Dawn knocks on the door connecting Connor's room to the bathroom then enters "Connor get up. We need to leave in half an hour."
Connor lifts his head slightly "Bite me." He growls
"Bathrooms all yours." Dawn says leaving the door open she heads into her bedroom closing the door behind her.
Connor groans sitting up he runs his fingers through his hair then throws the covers off he stumbles into the bathroom.
Dawn enters the kitchen and scowls finding Buffy and Angel making out. "How many times have I asked you not to kiss in the kitchen this early in the morning?" She demands
Buffy breaks the kiss glaring at her sister. "Shut up."
"Dawn is Connor up yet?" Angel asks
Dawn nods "Yeah he's up."
"What kind of eggs would you like?" He asks Dawn
"Scrambled please." Dawn answers

"Connor, please behave." Angel pleads as he turns the car off looking at his brother.
"I will." Connor promises
"That means no pranks. No fights. And no skipping classes."
"I said I will."
"We're supposed to meet with the Principal in five minutes." Angel says opening the car door.
"See ya." Dawn gets out of the car getting out she hurries to where her friends are waiting.
Connor walks with Angel into the school. "Why do we even have to meet with the Principal?"
"That's what they do around here when it comes to new students with... problems."
"I have no problems." Connor protests as they walk down the hall.
"Connor you were suspended three times last year. You were truant four times this year and its only March."
"Yeah so." Connor shrugs
Angel sighs "Just behave here." He says as they enter the main office.
Connor leans against the counter looking out to the hallway as Angel talks with the secretary. He notices Dawn walking down the hall with a couple girls. 'Damn she's hot.'
Dawn meets his gaze briefly then looks at her friend who is talking.
"So that is Angel's brother huh?" Janice says seeing her friend glance into the office.
Dawn nods "That's Connor."
"He's cute." Amanda remarks glancing at the boy.
"I guess" Dawn shrugs
"You guess?" Janice looks at her best friend. "Dawn you do realize that you live with two of the hottest guys in this town? And that you are friends with the third?"
"Which one Xander or Spike?" Amanda asks
"Spike." Janice says "I mean Xander is cute but Spike is... WOW."
Dawn laughs "Don't let Faith here you say that... she's very possessive of Spike."
"So is Anya with Xander." Janice laughs
"True." Dawn agrees

Dawn looks up as the classroom door opens and in walks Connor. When he looks at her she swallows heavily and looks at her book as the classroom erupts in whispers.
After a moment the teacher speaks. "Class... this is Connor Chase." He introduces "Connor why don't you go sit beside Dawn in the back."
Connor makes his way to the table in the back where Dawn is sitting. "Hey Summers." He greets sitting down.
"Hey. How'd it go with the Principal?" Dawn asks
"Fine. Got the behave or else lecture." Connor answers with a shrug.
"What are your classes?" Dawn asks
Connor slides a piece of paper over to her.
Dawn reads the schedule and smiles. "We have the same classes."
"Good." Connor looks at her. "You can show me around."
"I'd show you around either way." Dawn returns
"Good to know." Connor says softly and the two remain silent through the rest of class.

"Connor these are my friends Janice, Amanda, Kit, Todd, and Kevin. Guys this is Connor." Dawn introduces as they sit down at one of the tables outside.
"Finally a guy" Kevin says heavily.
"We're overrun by chicks." Todd remarks getting a playful shove from Kit.
"So Connor how are you liking our lovely school?" Kevin asks sarcastically.
"Seems fine."
"Dawn show you the town?" Todd asks
"Yeah." Connor nods 'And more.' He glances at Dawn who is playing with her food.
"Why don't we go to the Bronze tonight?" Amanda suggests. "Show Connor the meager night life we have around here."
"Maybe... have to check with Buffy and Angel." Dawn says
"Connor do you play basketball?" Kevin asks
"Sometimes." Connor answers "Not as much as I used to."

"Homework done?" Buffy asks as they start to clear the table.
"Almost." Dawn replies. "Still need to finish up the history review questions."
"Go then." Angel nods at the doorway leaning against the counter as the two teens walk out of the kitchen.
Seeing the sad look in his eyes Buffy frowns. "Angel what's wrong?"
"Nothing." He says quickly then he walks out to the back porch where he leans against the railing. A moment later Buffy joins him. "Buffy... there are things about me... things I can't tell you."
"Why can't you tell me?"
Angel sighs "I made a promise to someone a long time ago. I want to tell you Buffy but I can't... not now. I don't know if I'll ever be able to tell you."
"Why not?"
"People will be hurt."
"Angel why are you telling me this yet not telling me what it's about?"
Angel looks at the small blond giving her a sad smile. "Because I want you to know that I'd tell you if I could." He reaches out stroking her cheek with his knuckle. "Maybe one day I will."
"When you do tell me is it going to be a big shocker?"
Angel glances briefly at the house. "Very big."
"Tell me when you're ready."
"You know I love you Buffy."
"I know. I love you too."
Upstairs Dawn and Connor sit on the floor of Dawn's bedroom with their books open. "You've been ignoring me." Connor states watching Dawn.
"No I haven't." Dawn denies her eyes on her book.
Connor looks at the closed bedroom door then reaches out brushing her hair behind her ear. "Yes you are."
Dawn slowly looks at him. "Connor we agreed no kissing." She says nervously as they inch closer.
"We shouldn't do this." Dawn whispers
"I always do things I shouldn't." Connor leans in the rest of the way and kisses her lightly at first then slowly deepens the kiss.
After a moment Dawn breaks the kiss breathing heavily. "Connor this isn't a good idea. We barely know each other... I promised Buffy nothing would happen between us."
Connor sighs "And I promised Angel." He moves away from her.
"Look we keep our lips... and hands off each other." Dawn says firmly. "We are not kissing friends.... we're almost related friends."
"Good." Dawn nods returning to her reading.
Connor watches her 'God that was an incredible kiss.'

Dawn sits on her bed with her journal.
// Connor and I kissed again. I know we promised that we wouldn't but... I couldn't help it. I shouldn't kiss him... we're pretty much related. But damn that was a good kiss.
I admit I'm attracted to him but I know I have to stay away... I just hope I can. //
Dawn closes her journal and returns it to her nightstand drawer.

Dawn and Connor lounge on the living room floor watching TV the house empty but for them. "Connor this is boring change the channel." Dawn whines reaching for the remote in his hand.
When she grabs the remote from his hand Connor protests. "I was watching that Summers."
"Too bad." Dawn retorts changing the channel.
Connor grabs the remote changing the channel back.
"Hey." Dawn lunges for the remote only to knock Connor over. "Damn it Connor change the channel."
Connor stares at Dawn then reaches out grabbing Dawn by the waist and pinning her to the floor.
Dawn struggles under him "Connor let me up." She stops struggling when their eyes lock. "Connor" She unconsciously licks her lips.
"Dawn" He says hoarsely.
"I'm going to break my promise."
"I know."
Connor leans down pressing his lips against hers.
Dawn gives into the kiss then after a few moments of heavy kissing Dawn pushes him away and scrambles to her feet. She stares at Connor then turns running out of the living room and up the stairs.
"Dawn" Connor scrambles to his feet following her up the stairs. He reaches her door just as Dawn slams it in his face. "Dawn come on"
Dawn leans against the closed door. "Go away Connor."
"Dawn talk to me." Connor leans against the door.
"Go away" Dawn says again as she walks over to the door connecting to the bathroom.
"I'm sorry Dawn." Connor says from the hallway.
Dawn sits on her bed her fingers going to her lips. 'He kissed me... again.'
Connor rests his head against the closed door. 'Damn it Chase you really screwed up this time.'
Dawn pulls her knees up to her chest. 'What am I going to do?'

Dawn groans looking at the clock. "Damn it." She mutters "What is wrong with me?" She looks towards the bathroom door. 'You want to kiss him again.' After a few moments of staring at the door she throws off the covers and gets out of bed she enters the bathroom turning on the light she goes over to the door leading to the hall and closes the door then goes to the door connecting to Connor's room. She stares at the door for a moment then knocks lightly before turning the knob relieved to find the door unlocked. Taking a deep breath she enters the bedroom. "Connor" she hisses. When he doesn't answer she enters the bedroom going over to the bed she shakes him.
Connor awakens with a start. "What?" He growls looking at the clock. "Its 3AM." He looks at Dawn "Speaking to me now?"
"I need to talk to you."
"So talk."
"In the bathroom." Dawn stands walking into the bathroom.
Connor sits up running his fingers through his hair he grabs his shirt off the end of the bed pulling it over his head he gets out of bed walking into the bathroom. "What do you want Dawn?"
Dawn stares at him "Why did you kiss me?"
"Because I wanted too." Connor leans against the counter.
"I'm attracted to you... I shouldn't be but I am."
"Kiss me."
"What?" He stares at her stunned.
Dawn steps up to him. "Kiss me." She says again
"Are you going to freak out if I do?"
Connor's hand goes to her cheek then leans in kissing her gently. "Not freaking out?" He asks after a moment his lips inches from hers.
"No." She returns the kiss and soon they are standing in the middle of the bathroom making out. Needing to breathe Dawn breaks the kiss staring at Connor she absently licks her lips breathing heavily.
"Second thoughts?" Connor asks softly as he brushes her hair back.
Dawn's eyes go to the floor then back at Connor. "They can't know Connor... no one can know."
"Why not?"
"You think Buffy and Angel would allow this to happen?"
Connor looks at her thoughtfully. "They'd freak."
"Yeah." Dawn nods.
"How do you want to do this... situation?" Connor asks
"To everyone we're only friends. Whatever happens between us stays between us."
"So basically we're friends who make out." Connor remarks
"This is not a romantic relationship."
"Agreed." Connor nods
Dawn leans in kissing Connor lightly. "Thank you for understanding."
Connor nods "We should go back to bed." They reluctantly step away from each other each heading to their own rooms.
Dawn climbs into bed with a small smile. 'God he's a good kisser.'
Connor lies in his bed staring up at the ceiling. 'Wonder what will happen now?' He glances at the bedroom door. 'Only good... looks like living here is looking up.'

Dawn looks up blushing when Connor enters the kitchen. She quickly ducks her head digging into her cereal. "Morning."
"Morning." Connor begins to pour himself some cereal. "Where are they?"
"Upstairs." Dawn answers
"Second thoughts?" Connor asks sitting beside her.
"No it's just..."
"No... different." Dawn gives him a small smile.
"We're still us."
Dawn swallows heavily as their hands brush on the countertop. "I know."
"Dawn" Buffy yells
Dawn starts pulling her hand away from Connor's. "What?!" She yells
"Where's my green shirt?"
"I don't know. I haven't seen it in while."

Dawn and Connor sit at the table absently listening to the teacher as they write back and forth on a piece of paper while pretending to be paying attention.
Connor writes.
Dawn blushes faintly. Dawn writes.

"We could ditch." Connor suggests thoughtfully as he leans against the locker next to Dawn's.
"We aren't ditching Connor." Dawn glances at him as she removes her book for the next class.
"Why not? We could go do something more fun."
"Yes and what would we tell Buffy and Angel if they found out that we ditched?"
"We went to the beach or something." Connor shrugs
"No what?" Janice asks joining them.
"Uh no Buffy won't let us throw a party on a school night." Dawn says quickly.
Janice lifts her brow.
"We should get to class." Dawn says quickly. "Don't want to be late." She slams her locker shut.
Janice watches as the two walk away "OK." She drawls

Dawn pulls away from Connor and sits up breathing heavily.
"What's wrong?" Connor asks sitting up.
"Nothing." Dawn answers "We just need to talk before we head home."
"All right." Connor nods "What kind of terms?"
"First there will be no kissing or anything in front of Buffy, Angel or anyone."
"We tell no one."
"Not a problem."
"We date who we want"
"If things get serious between whoever it is we're dating then this arrangement will be ended."
"All right."
"The terms will be discussed when situations come up."
"Fine. Anything else?"
"That's all I've come up with so far."
"Can we go back to making out?" Connor asks hopefully.
"No... I have a better idea." She smiles. "We're going to play a game."
"What kind of game?"
Connor groans
"Come on it'll be fun."
"Ask away" He waves his hand
"What is the biggest lie you ever told?" Dawn asks after a moment of thought.
Connor tilts his head. "One time I told my Mom that I was spending the night at my friend's house."
"What did you really do?"
"Spent a good portion of the night with my girlfriend at her house." Connor answers
Dawn lifts her brow "Oh really?"
Connor shrugs. "So what about you?"
"I've lied about a bunch of things." Dawn shrugs "Mostly to get my sister into trouble. One time I told Mom that I caught Buffy making out with her boyfriend Tyler... before Angel... in Buffy's room."
"Did you?"
"Not at the time I told on her." She leans back on her hands "First kiss?"
"Second grade behind the cafeteria Mary Katherine. You?"
"Third grade Trevor."
"And since then?"
"Todd once when I was 13 and a guy named Chris last year... he moved away."
Connor reaches out tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear. "So who's the better between the three of us?"
"I guess you'd have to kiss me again before I can decide." She challenges flirtatiously.
Connor leans in kissing her lightly then slowly he deepens the kiss until they are forced to break apart for air. "So?"
Dawn licks her lips "You... definitely."
Connor smirks leaning back on his hands. "So if we're playing truth if I ask you something will you ask?"
"Ask and we'll see."
"Did you date this guy Chris?"
"No... we only went to a couple dances together."
"If I ask you something will you answer?"
"How far did things go between you and your ex?" Dawn asks
Connor lifts his brow "Are you asking me if I had sex with my Ex Summers?"
"Did you?" Dawn asks
"Yes I had sex with her. Bother you?"
"No I think people have the right to do what they want."
"Why'd you break up?"
"What you wanted it and she didn't?"
"No... after we had sex a few times she felt guilty for going against her family's beliefs on sex outside marriage and she broke up with me." He shrugs "I dealt with it."
"That's a big thing for most people."
"I know."
Dawn stretches "We should head home."
"In a while." Connor moves closer and reaches out stroking her hair back he leans in kissing her.

"How was school?" Buffy asks as the four sit around the kitchen table.
"Fine." Connor answers
"It was OK."
"Anything interesting happen?" Angel asks
'Made out with your brother.' Dawn thinks "Nothing really. It was your average day."
"Oh Cordy called Connor. She wants you to spend the weekend with her in LA. I told her you'd call her." Angel informs his brother.
"OK." Connor nods

Dawn looks at Connor to find him staring at her. "What?"
"Nothing I just" He reaches out brushing her hair back "I have a sudden urge to kiss you."
Dawn blushes and looks at the closed bedroom door. "Connor their home." She reminds
"Angel's doing paperwork and Buffy's on the phone."
"Not when they're in the house." Dawn hisses
Connor groans "Oh fine." He looks back at his book.
After a few moments Dawn leans over and kisses his cheek. "After their asleep want to make out?"
Connor grins "Definitely."
Dawn grins in return then goes back to her reading.

3 AM
Dawn looks at Connor as his head rests next to hers. "So are you going to go see your sister this weekend?" She asks softly
"Yeah." He trails his fingers over her face. "I haven't spent much time with her over the years."
"You know if one of them walked in here right now we would be in so much trouble."
"Their asleep."
"Think this arrangement is going to work out?"
"Yeah... I think it will."
"You know" Dawn murmurs "just because we make out doesn't mean I'm going to jump into bed with you."
"You" he kisses her lightly "already are."
Dawn laughs lightly. "You know what I mean."
"Yeah I know."
"Its late... you should go back to your bed." Dawn suggests
"Can't I sleep with you?" He grumbles
"No... now get out of my bed."
"One more kiss." He steals a quick kiss "Sleep well Dawn."
"You too." Dawn watches as he walks out of her bedroom. 'God this is going to be even more interesting.'