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I sat on the couch for what seemed like an eternity, resting my head in my hands. Even though I knew that Tommy Vercetti was standing right in front of me (I slapped his arm to find out, and REALLY pissed him off), I still couldn't believe what was happening to me. A video game character was sitting in my living room, watching my TV, and raiding my refridgerator. I was about to lecture Tommy on manners, and not just helping himself to whatever he found when the phone rang, keeping me from opening my mouth, and saving me from a major ass kicking. Before I even had a chance to say hello, my best friend's excited voice came on the line.

"Stevie?! I just got off work, and you'd better be packed, because it's nothing but fun and sun this weekend!" Lara's excited voice poured out from the receiver.

I sucked in my breath. Shit. She and I were going to Daytona Beach for the weekend. How was I going to explain a man in tacky clothes, armed to the teeth, coming along with us. I grimaced, imagining the scenario. I had to get out of this trip. "Uh, wow, you must be psychic, because I was just fixing to call you." I am a horrible liar. "My mom just called, and my dad is sick, so I'm going to have to go up to Mississippi for a while...you know?"

Lara sighed, but immediately cheered back up. "Well, that's cool, I'll go with. I haven't seen your dad in forever, and he'll need all the cheering up he can get."

"Actually, Lara, that's not such a great idea. Uh, Mom says that he's having...uh...some diarrea, and I don't think that he would be up for anyone other than family being there." I closed my eyes and sighed. Yeah, she was gonna fall for that one. I could never be a politician.

Amazingly, she went for it. "Oh, uh, ok...well, I guess I could ask someone from work to go along."

"Sounds like a plan," I said. We then said our goodbyes and hung up. I leaned against the wall and sighed heavily. Damnit, there went my chances of showing off that hot bikini that I had bought, all thanks to some fake video game character. A fake video game character who was sitting on my couch, watching Jerry Springer and laughing hysterically. That just pissed me off. If I wasn't going to go out and have fun this weekend, then NOBODY was. Not even one Mr. Vercetti. I stormed over to the TV and turned it off.

Tommy sat up straight, stared at me menacingly and said slowly, "I was watching that."

"Yeah, and I was going to the beach this weekend, so tough shit." What was I thinking? I was backtalking a man that could squash me like a bug if he wanted to. I guess that I had reached the famous "breaking point" that I heard about so much from my mother. "Well, thanks to you, we gotta leave town for the weekend," I said, heading into my room to pack some clothes.

Tommy walked into my room and stood in my doorway. "Thanks to me? Excuse me, but I was just minding my own buisness, in my own little virtual reality world, when I was dumped into YOUR house. So, don't give me that 'your fault' shit, ok?"

I sighed and ran my hands through my hair. "Look, I'm sorry about that. It's just, I had plans for this weekend, and I was really looking forward to it, and then, this happened, and now, we have to leave town because I just lied to my best friend, and I'm just a little stressed, and unlike yours, my life has NO reset button, ok?" I grabbed my suitcase and headed for the door. "Now, let's get going, we got a road trip to go on."

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