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The inspiration for this story/letter. My other stories will be updated as soon

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------- break between narrative and the letter

The Letter.

It had been two weeks, two very long painful weeks, it started on Tuesday and lasted until now, the hardest weeks of his life, and he had his fair share of long, hard painful periods of time, now he had to do something that would beat everything that he had ever been through…now he had to go through Her belongings and give them to the people she would have wanted them to go to.

As he looked through Her desk drawer he came across an envelope with his name

Written messily on the front in Her beautiful, childish writing. He sat staring

At it for the longest time before he decided to open it and see what She, his

Angel, his Princess had written to him.


My darling Husband, My Handsome Prince, My Mamo-chan,

This will be the very last time you hear from me, not just verbally, but everyway

Possible, I promise that I will visit and look after you forever.

Now to get to my point of this letter, I couldn't leave without letting you know

What I have to say, and how I feel.

You are the light in my life; you always said I was the light in yours, but that

Is not the truth, we were the light to each other, you cared and protected me

When I needed it, you loved me as no other could and I loved you the same. My

Life had no meaning before we met, but you added to my life and gave me the meaning that I needed.

The fights that we had, they made me mad at you, but at the same time they made me fall in love with you, madly and deeply. I knew neither what you or I said was the truth of what we were feeling, I knew that it was to hide the attraction we both felt... so I continued day after day fighting with you, while you hid behind your shield of

Ice that surrounded your heart, and I behind my clumsy and klutzy blonde nature. I am so glad that the battle in the Starlight Tower finally freed you from the shield, for it let our feelings as Usagi and Mamoru become as free as our feelings as Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. Thank you for loving me.

That is not all I have to say, there is so much to say, but so little time.

Tomorrow I will have our baby, he will be a healthy strong son for you to raise,

No matter what love him and care for him, none of what will happen is his fault.

I dreamed, it may not have been real, but this letter is a just in case letter.

I dreamed that after our son is born... I will die, it will not be painful, but

It will be the end of my life...


Chiba Mamoru sat at the desk with tears in his eyes, not quite believing what he was

Reading, his Usako had written a letter about her upcoming labour and her death.

Mamoru placed the letter down and picked up the framed picture of his late wife,

It had been taken the week before the baby was due; she wanted it as a memory to

How big she had gotten with the new life that was growing inside her, their son,

The baby they longed for, the baby that until the night before his birth they

Had assumed was a daughter, the daughter they had seen from the future, their



...Mamo-chan, in my dream I saw my mother, Queen Serenity, she told me that the future we saw was to be later than we thought. I know we met Rini and saw the future that she came from, but that was a thousand or more years away. Mother, Queen Serenity told me that I needed a rest, after all the battles in the last 5 years my powers have diminished and for them to grow strong I need to die and be reborn later on,

Eventually you will die and be reborn too as will all the scouts save for Sailor Pluto, your job now is to raise our son, for he will grow old and be reborn to us later on eventually in Crystal Tokyo. He will be the new protector of Earth, taking over where we left off, he will have guards, (the scouts children) and the Crystal to help him, so do not worry.

Yes, I am scared, I know how I will die, and I saw every moment of it. Things will

Go well, labour will be slow to start with, but my waters will break and it will

Go very fast and painfully from there, he will come out looking to the sky,

Looking for the Moon, as all the children of the Moon do. When I go it will be slow but not painful, I will spend time holding our son while my life force drains out of me, they will try all they can to save me, give me blood, and other medications to stop the bleeding, but it will not work, Destiny has been at work again and nothing can stop

It. I do not want to leave you and our child alone; I will keep an eye on you

Both but I will not be able to speak to you, I need to store my energy as much

As possible for when I am reborn I will be Princess Serenity, future Queen of

Crystal Tokyo, my scouts and you will follow in time, but for me it is important

I go now.

When it comes to the funeral, do not...and I mean it, DO NOT wear black, or any

Traditional mourning clothes, I do not want to be mourned, I want my life to be

Celebrated as I celebrated it during my lifetimes, both of them. I want a party,

I want cake, balloons, music...I want the whole nine yards, no crying either.

All I want is for you to place roses, your special roses with me all the time,

Come visit and place roses, I will not be there but it is a place for you to

Remember me, love me and cry for me, you can cry Mamo-chan, but not the day of

My funeral, cry now, the day after, but not on the day. Please try to find love

Again, I want a mother for my son, I don't mind who it is as long as she loves

You and him as much as I.

Now, tell the scouts what you wish about this...tell them that even at our worst

Times, our worst arguments that I loved them all as sisters, including our

Tomboy Amara and the elusive Setsuna, tell them all that I will never stop

Loving them, they will be in my heart for all eternity, just as you and our son

Will be.

For our son, tell him everything except how I died, I don't want him blaming

Himself for what happened, tell him about Tuxedo Mask, the Sailor Scouts and

Most importantly Sailor Moon. Give him a Royal name, separate from his normal

Name and explain why he has it, tell him about the Silver Millennium, about

Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, of the love we shared and the battles we

Fought, tell him I loved him from the second he was conceived, tell him who I

Was, not just as Sailor Moon or the Princess but also as Usagi.

My time grows short, labour will start soon, and I need to sleep so that I have

The strength to stay alive and spend those precious minutes with our son and

You. As you sleep I keep watching you, remember me, love me and I shall always

Be there with you, always and forever.

All my love, Usagi Serenity Tsukino Chiba

Princess Serenity of the Moon And Sun Kingdoms, Princess of the Silver Millennium & Sailor Moon.


As Mamoru placed the letter on the desk there was a knock on the door, it was

Makato, Minako, Rei, Ami, Amara, Setsuna, Michiru, Hotaru, Luna and Artemis

Coming back to the apartment with the baby after taking him for a walk while Mamoru went through Usagi's belongings. The baby had yet to be named, Mamoru had been to distraught to do it before, but now…now he felt better than he had two weeks ago.

Mamoru let them in and as soon as he could he picked up the baby and hugged him

Tight, breaking into fresh tears, knowing that he had been neglecting his son

Because he blamed him for his Usako's death. But from now on Prince Apollo, or more commonly known as Kenji will be loved, cared for and cherished by his father and their family…