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Rhodey sighed as he walked into his room and spotted his roommate's body slumped over his desk.

"Again?" he muttered under his breath.

He really wasn't surprised. Not at all. Even though Tony was only 15, he already had a huge problem with drugs and alcohol. It was anyone's guess what had messed him up this time. And no, it wasn't possible that he'd simply fallen asleep. Tony had slept for five hours the night before and in Rhodey's experience that would be enough to keep him awake for at least three days. It was annoying at times, having a roommate who never slept, but the kid spent enough time in other people's rooms for it not to have too much of an effect on Rhodey's own schedule.

"Come on, man. Let's get you into bed," he huffed, slipping his arms under Tony's and gently tugging him out of the chair.

Luckily, Tony didn't weigh much, and Rhodey had experience moving him.

Rhodey picked up the teenager and carried him across the room to his bed, tucking him in. He stepped back and sighed, before shaking his head and going to get some water and painkillers. He knew from experience that Tony wouldn't be out for more than a few hours and also knew the boy wouldn't be convinced to roll over and go back to bed, no matter how much it would benefit him.

He put the medicine and water on Tony's desk. A piece of paper caught his eye, and he blinked. Well, that was new. On Tony's desk lay sheets of paper, covered in designs and schematics. Rhodey was almost sure that they hadn't been there the night before, but for the life of him he didn't know why Tony would be designing a jet when drunk or high. Then again, it was so Tony.

A groan sounded from the bed behind him, and Rhodey turned to look as Tony smushed a pillow into his face.

"Here," Rhodey said dryly, picking the water and pain killer back up and bringing them over.

Tony groaned again and struggled to sit up. Rhodey placed the medicine bottle under his arm and gave him a hand. Once up, Tony accepted the drink and pills and drank them down greedily.

"Thanks," he rasped after he was finished.

"No problem, man. How are you feeling?"

"Uh, like I drank all night and passed out. How 'bout you?"

Rhodey gave a half smile and shook his head. "I'm fine. Long night yesterday?"

"Uh, yeah. The parts I remember weren't too bad though." He rubbed his head groggily. "What time is it?"

Rhodey glanced at his watch. "Uh, 11."

"Ah, oops. So much for not missing class this morning. Professor Grant will be mad. He may even tell the dean on me. Maybe they'll even call my dad. Wouldn't that be something."

Rhodey rolled his eyes. Tony's apathy for class attendance and studying made his straight A's even more frustrating, but Rhodey had gotten used to it. He realized that he wasn't as smart as Tony and never would be. Comparing himself to the teen would only cause Rhodey to forget his own self-worth.

"Oh, by the way, I see you got some work in last night," he mentioned off-handedly.

"Hmm? What?"

Rhodey picked up the papers and dropped them on Tony's lap. "Didn't know you were working on airships in your spare time."

Tony looked down. And blinked. "Neither did I. I did this? Last night?"

Rhodey scoffed. "You're kidding me. You don't remember?"


"You designed an entire jet, which if I know you it works too, and you don't remember?"

"Uh, let me thinkā€¦" Tony screwed his face up and concentrated. "Nope! I do remember a really nice, uh, conversation with an upperclassman, but that's neither here nor there."

Rhodey shook his head and turned away. "I can't believe you." He looked back at the boy. "You're unbelievable. You know that?"

Tony grinned and gave a shrug. "Eh. I have been reading up on them recently. I can't help what my brain thinks up."

"Whatever, man. Just get some rest."

"No can do, I have a project I'm working on that I'm so close to finishing. It just needs a few more touch ups." He clambered out of the bed and started pulling off his shirt. "Thanks for the water. See you tonight. Probably."

As the younger boy scrambled to get dressed, Rhodey watched fondly and shook his head with bemusement. Tony certainly wasn't an ordinary college student, but Rhodey wouldn't trade him away for the world.

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