AN – Hi All, this is my very first story. Please be gentle. I do not have a beta so there will be mistakes (feel free to point them out). This story is going to be set in an Indian community, though the characters are of course inspired by our favourite vamps/humans.

So, all my main characters are of Indian origin, hence they all have 2 names, their Indian names will be called as the given names, and we will be using their original names in the story. I am writing the given names for all Indian Origin characters below.

BELLA SWAN/ Bela Sahani: Female lead very proud of her achievements. 32 yrs old. Owns her company, best friend fun sis in law as partner. Ad agency with friend as the creative head, MBA.

EDWARD CULLEN/ Ekaaksh Chandel: Male lead. Belongs to a big business family. Very humble and hardworking. 33 yrs old

MIKE NEWTON: Bella's PA. Very efficient but silly and cracks dumb jokes all the time. comically scared of Bella

ROSALIE SWAN/ Roshee Sahani : Bella's sis-in-law and best friend, also business partner. Emmett's childhood sweetheart.

EMMETT SWAN/ Emaan Sahani : Bella's bro, very close he is very protective of her, together with Rose they are another set of parents

NICK & NICKY SWAN/Nikhil & Nikki Sahani : Em and Rose's twins. 5 yrs old

CHARLIE SWAN/ Charan Sahani: Bella's dad. Doesn't care at all about her as long as she doesn't ask for anything from him. Very proud of Emmett

SUE SWAN/ Sunaina Sahani: Bella's mom. devoted to the family with only one aim in life grandchildren. Socialite very image conscious.

ALICE CULLEN/ Aleesha Chandel: Baby sis engaged to Jasper.


CARLISLE CULLEN/ Carshvardhan Chandel: big brother, Doctor not in family business.

ESME CULLEN: Carlisle's wife close to Alice

GARRETT CULLEN /Garisht Chandel: Edward's D

So there will be more characters that will be introduced as the story progresses. This is just to begin with.