"So that's basically what happened."

"Okay, let me get this straight, you spontaneously decided to propose after having a sudden realization, what, yesterday?" Erza said.

Natsu shrugged, "Yeah pretty much."

They were sitting across from each other at a table in the guild, it had started with just Natsu and Erza but over the past few minutes, they had developed a small group at the table, including Romeo, Wendy, Carla, Gajeel, Levy, Juvia, and Gray, who was sitting beside Erza laughing hysterically.

He fell off his chair, clutching his bare chest as he continued to laugh. He'd discarded his shirt sometime in the past while, but nobody was sure exactly when.

"You've got to be kidding me," Gray said through his laughter, "Even I knew she would say no to that."

"Well, I didn't!" Natsu threw his hands into the air, clearly exasperated, "I thought this through for at least fifteen minutes last night, I was sure it would work out!"

"For goodness sake, did you at least have a ring?" Carla said from her position next to happy a few feet above them.

"Uh no."

"Well, it's only logical that she would reject you then."

"Yeah, I'm kind of getting that now."

"Forget the ring," Erza said, she'd now gotten over at least some of her anger and was now simply frustrated with the boy, "Have you ever even kissed?"

"Well," Natsu raised a hand in the air, "Uh… There was this one time, I guess we almost," he scratched his head, "No."

"Have you ever told her that you love her?" Erza said.

"Well not technically."

"Have you expressed a clear romantic interest in her, ever?"

"Well… no."

"Why in the world not?"

"Well, I felt like it was implied."

"Natsu," Levy said, chiming in for the first time in the conversation, "Those are all things you do before you marry someone. What on earth made you think proposing was a good idea."

"Well I mean, you all know Lucy and I are going to end up together, I know it, she knows it," he pointed to Asuka, sitting on her mom's lap, "Even Asuka knows it, so why delay."

There was a small murmur of agreement from the group. "Well, we all knew," Gray said, finally finished laughing, "But it's been so long seeing something actually come of this is a little odd to see."

"Plus," Cana said from a table over, "You two can't get together today if you do Mira wins and I've got way too much money wagered on this."

"I've already lost by a week," Romeo said shrugging, "I don't really care who wins now."

"You've got to be kidding me," A scowling blond stepped into the guild, and swiftly collected a small reward from the quest she had just completed, "You have bets made on my relationship status? That's messed up! How long has this been going on?"

"Three years I think," Gray turned to Erza for confirmation.

Erza nodded, "Technically yes, we all reset our bests after two though because you two were taking so darn long."

"And I was so sure of my first bet," Wendy sighed.

"Seriously, you of all people are in on this too?"

"We all are," Wendy gave a sheepish smile, "Sorry."

"What do you mean you're all in?"

"Oh everyone in Fairy Tail, and some of the other Guilds" it was Gajeel this time, he smirked folding his arms over his chest, "I joined late though. They'd already set up rules by the time I placed my first bet."

"You know what," Lucy said throwing her hands into the air, "I don't even want to know."And for the second time that day, the blond stormed out of the guildhall.

"You guys are not helping me!" Natsu stated exasperatedly.

"Okay Natsu, let's make it simple, do or do not you want to have a relationship with Lucy," Erza stared him down.

"Well, yeah I think so, that why I proposed, right?" he didn't seem sure

"Yes or no."

Natsu paused a moment before speaking, "Yes, yes I do."

"Okay here's what you do, you ask her on a date, you go on a date, maybe kiss her, repeat, then you can ask her to marry you," Erza stated, "You've got to get her actually thinking about you romantically, even though we all know you'll end up together she has to decide that's what she wants."

"But that takes so much time, and money, dates cost money."

"If you want Lucy, you do this romance thing the right way, though I suppose you have already screwed it up enough that you'll never quite make a full recovery."

"Fine whatever," Natsu stood up dramatically, announcing to the ceiling, "I will be the most freaking romantic dude out there."

"Sure you will," Gray walked by, patting Natsu's shoulder as he left, Juvia close behind him.

"If you need any date idea's" Erza called as she headed out, "I've got a whole book.

The rest of the group slowly dispersed leaving Natsu and Happy alone at the table.

"Hey Happy," Natsu asked.

"Yeah," the cat responded, "What?"

"Do you have any idea how to ask a girl on a date?"

"Uh, fish?"

"I don't think that's the best idea for Lucy, anything else?"

"Other than fish? I haven't got a clue."

"Well," Natsu said, "I guess I'll just have to figure out how to do this whole romance thing, and I'm going to do it without Erza's help."

"Good luck with that, I'm not going to be there when Lucy throttles you for doing something dumb."

"Ah common, this will be fun," he looked around nervously, "I think."

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