Chapter 3

As the limo made its way to the school, the front was crowded with almost everyone in Auradon Prep, this wasn't something the sixteen year old prince had wanted.

Truthfully he had hoped that it would just be himself and Fairy Godmother to meet the students but that got shot down fast as soon as the tabloids found out about the decree. It didn't name names, thank heaven, but it did mean the private affair became more like a spectacle. The only good thing was that some of the students seemed to make an effort to welcome them, even making signs doing so and the marching band playing.

Finally when the vehicle stopped and the door opened, two figures fell out, fighting over some kind of blanket. Ben wasn't so sure if he wanted to be concerned or laugh at the sight.

"OW! You got EVERYTHING ELSE! Why do you want whatever this is?!"

"Cause YOU want it!"

The two boys kept struggling to rip it from the other's grip until the other two girls came out from behind them.

"We should-" Ben started to say pointing as FG nodded and Audrey grabbed his arm as the three walked in the middle of the band to the limo just as the fight stopped. "Leave it how you found iiiit" FG said in a sing-song voice "and by that i mean just leave it."

The four all wore sheepish smiles as the taller one, Jay, Ben reminded himself, threw a lot of stuff back in the limo before strutting over with an eye on Audrey. "Hello foxy" he said and just hearing that, Ben bent his head down to try and hide his silent laugh "the name's …. Jay" he said with a smoldering look on his face.

Audrey could only give an awkward laugh as FG got in the way. "Welcome to Auradon Prep … um, shouldn't there be five of you?" she asked in slight confusion as Ben just noticed too. 'That's right … that one from Camelot. Hopefully this one wears deodorant' he thought with a slight wince. Camelot, having not embraced technology, also meant they did not embrace such inventions such as deodorant, or toothpaste or shampoo.

The four looked around and tried to stammer something about being asleep when Ben looked over at the limo and had to do a double take. Popping out of the top of the limo was a tiny feathered head which turned to the left and to the right all the way before a voice spoke out from inside the limo "Don't mind me, i'm only buried under mounds of chocolate these two were fighting over"

Jay and the blonde one, Carlos smiled sheepishly as they ran over and into the limo. Ben could see a lot of candy fly to the back seat as they backed out of the doors and a teenager in a blue robe, which he was fixing, came out with a walking cane in his hand looking somewhat annoyed at the boys' antics but not angry at least. Ben, unfortunately didn't know his name, haven not invited him like the VKs

It wasn't until seeing the boy was alright that the owl from before jumped onto the roof and fluttered over, landing on his head. Instantly Audrey let out a shriek and backed away when she saw it and the boy just let out a sneer "and here I thought you princesses liked animals" he said standing away from the VKs by about three inches but enough to where he'd be paying attention. Or at least he would have been if he wasn't showing his dislike of being here.

"Erm … yes well …" FG said, trying to start up again "I am Fairy Godmother, Headmistress" she said which got another scowl from the boy which she didn't notice but Ben did. He tried thinking why that could be that he missed Mal talking to FG about … something? "That was a long time ago" FG said, bringing Ben back to the present "and as i always say: don't focus on the past or you'll miss the future" she said in a hushed tone to try to be mysterious.

Unfortunately, this seemed to be the last straw as the boy let out a loud and sarcastic "HA!" and looked at her with a scoff. "Don't focus on the past, huh?" he said before gripping his cane which FG finally noticed and looked at the boy in slight fear for a brief second "interesting way of saying 'subjugate or suffer' isn't it?" he said before stepping closer and FG started to back away but then stood her ground. The boy dropped his tone to a whisper but Ben managed to hear it "did you even fight them when the witch hunts began?"

Ben saw FG's face pale dramaticly and felt he should try to do something and gently moved his arm to shield his headmistress, looking at the boy "there's no need to-" he said before faltering when the boy turned his gaze at the prince. Instantly, Ben got the impression a golden fire was burning in his eyes; one of pure hate and sadness and hurt. Did he have magic too? "To be angry … FG is a great teacher and-" "a traitor" the boy said harshly and none too quietly either as the other students started getting worried.

"Look I don't know who you are but-" Audrey started to say but was startled as the gaze turned to her "who I am?" he said through gritted teeth before backing away. "And you said she was a good teacher … who am I? … I am who I am, and I am who I was, and I am who I will always be" he said stiffly which made FG gasp lightly and covered her mouth, something the boy didn't expect because his face went from anger to confusion in less than a second and then like he had a complete 180 on his personality, backing away even more. "S-sorry … I ..." he said before faltering and looking away.

Ben knew something was up but also knew it might not be the best of the three of them were involved in his tour so he scanned the crowd and smirked. 'Perfect' he thought. "Mia!" he called, waving over to him as a sixteen year old girl came over.

She was naturally tan and athletic but also had the air of someone who spent a good chunk of time indoors. She wore a light brown blazer jacket over a light blue tank top and brown slacks and shoes. Her brown hair seemed to get lighter as they came down until they were pure white at the end. The only things that seemed to be a dead giveaway to her origin was a crystal shard hanging from a leather cord that was wrapped around her neck and a teal blue tattoo of what looked like a four point star surrounded by an outer aura of the shame shape behind where the crystal was, as though it were emitting a brighter glow.

"This is Mia Thatch, perhaps she can show you the place better than i can, um ..." Ben said, trying again for a name. At last the boy relented and said his name: "Wren … my name is Wren" he said as some of the fire from before seem to ignite but not as dangerously "my father is Merlin" he said before looking to the Atlantean girl curiously and awkwardly followed her. Watching him leave, Ben knew soon as he could he would have some research to do, but first thing was first.

"It's so good to finally meet you all" Ben said, stepping forward to make introductions.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

"So … you are from Camelot" Mia said with a playful smile to the young wizard as they walked the grounds, her accent was like most Atlanteans but it was obvious she learned English from her father as it wasn't as thick.

"Was it the clothes that gave it away?" Wren asked as Mia just tilted her head in thought, making a humming sound. "Well your smell didn't" she said but stopped and flinched upon seeing Wren's glare "sorry, that was mean of me" she said making Wren's glare turn into a confused frown.

"It was actually the accent, the people here in Auradon have the same accent as my tab'tob but he called your type … erm … 'British'?" she said, moving a strand of hair behind her ear in thought "although he has all these theories and such about the different lands and cultures and times, i mean Auradon would still not have indoor plumbing if not for befriending my people-" she said in a fast tone before blushing slightly and looked away, muttering in Atlantean.

The wizard felt bad for the girl as he bit his lip in thought. He had been there; going on a long tangent on something he found interesting or enjoyable, only to be shut down when no one would care. Mostly why he stayed up in the family tower back home, he had no friends.

"So … I take it no one wanted to use the flying fish?" he said offhandedly with a smirk, making Mai look back at him and slowly started to smile again and looked down at her crystal with a chuckle. "More like King Adam liked tab'tob's description from his realm" she said which made Wren confused slightly. Realm? There are other worlds? "Do not ask" she offered kindly "I tried asking once and my head hurt afterwards and I still didn't understand" she said as they continued walking.

"Ah, fair point … my dad might understand but I'm not that smart, not yet anyway" Wren said as Mai nodded in understanding "Now I see: the way you spoke to FG about magic, the owl, now the confirmation your father is smart … your father is the wizard Merlin, is he not?" she asked, making Wren stop and look at her with a quiet half laugh. "You're the first person I've met today that's figured it out, out loud anyway" he said, giving the princess of Atlantis a genuine smile before going back to walking.

The tour finally ended as, after showing him his dorm, Mai showed him where Prince Ben worked and knocked before opening the door. "Ben,is this a bad time?" she asked, sticking her head in to see the prince there alone. "Uh, nothing that can't wait … Audrey left for cheerleading practice and i got-" he said before looking down at the stacks of paperwork before putting his pen down, giving his full attention "what's up?"

Mai only smiled sweetly before opening the door and allowed Wren to come in and the prince understood somewhat. "Ah, right I was told … thank you, Mai for your help" he said as the princess only smiled as Wren thanked her as well before leaving the room, closing it behind her.

The atmosphere was tense as the two looked at each other, not sure of what to make of each other, until at last, Wren spoke up. "I suppose I might as well introduce myself if only to clear the air" he said with a tightness in his voice as if he was desperately trying to control his temper. "I am Wren Ambroseous, Son of Merlin Ambroseous, Court Wizard of Camelot" he said with a glare as if to dare the prince to scold or laugh. Instead, Ben looked as if all his questions had been answered.

"That's why you … of course" he said muttering to himself before getting up and Wren tried hard not to flinch back. "Listen, I don't know the full details on what happened between our fathers but … i swear to you, i have no issues with magic" he said as Wren went silent. Ben wasn't sure if he messed up or wasn't supposed to say that so he started stuttering an apology.

"Oh will you please stop your yammering?" a voice said, shocking the prince as he tried to find who said that before looking at the now awake owl on Wren's shoulder who was looking at him "honestly, how is a bird supposed to get any sleep around here?" the owl said which, unsurprisingly, led to Ben's jaw dropping.

Wren only rolled his eyes. "Ignore him, Aristotle is just grumpy … something we have in common actually … I wish to apologize for my rudeness today, I swear I normally have more self control than what I displayed." he said after Ben closed his mouth once more and nodded. "The letter my king sent might have told you this, but just in case it didn't; I am here because, like my father, I have the power to see into the future … nothing so detailed mind you. Snippets, images at best but nonetheless. At my king's request I have come to try to help in protecting you from what I have seen, for you are in grave danger from a dragon."

"Cool!" Ben said with a grin and obvious excitement before clearing his throat when he realized what he said "I-I mean … a dragon? You're certain?" he asked in a more refined tone which made Wren try everything to not burst out laughing.

As he finally got the twitching of his mouth under control, Wren simply nodded before clearing his throat "yes i'm sure … and somehow that girl, Mal, is connected to it. I'm not saying it's her fault" he said interrupting the prince who was obviously going to reprimand Wren for judging her as a villain kid "but the intuition of a wizard is almost never wrong" he said, leaving that comment hanging in the air for a moment. "I'll keep an eye on her" Wren said before turning to the door but Ben spoke up.

"No … I will" he said, making Wren stop in his tracks and look at the prince with a raised eyebrow "the four of them are here, under my invitation, therefore my responsibility" he said before looking down with a thought then back up at him. Moving around his desk "these visions … can they be changed, must they come to pass?" he asked but was answered by silence for a while as Wren thought on that.

"My father sent me here, Prince Benjamin … if i was never destined to be here to begin with, then perhaps the future set before you might change. For good or bad" he said moving his thumb along the top of his cane. "Truth be told I am only a novice with my magic, only learning when I was eleven … five years … I'm lucky I can see what i can with what i can" he said as his expression turned stony again "my father may be the greatest wizard of all time, but your father … took his magic books and broke his wand. I doubt I'll ever forgive your family for that, but I was tasked to keep you alive" he said before scoffing and turning back around to face the door and closing his eyes.

"And so help me, I feel as though you'll be giving me grey hairs before my time!" he said before going through the door and closing it behind him, leaving the young prince to his thoughts.