Silence rang inside her head. Her mind feels like a foreign land these past days. Jane Volturi did not consider this to be normal. Days used to pass by like a blur to her. Every waking moment seemed to be a carbon copy of all the days she spent.

Her mind was plagued with such thoughts of her creator. It was not vulgar in any way but can certainly bring her on the edge.

It was also quite distracting.

The blonde vampire sighed, it was not needed but rather an expression of confusion.

"Cara mia,"

She could hear his silk voice inside her head. His milky red eyes bore holes into her soul as she refused to give her hand.

It has been bothering her for a long time already.

She laid her forehead against the cool tile as she let the warm water wash over her. Bathing had no effect on vampires, it was just the soothing feeling that it gave that the young vampire liked.

Athenodora would be brushing the young vampire's golden locks.

Jane and her brother were yet to join the ranks of the guards. The masters waited until their powers are honed. The twins were left in the care of the wives.

"Must you really brush my hair, Madame?" Jane asked as her hair was tied back with a black ribbon.

"It must have been a habit since Aro left you and your brother in the wives' care. It will remain as is until your powers are honed."

Athenodora was placing the Volturi necklace on top of her gray cloak. Their cloaks remained a light shade of gray until their powers are honed. Jane's red eyes met her mistress's in the mirror.

"You look rather impatient, is it about your powers?" the fair-haired vampire asked as she noticed the young vampire.

Jane remained silent.

"It has been decades since I was turned," she mumbles.

Athenodora placed her delicate hands on the young vampire's small shoulders. Jane had always reminded her of her husband.

She smiled at the brief memory when she reminisced when the twins were brought to Volterra for the first time. The guards had once thought the little blonde vampire was Caius's offspring.

"You have absorbed Caius's impatience, piccolina," Athenodora sighs. "Now run along, Didyme is expecting you in the music chamber. I believe you will be practicing with the piano."

Jane pulled up her hood over her head and went down to the music chamber. Her twin was in training with Caius in order to hone their respective talents. Alec would not be back until later.

It felt weird for the blonde vampire to be dotted on by the wives of her masters. Athenodora and Didyme did not bother to hide that they treated the twins as their own offspring.

Jane was given the maternal figure she longed for quite a while.

Letting out a sigh that was not needed, she pushed the double doors open.

Soft tunes were played in the grand piano situated in the middle of the chamber. The Volturi pride themselves in the arts, which was clearly evident with their rulers.

It has also affected the way they were educated.

"Jane, come closer... " she was greeted by a woman with raven hair that fell onto her back. In her face was the most radiant smile Jane had ever seen.

"Madame Didyme," Jane gave a small nod of acknowledgment and sat beside her.

Music filled the halls once again.

"You are distracted," Caius remarked in the middle of her training with him. His milky red eyes stared into hers. Jane knew there was a hint of worry in his tone but was masked with a cool and observant tone.

The blonde hung her head low.

"I'm sorry, Master Caius," Jane said.

"Clear your mind, child," he instructs her. "Distraction in the battle can lead to a disastrous outcome. You could get hurt or worse killed."

Caius stressed the word killed as Jane bit back a shudder. Due to her size, it was supposed to be an advantage against her opponents. Jane knew it herself that physical strength was not her forte.

She would leave that to Felix.

"Aro would not want that."

Her attention perked as Caius mentioned her creator. Caius suppressed a smirk as he simply knew his ward like at the back of his hand. The blond leader knew Jane wanted to impress Aro, to be deemed worthy of him saving them.

It was the only way to pay him back of saving them during that fateful night.

"You better start moving, Jane," he instructed as their lessons commenced.

Jane was showing improvements but he would correct her every now and then. The whimpering human that fell prey to Jane's clutches was breathing shakily.

"Knock him down," Caius instructs nonchalantly. The filthy man was sprawled on the ground, trembling in fear.

Jane's eyes mirrored the sadistic gleam that can also be found in Caius' gaze.

"Harder!" he barks as the blonde vampire engaged in torturing her victim. "Stronger, Jane. You can do much more than that,"

She looks at Caius, defeated.

"I cannot go further," Jane looks at him. "That's all I can do."

"Yes, you can, young lady. I'll show you."

Caius was right, she can actually go further. It was a little step to the progress that Jane wanted to attain. Their training continued on just like before.

He would take her out at night and practice. They would hunt someplace away from Volterra in an attempt to hone her skills. Hunting in Volterra was forbidden according to their unwritten laws. They would often go somewhere far away to hone the young blonde's talent.

"You are getting rather impatient," Caius said rather plainly as Jane let out a sigh that was not needed.

"H-How-" she stammers but he placed his finger on her lips to silence her.

Caius always knew. He could easily read her actions like an open book. He was one of the ruthless vampires, yes, but Jane kind of grew on him as time went by. Athenodora basically took her in her open arms and played the role of a mother.

"Do not let your guard down, young lady," His milky red eyes met hers. "It is why we train you this way. We cannot afford to lose you,"

It was the truth, after all, Aro would not allow losing the twins in such important matters. The eradication of the Romanian Coven was set, they should be ready in time of that.

Until then, Jane had to rely on her physical ability in order to survive. Which was something that was not well in her favor.

Reading has always been a boring task for Jane. The habit of enjoying pleasures in the written text was something Alec liked but she could not definitely like it.

She could only tolerate it.

Jane was sitting on the cool floor of the library. She had been like that for a long period of time already.

"If you are finished with staring at page 63 for an eternity, might as well join me in here,"

Jane scrambled to get up and out of the dusty shelves of the library. Her creator was sitting at his desk as his eyes looked up to her from the book that he had been reading.


That was her automatic response. He motioned her to come forward and sit beside him.

"I see that you picked up the habit of reading and seemed to be delighted," Aro remarked with a glint in his eye.

Jane looked at her master in confusion. He seemed serious enough not to tease her like this. His lips parted as he chuckled softly.

"I was just joking, cara mia," he looked straight into her eyes. "I certainly know you do not enjoy reading as much as Alec does,"

His delicate hand grazed her cheeks. The young blonde's breath hitched. There was an underlying feeling within her. A feeling of anxiety washed over her.

Aro's milky red eyes met her anxious ones. He had definitely heard her thoughts.

"Why would you think i would replace you?" he asks softly as Jane hung her head low.

"My powers are not yet honed," she slowly speaks. "You once told us we were destined to be powerful when we were changed,"

Her fearful eyes met his.

"My my, it seems Caius's impatience was something you absorbed with your training with him." Aro gave her a comforting glance as he stroked her cheek. "Fear not, my child. You will not be replaced because your powers are not yet honed."

For the first time, Jane smiled genuinely. He gave her a reassuring nod. Seeing her crestfallen and anxious was not something Aro was accustomed to.

A smile was much more suitable for her angel-like face.

"Now, much better. As for the guards picking on you, I would be the one to deal with them."

He saw a brief memory of the lower guards picking on her due to her small size. It was natural that they would pick on her, she was the smallest.

"You will be kicked out anyway, it has been decades since you and your brother were turned. Where is that great power you were destined for?"

It embedded in her thoughts. He kisses her forehead. She froze at his display of affection for her. It was the only way he could make her feel content.

A place where she belonged.

A solace.

That she certainly belonged to the Volturi.

"Run along child, you have far better things to do than shut yourself in a place you hate."

Once getting out of the room, Jane was at the crossroads. Her mind was a storm that blew rapidly. Her thoughts were divided, feelings were jeopardized.

Which left her mind be such a mess. But she knew one thing: She had fallen in love for her master. If he read the darkest fears of her mind, would it be safe to say he knew what her heart was telling her?

To fall for him was foolish, as her master only sees her as a child.

A child.

The guards occasionally had a habit of picking on the smallest members of the coven. Whether Jane was favored by the masters and wives or not, she was their prey. She was small and frail. Changed at the age of 15, she was trapped in a delicate body of a young child in their eyes.

"I think you should stop picking on Jane,"

Jane looked up and saw that it was a man twice her size. She was about to go back to her room when some of the guards cornered her.

"You are no fun, Felix." One of the cloaked members said. "It's a pleasure to actually pull on the witch's leg a little. Little Miss High and Mighty,"

Jane scoffed in response. One temper tantrum and she can have all the masters wrapped around her finger. It pays to have a childlike demeanor after all.

Aro adores her.

Caius treats her like a daughter.

Marcus was also very fond of her.

"You might not want to mess with the wrong person, Alegria," Felix said as he held out his hand for the blonde vampire and Jane gladly took it. "She is highly favored by the masters. Just because she wears the lightest of cloaks does not mean you can pick on her,"

There was animosity in his voice that actually made Alegria falter for a second. Jane's eyes darted towards the brusque man's cloak. It was a darker shade of gray, which actually belonged to a higher rank. His cloak was much darker than

"Of course, Master Caius and Madame Athenodora value the witch twins like their children." The vampire named Alegria said. "This little witch here is the devil spawn of Master Caius."

"Do watch your mouth, Alegria. The walls of the castle have ears." Felix reminded.

They left her alone as Felix escorted her back. Out of all the guards, Felix was the one Jane was actually tolerant of. She did not admit it out loud but she actually liked his presence whenever he is around her.

"Witch Twin sound so old already. It was an immortal child last week and devil spawn it is this week." Her inquisitive eyes met his. "Tell me, do they never run out of ideas of names to call us?"

Felix let out a small chuckle.

"It seems they never do." He said as they went up another floor. Jane's left hand was still holding his and she seemed to not have noticed it. The both of them looked like an unlikely pair, with Felix that was half her size, and Jane who seemed like a young child.

"Did they really think I was Master Caius' daughter?" Jane snickers.

"That was so much better than the other allegations," Felix said and the blonde vampire looked at him.

"They actually thought you were an immortal child." Jane gave him a look and he just rolled his eyes. "Yes, young lady. They actually thought the kings actually brought home something forbidden."

They stopped as they reached the doors leading to her room. Jane slowly let go of the tall vampire's hand and turned to him. The childlike innocence was lost in her eyes, she maintained a cool demeanor.

"Thank you for escorting me back," she said softly.

Felix looks back as he walked a distance from his room. Perhaps Jane was not too bad after all? He certainly did not get where the title of Witch Twin came from. He was also quite fond of the young blonde.

She was more of an angel rather than a witch.

It's been a while since I wrote a fanfic. The portrayal of the Volturi here is rather different from the plot points I found. Jane used to be a sweet girl but actually absorbed Caius' sadistic nature in the end. It was also canon that she and Alec did not immediately have their powers after they were changed. She and Alec displayed their powers during the annihilation of the Romanian Coven for the first time. This is set before that annihilation and we are moving closer to that