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Chapter 1: Falling into the Depths of Sorrow

Dear Seto,

Hey! Tea here! I would've written to you sooner but I had to unpack everything and make sure I knew where things are in this school before anything else. It's really big, considering it only teaches dance. But then, there are different types of dancing, so I guess there are different types of buildings and departments. The campus is surrounded by the city but inside it's very peaceful and the studios are absolutely soundproof from any outside noises.

My dormitory is really beautiful. The building is made out of red bricks and inside, it's all rich dark wood and carpets. My room has a bed, desk, dresser, closet, and a nightstand - typical furniture but I'm slowly working on personalizing it. There's a great shop by the campus that sells very pretty picture frames and lamps and other accessories that my neighbors and I frequent often (and spend our pocket money on).

Okay, so what's been up with you? I was so alone until about two days ago (even though I was busy), when I met this girl who was picking up her schedule in front of me in the line. Her name is Catherine and she's really friendly and we found out we had almost the exact same classes! Then she introduced me to a group of friends she had made and now the future looks a little brighter.

I can't believe it's only been a week since I said good-bye to Japan. It seems like it should've been a year already. How long will four years be? I shouldn't be thinking such depressing thoughts...so I'll stop. Oh! Classes start in a WEEK! I'm so nervous, Seto. I hope I don't make too much of a fool of myself.

Wow! Time flew by! I promised the girls I'd join them for a night out together. I'll drop this in the mailbox on my way out. Please write back to me when you get this!

I love you.


Seto leaned back on his seat and closed his eyes. A faint smile traced his lips. 'I love you too, Tea,' he thought as he carefully folded the sky blue stationary and put it back into the envelope. He then opened a drawer and placed the envelope inside before closing it.

That was Tea's first letter. After that, they had written emails back and forth because it was so much faster. But once in a while, the couple would handwrite their letters and cards, for special occasions like holidays and birthdays and, of course, their anniversaries.

It had been a year already. 'One down, three more to go,' Seto thought to himself as he finished writing an email to Tea and stood up and walked out of his home office to go to school. He was in his senior year in high school and that was almost over, since it was the third week of June already. All he had were the finals this week, which he wasn't at all worried about.

It wasn't that he missed Tea any less, but it just seemed that the ache of missing her had dulled a bit over the year, probably because he was used to enduring it every day. Tea wrote to him almost every day and twice, she had sent pictures of herself and her friends. She looked different. She had longer hair and she was thinner. But that was just the physical difference. Inside, in her heart, she was still the same. Her voice on the phone never changed and her handwriting remained the graceful script mixed with the occasional scrawl.

Seto opened the door to his homeroom class and was greeted with the usual sight of students talking, reading, and cramming as much information as they could into their heads before the tests began again. He sat down in his seat in the corner of the room.

As usual, Yugi came up to him. "Hi Kaiba," he greeted cheerfully.

"Good morning," Seto answered. He and Tea's friends (meaning mainly Yugi, Joey, and Tristan) had developed a somewhat better relationship since now they all had one thing in common: Tea. Seto couldn't help but think that Tea had done nothing but good ever since she had entered his life; not that he considered having those trio closer to him a good thing, but he considered their considerably more civil behavior to each other an improvement.

"Science final is today," Yugi groaned as he set his books down on his regular desk next to Seto's.

Seto shrugged, "it can't be that hard. I didn't even study, and I'm not worried at all."

Yugi rolled his eyes. "Yeah, but then, not everyone's a genius like you," he sighed before opening his notebook. "I better do some last-minute studying, even if I spent basically the whole night doing nothing else." Yugi buried himself in his notes.

As it turned out, the science final wasn't at all difficult. But Seto could hear groans about how much of a killer it was according to some students. The loudest of them all was, of course, Joey Wheeler.

"I mean how the hell were you supposed to know how to find a density of an object?! They never taught us that this year!" Joey yelled as he and his friends walked out of the school.

"Oh, but Joey...they taught us that four years ago." Ryou answered.

Joey glowered at his companion as the rest of the crew burst out laughing.

Seto shook his head and walked faster, away from the laughing group. Joey Wheeler was density itself.

Soon, finals ended. The graduation ceremony followed. But all Seto was thinking of was Tea. He was getting worried; he hadn't received a single email from her all this week. Usually, she would at least send him something short. Seto wondered what was happening. 'She's probably too busy,' he thought to himself. 'There are also tests and evaluations at the Dance Academy, after all'.

The next day, he was up early and finishing up some work so that he could spend time with Mokuba, since school had just ended. As he finished up his work, the phone rang.

"Kaiba residence," Seto answered, eyes still glued to the monitor.

"K-K-Kaiba? Can you come to the shop? I...need to tell you something. Come quick!" It was Yugi, but he sounded so scared, shocked, and sad. What was wrong with him? It wasn't like him to be like this...

"Right," Seto answered before he hung up. He headed down the stairs and stuck his head in the kitchen, where Mokuba was having a bowl of cereal while watching morning cartoons on TV.

"Mokuba, I'll be right back. Yugi wants me to come to his shop for something. I'll be right back, ok?" Mokuba nodded.

He could even feel the wrongness in the atmosphere when he entered. Joey, Tristan, Ryou, Mai, Serenity, and Yugi already sat in the Duelist prodigy's living room. Mai and Serenity were hugging each other and crying, with a box of tissues next to them. Joey sat with his face buried in his hands. When he heard the door open, he looked up to see Seto.

"Aw, man..." he groaned before returning to his former position. Tristan looked at Seto blankly, as if his very soul was frozen. Ryou was crying, but wasn't making any sound at all. Yugi stared at Seto was sorrowful eyes.

"What's the matter?" Seto asked cautiously. Yugi started crying.

"Oh, god Kaiba. What'll we do?" Yugi whispered hoarsely.

"Just tell me! What's wrong?" Worry and apprehension started to grow in him. What could it be? What could make even Joey Wheeler look so limp and lifeless?

"Oh my god, Kaiba. Tea...Tea..." a sudden grip of fear seized his entire body. He grabbed Yugi's shoulders and shook him, hard.

"What?! What about Tea?" His breath quickened as his ears took in the next bit of news.

"...Tea...she's dead."