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Cullen Family

Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen

Masen Family

Don Masen, Tracy Masen, Edward Masen

Hale Family

Ben Hale, Kerri Whitlock-Hale, Jasper Whitlock-Hale, Rosalie Hale, Caleb Hale

Swan Family

Charlie Swan, Isabella Swan

Allen Family

Phil Allen, Rene Whitlock-Allen, Vicky Allen

Jasper POV

I sighed happily as I sat at my computer, hitting 'send' on one last email to Bella. I smiled a bit thinking about finally having her back. It's been years since she has visited Forks and none of us were sure why. We'd grown apart since she stopped visiting, which I still couldn't wrap my head around. Growing up we were inseparable. Charlie and Renee divorced when we were three, and even then we stayed ridiculously close. Renee packed Bella up and took her to Phoenix and started a new life, but we spoke on the phone as kids, then emailed and texted as we got older. Bella would still come back to visit multiple times a year, even spending full summers here in Forks. Then she just…stopped coming. The emails and texts got shorter and less frequent…and then faded out altogether. A couple years ago, Renee remarried Phil Allen and they decided to grow their family. Bella's baby sister Vicky was born about a month ago.

My mom Kerri, Renee's older sister, and Uncle Charlie stayed close even after the divorce. That was a source of conflict between Renee and my mom, but my mom never budged. "It's for the kids, Renee", my mom would tell her. Renee would huff and pout but couldn't deny that it was good for Bella and I to have a close family. I think that's part of the reason Bella loved coming here so much. She really didn't have anyone but Renee in Phoenix.

I was a bit luckier than Bella. My parents divorced when I was seven, eleven years ago. I got to stay here with our family and had a lot more memories of a happy home life than Bella did. My mom remarried Ben seven years ago, and along with him came his daughter Rosalie. Rosalie's mom passed away when she was only four. Rose is nineteen now, a year older than I am. My mom and Ben had Caleb three and a half years ago. They both married young the first time around and jumped at the chance to add to our family while they still could. My mom is a dentist here in Forks, and Ben is a doctor at the town hospital. He works with Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

The Cullens are an amazing family. Carlisle is one of Ben's closest friends. His wife, Esme, is such a sweet woman. She is the kind of mom every girl wants. She can play the best friend and the mom with balance. They have twins my age, Emmett and Alice Cullen. Emmett and I grew quite close through football our sophomore year at Forks High and have been like brothers ever since. His sister Alice is…I smiled just thinking about her. I have had a crush on her for years. Her brother has no idea though, no one does. It could become kind of awkward around Emmett if he found out I was after his sister. We are great friends, even though I would love to be more. My parents and the Cullens frequently vacation together, and we have weekly get-togethers. Esme is an interior decorator and redecorated the Masen house when they moved to Forks from California last fall.

The Masen's are a nice enough family. They clearly hate it here in Forks, missing the warm sun in California. They only moved to Forks due to Don's job transfer. Don Masen is a company accountant. His job transferred him here last minute and their lives were uprooted. Tracy is a fairly decent woman, a tad gossipy though. She is a home decorating magazine editor, so her and Esme get along quite well. Their son, Edward, is...a nice enough guy. He is a little stuck up sometimes because he is used to getting his way. He has toned it down since they moved here. People here in Forks are simple. He realised that quickly.

It's February of our junior year and we are all looking forward to getting through exams and throwing ourselves into a relaxing, crazy, fun-filled summer before we buckle down and start college. I was a bit surprised that Bella is coming back to finish the last few months of high school, but maybe it would be good for her. Talking to her the last few days since her last-minute decision to move back to Forks, I can tell she isn't quite the same. Something feels off...maybe she's just really homesick. It's February 26th and Bella arrives tomorrow morning, getting the weekend to settle in before school Monday. I grinned at the thought.

I missed her so much.