Chapter 9: Sugar and Spice…

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Once Inko and Mitsuki soothed over the situation (well, Inko soothed it out, Mitsuki added heat to the raging inferno named Katsuki), Izuku could finally get back on track. Both blondes were happily munching on non-sentient cookies while the living batch went about making themselves at home.

Chili Pepper joined Cherry in tormenting Ninja while Herb sat serenely on Inko's shoulder. He looked to be enjoying himself and baking in the sunlight that peaked through the little kitchen's small window. Meanwhile, the Ginger Twins sook attention from the ever-calm Masaru.

Finally, Strawberry remained by Izuku's side; on standby for a sugary rescue should the need arise. Just to be safe, she nudged a couple of her special jellies into Izuku's hand. He smiled and ate them happily.

"Thank you, Strawberry! Your jellies are the best!" The child said elatedly.

Strawberry's eyes smiled brightly at the praise. Her little legs shook as she strained to hand him more of the fruity treats; most likely fueled by the positive reinforcement given by her master.

He took the jellies and munched them down before selecting the next cookie in the queue. The chosen treat had 2 large hornlike protrusions coming from the top of its head and was much broader than the others.

Izuku began to work his magic by grabbing a bag filled with light brown frosting and made short work of his first task. Once he piped the outline of a tank top with a jagged ridge along the bottom, he filled it in until it was smooth and shiny. Grabbing a darker brown, he outlined and filled in a pair of pants with the same sawtooth like cut at the ankle of each leg.

He set down the two shades of chocolate and picked up a bag filled with a deep red. Using the spicy color, he filled in the feet up to the pants for shoes. Next, he added a fluffy looking vest before grabbing some black and red sprinkles to spread on while the icing was still wet.

Setting down the deep blood red, he picked up the black and added a crisscross design on the cookie's wrists and chest. For more detail, he decided to add a black band at the waist as a belt, stopping at the inner edges of the vest. Izuku next moved to start on the hair before pulling back and looking at his creation so far. With a small shake of his head, he set the black icing filled bag aside and picked up a grey.

With the murky color, he began to fill in the horns and connected them with a cragged band across the forehead with emphasized divots above where the eyes would soon go. Above a centermost placed rise in the band, he added a rectangle spanning up to the top of the head with some spikes coming off of it. To fill in the gaps between the forehead band and the center spikes rectangle, he used a burgundy color. The shape began to have the look of a Viking helmet.

Grabbing a red frosting, shaded just slightly lighter than the deep one used for the vest, he began to pipe a circular shape from the base of the horn to below the shoulders. After recreating it on the other side, he filled them in fully. To the outer edge of each circle, he added shapes resembling the crown of a blueberry to give each hair piece the look of a Sichuan peppercorn.

Before the icing on the headpiece had time to set firmly, he picked up a toothpick and began to hesitantly trace some details into the accessory. On one horn, he slowly marked out a single line from right below the bend of the curve to just past of the center. After wiping the tip of the clean, he moved to the other large horn. With more confidence, he added a large X at the base by the connecting point where it meets the band. Lastly, he detailed the centermost rectangle piece of the helmet with a sauce droplet shaped icon.

Picking up a bright, red, Izuku positioned the tip carefully over the hair orbs and slowly added a rectangular flap to either side of the helmet. They were angled carefully to give the illusion of being tucked into the headpiece.

Temporarily setting the spicy color down, he grabbed the white and drew a sideways D with the curved side up. Next came the addition of some subtly placed lashes on the underside of the half circle. On to the other eye outline, he piped an odd shaped silhouette, vaguely resembling a drafting compass. To that eye, he added lashes and reached for the red once more.

With the same in-your-face color used on the flaps, he filled in the eyes to look as piercing and fierce as possible (well, in a cookie).

Finally satisfied with the cookie itself, Izuku decided began his hunt for a weapon. Rifling through his options, he decided that he needed to make one himself. He first found a very thin skinny legend pretzel stick and attached a grey taffy ribbon braided loosely to look like a chain to it. To that length of pliable candy, Izuku added a spherical spiky red and yellow candy resembling a star anise.

Setting the morning star weapon into her hand, he sat back (he learned his lesson with Chili, thank you very much) and waited for her to come to life.

Thankfully, this spicy cookie's entry wasn't as fiery as the last. Rather, she hopped straight to her feet and fixed Izuku with a wide grin. "Hey there kiddo! Would ya mind piontin me t'wards the Mala tribe? I need to get back 'fore the dragon overheats the village!" she asked with a fanged smile.

"Dragon?!" Izuku asked with wide, glittering eyes. Even Bakugo perked up at the mention of the ferocious beast.

"Yeppers peppers! He keeps the village warm! Even if some sugary bastard came an' cut his crumbin tail off." She said with pride to the child before grumbling out the last part. "Now, about my home?"

Izuku frowned. "I've never heard of a Mala Tribe… Wait… How do you know about a Mala Tribe? I just made your few seconds ago." He asked with wide eyes.

She blinked for a moment before scratching her head. "Huh… I don' know. But ya have my thanks for makin' me, little dragon! I like ya, let's stick together!" She said with a grin at him.

The small child beamed at the small cookie. "My name is Izuku! What's yours?"

"I'm Mala Sauce Cookie, the destined leader of the Mala Tribe!" She introduced with her hand held out to Izuku. The boy took the cookie's hand between two fingers and shook her hand with a big smile.

After releasing her hand, Izuku moved to introduce her to everyone else.


With the Mala Tribe leader settled in and firmly hugging her fellow spicy cookie (to her great displeasure), Izuku grabbed the next in line. This cookie was slimmer and had a lighter appearance compared to the density of the last one.

Jumping right back into the process, Izuku picked up the black icing and set to work. First, he drew some pants that went all the way down the legs, then went ahead to cover the feet as well for a completely smooth finish.

Next, he picked up a bright orange icing and filled in a long sleeve shirt. Using the same color, he started on the cookie's hair. Starting in the middle of the forehead, he draped a string of curvy icing along the face that flared outwards at the end. A straight line outward was next for a straight edge at the bottom of the hair. Another, slightly less, curvy string of icing was piped up and connected to the top of the cookie's head, slightly askew of the first line's start. He loosely mimicked it on the other side before filling it in.

Grabbing a light yellow-y orange, Izuku gave the hair a highlight running down each side of the hair. Trading the light color for a dark orange, he put a couple of squiggles like strands of curly hair and then filled in some space along the hairline to look like the shadow of poofy curtain-like hair.

Grabbing the black again, he draped two strips of the icing over the cookie's shoulders; spanning from the neck then flaring before and filling in the space within. He also added two lines from the pants up to these drapings to look like suspenders. While the icing was wet, he sprinkled the shoulder part with orange glittery sugar.

Setting it aside, he grabbed the white and piped one empty circle and one half circle on the face for eyes and have him one small eyebrow over the full circle. Trading the snowy color for a dark orangey red, he filled in the open eye and gave the cookie a triangle mouth (with a flat side up) for a jovial 'I know something you don't know~' look. He next piped and filled in a dramatic cape going from one wrist to the other. Before completing the iced look with a bow tie at the neck where the glittery black part of the cape rested.

As per usual, Izuku rifled through the décor before pulling out a bag filled with tiny cookie sized playing cards. He grabbed one of each suit and two blank ones. Taking the four different ones, he splayed them out on the red part of the cape before setting the blank ones on the wrists like cuffs. He then used the same bright orange as he had used for the shirt and hair to pipe cuff buttons (not that he knew what they were called) onto the bottom halves of the cards. Mimicking the style on the cards, he put a small heart on the right and diamond on the left.

Satisfied with the outfit itself, Izuku started going through the other goodies. He found another magic themed set of decorations with a wand and a top hat that sported an orange stripe at the base. Placing these accessories in the tiny magician's hands, Izuku sat back giddily and waited for his new friend to make his debut.

"Aaaaaaaaaand the show begins!" The new cookie announced with a dramatic flair of showmanship; whirling his cape through the air in a dazzling cacophony of black and red as he twirled himself in front of Izuku.

The child beamed excitedly at the flamboyant entrance; clapping and smiling widely. The new cookie ate it up as he continued bowing and twirling his accessories with experienced showmanship. The child beamed excitedly at the flamboyant entrance; clapping and smiling widely. "That was so cool!" he exclaimed.

"Thank you, thank you very much!" the new cookie said with a showy bow to his creator. "I am Cinnamon Cookie, the Great and Terrible! To whom do I own the pleasure of performing with?"

"I'm Izuku!" the child beamed and returned the greeting with a bow of his own. While his was far less polished, it was an adorable sight nonetheless!

Cinnamon grinned at the child and seemed to be about to address his creator once more until a mocking 'tch' was heard. With a slight narrowing of his open eye, he slid his way over to the Katsuki. Putting on a large showman's smile, he twirled his hat and addressed the blonde. "Hello! Would you like me to read your fortune?"

"Haaaaa? Why would I want that?!" The blonde asked irkedly.

The ginger haired cookie smiled and pulled a deck of cards out of his hat. He began to hum as he rifled through them, seemingly at random. "Oooh~? According to my magic cards, you should avoid crimson things today!" He said looking unapologetically smug.

Katsuki stared at the new cookie nonplussed; mouth slightly agape and eyes wide. A cursory glance towards Cherry and Chili confirmed his thoughts and his gaze snapped back towards Cinnamon. He was holding his cards in front of his face like a fan, and though Katsuki could not see the cookie's smile, he assumed that if he could it would be quite cheshire.

After a tense stare off between the two (and Katsuki looking ready to blow), Inko broke the silence. "Alright you two! That's enough." She chided with her hands on her slender hips. "I think you need to burn off some of the sugar you ate! Why don't you all go and play while Mitsuki clean up."

"But mooom! There are so many cookies to make! And what about the ones in the oven?" Izuku whined.

"You can make more another day! And as for the cookies in the oven-" Inko fussed before cutting off with a look of horror on her face.

One by one everyone turns to watch as she raced to the oven and yanked it open. A slightly scorched smell wafts from the hastily swung open door. Immediately she reached in to grab the baking tray until something small and cold wrapped around her waist to yank her back before she could fall victim to the heat of the metal sheet. Herb, who had been thrown to the counter when she spun, drug over an oven mitt and pushed it to her once the chain let her go. She gingerly took the mitt and glanced back just as the morning star finished its retraction back to Mala. She was being held on to by Ninja and GingerBrave to anchor her down for the timely rescue.

Flustered, but still on a mission, Inko dons her mitts and reaches for the sheet once more. This time she successfully retrieved the metal tray from the oven and roughly plopped it down on the counter. She kicked the door back closed behind her as she leaned forward on the counter with a heavy sigh.

Under her breath a steadily timed whispering could be heard. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…" she blew out breathily; almost like a grounding prayer. Upon looking up, he saw 9 sentient pastries and 4 sets of human eyes concernedly watching her from various points around the kitchen. Regaining her composure, she stood up straight and pulled off the mitts; throwing them carelessly in the general direction of the cabinet above the drawer they belong in.

"Why don't we put the rest of these cookies up and come back to them another day?" Inko 'suggested' to her son and guests.

"But mommaaaaa! Just a few more! I feel it!" I Izuku begged her with large doe eyes.

Inko looked at her son unimpressed. "You've made enough for today. Remember what the doctor said, if you make too many it will make you sick."

Her son simply simply pouted and reached for another cookie. He carefully grabbed one from the fresh tray (taking care not to touch the metal) and began to drag it back in front of him. Halfway there, he dropped the cookie and stuck his fingers in his mouth.

"Ooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuumppphhhhh!" He cried with little tears trickling out through the gaps of his lashes.

"Oh dear!" Inko ran around the small island to take care of her child.

In the chaos of the slightly burnt fingers and panic of the cookies seeing their creator in a bit of pain, no one had noticed the blank cookie who had fallen into the trash can.


After pink fingers had been kissed and soaked in chilly water, the children were herded to the car by Masaru (who had been unfairly outvoted by the mothers) so that the women could have some much needed 'Mom Time'. Once in the car, the blonde's father turned out of the neighborhood towards the same direction Inko had come from only yesterday when she picked Izuku up from school. It had felt like so long to the green haired child, when in reality barely 24 hours had passed.

The drive should have been short and sweet. However, unfortunately for Masaru, he was escorting 2 very excitable children; one of which had a very volatile sugar rush. While it was indeed short, his little firecracker would not stop bouncing in place, picking on his friend, or making small explosions out of his palms (causing him to nearly slam on the brakes 7 different times). By the time they arrived, the timid man was sweating bullets and nearly tumbled out of the driver's seat when they came to a stop.

The left back door of the car burst open with a big pop and a large whoop from the blonde who couldn't stand to be cooped up in the confined space any longer. Izuku excitedly hopped out of the car when his godfather opened the door for him and thanked the man with a big smile.

Masaru sighed, silently hoping against all odds his wild child picked up some manners from the greenette. He doubted it would ever happen, but a man can wish for a miracle every now and then, can't he? Maybe he should leave him with Inko for a while… She did great with Izuku on her own, so maybe she could turn Katsuki into a good little egg like him… after all he's a precious cinnamon roll. She could probably mold him into at least a little spicy jam-

"Come on! Dad come open the gate!" Katsuki yelled from in front of the fenced off playground. Izuku bounced on the tips of his toes, clapping his hands excitedly as he waited to unleash his sugary friends in the children's quirk-friendly playground.

The father sighed and lengthened his strides. Anything to hasten his journey to unleash his impatient wards upon the power practice playground.

With a clink and groan, the child-proof lock was undone and the gate swung open. Both children sprinted in full force and climbed up the play set to the top of the structure. Izuku began his summoning of the pastries, happily clapping away to unleash his ever growing group of friends.

The boys shared a grin and looked over the gathered batch and then over the empty park (training grounds, as Katsuki called it). It was time to see what these cookies could do!



New Entries In Bold

Name: Izuku Midoriya

Date of Birth: July 15, XXXX

Gender: Male

Quirk Name: Cookie Creation

Quirk Class: Emitter

Quirk Sub-Class: Accumulation

Quirk Description:

Izuku can create sentient cookies with various quirk-like abilities that display an easy forming loyalty towards him and his family. He retains partial control over a restricted pocket dimension to which he may send his cookies to by clasping them between both hands with the intent to warp them. He then may return summon them back via an inverted clasp and the required intent. The cookies describe the pocket dimension as a sort of 'Cookie Kingdom.'

Creation requires varying levels of glucose and they will continue to siphon a minuscule amount chronically for sustainable animation. The cookies absorb varying amounts of energy to use their abilities. Caution is advised for continuous use. Cookies seemingly require less energy from within the dimensional pocket and remain aware of outside events so long as glucose levels are sufficient for their sustenance.

Oddly enough the animated cookies are liquid-proof.

Quirk Overuse and Special Circumstances:

Quirk overuse results in energy depletion via blood sugar. He should keep something high in sugar on his person at all times to prevent bottoming out in extreme cases.

Izuku will require a diet with high sugar levels to offset the passive energy depletion that the animated cookies require. Having more cookies will require a larger sugar intake, foreseeably scaling upwards over the course of his life.

Quirk Byproduct Mutations (if any):

Izuku's body has developed an immunity to blood sugar/blood glucose related diseases due to an energy containment mutation in relation to his quirk.

Additional Notes:

Cookies as of today (June 30, XXXX):

GingerBrave - No special abilities, but is the bravest cookie in the world

GingerBright - Can take the candy part off of her lollipop staff and give it to someone to eat for a mild boost in happiness/mental state. Wears off in 20 minutes. The candy will grow back in seconds. Candies can be stored for later use without effecting the growth of the staff or dilution of serotonin production properties. (Candies provide half of the sugar needed to create them, which isn't much despite their size)

Strawberry- can produce very sweet strawberry gummies (jellies, as the cookies call them) that provide an instant energy boost to anyone who eats them. She may only have three in existence at one time.

Ninja - can jump on air (solidified wind?) multiple times (8 before drawing more energy), dash forward and throw a seemingly endless supply of shuriken (consuming energy as a power source)

Cherry - produces a seemingly endless supply of explosive cherries (cherry bombs as she insists) that vary in size and intensity. Surprisingly, the smoke from her exploded bombs smells sweet and can relieve one of stress. (Quite ironic!)

Herb - soaks up water and when he has absorbed enough, he can clear the weather if it is overcast or raining/storming. (I hypothesize that the more severe the weather and the larger the affected area, the more energy he will require, but I have no concrete evidence of this.)

Chili – Has 2 chili daggers (further abilities yet to be seen)

Mala – Swings Morning Star Anise with great strength and its chain can be extended a great deal

Cinnamon - Seems to have premonition-like abilities with his cards and can pull items from his hat. (Further abilities yet to be seen)

All cookies display the ability to 'double jump' (jump once and then jump midair once more) with Ninja being a special circumstance.

Cookies seem to be immune to mental effects; like my quirk Calming Crystals.

I have recommended him to keep his favorite flavored jelly packs on him at all times and to make sure that his friends and teachers know to squirt one in his mouth should he be incapacitated from low glucose levels. I have also prescribed him some high-level glucose tabs and sent him home some samples to get him through until his prescription is ready.

He has been given a Glucometer to track his blood sugar until he learns his limits and knows his body's warning signs.

When glucose reserves are empty, I hypothesize that the cookies will cease their animation and return to regular, non-sentient cookies to protect Izuku's health and prevent death due to hypoglycemia.


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