Yusaku opens the door to the secret room in the truck with Ai partly out of his duel disk. Ryoken hisses louder then before as his pain gets worse from Ai's presence.

"Is he okay Kolter? Yusaku asks hearing the loud hissing.

"I don't know, he started hissing the moment he got here." Kolter replies. "Should we take he to a hospital?"

"We can't keep him here and he didn't seem to do well in Link Vrains." Yusaku says calmly.

"There's something off about him, I just can't put my finger on it." Ai says taking a closer look at the hissing man near Kolter.

Ryoken hisses to voice his pain but tries to ignore the pain he's in to speak.

"I'll take him to the closest hospital, you should rest up Yusaku. We never know when the Hanoi will strike again, plus we don't know much about his friend Avalon. But he doesn't seem to be a big fan of the Hanoi here." Kolter says and looks back at his screens.

"Sounds like a plan." Yusaku says.

"Would you mind getting that blasted A.I. away from me?" Ryoken growls, but he doesn't mean to, the pain he's in makes him irritable.

"How are you feeling?" Yusaku asks.

"Like crap to be honest." Ryoken replies.

"Any particular reason why you were hissing?" Kolter questions.

"I'm in pain Kolter, and that Ignis isn't helping." Ryoken says glaring at Ai.

Ai doesn't respond and gets a bit closer to Ryoken making the man hisses quite loudly and his pupils turn into slits but he tries to move away from Ai so he doesn't lash out from the pain. Yusaku moves his duel disk away taking Ai away from Ryoken's personal space.

"Hey what was that for?!" Ai shouts angrily.

"You're hurting him Ai."

Ryoken's eyes goes back to being rounded pupils and it appears that his pain is subsiding a bit.

"So who's your friend Avalon?" Kolter asks.

"Specter Avalon is my second in command of the Knights of Hanoi. Well he is back home anyway." Ryoken replies.

Back on Link Vrains the duel between Avalon and Varis ends in a draw. Avalon only manages to survive by the skin of his teeth without using the God card he swiped because he forgot about it. Once the duel ends Avalon logs out as quickly as he can. Once logged out he looks around to see where he is, he's back in the hotel room.

"Damn it, I gotta find Yusaku." Avalon says and goes to check out of the hotel.

After checking out Avalon goes to the city plaza to see if Kolter's truck is there. It is indeed there but it appears to he closed.

"So you're telling me that you're the leader of the Knights of Hanoi?" Yusaku asks a bit shocked.

"Indeed." Ryoken nods response. "My name is Ryoken Kogami."

Avalon walks up to the door on the side of the truck and knocks on it, Yusaku and Kolter turn their attention to the door when they hear the knock. Ryoken also turns his head to the door, a bit nervous on who's on the other side.

"It's me Avalon, open up." Avalon calls.

"Just a minute?" Yusaku says, as he gets up to unlock the door.

Once the door opens Avalon pokes his head into the truck.

"Nice to see that you're okay." Ryoken says.

"I only manged to end the duel in a draw by the skin of my teeth." Avalon says.

Yusaku moves aside to let Avalon into the truck.

"So you're Specter Avalon, the second in command of the Hanoi." Kolter says.

"Indeed I am, but I'm not working with the Hanoi that you're both fighting again."

"And neither am I. There's only one Ignis that's dangerous and that's not the Dark Ignis." Ryoken says.

"How do we know that you're telling the truth?" Ai says not really believing them.

"Believe whatever you want Ignis." Ryoken replies.

"Why are the Hanoi after you?" Yusaku asks.

"Because I have an ability that could be uses to capture the Ignis." Ryoken says suddenly feeling extremely nervous, feeling a pinging feeling inside him.

"You feeling alright, you look nervous?" Kolter asksh.

"I just don't feel right, but I can't explain why." Ryoken says uneasy.

"Wat do you mean you don't feel right?" Avalon asks worriedly.

"I feel some kind of pinging, but I don't know where it's coming from." Ryoken says, clearly uncomfortable.

Avalon, Kolter and Yusaku look at him confused. They don't understand how to help him.

"Is there a specific place that you can feel this pinging feeling?" Kolter asks.

"I think the feeling is coming from the back of my neck." Ryoken says unease.

Avalon looks at him like he has an ideas on why Ryoken feels like this.

"What's with that look?" Ryoken asks unsettled by Avalon's looks.

"It's has something to do with what happened for the six and a half years you've been missing."

"I told you that I told want to talk about that." Ryoken says as he turns his head away from Avalon.

Yusaku and Kolter look at Ryoken then to Avalon, not sure what they're talking about.

"Ryoken went missing six and half years ago, no one has see or heard from him until now." Avalon say to clear up the confusion.

Ryoken ignores the conversation and plays with his wooden pendant that he takes out from under his shirt, it's warm to the touch since it's been resting against his chest for quite some time. It's quite odd looking pendant to say the least, there's a circle of bats surrounding what looks like some kind of round maze in the center.

"Would you like us to take him to the hospital to get him checked out?" Yusaku asks.

"No, I'm not going anywhere near that place." Ryoken says, he only hears the word hospital and he doesn't like the idea of being poked with a needle again.

"But what if that pinging doesn't go away?" Kolter asks.

"Then I'll just have to deal with it." Ryoken says as he goes back to playing with his necklace.

Avalon just sighs, he's not going to force Ryoken to go to the hospital if he doesn't want to. Even though he would like to know what could being causing that pinging feeling in Ryoken's neck.

So unfortunately this is the last chapter that I have. I would really appreciate if someone could give me nice constructive criticism so that I can improve on my writing as well as maybe give an idea or two to help kick start a new chapter.