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By definition, it's the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of Earth itself. Or mostly the gradual development of something, especially from a simple single-celled organism into a multi-cellular and complex form of life.

And then there's a theory that Charles Darwin made called Natural Selection. He theorized it was a key mechanism to all evolution, which is the change in the heritable traits characteristic of a population over generations. Whether in random mutations in an individual or offspring inherit a type of advantage. This would interact with other lifeforms whether in genetics or in behavior. Which in turn comes to the phrase, Survival of the Fittest. It didn't mean the strongest, or the smartest, but the species that could adapt much better.

Adaptation has three meanings: dynamic evolutionary process, a state reached by the population during that process, and a phenotypic trait or adaptive trait that has been molded through natural selection.

Humans are a typical type of this, as humanity has adapted for millennia, from the time we walked and dragged our knuckles as apes, to when we walked on two legs with straight backs, so to speak.

But has evolution stopped for us as we could be a stagnant species? And who is to say what is civilized or what is the superior lifeform?

We have it in ourselves to change to adapt to a world that can be harsh.

But whether in every few hundred millennia or by some unseen or unknown artificial force, Evolution can be pushed forward into… something else…

But even if we're advanced or stronger… one thing that only a person can change… is within us. So what would we become with change? Who would we become? These answers, we find within ourselves when change comes and the need to adapt arrives.

Though the question is… what would the world be if it changed?

Imagine a world that evolved from the collision of past, present, and future. A world where the Dinosaurs still existed but adapted. A world where flora and fauna evolved to be strong. And imagine a world where man evolves into three distinct species. A world separated from our own but still unable to be accessible.

But what if it could?

Unknown Location

The area appeared to be a dense swamp of some kind. A prehistoric kind of jungle swamp with palm leaf tree-like trees growing upward, snaked with vines that coated them around the trunks. The water was only ankle deep in the river-like swamp in a trench-like crevice. The leaves and vines above covered the cloudy but clear night sky as the stars shined downward. And oddly enough… there were three moons. Truly, this was not like Earth at all.

And it wasn't alone.

For stumbling their way through the jungle swampy grounds… was a lone astronaut, as they looked around, reporting, "Mission Control, come in. Mission Control, do you read?" No response, even as he still persisted, "Mayday. On reentry into Earth's orbit after returning from the Mining Colony on Mars, my ship seemed to have fallen into… " he looked around as he tried to make sense of what it was he had crashed through. "Well, I don't know where I fell to. I think it might have been some kind of tear in space… and time."

He looked at his left wrist had that a comm computer displaying a holographic display, but all of it read unknown to him, "I don't know where the heck I am. I don't even know if this is Earth. What with the fact that there are three moons in total from what I saw. Woke up around night, so I haven't the slightest clue on daylight or what this place looks like." He then scrunched his face, as he stated, "Although the weird thing is before they went out, the ship's instruments indicated that where I am now… it says White Sands, New Mexico." He shook his head, as he replied, "Well, it's an obvious error as this is nowhere even close to being New Mexico."

He then stopped for a moment, as he continued, "Is there anyone receiving this? If they can, come back." He then stopped again, as he looked up at the path before him, seeing ancient jungle foliage… along with strange other plants that he didn't recognize. Plants that seemed to move like snakes, as he finally asked himself in a whisper, "Where the heck am I?"


The astronaut turned around quickly, as he heard that ungodly and monstrous roar. From the sound of it, it was getting close to his location.

"Oh God," the astronaut paled, as he swashed ran his way in the moor swamp he was in. as he ran, impact tremors were heard. Though these weren't any tremors made by something crashing from space like a meteor. These were paced. These tremors were footsteps. Of something big.

"Recovery team! Recovery team, fix coordinates now," the astronaut radioed in a hastened mad panic, even as the footsteps were getting close. "Recovery team, come back! Goddammit, you bastards!"

As he waddled his way through the swamp, which was getting close to his hips now, he didn't notice the vines snaking in the water, as he once again, tried to radio for help, "Does anybody….?!"

Suddenly, he was snatched up by the vines like a spring-loaded dead vault trap. He was snapped up by the vines and held upside down, dangling by his snaked and trapped left leg as he dangled like a pendulum.

"Oh God! Oh GOD!" he panicked, looking around as he tried to find a way out of there, even as the impact tremor footsteps were getting closer. As he was swinging around slowly, he panicked, "Does anybody read…?!" But then stopped, as trees came crashing down, almost bent forward, as the footsteps slowed down, and splashing once in the waters below him.

The astronaut came face to face, but only with the creature's silhouette glaring at him with the moonlights shining behind the massive 30-40 foot creature that towered at the astronaut. Despite being up in the air, he was no bigger than a mouse or a canary to the cat-compared creature that towered him.

The beast then roared out, opening a huge coffin-sized gnaw with sharp glistening teeth, as the astronaut screamed, "NOOOOO..!"

And all was silent, say for bird-like creatures flying out of there, as they cawed or screeched while flying away from the jungle-like world of this unknown world.

Lost World Eden