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After the War Chapter 3

"So this is real?" Stephen Miller, a strongly built man with short blonde hair and gray eyes, asked his finance man, and leaned back in his office chair. As one who controlled pretty much the entire slum area of New York, he could afford to keep educated advisors, even though he himself could barely read.

"Yes, boss. It is a real gold coin and of very high quality. The jeweler said it looked freshly minted." The much smaller and slimmer man with thinning brown hair, dressed in a similar gray business suit, answered.

"How much?"

"About two grand, but it can change depending on the market fluctuation."

'The clever shit likes to use fancy words, but I guess that's what I'm paying him for.' "Sounds good. Go warn the man I will be selling a shit-ton of'em."

"Got it boss." The man said and hurried out of his office.

Stephen smirked and admired the coin in his hand. Some upper-class rich boy wanted to hire his entire gang for a long period of time, and pay with these coins. What's best, as a rich spoiled moron, he likely had no clue who he was dealing with.

As a gangster, it was his way of dealing with things. You can take whatever you want from the weak. He put the coin in his suit's inner pocket and picked up the phone making a quick call. "Hey, Perez!"

"I don't care about you being on a break."

"Fine fine, just tell the slut to hurry up and finish you off."

"For fucks sake man… you want to swim or something."

"I don't give a shit about your excuses. Just finish with the bitch and gather the men."

"Six cars. We are going for a big payday."

"Oh, that got your attention."

"Yeah, yeah, you too, buddy." Stephen ended the conversation and then loudly remarked. "I don't know why I'm putting up with that idiot's bullshit."

Of course, he knew the answer. His right-hand man, Perez, had proved his loyalty time and time again. He might have some attitude problems, but he never let him down, and never caused any real problems. Men, like Perez, were hard to find in his line of work.

Stephen put on a jacket and went to the elevator to reach the basement. The building he used as headquarters of his operation may have looked like a run down forgotten skyscraper from the outside, but on the inside it rivaled the luxurious mansions of the upper crust.

A short blonde girl dressed in a very short skirt and deep-cut shirt waited for him with the protective suit in her hands.

"Hey boss, Perez called and said he will be here in five minutes." She said with a matter-of-fact attitude.

"Good." he said, accepting the suit and putting it on. Just in time, a gigantic man, with pitch-black hair, and light brown skin, dressed up in white suit that was on the verge of being ripped apart because of his overly muscular physique, walked up to him.

"Boys are arming up. We are almost ready to go. You really couldn't wait could you?" Perez said with a very annoyed tone.

"We are talking about seven digits here!"

"I know, some rich boy wants to play a gangster, huh?"

"Did you find out who he is?"

"Nope, there's no trace of him."

"Rich fucks always hide their tracks. What did the commissar say?"

"He didn't know anything either, but as long as you pay him his cut he doesn't care either. It likely isn't anyone local."

"Let's go meet the guy then."

It didn't take long for him to get in the armored car and be on the way to meet the client.

After a fifteen-minute ride, they stopped at an abandoned warehouse. Stephen got out of the car, ordered six men to look around the perimeter, and with Perez by his side walked towards the entrance with twenty of his men following.

The moment he opened the door he froze for a moment. The warehouse was brightly lit and his masks UI showed a notification of clean air. Surprised, he carefully removed the mask and walked deeper inside.

There was a man sitting at a large office table, but what caught his attention first were the two stunning beauties standing beside him, dressed in striped suits with short skirts. One was a pale blonde with blue eyes and the other one was a tanned redhead with yellow eyes. The man himself was weird, to say the least. He looked European, with one of his brown eyes covered with an eye patch, and holding a cat in his arms, gently stroking it.

'The fucker thinks he is a Bond villain or something. But those two bitches are so damn fine. I'm definitely keeping both. Such fine ladies can't go into rotation.'

"Bonne journée messieurs. I am Pandora's Actor, let's discuss business." The man said with a wide smile.

"Show the rest of the money first." Stephen replied with tone that mean business.

The man nodded at the blonde girl who picked up the small ancient-looking box and walked up to him. Perez took the box from her while openly staring at her cleavage.

Stephen raised an eyebrow when Perez almost dropped the box but managed to keep holding it in his massive arms with a strained face.

'What the hell, is Perez fucking with me?' The man was not known for playing around, so his reaction stuck out like a sore thumb.

"Boss, the box weighs a ton, that bitch is on roids or something." Perez whispered.

"Open it up and look inside moron!" He hissed back.

Perez put the box on the ground, kneeled in front of it, and opened it up. It was definitely filled with the same gold coins.

"I presume this is enough for the first few weeks?" Pandora asked.

"No man. Now listen carefully if you know what's good for you. You are getting us three more of these boxes and I am taking those two girls as a guarantee that you are not trying to fuck us over." Stephen said with a smirk, adding "I promise they will still be usable after you get them back."

"How amusing. It looks like a REeducations is in order." Pandora said with a dry laugh with the two girls joining in twisting their faces in sadistic smiles.

'Is he out of his mind?' "I see you're as stupid as you look. Boys, show him what we do with arrogant rich shits like him, but try not to damage the girls too much. I want them to be fixable."

Before his men could even raise their weapons both women suddenly disappeared with a blur of light and a crack of sound. As he blinked he could see only their afterimages between his men who started dropping like flies.

"What…" He started to say as his hand was getting twisted and he fell. His face painfully collided with the floor breaking his nose and knocking out at least a few teeth.

Pandora smiled as watched how both of the Pleiades' maids dealt with those who would soon serve his father and other Supreme Ones, with full devotion.

While the henchmen were getting dragged through the gate one by one, the cat from his lap jumped down and ran up to the leader assuming his looks, while another doppelganger walked through the portal and took the role of the giant man, who, by the intel he had, was the second in command.

"Excellent job Solution and Lupusregina. FAther will be plEAsed with your EFforts."

"Thank you Lord Pandora's Actor." both maids said with a bow.

"Lupusregina, please follow the two doppelgangers and assume the ROLE of the client. Solution: you have been recalled home."

"Why? Did I do something wrong?" She asked as a smile faded from her face.

"I have just been informed that your creator has ended his rest period and you can visit him."

"Lord HeroHero has returned?" Solution asked with a shaky voice.

"Yes, but I have been told, he doesn't look as we remember him. As few others of the SupREme ONES', he has chosen to form that of a human." Pandora said and motioned for her to use the gate as well.

Solution bowed and ran through the portal shaking with excitement.


His new life was a paradise. HeroHero lazed on a futon with a book in his hand. For the first few days, he had just slept fourteen to sixteen hours and eaten far too much. His, now immortal human, body had struggled to deal with the insane amount of food he had managed to consume. Luckily there were healers who dealt with the problem rather quickly.

The maid, or at this point, more precisely a concubine, was feeding him raspberries while sitting on a small chair beside the futon. Maybe he overstepped his newfound stature a bit too much, but the blonde, green eyed girl was just his type, and, considering, he had not been with a woman for a few years due to how overworked he was, her willingness to please easily clouded his, otherwise reserved, judgment.

'She surely enjoyed it. She is still smiling. Such a pretty smile.' As he was considering offering her to have another round of fun, a knock on the door interrupted his plans.

A blonde beauty in a short very revealing maid's outfit came in and said with a shaky voice. "Lord HeroHero, I am overjoyed for the opportunity to meet you again." As she keeled.

'Wow, what a figure! Hmm, why did it feel wrong to think about this girl like that?

{ Hey Momonga! }

{ Hero, I am going by Ainz now. Did you want something? }

{ A blonde girl just came in saying she is happy to see me again. I have no idea who she is. }

{ Hero, that is Solution, your daughter! } Ainz replied after a moment.

{ My what? }

{ Remember, you created her in-game? All our creations are our children don't you feel it? }

'Daughter, that sounds… ooh that's why it felt weird to think that she is hot!'

"My Lord, a-are you disappointed, s-should I leave?" Solution asked, with her voice breaking.

"No, wait. I… so you are my daughter, huh?" 'She looks maybe a few years younger than me.'

"Daughter…" Solution mumbled under her breath as her smile grew inhumanly wide.

"Oh, and you don't have to kneel. It just feels weird, come sit." HeroHero said, looking around to see where he could offer for her to sit down. The maid, sitting beside him, quickly stood up and offered her seat to Solution with a bow.

Solution quickly accepted the offer and leaned near her father with an overly wide, very creepy smile.

"So… how have you been?" Hero asked, not sure how to deal with the awkwardness of the situation.

"I have done my best to be of service to the Supreme Ones." Solution said proudly.

"That's good…" An awkward silence fell upon them once again.

"My Lord, is something wrong?" Solution asked, growing concerned once again.

"No!" Hero hastily responded. "I just… I have no idea how to deal with the current situation. I'm sorry If I came off as not caring, but I'm a bit lost on where to start with us."

"My Lord, I am very grateful you found time to even meet with me." Solution said with a chipper tone.

"How about we drop all these formalities, you're my daughter, right? You should be more casual around me. I know, how about you tell me what you do in your free time, what you like, and dislike. Maybe we can figure out what to do together."

It took him less than a minute to realize just what kind of mistake he had made. As if some floodgates were opened, Solution started to talk about things any sane human would consider absolutely horrific.

'There is a live woman inside her in constant agony to feed her?! She wants to clean Ainz in her slime form!'

The remainder of what his daughter was, hit like a hammer, but the horror soon subsided, replaced with the realization that what truly mattered to Hero was his daughter's happiness.

In an absentminded moment of joy, he said "I'm happy you have been doing so well." and hugged her.

For a moment Solution froze up, but then melted in his embrace barely keeping her humanoid form. "Thank you, Lo…" Other NPCs called their creators father or mother or in some cases were even more informal addressing them as dad or mom. Could she be just as forward? Her creator seemed to be happy to see her again even though it was somewhat obvious that he had forgotten about her existence. "Dad." Solution finally said.

"If you call me dad I will come up with some cute nickname for you. Solution sounds too formal. Now, what could we do together?"

"I could help you take a bath dad. I am very skilled at that. Emperor Ainz is not letting me be his cleaner, so maybe I can be yours?"


{ Ainz I need help. Solution wants to wash me! }


{ Ainz, don't leave me like this! }

There was no response from his friend.

{ I know you can hear me. Don't ignore me, you bastard! }

{ Sorry, in this case, you are on your own. Good luck. }

'You asshole!'

"Dad?" Solution: look at him with a concerned expression.

"You know you are my daughter, that would be inappropriate." he finally managed to get out.


'Why? Really?' "Because father and daughter should not take baths together as adults and…"

"Ohh, why not?" Solution asked innocently. It was rather clear to HeroHero that she knew exactly why, but either didn't care or was into it.

{ Ainz! Help me out! }

{ You are on your own. I already had to deal with this, now it's your turn. You created her like this. }

Ainz knew leaving his friend in Solution's clutches like this was cruel, but then again, he had to deal with Solution's requests of being the cleaner of the royal family on a weekly basis. 'Sorry, my friend. Since you made her like this, you will be one dealing with her.'

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