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Settings: Cullen Falls Boarding School (think of Legacies' Mystic Falls, mixed with Twilight's Forks, and even some parts of Marvel universe with superpowers)

Ratings: MA, mature audience only, with mature language, sex, drugs, and violence

Longer Summary: Bella always knew she didn't belong to this world. She didn't even know her real name. She never met her real mother or her father, having been left in a firehouse as a 6-month-old baby. Bella has bounced from one foster home to the next since she was a troubled child. Bad things, or "accidents" always followed Bella. She always felt like she was one step behind everyone else trying to catch up. Trying to be normal, but Bella is not normal. And never will be. Edward Cullen is another lost soul in the world. One of a kind Edward is as well. When they first met it was a supernova, two stars coming together in a stellar collision with stellar dynamics. As an evil is looming, threatening to destroy the Earth, can these two outliers save the world with powers neither utterly understand?



Cullen Falls Boarding School for Supernatural. It was a magical school hidden in the forest miles from Red River town, near the famous Eden Falls mountain range in West Virginia. It is where the humans, or mortals, who live blissfully ignorant to immortal supernaturals call Monongahela National Forest their home. This area is known for its most unmapped lands and deadly restrictive mountain range hikes on this side of the United States. With more than 900,000 acres, surrounding mountains & valleys, offering options from training with a camping ground, rivers, and even skiing ports for the students.

This place provides a haven where the newer generation of supernatural beings can learn what they are, control their abilities and impulses, and try to live outside and in the real world if they choose. In essence, every boarding school is a preparatory institution where students and teachers learn, live, and study together in a safe and secure campus environment. Like most boarding schools, they are within a short distance of nearly every major metropolitan city in North America. Cullen Falls Boarding school is the only supernatural school located in North America.

The Ireland school of magic is one of the most arduous and strictest; boarding schools in The Highlands of Ireland. Where mystical energy is at its peak, the union began with men, gods, and fairies. The magic school is in every continent, catering to the needs of the young supernatural. The oldest school is in Uagadou. The Ugandan of Magic school, located in the Mountains of the Moon in western Uganda, is the second-largest of the seven schools, accepting students from all over Africa as it holds the most ancient relics and crypts.

Cullen Falls Boarding school gets most of its funding and money from all the faction leaders of supernatural beings since it's the only school open to all supernatural beings. The vampires' money is ancient money from vampire clans like the Volturi Coven. The werewolves get their money from the original Crescent pack, while shapeshifts like Quileute boys get their money from their Indian heritage of the Quileute from the Pacific pack. The Gemini Cullen family of Germany, and fairies from the Fern family of Ireland, are the most significant and omnipotent families in their species. Each donation and resources like the teachers and book help shape the minds of these new supernaturals. The school is open for untrained witches, new werewolves just turned vampires and any other who has supernatural powers. It is safe, and the school has been a safe haven for over 200 years.