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Chap 8

Oh No. No, no, no, no, NOOOOO!! Not today please not today.

From where I am stood I can see the ugly monster staring back at me, its piecing eyes meet mine and I don't even need to step forward to see the crater type face it has.

Ew, is one of the first words that spring to mind along with: Ick, urgh and AHH!!

Puss seeps out onto the skin behind and the skin surrounding the humungous boil that covers the face suggests immediate plastic surgery. Mind you I don't think that would help that much in this case.

"Why me." I mumble into the mirror once again, turning my face to look at the new herd of spots that have appeared over night.

And I am supposed to be meeting Angel tonight. My life totally sucks.


"Hey!" I call out brightly into the dimly lit library. "Earth calling library people, anyone around?" I take long leisurely steps into the room, scanning titles of books that are scattered across the table in the centre as I pass.

"Giles?" I ask a crumpled form, huddled over the desk in the back room.

"Humph?" I hear a faint mumble of recognition.

"You've been here all night huh?" I do pity the watcher occasionally I mean, his social life is, lets face it, non-existent and all he has to pass the time are these crummy old books with enough dust on them to cover the whole of America.

"Actually no." Comes a muffled reply.

"Oh? Then why fall asleep on your desk?"

"I've just been here since 5 that's all" See no life.

"So, whatcha looking at?" This time he lifts his head to look at me. His brown hair, sticks up of it's own accord and his glasses are hanging half way off his face.

"Just some extra studying, you can never be too careful." Quickly, I turn and start to leave the room. I can just feel a 'You should study more' lecture coming on.

Lucky for me I walk straight into Xander. Literally.

"Ow! Hey buff!" Xander smiles brightly.

Saved by Xander. You don't understand how much I could kiss him right now. Actually maybe not kiss him, but buy him a pizza? I know he likes pizza.

"Hi!" I smile back, maybe a bit to over enthusiastically because I receive a 'what you up to' look from Xander.

He opens his mouth to question it, when Giles comes striding out of the back room, his hair swept back from his face so it looks less morning hair- ish and his glasses are straight. "Buffy I really think you should be reading more of this text - "

This instantly silences Xander as he catches my drift. "Hey G-man, how's it going?"

"Quite well thank you." Giles looks up and smiles in return. "As I was saying, I've come across some interesting vampires for you to read about that have or rather some of them had, lived for hundreds of years. You could learn from their kills, learn how to be stronger." Ok, so maybe Xander didn't save me.

I groan inwardly and grudgingly take the musty worn book that Giles holds out to me. I am having such a bad day.

I take a quick glance that the open page and instantly I am intrigued to know more. At the top of the page it has a large title, scrawled in messy black writing that just seems to leap out at you from the page.


Spike. What a name! And I thought Buffy was bad. I continue to read and discover more about this unknown vamp. Apparently he was from England but his last known movements were in New York where he killed a slayer. His second slayer.

Must be a pretty mean old vampire to take out those slayers. Or they were just dumb slayers that were having bad days. I'm thinking it was my first guess. So instantly I conjure up an image of this vampire. Broad muscular frame, very tall and well built with malice lingering in his eyes. Maybe he was dressed in black?

A sketch on the next page proves to me that I am very wrong.

He is in his human form, his face contorted into a sarcastic smile that just reflects in his eyes. He has high cheek bones that are certainly a plus, for these make him look more handsome and deadly than can be believed. He's lanky looking but I can tell that every muscle in his body is highly tuned and strong, ideal for killing. His hair is slicked back by some sort of gel and in his left hand a fag is held loosely between 2 fingers.

I pulled my eyes away from the picture and began to read the text:

William the bloody aka Spike nicknamed the latter for his adventurous use of a railroad spike while killing his victims. During the past few centuries, he has been with Drusilla (his sire), Angelus and Darla his grandsires. This group of vampires were lead by Angelus, the scourge of Europe. Those who uttered his name did so at their own risk. Angelus was known for his torture and maiming of his victims. Many suffered under the vampire's wrath and he never showed mercy. Slayers feared him, watcher's feared him; Vampires feared him. That was until the group stumbled upon some gypsy's and Angelus was given a soul as a punishment for his evil.

No shit. No fucking way. Angelus sounds incredibly like Angel to me. So not only am I falling in love with a vampire, he also happens to be one of the greatest vampires that ever lived. Oh I sure do pick 'em.

I sigh and close the book. Maybe if I keep it shut long enough, all the information that I just read will disappear into thin air. I sneak another look and see the picture of Spike, leering back at me. Stupid book.


"So you coming tonight?" Willow's voice was eager with excitement.

"Yes, I suppose." I grumbled back. Ever since I read about Angel, I have this bad feeling about seeing him tonight.

"Y-You know, Dingoes ate my baby are playing tonight!" A high pitch squeal sounded down the phone.

"Yes." I sigh. This had to be the millionth time she had told me that today. You see, Oz the bands guitarist has suddenly had a brand new fan in the shape of Willow.

"Well I'll see you there at about 9ish?" I can tell she's distracted, busy thinking what she's going to wear tonight.

"Yeah, I'll do a quick patrol and see you inside." I answer back, placing the phone back on the handset and walking to my wardrobe.

Swinging both doors open I peer inside and decide on my options for tonight. We have blue faded jeans - Nah, wore those last time. We have black hipsters - Nope, don't feel like those today. And we have my favourite leather pants. Yes they will do.

I take them out and sling them on the bed, observing the smooth material as I do so. Next I pick out a red halter-top and soon it joins the pants on the bed. Gotta look my best, even if this wasn't going to be such a good night.


So I'm late! Big deal, I'm always late. I take a few steps inside and instantly I can smell the bodies of people as they cluster in groups around the spacious club. First stop is the bar, where I order just a coke and smile kindly to the barman that always serves me. I think his name is Jeff.

"Hey sweet thing." Here we go.

"No." I'm already walking away towards the dance floor.

"How do you know what I'm going to say, love?" An English accent instantly answers.

"Whatever you want the answer is no." I haven't even looked at him yet, but I would never let him near me.

I manoeuvre carefully through flailing limbs towards my usual spot, making an effort to stay in motion - you're only vulnerable to "unwelcome advances" if you stay still or make the drastic move to dance when your pretty much guaranteed to get an unknown pelvis pressed firmly against your ass within seconds.

Unfortunately for me, by moving I still have a jerk making his "unwelcome Advances". It's always got to be me.

"What if I don't want anything?" A hand touches my hip and this time I turn determined to kick some jerk a-

I stare up at the stranger and am instantly lost in his beautiful blue eyes. I take a step back to take in this man fully. He has a lanky frame, but still he is muscular, I can see that through his tight black t-shirt he is wearing underneath his long black duster. This guy is hot! Pity about the hair though. Platinum blonde dyed hair, that is slicked back with a heavy amount of gel and you can see his dark roots very slightly starting to show through.

"Had enough now pet?" A glint of sarcasm and mischief, shows in his eyes and suddenly I get an odd feeling that I have seen him before.

"I'm not interested ok?" I say it quietly, ashamed that he has caught me staring at him for so long.

I take one more look at his high cheekbones, and sarcastic eyes and suddenly it clicks. He was in the book, he's a vampire! As soon as I think it my senses kick in and alarm bells start ringing in my head. Why hadn't I noticed before?

"Maybe we should go outside, and we'll see if you're interested then?" A cocky smile spreads across his face.

How else am I going to stake the bastard? "OK." I smile cheekily back. We can both act honey.


It's cold out but I pretend not to feel it and follow him down the road slightly till we reach a dark alley. Now time to play the innocent.

"I-I'm not going down there." I put my best fake scared look.

"You don't have to pet." He is stood so close, that if he were alive, I would be almost able to feel his heart beat against my chest. His hands move to my upper arms, and gently stroke downwards.

I allow him to lean inwards more and I know he is about to do the novelty kiss cheek, kiss jaw, and bite neck routine. Just as his lips are inches from my face, I allow my identity to be revealed.

"Spike, you picked the wrong girl." I follow that up with a knee in his groin.

He doubles over in pain and I stand triumphantly above him. Hahaha! Look who's laughing now -

I'm lying on my back on the pavement and staring up at the starry sky above. Damn it. I hear footsteps fade away and know he has left me alone. But why? Why not take the opportunity to kill a slayer?

"Buffy?" A familiar voice questions.

"That would be me." I wince as I rise from the ground.

"You ok?" I find myself wrapped in cold arms.

"I'm fine Angel" I push Angel away and suddenly remember what I was going to ask him. "Or should I say Angelus?"

"Don't call me that." I can see pain in his eyes and feel anger in his voice.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He doesn't need to tell you dumbass he's a vampire! That's kinda what they do: Hunt and destroy.

"Tell you what? That I was the scourge of Europe? Tell you that I killed my family? Tell you I used to be one of the worst vampires this world has ever seen? Take your pick. You knew I was a vampire Buffy." He turns his back on me.

"Yeah but most vampires are dumb! They don't torture like you do! And I thought you had a soul the whole time!"

"Did Buffy, I don't torture anymore. Sorry for forgetting to tell you my past. It's not as if I didn't want to tell you, it's just - well it isn't exactly a good past to tell." Now he looks at me and I can see he is pleading for forgiveness with those deep dark eyes.

"Well you could have warned me about Spike." Anger and worry now appear in the chocolate depths.

"Spike? How? What?"

"He's here Angel. He's here in Sunnydale."

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