Title: My Woman

Just a little note to say that Billy is not in a wheel chair in this story. I also wanted to apologise in advance, because all mistakes are my own.

Summary: The moment my eyes locked with hers, I new she's mine. It's like the world dissolved around us, and all that is left is the beautiful creature before me. I felt a strong need to protect and cherish her, to love and hold her. Sounds like fucking marriage vows right? But there in that moment, that's how if felt. So what now? I know I'll have to tell her...

Disclaimer: S. Meyers owns everything Twilight related. I don't own anything from her magical supernatural world.

As I rose from the arm chair in my living room, I thinking about the latest new info I hear through the grapevine. There is a new chick on the res! I had yet to see her with my own eyes. She's staying with the chief of our tribe, who's her godfather after some family issues apparently. So that's who I'm doing the truck up for! Billy was very shady when I asked who he's giving his classic too. People talk, and when something new happens they gossip which is how I found out about the new chick, from Arizona apparently.

I'll guess I will meet her today. It's Monday the 21st of September, and Billy wanted this beauty done before his guest arrived. She needed to get back from A to B as she can't attend La Push, high for her last year of high school. She had to enrol at Fork's instead, poor girl is going to cross paths with the fucking Cullen's.

I down the last of my coffee, going into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Sue me! Yes I walk around butt naked, in my own home. Clothes and my body temp don't mix well for me. Hence why I tend to only wear shorts, reluctantly socks and sneakers. But I'll get to that later! And that's exactly what I do next, and I'm ready to leave to take the truck to Billy's.

I wonder just how protective of the girl the Chief truly is? I think. I know J and Kim have met her, because he wanted her to feel like she doesn't have to just sit around, and rely on him or Jacob, or just know them! Plus they are the same age, that's where I got this bit of gossip from any way. Jared and Kim came around for drinks, after there visit. I forgot to ask them what her name is, but they said she seems nice enough, so we will see.

Starting up this rustic beauty up; I admired my mechanical skills. The engine running smoothly, nothing sounding off, as I started to drive to the Black's place. I started feeling something inside of me start to change the closer I got. It only took me ten minuets, but felt like much longer than it should have. I couldn't describe the feeling to you, even if I wanted to form the correct wording.

It was starting to make me a little nervous to be honest as I drove her, onto the Black's land. I found myself sniffing the air, and the most delicious scent wafted up my nose, I ever did smell. My wolf rose on its back legs, and ears pricked up. Call me fucking crazy but my mind and body isn't just my own. Well it is, but eh, it's fucking complicated. That's basically the story of my freaking life.

Billy comes out and leans against the door frame, as a petite brunette leans into him for a hug. I can't see her face but my wolf and I decided we didn't like it. I shook my head and close my eyes, gripping the steering wheel, before releasing it, opening my eyes and got out of the car.

I'm spinning the key around on my index finger, watching the girl move away from Billy and turn to pick something up off, of the floor, or a chair that is behind them. The idiot steps in front of her, as she rises, back up. His eyes narrowed in, on me and focused on my behaviour I guess.

She looks around him, and that is when her beautiful chocolate brown eyes, lock with mine. The moment my eyes locked with hers, I new she's mine. It's like the world dissolved around us, and all that is left is the beautiful creature before me. I felt a strong need to protect and cherish her, to love and hold her. Sounds like fucking marriage vows right? But there in that moment, that's how if felt. So what now? I know I'll have to tell her... it felt as if the whole world dissolved around us, as and all I could see, hear and smell is this beauty. Suddenly things fall back into place, and I feel off balance for a moment. I am unsure of what move to make first. Billy suddenly cleared his throat, and my girl blushed a deep shade of red.

"Come in Paul, I guess we have some explaining to do. Bella, sorry to be a pain but your going to be late. I'll give Fork's high, a call. Please pop the kettle on and if Paul would like one, make him a coffee too." He said with hint of something I couldn't quite figure out.

"Paul can show you the truck later! This is more important." He finished saying, glancing between the two of us and hesitating before leaving.

Fucking finally! His presence around MY woman was starting to piss me off for some reason. Even though I know he isn't a threat, our eyes had never left each other's. Since this whole thing started.

When I heard the Chief on the phone, I stepped forwards and I saw Bella eye my naked chest, and couldn't help myself but flex my muscles. I smelt her arousal, and my dick hardens. Our skin tingles in a nice warm comforting way; as we step into each other's personal space, she gasped.

"Did you feel that?" She whispered.

"Yes, what did it feel like before, for you? When our eyes met for the first time."

"Like something I've never experienced in all my eighteen years of living. Like everything around us vanished and all I could see is you. It felt personal and..." she tried finding the right word, and we both whispered it at the same time: "Special." I took hold of her hand, enjoying the sensation our skin made. I could understand why Jared and Kim was always touching one another now. I'm the second wolf to do this! If this is what I think it is. Billy witnessed the whole thing, so I guess we will see what he says.

Sam thought he'd imprinted once, but he realised he hadn't; when she could easily leave him, and he didn't feel anything when she went back to Mhaka tribe randomly without even telling the poor dude she was leaving to begin with. That was before I phased, then Jared is the newest wolf, to join our small pack. He's been with us for six months now. I've been a wolf for just over a year.

I wrapped my arm around Bella, from behind whilst she made us the coffee, luckily she didn't seemed to mind, but actually leaned into me.

She wore a khaki green top, with lace sleeves and simple black jeans. I noticed she tucked her top in. For shoes she wore simple black lace things, that showed the top half of a bare foot. She smelt amazing too. I moved away reluctantly when she moved to put the coffee pot on the table and got milk from the fridge, including Billy's sugar cubes, he kept on the side.

She kept on sneaking glances at me, as if she was making sure I'm still there and hasn't disappeared! She's soon going to leaned she is stuck with me. I couldn't resist her any longer, and when she walked past me, I pulled her into my arms and caught my lips with my own. Sparks flew, and we both moaned. My hand found her breast, and she leaned into me even more, than we already are.

"Not in my bloody kitchen, you don't Lahote!" Billy said, breaking the spell of the moment, causing Bella to jump a mile as if she had forgotten where we are; and me to growl, and stand protectively in front of my woman.

"Cool it, beta! You know, I'm no threat."