Chapter 25

Group messaging

Ino: What's everyone doing for Halloween?

Tenten: Working. Do stop by with your costumes. I wanna see.

Sakura: Any ideas on costumes?

Ino: Are you guys doing couple's outfit? Or group?

Hinata: I don't think Sasuke will want to dress up.

Tenten: To be expected. Just put cat ears on him and call it a day.

Sakura: You have a better chance of dressing Neji up.

Ino: He would make a pretty girl with his long hair.

Tenten: If we stuff some melons in his shirt, do you think Sasuke will be able to tell him and Hinata apart?

Ino: We should try!

Sakura: Let's do it!

Hinata: Lets not. Neji will be very upset.

Tenten: Tie him up?

Sakura: Alcohol?

Ino: Drugs?

Hinata: Let's talk about our costumes!

Sakura: What bra size do you think he needs?

Tenten: Hinata is at least a D

Hinata: -_-

Ino: Gonna need some big melons.

Sakura: How about two large grapefruits?

Hinata: You guys are terrible!


Itachi half listened to the person talking to him. It always seem to be the same thing over and over again.

'How are you? How's business? How's the family? Did you hear about such and such? Have you met anyone yet? I have someone if you're looking. What's the goal for next year?'

Even if they weren't tired of asking the same questions, weren't they tired of hearing the same answers? His mind checked out even before he came. Now he only had one thing to look forward to and that was finding Hinata. Scanning the room, he spotted her talking to some old lady. He excused himself and walked her way.

"Excuse me, Hinata-Chan! Can I borrow you for a second."

He lead her away.

"Ah, Itachi-kun. How are you?"

"Good and yourself?"

"Very well, thank you. What's the matter?"

"Oh it's nothing to be alarm about. I just heard some interesting news the other day and wanted to discuss with you."

"Oh? What about?"

"You see, someone told me that you and Sasuke declared your undying love for each other."

"W-w-wahhh? W-w-we d-did not..."

"So it's true. I'm not surprised. That's not what I wanted to discuss though."

"Um...I'm not...follo-"

"Should I call you 'sister-in-law' now? It does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Or do you want to be call little sister? Since I do call Sasuke little brother."


"Should we announce it at dinner? How do you think they'll take it? I can't wait to see the look on their faces."

"I-I-I-tachi-kun, p-p-please s-s-stop joking."

"Mother will be so delighted, little sister!"



"Why are you smiling? It's creepy."

Sasuke said to his brother who sat opposite him at the dining table. Itachi wasn't deterred by the statement, he only widen his smile.

"Oh, I was just thinking about my little chat with Hinata-Chan the other night."

"What did you do to her?"

"Itachi, I hope you didn't scare my future daughter-in-law!" Mikoto chimed in.

Her statement got three different reactions from each of the men sitting at the table. Her husband showed no reaction like he didn't even hear her. Itachi's eyes seem to shine even brighter with mischief. Sasuke almost dropped his rice bowl.

"Oh, mother, I would never do anything like that. I simply told Hinata-Chan that she feels like family and I'll start calling her sister-in-law."

"ITACHI! You make me so proud!"

Still no reaction from papa Uchiha, but Sasuke fell out of his chair.

"I'm still in school!"

"So? Your father and I got married at your age. Right, honey?"


"Tell Itachi to get married!"

"That's right...Itachi, I'm setting you up with a marriage partner." Mikoto stated.

Itachi did not foresee this turn of events, but he should've expected it.

"No need, mother. I'll work on it, myself."

"You have a year! Tell him, honey."


Now it was Sasuke's turn to smile creepily at Itachi.