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Here goes

Chap 1

Shiny, Shiny, SHINY!! Hehe look at all the shiny things.

"Buffy!" Hello?

There he is, look at him a fine man dressed in his green combat gear, makes you just wanna snuggle up to him and play the damsel in distress. More like Slayer in distress for me though.

His hair is all floppy, wouldn't you say? Kind of like bunny rabbit ears. Wow Anya would kill me for even thinking about bunnies right now.

Anyway he called my name and as I am the dutiful girlfriend I will pay attention. I WILL! Ooo he looks interesting. With that the green what do you call it growled and made me jump slightly and glare.

Damn my attention span but I can't ever seem to be able to concentrate when they start using those big ugly words like, Sir and private.

A hand reaches out and grabs my waist and suddenly I'm back in reality. Sort of.

"Buffy, want to see the new catches?" Boys and their toys. *Sigh *

"Okie dokie." Aw he's so cute.

Oh by the way, the HE is Riley. A fine man if I do say so myself, with an army background and muscles you could eat off. What more does a girl want? Shopping, money, and chocolate - Ok ok, he's every girls dream will that do?

Oh my god what is that? Now that is gross, all the purple slime and leaking spots - Ew Ew EWWW! Wait a sec - this looks more interesting!!

Oh lord; you know when I mentioned that Riley was every girls dream? THINK AGAIN! Now imagine the most perfect man in the world, complete with muscles, sparkling teeth and deep dark eyes. Now think about dark clothing and a badass exterior. That my friend is what I am staring at now.

Never knew a demon could look that good. Actually I wouldn't class him as a demon - more like a GOD.

The word perfection is whizzing through my head right about now. Then he smiles and my knees give way. I reach out and grab the guy beside me. Who are you again? Oh yea my BOYFRIEND!!

Oh no, here comes the look. The look that says, 'what do you think we should do with him? Do you think we should kill him?' How the heck do I know! I'm the slayer - hunt and kill are pretty much the only words I think about let alone the words 'save' and 'experiment on'.

The hot guy has come forward and is pressed against the transparent screen. Are those leather pants? No really, ARE THOSE LEATHER PANTS? Because if they are, OH MY GOD. What wouldn't I give to be ripping those off right now.

Did I say that out loud?

A look around the room confirms that I haven't.

Don't look at him, that's it look at your boyfriend, see that's the guy your supposed to be lusting over not some undead gorgeous prefect god that is stood right behind me, watching every move I make. Oh crap Riley is still waiting for the decision isn't he?

Back to reality.


"No what?" Can I cut your bunny hair off?

"No don't"

"No don't what?" I could dye it black and spike it up like that of the lush god.

"Huh?" I was distracted, yet again.

"Buffy, what do you think I should do?" Could change the kaki uniform to some black clothing.

"Uh, keep him." How could I let the god die?

I am facing Riley now with my back leant against the cell. I know he is stood behind me; leaning against the other side of the glass and that is enough to drive a gal wild.

Wild I tell you. WILD!

Damn I'm getting another look. What does this one mean? I want ice cream? No Buffy concentrate! Ohh he wants to kill the gorgeous god. Over my dead body he aint going anywhere near him.

What am I doing? I am the slayer, the chosen one, the one in every generation crap (for more information please contact the watcher, I'm sure he'll leap at the chance to read/lend/dictate from his books - he's done it to us enough times.)

Is that growling I hear behind me? Actually I think it's more of a purr and wow I want the undead god right now.

Focus and breathe. In and out.

Self, this is not possible, I cannot allow you to start lusting over the enemy. Imagine what Giles would say? Imagine what Riley would say? That's it, the demon is bad and evil and so damn gorgeous I could take him here and now in front of the entire initiative including my boyfriend.

That was sooo not a good sign.

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