On a hot day in the Dust on the planet of Pandora, an unconscious woman is in front of an old church next to an undug grave with a shovel lying in the grave. The woman is medium height, pale skin, platinum hair, and has a small scar on her right cheek. The woman is wearing a long blue and purple jacket, black pants, a white t-shirt, a black and gold belt, a gun holster on her waist that already has a gun in the holster, and on her right is a sword sheath belt with a sword in it, black boots, a strange device on her right forearm (Author note: think of Just Cause 3 Grapple hook), a silver earring on her left earlobe and two blue gloves. Suddenly the women started to wake up.

First POV

God, my head hurts like hell. What happened last night? I open my eyes and sit up, and I look around to see that I'm in front of an abandoned church next to an undug grave. How did I end up in this creepy place, but then I realize something else is wrong with me? Who the hell am I?! I can't remember my own name, and what happened to me? There has gotta be something that can tell me who I am.

I searched through my pockets, and in the jacket pocket, I found a broken yellow pocket watch with a name on the back of the watch that says "For my lovely sister Ash."

Ash, it could be my name or not, but it helps with having a conversation with someone who wants to know my name. The next thing I found was a couple of bullets, sunglasses, and a bottle cap. Then I turn my attention to the device on my arm. I see there is some grappling hook in the device and a button to the side. I guess that this is some grappling device. I got to try it out.

I got up from the ground and stretched my limbs for a moment. Then my tongue hit one of my canine teeth. It was sharp, and I went to my other canine teeth. It was as sharp as the other one. I wonder why. I looked down to see a gun in a gun holster. I took it out to see the gun to be a silver and brown Jakobs. Then I felt a weird feeling that I used this gun before and checked the chamber to see only three bullets left in the gun. I put three bullets into the gun and placed the gun back into my holster.

Then I took the sword out from the sheath to see it as a black and purple cutlass sword. I didn't have trouble handing the sword and feeling like I did with the pistol and putting the sword back into the sheath.

I try out the device on my arm. I point to a wooden cross a few feet away from me. I press the button, and the grapple hooks into the cross, and it pulls the cross out of the ground and back to me. This device is certainly going to be useful. With that out-of-the-way time to find some civilization, I begin to walk away from the church and walk down the hill. As I walk, the sun seems to affect my eyesight making it hard to see. I put on the sunglasses, and my vision was much better and all clear. Then I saw a large space station that looks like it has an h symbol with an eyeball in the middle of the h. I wonder what that could be. I continue to walk and then see the most bizarre creatures that come toward me from their holes full of webs there like some armored spider.

I quickly pull out my pistol. I don't know what took over me because I killed most of them with ease when the creatures were coming close to me. I don't know what took over. It must be some past instinct because I have no trouble with the pistol. Then more of those spider creatures, and one of them is on fire. I kill the spider creatures and manage to avoid a fire web from the fiery spider creature. I kill it, and coming out of it is a device, and I go to the device and pick it up to see it as a shield. Great, now I got some protection against those freaks of nature I put the shield on. So making this walk a lot shorter, I use my grapple hook to swing around the area, and I see some garage in the distance.

Good, maybe I can finally talk to a person.

Third POV

Ash manages to make her way to the garage to see a sign that says "Ellie garage," and comes around the corner. Ash sees a large woman with a heart tattoo on her chest.

"She's certainly big," Ash thought.

The large woman sees Ash "you know there is a front entrance right?" the woman yelled out in a country accent.

"Sorry I didn't know," said Ash rubbing the back of her head "can you tell me where I am?"

"Well your in my business,"

"No I'm meant planet,"

"You're kidding right?"

"No I'm having some memory issues,"

"Sweetie you are on Pandora,"


"The most dangerous planet in the galaxy,"


"Yep something in this planet probably wants to kill you, totrutre you, eat you and blow you up,"

"Great I have no memories and I'm stuck on dangerous planet," Ash thought.

"So do you have a name for mystery women?"

"My name is Ash, and your name?"


"Ellie I could use some help finding somewhere safe that I could collect my thoughts,"

"I know just the place. There is a town call Sanctuary that has a bunch of good people and my mom could help you,"

"That sounds good, where is it?"

"It's a long way but I got something to help you but for a price,"

"What is it that you want," Ash crosses her arms

"See there is a couple of psychos that come around my garage and shoot at my sign and I need someone to deal with them and that someone is going to be you,"


"Plus I'll let you use a catch a ride to get yourself a vehicle to get to Sanctuary, so what do you say,"

"Seeing got no other options deal,"

"Great because they'll be here in a about minute,"

"How peachy,"