So, this is when Ken Malansky and Caroline meet for the first time, now this is a huge jump in the timeline. Isaiah had met and married a young woman named Danica, 2 years prior. In this story, Danica is due any day pregnant with her and Isaiah's first child, a daughter named Emma Rose.

"…Are you sure Dani's in labor, Isaiah?" Caroline asked after her baby brother insisted that his wife, Danica was actually in labor this time.

Isaiah had called the office and Caroline was out in the main area while Perry and Della interviewed Ken Malansky, a possible new hire to fill the position Paul Drake had held before his untimely death 15 years prior.

"Yes, Caroline. I wouldn't call if it wasn't a false alarm. Dr. Johnson said that she's at 4 cm, from what Aunt Gertie told me. Dani's got Aunt Alex, Aunt Gertie and Brenda in there with her." Caroline nodded,

"Mom and Dad are interviewing a possible new hire to be a private investigator and they should be done in about 30 minutes – "

" – Dr. Johnson said that at anything beyond 4 cm, things could change quickly within 30 minutes. Hurry." Isaiah said as he hung up as he heard Danica's cry of pain as Caroline sighed and knocked on the office door,

"I'm sorry, but that was Isaiah. Dani's in labor, Emma Rose is on her way. Dr. Johnson's with her. I wouldn't interrupt you guys for anything else." Ken looked to Caroline and back to Della as his heart began to go a million a minute. Caroline was so beautiful and a mirror image of her mother as Della rushed to Caroline's side,

"Dad you can finish the interview, Mom and I need to be there for Isaiah and Dani both." Perry nodded,

"We'll be over soon." Ken looked to Perry,

"I don't want to intrude –" Caroline smiled,

"Nonsense. Anyone joining the Mason law firm is our friend and we like to take care of our friends." Caroline and Della rushed out and drove home,

"Isaiah. How is she?" Caroline asked when they rushed in as Della went to go change as Isaiah sighed,

"Her water should – " They heard Danica's scream as Caroline ran to her sister – in – law,

"Just breathe, Dani. Mom and I are here." Dr. Johnson nodded,

"Now we're cooking, Danica." Gertie and Alexandra went out to sit with Isaiah. Helen had Jason, Peyton, Matthew, and Sarah out to give Danica some space.

Once Perry and Ken got to the house,

"OK, Danica. It's time. When you get your next contraction, I need you to push as hard as you can alright?" Danica nodded as she began to push, screaming in pain.

"That's good, Dani. Keep it up!" Della coached as Danica pushed,

"Ow!" Helen had brought the other kids back and they were sitting at the dining room table talking gently as Ken looked around at his surroundings,

"…Is anything on your mind, Ken?" Perry asked as Ken looked to him,

"Are they siblings?" Ken asked as he pointed to the others at the dining room table as Perry smiled softly,

"No, but they sure act like they are." Ken smiled but winced as they heard Danica's screams,

"How'd you meet Danica, Isaiah?" Ken asked as Isaiah smiled,

"We met in high school, in chemistry class. Danica's a chemist." Perry and Ken smiled,

"That's a good girl, Danica!" Dr. Johnson coached after a recent push, Emma Rose was taking her sweet time and it was beginning to wear Danica out,

"I don't understand how you did this three times, Mom. Twice with twins and once with my husband!" Danica laughed wryly after a recent push as Della smiled,

"I don't either, well you know Brenda was the surprise twin." Ken smiled,

"Who's oldest, you or your sister Caroline?" Isaiah smiled,

"Well, the twins, Caroline and Brenda are older." Ken looked to Perry and Isaiah,

"Oh. I'm sorry." Perry smiled softly,

"It's OK. Brenda was our surprise twin." Ken sighed as Danica's cries filled the air again,

"That was a good push, Dani!" Caroline coached with a smile as Danica was covered in sweat and breathed deeply before pushing again.

The house had fallen silent as everyone not in the bedroom section of the house had camped out in the large family room and was asleep by the time that Emma Rose had made her appearance with a loud scream that woke Isaiah as he ran to the bedroom.

"Baby brother, I'd like you to meet your baby girl, Emma Rose Mason." Caroline said with a beaming smile as Isaiah kissed his big sister's cheek as he took his daughter in his arms as she listened with a look of concern,

"Is everyone – ?" She asked as Isaiah smiled,

"Everyone's asleep, even Ken." Della was standing behind them as she smiled as Isaiah looked up and saw his mother,

"Mom." Della smiled and kissed her son's cheek and ran a finger along Emma's cheek as Emma opened her eyes and smiled,

"She's a beauty, son. Dani's just fine. She's asleep." Ken had walked up behind Isaiah as Caroline looked up and placed a finger on her lips as they went to the kitchen,

"Emma's beautiful." Ken said as Caroline blushed with a smile,

"I can't wait to spoil my niece." Brenda walked in and hugged Caroline from behind. Ken looked at the twins, Caroline looking like Della and Brenda looking like Perry.

"Ken, this is my twin sister Brenda Elizabeth. Brenda, this is the Mason firm's new private investigator." Brenda shook Ken's hand but looked down as Caroline sighed,

"I know, Brenda. I know. I miss Uncle Paul, too." Brenda and Caroline smiled with a chuckle,

"We, along with Helen, Peyton, her sister Sarah, Aunt Gertie, Aunt Alex and Mom, were his 'beautifuls'. I remember Aunt Gertie going completely crazy the first time she heard Uncle Paul call Peyton 'beautiful'." Brenda laughed as Della and Isaiah were listening in with sad smiles as Caroline chuckled,

"He did have a way with the ladies. So does Dad." Ken smiled,

"So, Caroline. I was wondering if you'd like to go get something to eat, not tonight – " Ken started as Caroline placed a finger on his lips and went to go get her purse as Brenda looked to Della as Della nodded with a smile.

That's the end! I know y'all might have wanted to read that "first date" but the story wrote itself to an end.