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*Chapter 5: "My Wish Finally Came True"*

One year later, Jennifer and David were in his house, having dinner with Henry and Monica.

"And when will you work after you finish you career?" Monica asked Jennifer.

"I'm not sure" she answered "I could work in Boston, but I might go back to Canada"

"You can try working in New Jersey's Central Hospital" suggested Henry "They need a lot of doctors"

"Sure, I'll consider it" Jennifer said.

"Henry, you know we have a meeting tonight, don't you?" Monica asked a moment after.

"Oh, yes. I almost forget it" he said, and then he talked to David "I hope you won't mind if we leave you two alone. Martin is at one friend's house, he'll come tomorrow"

"Don't worry, Dad" David said, and Henry and Monica left.


David and Jennifer were reading a book, tightly embraced, sitting in the sofa. Jennifer was finishing a page, and David looked at her, and some thoughts crossed his mind. He wanted her very much, but he didn't dare to tell her that…

He touched her cheek with his hand, making her turn to him. She looked up at him and saw the love into his eyes. A flame of passion was burning into her heart and she knew she wanted him as much as he did want her, she wanted him more than anything. So she came closer to him and kissed him. He returned the kiss with all his heart, hugged her closer and stood up, taking her into his arms, never breaking their kiss. He walked with her to his bedroom, and he opened the door, leading her inside. He kissed her very tenderly as she unbuttoned his shirt.

"Jen…are you sure about this?" he asked her "I do want to do this, but I don't want to push you"

She just nodded, trembling with excitement and fear at the same time, and finally took off his shirt.

David smiled and kissed her again, lying her down on the bed as gently as he could, covering her with more sweet kisses…


David woke up at 1:30 a.m. He opened his eyes and saw the young woman sleeping besides him, so lovingly cradled into his arms. He sighed, remembering what happened that night. Now Jennifer was his.

He caressed her soft brown hair, and Jennifer moved slightly, and opened her eyes, looking up at him. He smiled at her, and kissed her very deeply and passionately.

"I love you, Jen" he mumbled within the kiss.

"I love you, David" she whispered, and closed her eyes to let him dot her face with more soft kisses.

David hugged her, and she soon fell asleep again, covered only by his dark blue sheets, quite comfortable into his strong arms. She looked so beautiful, so angelic sleeping there, that he didn't wake her up, he just saw her sleeping. Then he came close to her and kissed her forehead, feeling glad for being there with her, like she was meant to be there with him, not just that morning, but every morning in the rest of his life…


"And that's how I met your dad, Monica" a woman said to her child "Monica?" she added when she got no answer from the girl.

"She fell asleep, Jen" her husband said, coming to the sofa where she was sitting.

"Thank God, David" Jennifer said "I feel so tired…"

"You need some sleep too" David said "Go ahead, we don't have to go to the clinic until 6 a.m."


"I'll take Monica to her bed"

"Thanks, hon" she said, and he climbed the stairs, carrying the little girl in his arms.

By this time, 8 years had passed and David had married Jennifer. They worked together in a hospital in New Jersey. Two years later, they had a child, a six-year-old girl called Monica (named after David's mother), who had pale skin and brown hair, just like Jennifer, and the same deep blue eyes of David.


David had reached little Monica's bedroom and put the girl in the bed, covering her with the white sheets. He looked at his little child sleeping and kissed her forehead, turned off the lights and left the bedroom.


He went to his bedroom, and saw Jennifer sleeping in the bed. He reached up to her and gave her a gentle kiss in her lips. Then he took a picture he had on his nightstand and looked at it. It was a family portrait: his mom, Jennifer, little Monica and himself. And he thanked God for everything he had: his wonderful mother, his loving wife, and his adorable daughter…

David had reached all he wanted. To be real…to love and be loved, a love that gave and would keep on giving. As he lied down on the bed and hugged Jennifer, a smile crossed his face.

"My wish finally came true" he whispered, closing his eyes, and he soon fell asleep.

The End.

"If you ever become a real boy… remember me to the ladies when you grow up" – Gigolo Joe. "Artificial Intelligence"


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