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The Letter.

The Reply.

Mamoru had decided to write a reply to his dearest, his wife. It had been a long year since his wife had left him, died to give herself a rest before the becoming of the new millennium.

Kenji was a year old today, there was a huge party for him with everyone important in his life present. The senshi were all present, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, babies and grandparents were present also, but the one important person in his and baby Kenji's life was missing, that is what prompted Mamoru to write this letter, the pain of not being able to share this special time with Usako and the need to tell her what has happened in the last year.


Dearest Usako, my princess, my love,

Today our baby is one year old, you my beloved are not here to celebrate. In my heart I know that you are here in this room with us, but you are not here to hold our beautiful son as he puts his feet in his cake instead of blowing out the single candle.

Sometimes I wish that I could end my life and be with you, I know that I must not think of such things, for the sake of Kenji. He is such a wonderful baby, he has two teeth and was walking with furniture by the time he was eight months old, now he can say dadda and walks on his on, he can even say mamma, but he calls everyone that.

The girls have all been wonderful, once a week they take him for a walk and every week they take turns in having him over for the night, they all love him as if he was theirs.

Rei had a baby three weeks ago, a beautiful baby girl who they called Sakura, after your love for Card captors, she has Chad's temper and Rei's colouring. Rei cried all the way through labour, not for the pain, but because you was not there to see her with her baby. She misses your arguments, your tongue wars and the way you always read her manga way before she got to.

Makato, she was pregnant while you was, remember? She had a little boy, she called him Lee, he is definitely like her, he can crawl, and has two teeth and likes to show them to everyone by biting. Makato misses you eating her cooking, she always says that no one could eat like you, but I think Kenji will be like you in eating.

Minako is married to Andrew, she is pregnant with twins, she says that you told her that one day she would have twins, she wishes you could be here to share this time with her, they all do.

Ami, now she is the surprise, after her relationship with Greg went wrong she stuck herself into her studying and work, this is the part that you will like. Ami decided that she didn't want to be the only inner senshi that didn't have a baby, so she has gone for IVF, but it didn't work, and I didn't want Kenji to be an only child, so I offered my services to help her have a baby. We used modern techniques to make the child and she is now three months pregnant, I knew that you would not mind, after all, Ami was your greatest and first senshi friend. We don't have a relationship, other than the one we had before, we have agreed that I will be a father to the child, and I will support her and the baby until she can go back to work, but we will not live together. We thought about, you did say that I should have a relationship, but I just can't do it, and the next big surprise is that Ami has fallen in love with a transfer med student called India Jade, they have a great relationship and are talking about getting married next month. India knows about the Silver Millennium, and the Sailor Senshi, it turns out that she was known as Sailor Sun in her previous life, but had lost her transformation in this life.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you what your father thought about the name I gave to the baby. He cried when I told him, and then hugged me, can you believe? Your father didn't like me at first, do you remember when he chased me down the street with that gun? But he cried and hugged me because I named the baby after him, I knew that one day you hoped to have a boy and name him Kenji, but we thought that he was a she, so we never discussed a boy's name while you was pregnant.

As for the outer senshi, Setsuna took up fashion designing, she is very successful, because she is successful she started her own label, she called it Millennium designs, her first wedding dress was designed with you in mind, it was beautiful, just like you, and because Minako looks so much like you, she was the one to model it.

Michiru and Amara got married and adopted two beautiful little girls, sisters who lost their parents in a boating accident, it was such a shame, those beautiful girls are eight and nine years old and are just getting used to living with them after six months, it will take time for them, at least they talk to me about their parents, I told them about my parents and you and they opened up to me, and trust me, they remind me so much of you, trusting and caring, when I told them about you, they both hugged me and forgot about their own tears and losses. Their names are Jessie and Susie, their parents were American, and there was no other family members to take them.

Hotaru is sixteen now, she still lives with Amara and Michiru and enjoys having two younger sisters, she is dating your brother Shinji, they are great together, unfortunately your father doesn't agree, he is after all three years older than her, your father is more worried about Hotaru than he is your brother, after all she is a girl and your father latched onto all the girls, including Setsuna and Amara and treats them all like daughters.

You will like this, your father gave Michiru away at her wedding, as her own father disowned her for being a lesbian, he also gave Rei away, as her own father was too busy to attend, and her grandfather died a few years ago. Makato was also given away by your father, and Minako was given two cribs for her baby from him, as Minakos father gave her away he felt he needed to do something for her. As for Ami, your father, well I don't know what he has planned, Ami and I announced the baby she is expecting last week, and he was overjoyed at the news, I thought he would blow his top, but he was happy, knowing that as you loved life, so do we, and we are carrying out your wishes for Kenji to have a normal life.

We told your parents and brother, and the other close family members of us all that we are the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask, they were shocked and disbelieving at first, but then we showed them. They still love us and don't think that we are freaks, as we all thought that they might.

Anyway, my beloved I should go, I have so much that I want to tell you, but there is so little time, I will join you one day and then I will be able to tell you everything. I know that I don't have to tell you this last thing, but I want to anyway. I love you so much it hurts, I wish I could hold you one last time, but I can't, so I await the day when I can hold you in my arms again and kiss you senseless.

All my love, my heart, my soul to you my princess,

Mamoru Endymion Shields,

Prince Endymion of the Earth Kingdom.