TITLE: The Arrangement (Tentative)

AUTHOR: Inquisitive One

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SUMMARY: AU. No Slayers or vamps. What happens when Angel's little brother moves in with he, Buffy and Dawn?

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NOTES: Connor and Dawn are both 15. This orginially was an idea I came up with that I was planning to give as a challenge but since no one takes my challenges I decided to try and write it. The Challenge was two ways this is number 1... AU Connor/Dawn. Connor moves in with his brother Angel (who lives with Buffy and Dawn) after their Mom dies. Dawn and Connor begin a secret relationship that goes on until things happen. Buffy and Angel are together.

Challenge 2 AU. Connor is the new boy in school and things get serious between Dawn and Connor and it causes problems. Buffy and Angel aren't together but maybe do get together.

If anyone decides to write these ideas go ahead. // JOURNAL WRITINGS //




Fifteen year old, Dawn Summers looks up from helping her sister make the bed in the guest bedroom for Angel's little brother who is moving in with them. "So what's Connor like?" Dawn asks curiously.

"I only met him a few times." Buffy shrugs "He seemed nice. Just be nice Dawn... help him get used to school and everything."

"I know."

"Dawn I know all of this must be hard for you... having a strange boy moving in with us."

"It's Angel's brother." Dawn shrugs "I'm fine with it."

"I know it will take a lot of adjustment between both of you. But I think you two will get a long fine."

Dawn grins "Is he cute?"

"Dawn he's Angel's brother. There is not dating Angel's brother." Buffy says sternly.

"OK, OK" Dawn holds her hands up. "So is he cute?" She grins

"He's Angel's brother what do you think?" Buffy asks after a moment.

"Hottie huh?"

Buffy laughs "Come on let's get finished here."


Liam Chase otherwise known as Angel looks at his 15 year old brother who is staring out the car window. "Connor I know you don't want to be here."

"Mom just died and you want to play big brother all of a sudden." Connor snaps. "I don't see why I had to move." He slumps in his seat crossing his arms over his chest.

"Because it's easier to move one than four." Angel answers "Look I think you might like Sunnydale if you just give it a chance."

"What about my stuff?"

"Cordelia will pack the rest of your things and have them sent out here."

"Why couldn't we stay longer?" Connor grumbles

"Because you need to get settled and start school."

Connor scowls then grins faintly "So what's Buffy's sister like?"

"She's hard to put into words." Angel chuckles. "Please try to get along with her."

"Is she as hot as her sister?" Connor asks

Angel looks at his brother startled. "There will be no dating Dawnie. I know your record with girlfriends Connor... I don't want you to hurt her."

Connor rolls his eyes "Fine."


"Buffy" Angel calls as he and Connor enter the house carrying a couple bags.

Connor drops the bags and his back pack and looks around the foyer.

"Angel" Buffy says happily as she enters the foyer. "Hi Connor its good to see you."

Connor nods at the small blond. "Hey"

"Dawn get down here." Buffy yells from the bottom of the stairs.

"Be right down." Dawn yells back.

"How's your sister?" Buffy asks after kissing Angel hello.

"She stayed back to pack up the house." Angel answers hanging up his jacket.

"How are you Connor?" Buffy questions concerned.

Connor shrugs

"Buffy I was..." Dawn trails off seeing a shaggy haired boy with brilliant blue eyes standing beside Angel. 'Wow he's hot.'

Connor looks towards the stairs to see a girl with long brown hair wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. 'Damn she's hot.'

"Dawn this is Connor." Buffy introduces the two not seeing the look on the teens faces.

"Hey" Connor nods

"Hi" Dawn smiles faintly.

"Dawn why don't you show Connor to his room." Buffy suggests

"Sure." Dawn tilts her head towards the stairs and as Connor joins her they begin to walk up the stairs. "Sorry about your Mom." She says as they reach the upstairs landing.

Connor shrugs "Thanks."

"Buffy and Angel's room is down there. Your room is here." Dawn opens a door and enters the former spare room. "We share a bathroom." She opens a door revealing the bathroom and a straight view to her room. "I guess we'll have to figure out how to work this whole sharing a bathroom issue."

"Yeah sure." Connor nods going to the window he looks out. "Nice place."

Dawn joins him "Yeah. I'll show you around town tomorrow... if you want." Their eyes meet and they stare at each other.

"Sounds like a plan." Connor says after a moment. "What is there to do around this town?"

"One all age club. A couple 18 and over clubs. The mall. A couple parks." Dawn shrugs "Not much really." She sits on the bed "Not like Chicago. So what's Chicago like?"

"Its home." Connor shrugs leaning against the wall.

"What do you do for fun?" Dawn asks curiously.

"Whatever I feel like doing."

Downstairs Buffy and Angel are in the kitchen talking. "How did he take the fact of moving?" Buffy asks

"Decently. He's a little angry... hurt as well. Mom is all he knew."

"Well considering the age difference between you and Connor and Connor and Cordelia it's not a surprise."

"Yeah... age difference." Angel says going into his brooding mode.

"Hey what's wrong?"


"Think those two will get along?" Buffy asks

"We'll have to see." Angel shrugs "Look why don't I go get Connor and we'll bring in the rest of his things."

"What about your Mom's things?" Buffy asks

"Cordy's packing up the house. Everything will be driven to Sunnydale and put in storage here. All we packed up and brought were his clothes, stereo, music, and laptop... and a few other things."

Buffy nods "While you two are doing this Dawn and I will start dinner." They stand walking towards the kitchen door.

"Are the others coming over tonight?" Angel asks

"Tomorrow night. I thought Connor would like some time to get settled in before the gang comes over."

Angel nods "Good." He kisses her then heads up the stairs.


"What's the plan for tomorrow?" Buffy asks her sister.

"I'm going to show Connor around." Dawn replies.

"All right." Buffy nods "Be back by five. Willow and the others are coming over for dinner."

"No problem... its Sunnydale... not much to do or see." Dawn grins


Connor sits in his new bedroom with his Game Boy when there's a knock at the door connecting his bedroom and the bathroom. "Yeah?" He calls his eyes on his game.

Dawn opens the door "Hey what's up?" She asks leaning against the doorframe.

Connor looks up to see Dawn standing in the doorway wearing pajamas and a belly bearing top. 'Damn.' He swallows heavily. "Not much... you?" He asks trying to sound calm.

"Just wanted to see if you wanted to watch Hollow Man with me in my bedroom."

"Uh sure." Connor turns off his game and follows Dawn into her bedroom.

"What would you do if you were invisible?" Dawn asks as they settle on her bed.

"Not really sure. You?"

"I'd mess with my worst enemies head." Dawn grins impishly.

"That would be fun."

"You'd sneak into the girls' locker room wouldn't you?"

"Maybe" Connor admits after a moment.

"Typical guy." Dawn snorts

"Hey... OK I am." Connor admits.

Dawn giggles "Let's watch the movie."


Dawn presses stop. "OK now that was freaky."

"That it was" Connor agrees.

"Do you still want to go around town?" Dawn asks looking at Connor.

"Why not... I have nothing else to do."

"What time?"


"How about we leave here around noon and we can be back around four to help Buffy and Angel."

"Sounds good." Connor nods standing "I'll see you in the morning." He walks to the door.

"Hey Connor."

"Yeah?" Connor turns to look at her.

"Night." Dawn smiles

Connor smiles slightly "Night Dawn." He walks out of her room pulling the door closed behind him.

Dawn stares at the closed bedroom door then grabs her journal out of the nightstand drawer and opens to a blank page.

// Today I met Angel's brother Connor. Damn and I thought Angel was hot... Connor is as well. He has these incredible blue eyes... and his smile.

I have a feeling that Connor is going to make my life interesting. //

Dawn smiles "Interesting is definitely true."


"We're leaving." Dawn calls

"Be back by five." Buffy returns

"Sure." Dawn yells as they walk out the door. "How about we head towards the school?"

"Why not."

"What was your school like?" Dawn asks curiously as they walk down the street.

"Always busy." Connor answers "What about here?"

"Its medium sized and the Principal is decent. Buffy and her friends ran the other one off."

"Oh really?" Connor lifts his brow.

Dawn nods "Really."

"I can't see your sister doing something like that."

"Buffy was a wild child in high school. She and her friends totally destroyed their Principal's career."


"The new one is so much cooler."


"Decent. Only a few idiots in the bunch."


Dawn and Connor sit on a secluded park bench eating ice cream. "So do you have a girlfriend in Chicago?" She asks curiously. 'God I hope not.'

"No... we broke up a few months ago. What about you boyfriend?"

"No... can't find a guy who amuses me."

"Oh." Connor glances at her briefly. "So how long has Angel lived with you?"

Dawn shrugs "When Mom first become ill he started staying over and he started taking care of us. After she died he just stayed... it never really was discussed... it just" She pauses "happened. I'm fine with it. I've always liked Angel... way more than any of Buffy's other boyfriends. Even when they broke up he would still visit with Mom and me when he knew Buffy wasn't home."

"Think they'll get married?"


"How did they meet?" Connor asks curiously.

"Well Mom owned the art gallery Angel now runs. Angel used to verify art work for Mom... one night Mom invited him over for dinner and soon he and Buffy started dating. They didn't become serious until Buffy's senior year but when they did really become serious Angel broke up with her." Dawn rolls her eyes "Angel had this issue with wanting Buffy to live life so he broke up with her before the prom... but he showed up at the prom because he had promised to take her. In her first year of college she started dating a guy named Riley Finn. Riley... that is one topic that brings up issues in the house so you might want to run if it's ever brought up."


"Riley cheated on Buffy... with one of her Professors who he was a TA for while Mom was sick."


"Yeah. He broke her heart... though not as much as Angel did. I don't think she loved Riley but she did like him."

"So what happened?"

"Well I actually called Angel who already knew Mom was sick. I told him what happened with Riley and how Buffy was a total wreck. Angel showed up and they started talking and they decided to get back together. Angel moved in to help take care of me and Mom so Buffy could stay in school. When Mom died he dealt with everything... and our Dad."

"Where is your Dad?"

"LA. He doesn't want anything to do with us... we've only seen him a few times since the divorce. He'd rather screw his secretary than spend time with us."


Dawn shrugs "Its fine. He wasn't much of a Dad. Giles is there for us when we need a Dad figure."


"He used to be the librarian at the high school. You'll meet him tonight."

Connor nods

"There's something I want to show you."


Dawn stands dropping the remainder of her ice cream in the garbage. "You'll see."

"All right." Connor stands as well and walks with her.


Dawn and Connor stand on the sidewalk looking up at a worn down mansion. "This is Crawford Mansion. No one goes in there."

"Have you?" Connor asks

Dawn nods "Don't tell Buffy... she'd freak."

"I won't." He promises.

"Come on." Dawn leads him through the gate.

"How long has this place been empty?" Connor asks curiously as they enter the mansion.

"I'm not really sure." Dawn admits as they stop in the foyer looking around. "I don't know why no one wants to live here. This place is so cool."

"Yeah it is." Connor agrees

"Come on I want to show you one of the coolest parts." Dawn walks through the house to the back where the courtyard is. "When I need to get away from Buffy and Angel's mushiness I come here."

"Why show me?"

Dawn shrugs sitting on the edge of the fountain. "Just felt like sharing. Janice, my best friend, doesn't even know I come here."

"Why not?"

"She can't keep a secret."

"I won't tell." Connor promises

Dawn looks at him thoughtfully. "I know."

Connor sits beside her. "You know it's weird."

"What's weird?"

Connor looks at his hands "This time last week I was arguing with my Mom over coming home late." He sighs "Now she's dead."

"I missed my Mom a lot when she died... still do." Dawn looks down her hair falling forward covering her face.

Connor reaches out carefully brushing her hair back.

Dawn turns her head looking at him. When their eyes meet she licks her lips nervously. 'God I want to kiss him.' Dawn inwardly slaps herself. 'Bad thought Dawnie... its Angel's brother. No lusting.'

Connor leans in kissing her lightly then pulls back slightly looking at her. 'Wow.' He thinks searching her eyes.

"Um" Dawn says stunned as she stares at him. After a moment she stands moving away from him. "OK that wasn't a good idea."

"Why not?" Connor asks

"Because they'd kill us." Dawn answers "It can't happen again." She says firmly.

Connor sighs "All right." He stands holding his hand out. "It will never happen again... agreed?"

Dawn shakes his hand nodding "Agreed. And no one is to know it ever happened." She adds

Connor nods "If that's what you want."

"That's what I want." Dawn answers "We should head back to the house." Dawn suggests as they walk through the house. 'He kissed me.' Dawn thinks stunned.

'I kissed her... damn she's a good kisser.' Connor glances at Dawn briefly. 'Man I'd love to kiss her again.'

"Well tomorrow is school." Dawn grumbles

"Great school." Connor says glumly.

"Not so bad... passes time."


As Dawn and Connor walk up the driveway a car horn honks causing Dawn to turn and grin when she sees the car. "Spike." She says happily as she jumps up and down while impatiently waiting for the guy to get out of the car.

Connor watches Dawn thoughtfully. 'You can't have her Chase... She's practically a relative.' He inwardly scowls 'Damn it Angel you just had to fall for a chick who has a hot sister my age.'

"Buffy didn't tell me your back." Dawn says hugging the platinum blond man.

"I returned late last night." Spike answers looking the dark haired teen over. "Did you grow while I was gone Little Bit?"

Dawn laughs "You were only gone for a week Spike." She notices the dark haired woman "Hey Faith."

"Hey Kid." Faith Harris nods

Dawn suddenly remembers Connor. "Connor this is Spike Giles... is real name is William but never call him that." She warns "And this is Faith Harris. Her brother is Buffy's best friend Xander."

"Hey" Connor nods in greeting.

Faith looks him over. 'Damn he's going to be majorly hot when he's older.'

"Did you bring me a present?" Dawn demands

"Of course." Spike grins "When don't I bring you a present?"

"You forgot last time." Dawn grumbles.

"I was only gone for a weekend." Spike laughs

"So" Dawn pouts.

"Well I think this present will make up for not bringing you a present last time." Spike reaches into his duster pocket removing a slim rectangular box handing it to Dawn.

Dawn opens the box and grins seeing a set of pens. "Thanks Spike." She hugs him.

"You're welcome Luv."

"How is school going Pet?" Spike asks Dawn as they enter the house.

"Same as always." Dawn answers


Dawn sits on her bed writing in her journal.

// Everyone came over to meet Connor... it was fun.


I've only known him for a day but I already feel like he's been here forever. There is just something about him... something so different from every guy I know. When he kissed me it was... amazing. I told him I didn't think it should happen again... but I want it to happen again. //

She writes furiously for a few more minutes when she hears a knock at the bathroom door. "Come in." She calls

Connor takes a deep breath and opens the door. "I just wanted to say thanks for showing me around."

"No problem."

Connor leans against the doorframe "Dawn... I'm sorry about what happened earlier."

"It's fine." Dawn assures

"Um tomorrow why don't you wake me when you're done in the bathroom. It'll make things easier."


"Night Dawn."

"Night Connor." Dawn watches as he closes the bathroom door then returns to her journal.

// Living with him is going to be very... hard... yet interesting. //

She stands going to the wall by the door turning off the light she crawls under the covers.

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