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Summary: (AU)Malik (The light) and Tea never bothered with eachother until the others planned to lock them in their school with the help of Seto Kaiba's money. The worst thing is that Tea and Marik are HANDCUFFED together. :)

Remember this is AU! And after Battle Ciity.. Once again Ryou and Bakura didn't die but the evil Yami Malik was. Ok and Yami and Yugi, Ryou and Bakura are split with their hikaris (for only god knows..). I just love splitting them apart. It makes it easier to give them parts.

This may not be an original idea..But the orgiginal part is that they are handcuffed together IN A SCHOOL!

Or if you have another opinion please tell me. ^_^

Ps. This COULD be a one shot. As usual I was bored. -_____-;;


It was an ordinary day for the YGO cast. Tea, Joey, Yugi, Tristan and Serenity were just chilling in the arcade. Tea was at the dance floor once again beating Johnny Stepps, while Joey was trying to beat a snowboarding game. Yet he failed as he kept slipping off the board losing some points. Yugi and Tristan were dueling in the virtual world on the far corner. People watched them duel in the visual screens. Yugi was winning for course. And as for Serenity? She was just sitting there until Duke came along. He began to flirt with her.

Yami wasn't in the arcade he was off to see Kaiba. Bakura was somewhere in Domino, the last he was seen was yesterday.

Tea won the game, she smiled victoriously as she stepped off the dance floor. Johnny Stepps fell the the ground pounding on the floor. He had lost to the same girl once again!

Tristan and Yugi finished their duel. The brown haired boys eyes widened as he saw Serenity with Duke. She was laughing! He rushed over flipping on some tables. People laughed at his embaressing moments.

Joey was still playing the game. He soon stopped when Yami came walking in with Seto. The pharoh had a grim look on his face.

"Hey man" Joey said while giving a high five to the pharoh. Yami just stared at his hand anaware what to do. Joey sighed, he placed his hand down, "Never mind."

The pharoh shook his head, turning over to Tea who had just approached him. "Hi." He greeted. Tea smiled. "Hey Yami."

"So where have you been?" Duke asked, with his arm placed around Serenity's shoulder. Joey fumed of course but Tristan blew a fuse.

"At Kaiba's"

"Why?" Tea asked, Seto looked down at her.

"It's a secret." Both Seto in Yami at the same time.

Everyone stayed quiet. They all give Seto and Yami strange looks. Both of them glanced at eachother with fear in their eyes. they both shouted at the same time. "WERE NOT GAY!"

People in the arcade stopped what they were doing. The music paused. All eyes were on the pharoh and CEO. Seto turned his gaze to the other people, he finally said, "What! It's true! Im NOT GAY! I'm not sure about Yami, But I'm 100% sure that I AM straight!"

Everyones eyes turned to Yami. Who gave a sweatdropped. "Just turn the music on and leave me alone!"

Once again the arcade was filled with music and people remained with their games.

"So seriously Yami, what have you been doin' there."

"Well, I can't really say with you know who here," Yami replied.

"Who?" Tristan asked 'accidently' knocking Duke of the seat. Tea arched an eyebrow. "You guys are boring. I'm going to play my games. Later" With that she left.

Seto answered. "Ok, I'll say it now that Tea is not here. Yami and I planned to lock her up in the school for the entire weekend."

Joey's jaw opened, "Does she deserve it? And Yami why would you plan this?!"

"Well, it was really Kaiba that planned it."

Seto smirked. "Yep. And guess what?"

"What?" Serenity asked.

"She's gonna be locked in there with Malik."

Serenity, Joey, Tristan, Duke and Yugi said nothing. Joey broke the silence. "WHAT!?"

Serenity looked at Kaiba."Are you serious?!"

The CEO nodded, "Yes, I was talking to Yami when he changed the subject to Tea. You know how he's obsessed with her and well. I told him that we should lock her in the school for the entire Saturday tommorow. If not. Or else I would tell the whole world his big secret.

"Whats the secret?" Joey asked, curious on how the famous king of duels was blackmailed. Yami knocked Joey on his stomach. The blonde oofed from Yami's elbow.

"I won't say." Kaiba smirked. "But, If Tea fails to stay the whole 2 days with Malik then I will tell you."

"Fine!" Joey and Tristan said. It would be fun to see their cheerleader friend with an ex maniac.

"Wait! It's a big school and you know that they won't stay in the same room."

"Thats right." Kaiba said, "Thats why iv'e decided on hancuffing them together."

Tea came running back with a smile. "Guess what! I won $50, this is the third time Iv'e won against Johnny Stepps!"

Everyone gave a sweatdropped.

Yami looked up at Seto, who nodded his head, The pharoh sighed disgusted with the idea. But he had no choice. "T-Tea.." His voice stuttered. The blue eyed teen turned her gaze into the pharohs eyes. "Yes Yami?" She asked.

"Tommorow..How would you like to come with me tommorow to hang out?"

"That be great! Where?"

"Inside Domino High."

Tea blinked. "Tommorow is Saturday. It won't be open.."

"Well, There is this activity thing that just opened. And I was wondering if you would like to go with me? It's in the afternoon."

"Uhh..I guess."

"Great." Yami said. He didn't look to happy, Tea in the other hand didn't notice. She didn't know what the others had planned...

Seto turned away, "Well, I have to go call Isis. I need to inform her about something." With that the CEO walked away towards the corner. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed Isis' number,

From the Ishtar residence, the female Egyptian answered the phone, from the other line Kaiba heared Isis yell something to Malik.

"Oh shut up!!" Seto heared again from the background. Isis ignored her brother to talk to the phone. "Hello."

"Hello, Isis?"

"Yes, who is this?"


"Oh. why did you call?"

"Well, I need you to help me with something.


"I blackmailed Yami into locking Tea in the school with your brother for the weekend. Now I need you to convince him to go tommorrow."

Isis smiled, 'Great! I can finally go to that spa.' She thought, "Well, it depends."

"On what?"

"On how much your going to pay me?"

Kaiba groaned, "Fine! $100?"

"Nope. Make that $200 per day."

"WHAT!? Thats $400!

"Take it or leave it."


"Great. He'll be over tommorow around 3:00 in the afternoon.

"Fine." Kaiba said while hanging up.


It was finally Saturday. Tea was pampering herself in front of the mirror. Since it was Yami she decided to wear something sweet. She wore a baby pink top and blue skirt. She had black knee boots and a black thin vest. In her little black purse she had her cd player.

Yesterday Isis was already informed about Kaiba and 'Yamis plan'. She thought that doing this would get him to get along with another person. And a free day for her to relax. She had tricked him by saying Yami would be at the Domino high, and that he would like a rematch. Being a thick headed ex maniac, He had decided to go. But just before he did, Isis secretly snatched his Millenium Rod.

Tea was walking down her street. She didn't live far from the school. She picked up her pace while walking down the street. From far away Tea stopped, she thought she saw Malik. She blinked a few times trying to see if that was really the Egyptian. She shook her head while crossing through the park.

There was Yami waiting by the schools gate. Seto and Joey were both hiding behind a tree.

Yami could see a female figure walking to the school. He blushes lightly at Tea and on what she was wearing. He was scared that Malik could do something to her. He quickly shook the thought off. There were going to be a special bug like camera following them around in the disguise of a spider.. It was specially created to detect humans.

Kaiba, Yami and the others would watch the two closely as they sat in the comfort of the RV.

Yami smiled shyly as Tea approached him. She gave him a small hug. "Whats up?" She asked, finally noticing Yami's uneasiness. "Are you ok?"

"Uh yeah.." He cleared his throat, as Malik came walking down the schools sidewalk.

Yami churned to Tea. "Um Tea meet me inside ok?"

"Why?"she asked, but Yami rudely pushed her in. The halls looked empty and dark. 'Where is everyone?' Tea thought to herself.


Malik approached Yami with his hands in his pocket. He didn't say anything. Yami's posture was straight he began to walk inside the school. Malik knew what Yami was doing. He followed the pharoh through the front doors. Malik stopped and arched an eyebrow, There was Tea sitting on a bench close by. Her blue eyes met with the Egyptians lavander ones. Yami secretly pulled out of the cuffs. "Um Malik this is Tea and Tea this is Malik." He suddenly sputted out.

"I already know who this prissy chearleader is." Malik said coldly with his hands still in his pocket. Tea rolled her eyes. "If he is going to be here, Then I'm sorry Yami im leaving." With that Tea stood up. A hand gripped her cuffing it quickly to Maliks. Yami rushed out of the doors. Kaiba came by and quickly locked the doors.

The Egyptian and teen girls eyes widened as as Yami rushed to the door.

"YAMI!!!!!" Both of them yelled. Then glaring daggers at eachother. "Did you plan this?!" They both snapped at eachother together once again.


Malik growled. "Yami get your ass back here!!!" He snapped rushing to the door. He pulled Tea along with him.

There outside was Yami, Seto and Joey. Yea could see Yami mouth the words, "I'm sorry."