outside. As they made it down the stairs, they spotted the same car they traveled in. While it was small they could at least fit in or hold on. Just as Penny, Ren, and Pyrrha were inches away from the car, it suddenly explodes sending the three flying back. Screams were heard as their friends race over to them, as they inspect there wounds and hurried them inside for medical attention; they failed to notice on the balcony, the masked figure. Watching from above. The game has begone and it's time to watch this group tear itself apart.