A silver tabby was trembling. A small silver kit was mewling at her belly.

Her soft, grieving amber eyes were misty, but when the hazy eyes found the kit, they refocused. Rapid breathing slowed, and the silver tabby queen sank back in her moss-lined nest. The moss was brought by her son, Sparrowkit. Although he was only a kit, he was eager to act older than he actually was.

The silver queen's daughter, Sunkit, didn't try. She was shivering in the corner, but it wasn't from to cold.

Mistshade curled in her nest, shaking her head. She couldn't comfort Sunkit, when she was still grieving.

Two golden shapes were sleeping in their own nests now; they were too big to share nests.

But the silver kit was still small enough to share her nest, and to share his warmth.