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"Malik! Tea!" Both Serenity and Mai said in unison. The blonde Egyptian and brunette churned quickly to Tea's female friends.

"Uh oh..." Tea said, her voice faded.

"What are you doing shouting?" Mai asked. Looking at Tea with confusion.

Malik sighed, the boys footsteps were coming quickly. He pushed them all into the closest room. They saw shadows run by from underneath the door.

"Well..? Aren't you going to answer today or tomorrow?"

"Fine. Malik and I are getting revenge for the guys, since they locked up us here. Were both planning to lock them in that small history room. But first we need to get that damn key to get out of here."

"Wait, how did you guys get in?" Malik interrupted, he was giving a look to the two girls in front of him.

"We came from the back."

"Is it still open?"


Both Malik and Tea sweat dropped.

"But we'll get the key for you and Tea." Serenity said,

"Yeah! Serenity can get it! She and Kaiba are an item now."

"Really?" Tea asked, "I missed alot...How'd it happen?"

Malik huffed, "Hello? Guy standing right next to you! I don't want to hear your girly talk right now. JUST GET THE DAMN KEY!"

"Calm down!" Tea exclaimed to Malik. She looked over to the two girls. "Will you PLEASE GET THE DAMN THING!"

Malik looked down at her smirking. He shook his head and looked back to Tea's friends.

"Fine!" Serenity exclaimed, while walking out the door with a following Mai."God are you on PMS or something?"

Mai laughed, "Lets just sneak the key before Tea blows a fuse."

"I heard that!" Came Tea's voice from the room.


Yami, Kaiba, Joey and Bakura all reached eachother in the middle of the hall. "I give up!" Joey said while falling flatly on his butt. "It's too hard to find them."

"I just hope she isn't hurt or anything.

"Hey!!" Serenity exclaimed, while running to the guys.

"Sis, what are you doing here?"

"We came in to help look for Malik and Tea, what else?"

"It's dangerous. go back outside," Kaiba said while looking down at the 15 year old.

"I can't. Mai and I are locked in too" Serenity reflected she placed her arms around his waist secretly reaching into his pocket, However Joey was getting angry. He was being held back by Yami

Bakura at the time was laughing with a giggling Mai.

Kaiba for once was blushing. It was to hard to resist this one girl. Just as Serenity grabbed the key. She moved back smiling sweetly.

"KAIBA!!" Joey fumed, "Don' you dare touch my sis! YOU PERV!"

The CEO scoffed, "What are you going to do to me DOG BOY!"

"Oh that it!"

"HEY!" A dark voice shouted over Joey's voice.

Still no one heard.


Once again, everyone was arguing. The dark voice growled, "HEY YOU IMBACILES! MANIAC STANDING RIGHT HERE!"

Finally, he had gotten their attentions. Everyone turned around to see a blonde Egyptian standing tall, while holding a Tea over his shoulders. "Malik." Yami growled underneath his breath.

"Not really. It's Marik." Malik said with his yamis grin.

"Put Tea down!" Yami exclaimed, Joey was next to yell.


"Wait."Kaiba said interrupting everything. "Isn't Yami Malik

"Your right." Yami then spoke, "Marik! I don't know how you came back but if you don't put our friend Tea down then I'll send you back to where ever you came from- HEY!! Get Back here!" The pharaoh exclaimed angrily as 'Marik rolled his eyes and ran off.

"Get him!" Joey ordered the others. They just stared at him. "Please." Yami reluctantly said.

"Listen here, Just because you WERE pharaoh, doesn't mean you can make us do whatever you want!" Bakura stated out bravely, Yami arched an eyebrow. "Fine, if none of you are going to do it. Then I will!"

Kaiba sighed, he too ran after the pharaoh. 'Where's Yugi when you need him..'

~*~At the Game shop~*~

Yugi smiled, "I WIN AGAIN! So pay up!"

He had won another duel against Tristan. Tristan mumbled under his breath as he pulled out his wallet.

"Do you know where the others are? I haven't seen them all Saturday." Ryou asked. He was sitting on the couch reading a magazine/

"Aren't they at the school doing that plan with Tea and Malik?" Tristan answered

"Oh yeah." Yugi said while slapping his forehead, "I forgot about that."


Tea and Malik stopped in front of the history room, They awaited for the others to meet up with them.


Yami tripped on the last step. He quickly stood up and rushed himself trying to push the door open. "It (push) Won't (push) Budge!"

Kaiba rolled his eyes, he walked forward to the doors and pulled.

"Look!" Bakura exclaimed, he pointed to a consious Tea standing with Malik. They were in front of the history class.

"You there!" Bakura yelled at the Egyptian blonde.

The cuffed couples turned their heads to the stairwell. Malik and Tea ran into the room. They both stood behind the main desk as Kaiba, Yami and Joey ran in.

"Surround him!" Yami ordered once again.

Just as they all ran to the desk. Malik lifted Tea up and hopped on the teachers desk, jumping from table to table finally reaching the door. He placed Tea down and closed the door. He quickly pulled out rope. With the help of Tea. and quickly tied the history rooms doorknob to the room across it.

"Ya!" Tea exclaimed, while embracing Malik in a hug. He smiled slightly and responded to her hug.

Serenity and Mai came running up from the opposite end. Just as they reached there. They both noticed that Malik and Tea were embraced.


"What are you two doing?!" Mai asked, curious to know. Serenity smiled, "I think its cute."

Malik and Tea let go of eachother, both of their cheeks were pink.

"Is there something you are keeping from us?" Mai asked.


"LET US OUT!" Bakura yelled from the other side of the door.

Yami was next to yell, "YOU DUMBASS UNLOCK THIS DOOR!"

Malik shook his head, "Just leave them there until tomorrow."

"Ok." Serenity said,

"Oh um...Can you guys do us a favor?"

"Yeah?" Mai and Serenity said at the same time.

"These cuffs are really hurting me. Can you help get them off?" Tea asked while lifting her hand.

Serenity nodded, She pulled out the keys. She had secretly pulled out the cuffs key while taking the front doors key. She unlocked the cuffs. Seconds later the metal fell to the ground. Tea stood there next to Malik while rubbing her wrist. "Thanks."

Malik nodded his head. he took the front door key from Serenity and walked down the hall into the stairwell. Tea turned around dumbfounded by his actions. She turned over to Mai and Serenity.

"You should go talk to him." Mai said while smiling sweetly.

"Oh but before you do." Serenity continued, "Take this." She handed Tea her shoe that she had tossed earlier. Tea nodded, after quickly putting on her shoe, she ran after Malik.


The blonde Egyptian was at the first floor. From behind he heard the door open then close. He heard someone call out his name. He continued to walk. Just as he reached the front doors, he was soon stopped by someone pulling on his shirt. Malik turned around to the brunette,

"Why'd you just walk away?"

"Figured you probably didn't need me there, now that you have your two friends with you and your freedom."

"I didn't need you? Well..I didn't want you to be near me the first day..But I soo needed you to be with me after that kiss we shared a few hours ago."


"And I know we never I'd get along in the past, so can we at least try?"

"I guess..."

"From the sound of your voice you don't want to, why? Is it because you think your all evil and coldhearted?"

"Listen. In the past I was evil and coldhearted, the reason I did that was because I didn't want to be a part of anyone's lives. Or else that would make everything harder for me. Even though I already care for you. I don't want to make it much worse. So it would be better to just forget this whole weekend.

"I'm not going to forge-" Tea paused. "Did you just say you care for me?"

"Err...No?" Malik said looking away, his tanned cheeks showing a tint of red.

"Yes you did!" Tea exclaimed happily. "And well. You know that...I like you too...And even though it's been almost 2 days it looks like I've known you for a lifetime."

The blonde Egyptian churned his head to the girl in front of him. His lavender eyes looked into her blue ones.

"Your not toying with me are you?"

"No...Are you?"


Tea smiled, she flew her arms around his shoulder and pressed her lips to his. The blonde smiled slightly, slowly placing his hands around her waist. "What do you say we get out of here?" Malik asked gripping softly on her blouse.

"Yeah, Before Yami uses Joey's head to break the door open." She joked, "So...are you still plotting on revenge to get all the items?"

"I have no choice but to," Malik said, "But right after lunch. I'm hungry."

Tea laughed while softly punching him on the arm.

~*~Meanwhile upstairs~*~


"GET US OUT!!!!!"


'Oh when I get out of here...' Seto thought in his head, "I'm suing Malik for locking us up in here"

"Isn't that the same as locking them up here too?" Joey asked, he sweat dropped, as Kaiba gave him a death glare.

"You know. You still haven't told us Yami's secret!" Joey exclaimed while trying to change the subject.

"Fine you wanna know?" Kaiba smirked, "This is the secret...It's-"

From outside of the door, Mai and Serenity looked out the window and saw Malik and Tea together. They were both walking through the park..


Serenity and Mai jumped 2 feet into the air, as they heard Yami yell......

THE END!!!!!



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