Harry has a different reaction to his near death experience at age nearly seven and become a right little Machiavellian Prince and, as his relatives tell everyone he's a hooligan, he starts bringing their falsehoods to life.

Harry James Potter awoke in hospital. He had no idea how he'd got there. He'd given in his report card to Vernon, his uncle and been very badly beaten, punched and kicked. Harry hadn't known his own name until he'd started school. His cousin Dudley and four other gang members played their favourite game of Harry Hunting. They stopped others being friends with him and bullied him.

Harry lived in his cupboard under the stairs, frequently didn't eat and when he did, did not get enough. He looked 2 years younger than his age. He did all the chores, wore hand-me-downs and his glasses were just picked out of a bargain bin. His aunt, Petunia, was his mother's sister. She looked like a giraffe. Vernon and his slightly older cousin, Dudley, were obese. Harry never had any birthday parties or any gifts then or at Christmas. His aunt and uncle claimed they took him in out of the goodness of their hearts and received no money for him. They'd found him on the doorstep the morning of 2nd November 1981. Abandoned, with a letter and a good quality blanket.

His uncle called Harry a freak. He'd been out with the relatives, once, when he'd been thanked for something by a woman named Emmeline Vance and had his arm nearly shaken off by a man named Daedalus Diggle, who also thanked him. Vernon had called them both freaks. They were both oddly dressed. Petunia had said their style of clothing was 50 years old. They'd noticed him listening and shut up. He'd spent a week in the cupboard without food or water after that. They didn't take him with them ever again, on outings or holidays. He got to stay with a Mrs Figg or cat lady as he called her for her strange cats.

He cleaned, cooked, weeded and shopped. Harry thought it odd that they would trust him to cook for them, when he was so ill-treated. He made them ill a few times, but he still had to cook. Harry knew the value of everything. He knew where to find the best value. Bes t of all he'd learnt to hide. To still his breathing and draw him in unto himself. That ability worked for him that night in hospital. He could move almost unseen. He picked up the file and left the hospital. He had long learnt that it was not worth complaining. He had, incessantly, but when he'd gone back to check up, they'd acted like they had never seen him before. His bones healed overnight. His aunt had cut his hair one time and it was its usual unkempt full length the next morning. Harry needed his file for when he did finally get someone who could help him.

School had the Headmaster, a friend of Vernon Dursley. There was a teacher whose hair he turned blue. He'd been blamed for that. She continued to treat him badly so he turned her hair blue, in different styles during the lessons. The time he'd turned up on the kitchen roof, he'd been blamed rather than the five boys who had been chasing him.

Harry waited overnight, not too far from the hospital and slept. He awakened the next day and was able to catch a lift from one of his neighbours. The lie that he was in hospital and thus unable to go on holiday slipped easily from his lips. Back to 4 Privet Drive, Little Whingeing, Surrey. His prison nightmare. How he wished himself free. His parents had apparently been unemployed drunks who'd crashed their car, leaving him all alone. That was according to his relatives. They didn't have a great track record as tellers of the truth. They had told all their neighbours that he, Harry, was a troublemaker whom they should have nothing to do with. Harry made a point of being on good relations with every family except the 4 families of his enemies in Dudley's gang.

Harry had checked himself out, taking with him the case notes. These were hidden under the floorboards in his little cupboard. Harry cleaned. He knocked over a documents file in Vernon and Petunia's room. In that file, Harry found details of the Dursleys dentists, the Doctors Granger over in Crawley with directions. He resolved to visit them Saturday morning. Apparently, the first Saturday in August was open 9-11, before the Grangers went on their annual holiday. Included were bank statements. There were payments from the Harry Potter trust account at Gringotts and also payments from the County for foster care payments.

Harry got really angry. He had his own account and the Dursleys were receiving money for him. He just wasn't getting any of it. The final straw was found by accident. He found the deeds of the house. He owned it, inherited it from his mother. Accidental magic erased every trace on Harry and the house. Harry wished to be hidden, unnoticed. He wouldn't know, but in the Wizarding world, he became a ghost a mere cipher, which forgot that he existed. Albus Dumbledore knew he was trying to do something, but he could not remember what it was.

Harry remembered everything that had happened before his parents died. He remembered flying on a broom with Neville Longbottom. He remembered pa'fo; mooey, prongs and Wormtail the rat, whom he never liked. He remembered after the wizard fired the light at him and it rebounded that the rat had stood over him, until someone dressed in bright clothes with a beard told the rat what to do and where to go. He remembered a giant taking him away and pa'fo letting him. He remembered flying in a motor bike sidecar from somewhere cold to his uncle and aunt's. He remembered the bearded one trying to make him not remember things by making him confused. Harry then put a name Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore to the bearded one, as this Dumbledore was the one who abandoned him on the doorstep, one chilly November night.

It cost Harry 50p to get to Crawley by train and 60p back. Some kind of special promotion to get more people to travel to Crawley from Little Whinging. Harry thought a child fare might be an improvement. Harry entered the surgery at 9am precisely. The waiting room was empty. Everybody must be worried about a rushed job on their teeth. The only other person in the waiting room was a girl with brown eyes and brown bushy hair reading a book.

A woman asked Harry, "What's your name sweetie?"

"Harry James Potter, just turned 7." The woman stared. The boy looked like he was 5. "I live with my Aunt and Uncle, the Dursleys at 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging. I'm here for a checkup."

"Let me fill out some forms for you," the woman said. "My name is Doctor Granger. Over there is my daughter Hermione." Harry looked. Sure, enough Hermione was scowling at him. The name seemed familiar. Harry decided to test the water.

"My parents lived in Godric's Hollow." The woman's head whipped around.

"Were their names James and Lily?" Bingo. He thought Hermione had seemed familiar.

"Why, yes they were. They died when I was 15 months. I remember playing with Hermione. She called me a Holy Terror." Doctor Granger looked at her daughter, sharply. Hermione looked sheepish. "Oh, Doctor Granger, she was right. I was and I apologize, Hermione."

"Have you been back, since?"

"I put Godric's Hollow out of mind. Too many bad memories. When were you last there?"

"We moved the summer of 1981. My husband and I haven't been back since. Right, I'm going to ask you some questions, starting with why your relatives haven't registered you with us?"

"They probably forgot," Harry said. Doctor Granger raised her eyebrows but said nothing. She raised her eyebrows several times whilst asking questions. Harry had his check up, but didn't need any fillings. Harry checked the drills and saw they were Grunnings.

"I see you use Grunnings drills. My Uncle, Vernon, is a sales manager there. He reckons he'll be sales director soon and, in a few years, Managing Director."

"Yes, they're good drills. We'll be looking to buy some more soon."

"You really must get yourself an invite over."

Doctor Granger had to answer the phone. When she'd finished, she looked glum.

"Pumpkin, that was daddy. We've sprung a gas leak and daddy has to wait in. Sorry, but we'll miss our trip to France."

"Can't we go tomorrow?" Hermione demanded.

"Sorry, honey, but the travel company can't put us on any other flight. We can't even get a full refund."

Harry had an idea. "I've not been to Godric's Hollow for many years and neither have you. Nobody's ever told me what my parents were like. I don't think ny aunt and uncle knew them as well as you did."

"That's an excellent idea, Harry. I'll let my husband know Hermione and I will be having some fun, whilst he's not." Doctor Granger grinned and phoned her husband. She was able to tell Harry that she'd take him back to see his house. Hermione wanted to come, too. Doctor Granger was pleased Hermione had forgiven Harry.

As Doctor Granger listened to their conversation in the car she was more convinced than ever that Harry was suffering abuse. They arrived in time for lunch. Harry said he really needed to see the house. Doctor Granger would rather eat, but she wanted Harry to be happy. She would later consider her actions very atypical.

They parked and Harry and co went to see his house. Hermione commented that she could see people queuing. Hermione spotted a plinth and the two went to look at it. Hermione couldn't see the writing. Apparently, Harry had donated the House to the magical nation. That was news to Harry. He told Hermione to go rejoin her mother, he had something to do.

Harry went inside. He noticed the stairs were missing. He remembered being taken down the stairs in Hagrid's arms. He definitely was not in his cot. The lounge had a load of papers around and harry saw a turned-up piece of carpet. He pulled it back and found a hidden compartment. The first piece was how to turn off the Fidelius Charm and put on the Unplottable and Untrackable Charms. Harry did this. Next was a note to visit Cartwright's solicitors. He read their address. He noticed that the front door opened and closed to his touch. He took a set of keys. Repairs were definitely needed. He put the floorboards back in and recovered that with the carpet. Harry made his way out to rejoin Doctor Granger and Hermione. He held their hands and they were both able to see the house.

Doctor Granger realised what that meant. Hermione went off to buy ice creams. Harry turned to Doctor Granger and asked, "You know what my parents were?"


"Hermione is one, too. She saw the plinth that you didn't. She may not understand or accept what's happening to her. She may start doing weird stuff, if she hasn't already. It's more noticeable with high emotions." Harry remembered his first experiences and how he got more pronounced results in an emotional state.

"Thanks, Harry. I think your parents knew. Now what?"

"I've a solicitor to see. I hope they're open." Hermione came back with three ice creams. Normally, the dentist in Doctor Granger would not have allowed this. She wondered if either Harry or Hermione was doing this.

They found Cartwright and Hoefnaill's solicitors still open and went in. An old gentleman was at reception. Harry figured he was Mr Cartwright. Harry marched up to the reception desk and said," Hello, Mr Cartwright, my name is Harry Potter and My friends the Grangers missed their flight due to agas leak and have now lost their holiday as the travel firm won't fly them out on another flight."

"Why don't you and your friends come through into my office and we'll see what we can arrange." As Harry walked, he thought about the letter his mother had started writing to him that had been on a coffee table in the lounge that Harry had had to move. One sheet was there. She'd just been talking about Severus Snape. Harry assumed that Severus Snape had taken the rest of the letter, since his mother hadn't signed it.

Mr Cartwright took the details from Doctor Granger. He rang the travel agents.

"Hello, this is Cartwright and Hoefnaill's solicitors, I'm Mr Cartwright and I've friends of the Potters who through a gas leak have been unable to make a flight for a holiday on offer from Greengrass Travel and you've been unable to put them on another flight."

After a few more minutes the Grangers had a flight on Monday. Doctor Granger and her daughter looked at Harry amazed.

"Harry, have you heard the Wills of your parents?"

"Wills, what are they?"

"Your grandparents on both sides?"

"No. Should I? I discovered that my relatives get money for me from my account at Gringotts, what ever that is. I apparently own the house, but get no rent and the county pays foster care money for me, but I don't get any spent on me."

"Leave that all with me. Don't worry about paying for it, I'm on a substantial retainer from the Potter. Where are your relatives?"

"On holiday. They left a few days ago after leaving me for dead. They didn't like me getting better grades than Dudley."

The Grangers were horrified.

"I can't do anything about their treatment. As yet. When will they return?"

"In a few weeks." Harry had plans before they did.

"Getting here would be difficult. I'll visit, before they return."

"I can't really be out on my own. I am only 7," Harry smiled. "Someone donated my house to the 'nation' and it sure wasn't me. I've taken it back. A third of the house is destroyed. Here are the keys to allow those who repair it access." Harry handed over the keys.

Harry was looking forward to listening about tales about his parents, but he fell asleep in the car and didn't wake until he was back a Privet Drive. Mr Cartwright had some letter to write. There were three properties that Harry now owned, account in the name of James 'Mike' Evans. Those were rented by Snape, Marge Dursley and Vernon Dursley. Only Snape had paid his rent up to date. Gringotts were asked to stop all payments out of Harry James Potter' trust fund, due to his longstanding disappearance and the reacquisition of all sums paid out as a result of their error. There was a firm in Cokesworth to whom he wrote for the Evans' Wills. He requested all Potter Wills from the relevant Ministry Department and demanded to know how a house listed on the main Potter Property list had been 'donated' to the 'nation'. He informed the Ministry that said house had now been resumed by House Potter.

Harry Potter started his paid chores for 50 households out of the 60 in the area. There were 8 houses who didn't want him or he didn't want. Those he'd do nasty things to. His relatives spreading tales about him being a young hooligan. He was going to bring their lies to life.

Harry put his plan into action and over the course of the next couple of weeks earned £200. He spent £40 on food and £60 having his cupboard with the bolts on the inside and nothing on the houseside. £100 went into a new hiding place under the floorboards. Harry had a couple of night excursions to throw mud pats at some windows. He had to keep his reputation up, now didn't he?

Mr Cartwright knocked on his door a week before the Dursleys were due back. Harry showed him into the lounge. They sat down.

"Harry, I've looked into House Potter affairs. I've sent out letters requesting back rent and rent. The one here will arrive just as the Dursleys are due back. Gringotts will be sending a letter at the same time. The Ministry was furious you reclaimed the house. Minister Fudge's face got all red. They were less keen on paying House Potter damages. I engaged Ted Tonks to fight the case."

"Is that going to be worth the cost?" Harry asked. "As long as the Ministry owns up and says they were wrong to take the house and say it's mine or rather House Potter's, in writing, I don't care so about the money."

"As you wish. The Ministry and Wizengamot no longer remembered why the Wills shouldn't be made available. I got the Wills of your Great Aunt and Uncle, both sets of Grandparents and your parents. You were never supposed to come here. You were supposed to live with either Sirius Black, your godfather, the Heir of House Black or Alice Longbottom, your godmother."

"Where are they?" Harry demanded, his voice rising to crescendo.

"Sirius Black was sent to Azkaban for betraying your parents and killing Peter Pettigrew and a dozen muggles. Alice and her family were attacked by 4 Death Eaters and she and her husband were crucioed into insanity. All they can remember is the attack."

"What if they didn't remember being attacked? When were they attacked? Can you get the trial thingys?"

"I shall endeavour to get the trial transcripts, Harry. They were attacked November 6th."

"I was taken in November 2nd. How did this Dumbledore know that the Longbottoms wouldn't be able to take me in?" Harry thought a moment. He had to ask. "Do you know a Mrs Figg?"

"Arabella Figg?"


"Yes, she's a squib like me. One of Dumbledore's people."


"A non-magical born to magical families."

"With all House Potter accounts locked down, you and your family aren't getting the support you should have."

"Spoken like a true Potter. I can certainly write to the Longbottom Regent and Lord of House Black about this Azkaban matter."

"Absolutely. You'll tell me when I'm spending money, I can't currently pay you, won't you?"

"I will. I've had the repairs to your house started. They'll be finished in 3 months."

"I picked up part of a letter my mother was writing to me, but it's not complete. She started writing about Severus Snape. How did Sirius and Severus get on?"

"Like a house on fire from all accounts. They'd cheerfully have burnt the other's house down, preferably with the other inside."

"I can let you have it. You could say Sirius sent it to you. You've also got the Wills, if they're helpful."

"They mention the award of some money to another friend of theirs, Remus Lupin."

"Where's he been. I don't want him getting any money, if he abandoned me," Harry almost stamped his foot in anger.

"There's a sum of money left for Pettigrew."

"The rat gets nothing." Harry was adamant.



Cartwright found that very interesting. "Why did you ask about Mrs Figg."

"I stay with her from time to time. She breeds these odd-looking cats."

"I can use that information." Harry ran off and brought the sheet of paper with his mother's writing on it. If this could get Sirius out of prison, he'd hand over the letter. He did, reluctantly.

Cartwright had covered everything he had wanted and got quite a bit more. He looked around the lounge and saw that there were no photos with Harry in them. For the time being he could do nothing. He did take some photos, himself.

"Wormtail the rat was a common brown rat. They have a maximum lifespan of 5 years. We learnt about that last year in school. Anyone with a rat that's more than 5 years old hasn't got a normal rat." Harry sighed. There wasn't much he could do.

Mr Cartwright left. He hoped Harry would be alright. He had more letters to write and more things to follow up. Harry had certainly taken steps to make himself invisible to wizarding eyes. Removing him from Mrs Figg's eyes was something he'd attend to right away. It sounded like the old biddy was breeding kneazles again. Only Dumbledore's influence had kept her out of Azkaban. It wouldn't this time. His letter to the new head of the DMLE, Amelia Bones, would include the details and the address, 12 Wysteria Walk, Little Whinging, Surrey. Harry had been reluctant to give him the address. Cartwright had always been good, very good, at getting information out of people.

He had a couple of sons, one in the partnership and half-a-dozen teenage grandsons, now. None appeared to be magical. He seldom thought of himself as Lord Charlus Potter's squib brother. Harry might actually live up to the family motto None Left Behind. The latin was less impressive dereliquit post meridiem morabantur, hence why English was used on the crest. Harry hadn't even remarked on the Potter crest, Cartwright was sporting.

When Cartwright got back to the office, he had a plan in mind. He wrote to Amelia Bones asking for the Sirius Black trial transcripts and informed her about Mrs Figg. He wrote to Lord Black and regent Longbottom. He included Harry's idea about not remembering the attack, for her son and daughter-in-law.

Amelia Bones received a letter from Cartwright and Hoefnaill's and her eyes widened when she saw the Potter sigil. So, the heirs were squibs. How sad. Sirius Black had been Harry Potter's godfather. Amelia wondered what form the oath had been. Remus Lupin would know. She would alert aurors to find him and bring him in. She sent for the Sirius Orion Black trial transcripts. She sent aurors out for Lupin and took four with her to visit Arabella Figg. Sure, enough she was found to be cross-breeding kneazles with cats. A very serious offence. She was arrested and the house put up for sale. The sale price would pay for her very large fine that had been deferred from last time. Arabella Figg would face 10 years in Azkaban. Amelia had the evidence, statements from 4 aurors and a confession from Arabella Figg. She awaited Dumbledore's arrival. She knew she had members of his damnable Order of the Phoenix in her department. That Order had cost her brother and his wife their lives and left Susan an orphan. She had told them not to join, but they hadn't listened.

Sure enough, Dumbledore turned up dressed like the second coming of Merlin, though Amelia thought Merlin would have better taste than bright green, just before noon.

"Now, Amelia. Can we not be merciful?"

"Why, Albus, we were merciful before and look what that has got us. Arabella Figg cross-breeding cats and kneazles in a muggle area. You yourself said we should throw the book at her, if she offended again."

"I shall defend her."

"I would recommend that she hire a good lawyer."

"The trial date has been set."


"When is it?"

"Her counsel will be informed, when she has one."

"Where is she, can I see her?"

"She is in custody and no, you can't see her."

"I am the Chief Warlock."

"As such you are the presiding judge, the lead of the three. You wouldn't be angling for a mistrial, would you?"

Dumbledore went off huffing to himself. He got back to his chambers and found notification for the trial of Arabella Figg. That afternoon at 2pm. There was nothing for it. Lunch, a change of clothes and a special twinkle and Arabella Figg would be happily on her way.

Dumbledore found himself with Fudge and his hideous toad familiar, Senior Undersecretary, Dolores Jane Umbridge alongside him as judges. Arabella Figg was lead in by Amelia Bones, who carried the cage with the cat-kneazles as evidence. In 10 minutes Amelia was done presenting her case. She'd read her statements and those of the 4 aurors. She'd read out Arabella Figg's confession. Arabella confirmed her confession. She was sentenced to 10 years in Azkaban and fined the proceeds of the sale of her house. 2 aurors entered and took the prisoner away. Amelia felt satisfied. The cross-breed were put down. McNair liked his job, too much, in Amelia opinion.

Amelia Bones' feelings of goodwill evaporated on her return to her desk to fin Sirius Black's trail transcripts on her desk. A single muggle style folder with one sheet in it. On it was Dumbledore's belief that Sirius Black was the Potter secret keeper. That had been enough for Barty Crouch Senior. No trial. The arresting auror had been Cornelius Fudge and he hadn't checked Sirius' wand for the last spell used. How incompetent. Now, the man was Minster.

How to hold retrial without letting on that it was the first trial. Dumbledore would be first Judge. His partners would be Lord Black and Regent Augusta Longbottom. Sirius would need a lawyer. Cartwright would do. Remus Lupin, Cornelius Fudge, Barty Crouch Sr. and Severus Snape would be witnesses. A case review that would do just perfectly. She just needed Remus Lupin brought in and she could set the 'review' for 4 pm that afternoon. Shortly after 1pm, Remus Lupin was brought in and put into a cell. Owls were sent out and a portkey included for Cartwright.

Dumbledore hadn't let a pained expression across her brow. 2 court cases in one day. This new head of the DLME was too much. What had happened to the quiet Hufflepuff he remembered?

4pm and everyone was where they should be.

Dumbledore asked, "Amelia where is the prisoner whose case we are to review?"

2 aurors brought in Sirius Orion Black and strapped him into the chair.

"This is the prisoner whose case we are to review," Amelia announced to a stunned courtroom. "Please take the witness stand, Severus Snape." Snape took the stand, glaring at Sirius Black.

Severus swore the wizarding oath. "Professor Snape, please tell the court what you think of this man."

"I hated him and his friends at school. I hate him still."

"Thank you, Professor Snape. Your witness Cartwright."

"Just to clarify, professor Snape, you would do anything to cause harm to this man?"

"Yes," Snape responded, looking down his nose. He stood down.

"Barry Crouch Sr, please take the stand," Amelia asked.

Barty Crouch Sr took the stand and swore the oath.

"Why did you send Sirius Orion Black to Azkaban?"

"Dumbledore said he was of the belief that Sirius Black was the Potter's Secret Keeper."

"What of the toddler, Harry James Potter, why did you not place him with his godmother Alice Longbottom?"

"He was not my concern."

"I have the Wills of James Potter and Lily Potter that I now read into evidence. Both state that Sirius Orion Black was not the Potter Secret keeper. Wizarding Child services will be taking up the matter with you, shortly. Your witness Cartwright."

"House Potter files suit of line theft against House Crouch."

Barty Crouch stood down.

"Remus Lupin please take the stand." Lupin did and swore the oath.

"What connection Mr Lupin was there between Sirius Black and Harry James Potter?"

"Sirius was Harry's godfather."

"What oath form did he swear."

"The full oath with death and loss of magic if he harmed Harry."

"Auror Jorkins please hand Sirius Black his wand. A lumos, if you please Mr Black."

Sirius held his wand in hand and cast lumos and a light shone. It wasn't all that bright.

"That means Sirius wasn't the secret keeper," Remus said. "There's" Remus shut up.

"There's more of a connection between the two. Harry wasn't really Sirius' son, was he?" Amelia joked.

"Sirius blood-adopted Harry as his heir," Remus answered. Lord Arcturus Black looked shocked and anger and rage crossed his face.

Cartwright shook his head. Amelia called Fudge to the stand. He swore the oath and took everyone through what he'd found. Sirius' wand had not cast any explosive spells. Fudge had to admit they hadn't found Pettigrew's body, though muggle bodies were there, though mangled. By now, Fudge had worked how there had been a huge miscarriage of justice.

Sirius Black took the stand. He swore the oath.

"It was late afternoon, when I realised Peter wasn't at the safe house. I went to where James and Lily were by my motorcycle."

"Why didn't you apparate?"

"I don't know. I got to the house and found Hagrid coming down with harry. Told me Dumbledore ordered him to take Harry to Hogwarts. I let him borrow my bike."

Amelia rustled the yellow page. Mr Cartwright stood. "A moment Mr Black." Sirius looked confused but let his lawyer speak.

"I did receive the letter you sent me. Wretched girl misfiled it. Dumped a full set of case files into the wastebin, once, and set fire to them. If she hadn't just quit, I'd have fired her. This was a letter from Lily to Harry but not complete. You sent it to me obviously because it broke off when Lily was discussing Severus Snape. It hadn't been signed so the logical implication was that Severus Snape had been inside the house. From his earlier testimony. We know you would never have given him the secret password. As soon as I found the letter, I sent it to Amelia Bones."

"I'd forgotten I'd done that. Dementors mess with your mind," Sirius was quick on the uptake. Arcturus almost smirked.

"I wanted to kill Peter so much for selling us out. I never got the chance. He shouted out how I had betrayed James and Llily, blew up a gas mains and turned himself into a rat and jumped down into the sewage. I had killed James and Lily. If only I had been their Secret Keeper they and Harry would still be alive. I was a jibbering wreck, when Auror Fudge found me. Even you son Crouch got the trial before the full Wizengamot that he was entitled to. Dumbledore, you knew I am heir Black and entitled to the same right."

"Why did you not secure the crime scene. Surely you knew to do that."

"Yes, Amelia, I did. I don't know why I didn't. I am also an unregistered animagus. I'm a Grim."

"In review, I would argue that Sirius Black is completely exonerated in causing the deaths of Lily, Harry and James Potter or 12 muggles. His fine waved for being an unregistered animagus. He is released into the care of his grandfather. Sirius Black be compensated by a sum 600000 galleons to be paid by Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore, in lieu of a fine. Severus Snape is remanded in custody for further examination of his actions the night of Halloween 1981. A file be sent to Wizarding Child services to investigate why Barty Crouch Sr did not hand over Harry Potter to their charge. If the Potter accounts were not locked, Mr Lupin you would be receiving the bequest of 20000 galleons bequeathed to you. Aurors to be sent to arrest one Rubeus Hagrid on a charge of kidnapping."

Dumbledore looked shocked. He could only make the vote unanimous for Amelia's review. Sirius had his wand returned and departed with his grandfather. Dumbledore returned an hour later to pay 600000 galleons over to Arcturus Black. Arcturus Black could not believe all this had been achieved by a squib. This changed matters. He paid Remus Lupin 20000 galleons. Dumbledore tried to stop that by pointing out that werewolves couldn't receive bequests. Arcturus said it was a gift from House Black. Remus Lupin couldn't believe what Dumbledore had just tried to do. When he got back to his cottage, he wept. More for the loss of the Potters than for his own situation.

Sirius Black was checked into St Mungos. Lord Arcturus Black was absolutely livid. Werewolves were dangerous, yet Sirius spent his whole time at school friends with one, even became an animagus for him. Yes, werewolves were dangerous, but the Ministry position on creatures was beyond pathetic. Dumbledore's word, no belief, had been good enough to condemn the heir of a Noble and Most Ancient House to Azkaban without the full Wizengamot trial that was his right. House Black would be supporting House Potter's claim of Line Theft against House Crouch.

Cartwright arrived back at his office well satisfied with the outcome. Harry Potter's accidental magic seemed to have made the wizards forget about him. Cartwright didn't know how long that would last. For the time being, it was more than good. Dumbledore's eyes on Harry had been removed. Sirius Black had been freed and exonerated. It was now known the Harry had been blood adopted into House Black. That made the Black alliance more relevant. Lord Arcturus Black was back in politics and boy was he pissed off. Harry's house was being repaired. At some point, he'd go after the Dursleys for abuse. Harry would be getting rent and money was stopped being paid to the Dursleys and that paid was being recovered. Cartwright had gone after House Crouch. Remus Lupin had got the security the Potters had wanted for him. Augusta Longbottom was on the warpath and somehow that vulture hat seemed apropos. She might even remove her son and daughter-in-law from St Mungos. They weren't getting better there.

Dumbledore had to put his contingency plan into operation. Neville Longbottom was now the boy-who-lived and yet had not performed any accidental magic. He could be a squib. That would make fighting Tom, on his return, difficult. The Wills were in the public record, he'd had to pay out 600000 galleons from his secret stash and had his reputation trashed with Remus Lupin, who now had the security he had long denied him. There was also the problem of Severus Snape who had been tied to the attack that Halloween and was now in custody under the eyes of a very active head of the DMLE. Sirius Black being free didn't matter because there was no Harry Potter around. Still, it was awkward. Dumbledore didn't give Mrs Figg starting a decade in Azkaban a single thought.

Augusta Longbottom took Frank and Alice home. Neville was really happy. She arranged for a freelance obliviator to start the process of isolating the attacks and rolling them back. Over the next week, a couple of obliviations and there was a marked improvement in Frank and Alice's condition. A month and they had been restored to normal. Both wanted to complete their final year of auror training. Augusta had got tired of Dumbledore's constant floo calls requesting to work with Neville.

Algie, Neville's Uncle, worked for the Department of Mysteries and he was seeing ripples in time and that wasn't good. Something had happened in November 1981 that had affected the entire magical world. He couldn't remember what it was either. It had to have been bad for the Department to be affected as well. Bagnold had vanished without trace. Algie had no explanation. Death Eaters left alone, which was totally inexplicable. Some sort of trade off. Possibly. There was nothing in the records. There was the strange fact that no new legislation had been passed by the Wizengamot since that date. He heard from Augusta all about the 'review' of Sirius Black's case and the interesting facts that had brought to light. Anything that took Dumbledore down a peg was a good thing in Algie's view. Something that got Arcturus Black back into active politics was nothing short of miraculous.

For Amelia Bones having Severus Snape and Hagrid in custody was a headache. It was Dumbledore said this, ordered that or vouched for me. Snape didn't say anything. He provided no information as to why he'd been in the house. He wouldn't return the sheet of the letter. Hagrid kept on going on about Dumbledore being a great man. He was definitely guilty of kidnapping Harry Potter. How much responsibility he bore had not yet been determined. A month of frustration.

Dumbledore had to recall Slugthorn, once it became clear that the Ministry had more than enough to send Snape to Azkaban. Hagrid was also due to spend time in Azkaban. Amelia Bones had to admit that she had never seen Dumbledore look so lost.