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"DAMN IT!" I shouted, throwing my controller on the ground. I was on what seemed like my hundreth attempt to kill Sonny, but, once again, was shot to pieces and laying on the floor. "DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IT!" I stood up and stretched, muttering to myself as I looked out my window. There was a hellacious thunderstorm building up. "Jesus, Vercetti must be some kind of moron. What kind of person can't take out a single man? And why does it take so many hits to kill him anyways? DAMN IT!" My tangent was interrupted by my phone ringing. I chuckled as I noticed that on my TV screen, Tommy Vercetti was answering his phone too. Even though there was a huge storm outside, I was so bored, I threw caution to the wind and picked up the phone. "Speak" I said, grabbing my playstation controller to attempt this mission one more time.

Before the person on the other end could speak, a huge bolt of lightening hit right next to my house, followed by thunder that sounded like a gun being fired right next to my ear. At the exact moment that the bolt of lightening hit, the phone began to buzz loudly, and my ear felt like it was on fire. "What the..?" Before I could finish my sentence, I felt my body being thrown back. I lost my balance and fell, hitting my head on my desk on the way down. Right before I lost conciousness, I noticed that on my TV screen, Tommy Vercetti was missing from the game. Then, everything went black.


I awoke to a sight I never thought I'd see. I was staring at a man holding a gun over my body. "WHAT THE SHIT!?" I said, fully awake now.

The man kept the gun pointed at me. "Don't move" he said, in a deadly calm voice.

My breath got caught in my throat. I knew that voice. I'd heard it before. Except when I'd heard it before, I'd only heard it two ways. One was when I was watching any movie with Ray Liotta in it, and the other was when I was playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. But this sure as hell wasn't Ray Liotta in front of me. I opened my mouth to say something, anything, when the man spoke again.

"Don't speak either", he said. It was then that I looked at his outfit. A hawaiian print shirt. Blue jeans. White Sneakers. The chain around his neck. The pieces all came together.

"T-Tommy Vercetti?" I stammered.

"I SAID, DON'T FUCKIN--" He stopped suddenly. "How did you know my name? Where am I and how the hell did I get here? Did Sonny send you?"

I gulped nervously, still not taking my eyes off the colt python pointed at my head. "Well, I can answer two of your questions right now. One, you're in my house, and two, I wasn't sent by Sonny. I have NO idea how you got here, and if you just take that gun out of my face, I'll explain how I knew your name."

Tommy thought about it, then lowered the gun, but kept it trained on me, ready to fire if I acted suspiciously. "Now tell me how you knew my name."

I took a deep breath, and picked up the instruction guide for the game and handed it to him. The words came out in a rush, as they usually do when I am nervous. "Well, see, there's this game called Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and in the game, you basically run around Miami kicking everyone's ass as a character named Tommy Vercetti. And I know it just sounds crazy but I was just playing the game, and normally you would be right there" I pointed at the TV screen, where the game was still continuing as normal, but without the prescence of Tommy. "But for some reason, God knows what, you aren't, and you're here in my living room, and I don't know what else to think, except maybe I'm still knocked out from the lightening and--"

Tommy cut me off. "Lightening?"

I nodded. "Yeah, I was on the phone, and lightening must have struck the phone lines or something, because I got knocked flat on my ass, and when I woke up, you had this big fuckin' gun in my face."

Tommy then put the gun up. I breathed a sigh of relief. He paced around for a bit glancing at the instruction manual, then occasionally looking at me. "Well, I was standing around, minding my own buisness, when that damned cell phone rings. It rings day in and day out. Drives me absolutely nuts. So I answer it, and when I did, lightening struck right next to me, damn near hit me in the head. Then next thing I know, I'm in this cheap ass house, with some girl laying on the floor."

I got a little pissed there. Cheap house? This house cost more than I cared to think about right now. "Well," I said, getting up and sitting on the couch. "At least now we know how you got here. The only thing we gotta figure out now is, how do we get you back?"

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