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Chapter 1

One look at his nephew told him that something was wrong with him. Vernon ignored the blathering idiots, who were telling him that the crackpot old fool wanted him to be firmer with the boy. Fat chance, Vernon mentally snorted. He would never again raise a hand or fist to the boy. In fact no one will ever again raise their hand to Harry.

Vernon pushed past the idiots and closed the distance between him and the boy. He wrapped an arm around the teen and carefully guided him to the car. Once the teen was buckled in Vernon put the trunk in the boot. He shot one last glare at the idiots before driving away. The nerve of those people coming to his side to tell him what he needed to do to Harry. If he had a way he would report them to their authorities.

Vernon looked over at the teen. Harry was staring blankly out the window. He put a strong firm hand on the thin shoulder and squeezed it, silently letting the teen know things will be alright. When they got home Vernon carried the small teen into the house and up to the guest room which will now be Harry's new room. He laid the teen on the bed, but when he went to pull away a small hand clutched his arm tightly. Vernon laid down next to Harry and let the teen burrow closer, seeking the comfort he obviously needed. The moment his arms were tight around the boy, Harry began sobbing into his chest.

A fire burned through Vernon. One full of anger, protectiveness, and love. Something happened recently, something that hurt this small vulnerable teen. Someone needed to pay and Vernon was going to put that old fool at the top of his list.

"Everything is going to be all right." Vernon softly assured Harry. "Just let it all out, sweetheart. You are safe here and no one will ever hurt you again." He promised fiercely.

In this moment Vernon silently made another promise to show the love Harry should have been shown the moment he arrived. The older man will make sure that Harry never again doubts he is loved and protected by Vernon.

When Harry fell asleep Vernon carried on holding him tightly. It felt so much better to hold the teen against him than it did having Petunia pressed against him. Harry felt soft and supple where Petunia had been bony and thin. Harry also smelt of oranges and honey. Vernon would happily spend time with his face pressed in Harry's neck. But he reluctantly had to leave the teen when the phone started ringing.

Vernon didn't go back to Harry that night. He didn't want to scare the boy when he woke in the morning. Instead he locked up the house after retrieving Harry's trunk and placing it in Harry's room. Vernon went into the basement to his exercise equipment. He exercised until he was sore and exhausted. Vernon spent the greater part of the year exercising, losing weight, and slimming down. He now stood at six foot two and weighed two hundred pounds. Vernon was broad in the shoulders and chest, abdominal muscles were hard and flat ( a nice six pack was formed), his arms were solid muscles as was his legs, his arse was smaller and firmer, his face was leaner and more pronounced. Vernon kept his mustache and grew a beard, which he keeps neatly trimmed. The older man was also pleased that all nine and half inches of his cock was now visual. He kept the pubic hair trimmed, but his large balls and arse were hairless. Vernon goes and gets them waxed along with his back, but he keeps his chest hair. He loves how his body turned out and he'll work hard to keep it in shape.

After showering in the basement's bathroom Vernon made his way through the house naked. He checked on Harry before going into his own room. Vernon didn't bother with clothes as he got into bed. As he fell asleep he made a mental note to talk to Harry to see what happened to the boy. Vernon has a feeling he wasn't going to like the answer. He did know that he was going to do his damnest to protect Harry, even if that means keeping the teen out of his world of magic. The boy was too damn sensitive and soft-hearted for the outside world. Vernon had known that for the last fourteen years. At first he thought it was from the lack of parental love and care, but he knew it was just the type of person Harry is. Almost like the boy really should have been a girl in this life. Then again Vernon had seen females who are tougher than Harry. As he dozed off he made himself promise to do everything possible to make Harry happy and want to stay with him.


Harry was very much aware of everything around him, even though he wanted nothing more than to crawl into a hole and hide away. He was aware of every word spoken about him by everyone he thought he could trust, except for Luna, Neville, and Ginny. The latter tried to defend him but she was overpowered in the end by both a compulsion spell (her mother) and a loyalty spell (Dumbledore). Ginny gave as good as she got before that, hitting Dumbledore with her famous bat bogey hex, the bats were venomous because the spell was darker, and Molly received several dark cutting hexes that Harry had taught Ginny that year. Dumbledore and Molly were only successful because Arthur took Ginny's wand from her.

Harry learned later from Luna that her girlfriend was being sent to a muggle reform school for girls. Luna spent the whole night declaring vengeance against Molly Weasley and Albus Dumbledore. He wasn't afraid to admit that he had been scared of the small blond. Only because he knew that Luna was purely submissive and soft-hearted. She only fights when someone she loves is in danger, but that doesn't mean she likes it. Harry knew if Luna could she would let Ginny fight for her.

Harry hid a note in Neville's personal Herbology journal to keep an eye on Luna. He knew the other boy would protect the young seer with his life. Harry and Neville both saw the girls as sisters and would do anything to protect them. Though the other three knew that Harry might not come back, especially after everything they learned. There was simply no other option for Harry to take. Not if he wanted to come out of it alive.

When he saw Vernon at the train station he was surprised by what he saw. The older man looked good, fit, handsome, and downright sexy. And for once Harry felt safe with him. Safe enough that he broke down and finally released every pent up emotion he had felt since the first detention. He took comfort in Vernon's arms and cried until he fell asleep. It had been the first time in years he felt at peace. Later he was awaken by a sound outside his door. With his wand in hand, under the pillow, Harry cracked an eye open. What he saw kept him frozen. There bathed in the light of the hall was a naked Vernon Dursley. Harry's body slowly burned with arousal as he took in the slimmer body and well toned muscles. Harry's eyes stopped on the fat cock against Vernon's thigh, the length of it and the size of the man's balls made saliva pool in Harry's mouth. He swallowed heavily and shifted slightly, then held his breath waiting to see what the older man was going to do. Harry let out his breath slowly when Vernon just moved away and closed the door. The teen didn't know whether to be disappointed or relieved.

It took a while for him to go back to sleep. Though once he did he dreamed about Vernon doing delicious things to him. The first good dream he has had since the horrifying dream of Nagini killing Arthur.


Early the next morning Harry woke. He was slightly confused as to why he was in the guest bedroom. The time on the clock says six and there is no shrieking Petunia telling him to make breakfast. Nor was there sounds of Dudley's heavy footfalls or blearing telly. The house was blissfully quiet. Harry got out of bed, grabbed a change of clothes and bath products after recovering from the surprise of seeing his trunk against the wall next to the door. He then made his way to the bathroom to shower.

After having a nice relaxing shower Harry went downstairs. He began making breakfast from himself and Vernon, not even thinking about Petunia and Dudley. The dark haired teen was so lost in thought he didn't realize that he was no longer alone until Vernon spoke from the doorway.

"You didn't have to cook. You don't have to do anything anymore."

Harry turned to look at the other man. "I like cooking. Sit its almost done." He went back to finishing the food, smiling when Vernon placed a kiss on the top of his head as he went to the table. "Where are they?"

"Dead." Vernon answered simply, no emotions were in his voice. "Dudley wanted to learn how to drive. I told him no because I was busy with work and Petunia doesn't know how to drive. They went behind my back and went to Marge. Dudley, according to Marge was arguing with Petunia about some game he wanted to go buy. Marge said the idiot boy turned to yell at Petunia and wouldn't listen to her about watching the road. So Marge jumped out of the car before Dudley crashed into a low wall. Petunia died instantly, she hadn't been wearing a seatbelt and was thrown through the windshield. Dudley died on the way to the hospital, the impact of the crash was too much for his heart. The doctor told me that Dudley had a weak heart because he was overweight."

"Is Marge all right?" Harry asked softly. He knew that Marge was Vernon's only family.

"No. She managed to live two days after the crash. She broke her arm in two places, sustained cuts and bruises, and mild concussion. She hit her head when she landed." Vernon explained. "We all thought she was fine, but she ended up having a heart attack two days later. The doctors think the impact of jumping out of the car weaken her heart, plus she never told me she was taking medication for her heart and the meds the doctors gave her didn't mix well with her heart meds. We found out too late."

"I'm sorry, Vernon. I know how much she meant to you. I'm sorry you had to deal with all of that alone."

"You don't need to apologize. I know that none of us made your life easy the last fourteen years. Now if you give me a chance I would like to change that."

Harry stared at the man. He could see that Vernon was genuine and honest. "I would like a second chance."

"Thank you. Now tell me what happened to you?"

"They gave me a full trial, unnecessarily I might add. It was more of a powerplay between Dumbledore and the Ministry. Well anyway the idiot Fudge, our Minister, sent his Undersecretary to teach us our Defense class. She spent the year torturing me. The other professors and the Headmaster ignored it. Dumbledore ignored me all year. Then to top it off Voldemort sent a vision of some department in the Ministry, showing me that he was torturing my godfather. Well stupid me went on a rescue mission with five other friends. It turned out to be a lie but the adults of Dumbledore's not so secret group came to help us fight the Death Eaters, my godfather included. At the end my godfather was killed by his cousin. I chased after her, Voldemort showed up as did Dumbledore. They fought, Voldemort possessed me and I somehow killed him in the process.

"When we returned to the school Dumbledore and his group were talking about continuing on like Voldemort was still alive. Two of my friends turned on me, blamed me for their injuries and near death. I went to remind them that I had told them I would go alone, but they insisted on going. They ignored every word and told me that Dumbledore will handle me later. They spelled another friend for defending me, her mother and the Headmaster, they are going to send her to a reform school. Me on other hand got sent here for more abuse until the old bastard needs me." Harry said bitterly with a scowl.

Vernon reached over and pulled Harry onto his lap. He grasped the teen's chin to force the boy to look at him. "You don't have to go back if you don't want to. I'll protect you from that crackpot old fool."

"How? A quick movement of a wand will either kill you or make you obey him. Knowing what I know now Dumbledore will most likely kill you, then kill me out of anger for trying to escape."

"Is there anyone you trust to help you hide?" Vernon asked after a moment.

"Just goblins and house elves. I'm not risking people. Dumbledore has ways of finding out who helped." Harry answered honestly.

"Then you ask one of them. You do what you need to do to stay safe. Understood?"

"Yes." Harry whispered.

"Good." Vernon kissed Harry's forehead as he stood up. Careful to not let Harry fall to the floor. "I'm going to work. Remember to relax today and make yourself safe."

"Thank you, Uncle Vernon." Harry was still a bit dazed by the kiss to his forehead. He gave the man a shy smile.

"Just Vernon, Harry. See you later tonight."

Harry cleaned up the kitchen then called Dobby. He knew the little elf was loyal to no one else but him. He asked Dobby to help get Kreacher and Winky. He also wanted the elf to get Griphook. Harry's morning turned eventful soon after that. The goblin Ragnok came with Griphook, they informed Harry on several things like Dumbledore trying to gain control of Harry's vaults. Harry got to read his parents' Wills and Sirius'. He signed his emancipation papers as a precaution against Dumbledore and the Ministry who might contest to his of age status thanks to the Tournament. Harry took control of his vaults, properties, and his Wizengamot seats. All his seats went Grey except for the Black seats. Harry honored the family's wishes to keep them Dark. All the alliances Dumbledore put on the Potter seats were absolve, except for the Longbottoms, Bones, and the Weasleys, surprisingly. Another surprising thing Ragnok informed him was that he was now the Head of the Weasley family. The Weasleys broke their fealty contract with the Potter family when they sided with Dumbledore. Without hesitation Harry made the overriding decision to keep Ginny in the family and cut off everyone else who sided with Dumbledore.

Harry gave Ginny a vault and protection jewelry along with paying the goblins to put protection wards around the Lovegood property. He also sent a letter to Xenophilius and Luna explaining the situation. Then he went through the process of calling an audit on all his vaults and possessions, including the Weasley vault and the Hogwarts vault. Apparently Harry owns three quarters of the school and Dumbledore failed to inform him. It would certainly explain why he was able to move through the castle without getting caught despite his cloak making him invisible.

Once everything was done the goblins warded the house against Dumbledore and his Order. Not even their owls would be able to find it. And to double the protection the goblins would send out notices that are spelled to make the receivers forget where Harry was living. Before leaving Ragnok put a permanent nullifier on Harry's magic so he couldn't be tracked. Harry felt a great weight ease off his back. Harry also received the first ever goblin/elf made protection ring that will glamour him when he wanted to be in the Wizarding World. Which probably won't happen for a long time.

After the goblins left, Harry ordered Dobby and Winky to go through all of his properties to make sure no one has lived there or taken anything. He ordered Kreacher to evict the Order and lock all the Black homes down. He also told Kreacher to get everything back that Molly Weasley threw out and everything Mundungus stole, by any means necessary. Before dismissing them Harry gave them money to buy food and clothes for themselves and told them to clean up Grimmauld Place and live there. Once the elves were gone Harry did the yard work, mostly the gardening, and straightened the house. Vernon let the garden get overgrown with weeds and a good portion of the house needed dusting. After that he started dinner once he finished showering.

Harry kept himself busy so he wouldn't be able to think about the Ministry and the aftermath.


When Vernon returned home he knew right away that Harry didn't relax. He let out a heavy sigh before exiting the car and going into the house. Vernon had wanted Harry to do nothing, then he would take the teen out for dinner. But Harry kept busy and made dinner. There had to be some way to get the boy to relax for once. Harry deserved it after the shite year he had at that school. Then Vernon simply decided to take Harry away to decompress, to grieve, to simply let everything go and enjoy living his life for once. Where was the question Vernon asked himself as he made his way to the kitchen.

Vernon stopped short at the sight of Harry dancing around. That was certainly a sight better than the grave and depressed look Harry had the day before. Vernon crossed his arms and leaned against the doorframe, watching the teen move around with such grace and fluidity. The same grace and fluidity that was hardening his body as he continued to watch. Vernon wanted to punch his traitorous dick, Harry didn't need him lusting after him. The teen simply needed Vernon to love and protect him. Harry may look happy right now, but the boy still needed to grieve properly before even attempting to move on and be truly happy. Plus Vernon didn't know how Harry's magic would react in the process. With that line of thought Vernon remembered a co-worker mentioning an isolated cabin in the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Vernon decided to call and book the cabin for a few weeks. He after all had a lot of vacation time saved up.

The older man turned his attention back to the teen. He stifled a moan when Harry bent over, arse waving, as the teen opened the oven door to pull the pan out. Vernon couldn't turn away from the sight before him and couldn't help but imagine what Harry looked like naked. Vernon once again reminded himself that Harry didn't need him lusting after him. What he will do is woo the boy and hope that he doesn't reject his advances. Vernon wanted to show Harry that he can be loved and put first above anything and everything.

"Vernon?" He was pulled from his thoughts by a small hand on his arm.

The older man looked into the jewel green eyes. He smiled at the teen in front of him. It took everything he had to stop himself from pulling Harry into his arms and kissing him, quite possibly taking him right there in the kitchen.

"How was your day, Harry?"

Harry smiled and Vernon swore his heart stopped for a moment. "Great. The goblins are protecting my vaults. They set up wards around the house to protect me from other wizards, they also put spells on me to protect me from being found or traced through my blood and magic."

"Good." Vernon smiled. "Are you protected if you leave the house?"

"Yes. I have protection jewelry and my house elves will set up temporary wards to keep wizards away. Why do you ask?"

"I'm going to take you to Isle of Skye in Scotland. I'm going rent a cabin so you can take the time to relax and grieve. You need to grieve, love, its the only way you'll be able to move on. The cabin is isolated so you won't have to worry about your magic and exposure."

Harry pushed up on his toes and place a light kiss on Vernon's cheek. It filled him with warmth when Vernon called him love. "Thank you. You are the first person to let me grieve. Everyone else expects me to push it all down and continue on as normal."

Vernon couldn't stop himself from caressing Harry's plump lips with his thumb. They were so soft and he was extremely tempted to do naughty things to them. In fact he would love nothing more than to strip Harry and do naughty things to that small supple body, to see pleasure and lust on the gorgeous effeminate face. Vernon wondered if Harry's body was just as feminine as his looks.

"You don't need to thank me." His voice was low and husky. His cock throbbed when Harry shivered and gasped softly. Vernon reluctantly dropped his hand. "What's for dinner?"

It took Harry a few minutes to realized that Vernon was no longer touching him. He mentally shook his head and focused on the question. "Roast. Sit. I'll bring it to the table."

"No, you go sit." Vernon countered. "I'll bring it to the table. You are suppose to relax."

"Alright." Harry smiled again before moving to sit at the table. He continued to smile as he watched Vernon set the dishes on the table before taking the seat across from Harry.

They ate in comfortable silence. Neither one had the need to fill it with sound. Though each one snuck glances at the other throughout the meal. Harry just hoped his blush wasn't evident. Vernon on the other hand was fighting his body for control. A quick glance to his lap made him want to groan, there was a large wet patch in the crotch of his trousers. His damn cock was rock solid and tenting the fabric. This is what he gets for not wearing anything under his trousers, but damn it felt good to be bare.

After they ate Harry excused himself and quickly rushed up the stairs. Vernon just unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock out. The older man pumped his shaft in firm quick strokes, twisting his wrist at the head before squeezing the spongy tip. He closed his eyes and pictured Harry with the blush he had through out dinner, imagining the plump lips around his cock face red as he sucked the thick shaft. Vernon grunted as he painted the table white.

Meanwhile upstairs a very naked Harry was on his bed, on all fours with a magical dildo thrusting in and out of his hole. The teen was panting and sweating, chanting Vernon's name as he imagined the man behind him, pounding into him. Harry was thankful that he had the forethought to putting up silencing charms, for he was screaming Vernon's name as his orgasm finally took him over the edge. Harry had just enough strength to remove the dildo and cancel the magic before passing out.

When Harry didn't come back Vernon cleaned up the kitchen then went to the basement to work out. His body was still feeling sexually charged. After two hours of rigorous training Vernon showered, once again he stroked his cock, but he stopped himself from getting his release. Instead he went upstairs, naked and hard. First he decided to check on Harry. Vernon almost wished he had clothes on when he caught sight of a very naked Harry. He was frozen in place as he stared at the gorgeous body. Harry's body was definitely more feminine, rounded hips, thick thighs, tiny waist, and plump fat arse. Vernon gripped his cock when he caught sight of the stretched hole, a hole that was gaping to be filled again. He groaned lowly when Harry rolled over, exposing the small swell of his belly and very female nipples on a flat chest. Vernon wanted to latch on and suck on them as he took Harry. He moved his eyes lower, jaw dropping in shock at the two inch penis Harry had as well as a nearly nonexistent sac. Vernon wondered why a fifteen year old would be the same size as a toddler. Then he remember that Petunia made it her mission to deprive the teen of any nutritional food the last fourteen years.

Nevertheless Vernon didn't mind for Harry was simply too enchantingly beautiful to be male any longer. From this moment forward Vernon was going to make sure Harry ends up as his wife. Dresses, lingerie, skirts, long hair, the whole nine for Harry. Vernon was going to spoil her with jewelry that rivalled her beauty and emerald eyes. The world will be jealous and envious of him for having the most perfect gorgeous creature wearing his ring and having his name. Not to mention they will absolutely hate that Vernon was bedding her every chance, day or night.

As Vernon continued to stare as he stroked his cock, wanting nothing more but to join Harry and wake his girl in the most delicious way. He let out another low groan when Harry muttered his name. He sped his strokes up, almost stripping his cock, precome spurting out and landing on the floor. His hand pumped faster, hips thrusting into his fist when Harry rolled yet again. Vernon bit down on his tongue as he blew his load all over his fist and the floor.

Once he could move on steady legs Vernon moved to Harry's bedside. Slowly and softly with his thumb he painted the rosy plump lips with his come. His cock gave valiant twitch at the sight. He stood there for a moment longer before moving away to clean up the mess on the floor then leaving the room.

Vernon looked back before closing the door. "Sweet dreams, love." He whispered softly.

Vernon dreamed of Harry and their life together. Never knowing that Harry licked his lips and savored the taste. Never knowing that an hour later Harry crawled into his bed just as naked as he was. Sleeping soundly and dreaming of him.

Vernon never knew that Harry kissed him when he woke before leaving the room the following morning.