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Pairing: E/B endgame, but wolfpack fans will like the beginning
Rating: Are you kidding?
Setting: College AU
All standard disclaimers apply

"Aww, baby doll, do we have our mascot back? We missed you, little girl."

The mascot of this university is the wolf, but that isn't what the man in front of Bella means and she doesn't give a shit anyway. Sensation lights up and down her body and heady, buzzing warmth fills her as big hands close roughly over her ass. They squeeze hard, and she moans like the little demon she is. Powerful arms lift; she's given no choice, nor does she want one as she's pulled off her feet and the wet core up under her little skirt slams firmly against the bulge of a jean-clad cock. She wraps her legs very willingly around his hips, her arms holding tight to his shoulders, and abandons herself to this pleasure. Yes. Hell, yes. This is what she needs, what she's craved.

"Such a little baby doll. Such a little slut."

She is. She really, really is, and she's never felt the slightest shame about it. She mewls softly as those big, broad hands squeeze and knead her ass deliciously, the sounds of earsplitting, pounding music pulsing around her. They're up in the office of the sprawling frat house, and she can hear the party down in the public areas below. Knowing how many other people are just a few steps away turns her on even more. She arches her body as those fantastic hands support her, grinding down on the cock she needs as if it were air.

"Such a tiny package for how much trouble you are. I could break you with one hand, little doll."

Oh, she knows. If she's been told once, she's been told ten million times. It's part of what draws them in, and part of what keeps her coming back for more. She rubs her aching clit shamelessly against the stiff fly of his jeans, the cold metal buckle of his belt. It's delicious. All of it is delicious, and fuels her hunger like nothing else ever has. She's addicted to these wolf-boys, their pretty copper skin and big muscles, their strength, their insatiability. Their willingness to give her exactly what she wants, even when she dances beyond the edge of acceptability, stepping deep into darker places than many care to follow. She's corrupted many men in her life, but she feels no guilt for these wolves. They know exactly what she is, and they give her what she needs anyway.

"You went away," the man scolds as she rubs her slick folds against him, loving particularly that metal belt buckle against her clit. It bumps and rolls over her in the most delicious way, sending sensation straight to her core and visions of hard leather on her ass straight to her brain. "You left without a word. That's not playing by the rules, doll."

The tip of her tongue licks delicately along his ear as she grinds, so close and yet so far from what she desires. He wears no shirt, his chest warm and bare and just beginning to prick with sweat, but she needs that cock, too. "I don't belong to you," she says, seeking again the cool metal against her clit. Oh, fuck, if he's willing to belt her pussy tonight, she'll combust. But she won't belong to him. She belongs to no one. She never has.

One hand leaves her firm little ass only to return a moment later in a vicious strike, the impact leaving her skin stinging and her core dripping. A cry bites from her lips, both pain and incomparable pleasure. Yes. Yes, this is what she craves, why she always seems to find her way back here eventually. That and the generous package behind that zipper. She doesn't necessarily remember this wolf-boy specifically, but they all have beefy cocks, long and thick and pretty—for cocks—and she's not picky. One will do as well as any other.

A bare chest touches her back. Bella flinches as she's sandwiched between two men—not because she minds, but because she had no idea the second was even in the room, and that's not like her. She must be hungrier than she thought.

"Bad little girl," the new voice scolds. "You're our baby doll, our fucking mascot. You know it as much as we do, so quit with the running." His hands find the hem of her pretty little sundress and yank it up over her head with a sharp movement that speaks of long practice. In an instant, she's naked. She didn't bother with any underthings, knowing full well what was going to happen the minute she crossed the wolf's door. Warm air from the house full of people, the hot late August night, touches her damp flesh. She tingles. Her skin sings. More. Always more.

She groans happily as her clothes are taken from her and leans back into the solid bare chest behind her, the rough hands that cover her breasts possessively, letting her little shell-pink nipples peek from between broad fingers. Most men gravitate toward big fake tits and fat nipples, but she's learned through long experience that they can't get enough of her pretty little handfuls, either, firm and supple, her nipples small and pale but so responsive, tightening into sweet little buds when they pinch and lick and suck. She'd let these two suckle and bite at her breasts for hours if they wanted, but not right now. She's too hungry, too intent on sating a slightly different thirst. They both still wear their jeans, and that's unacceptable.

Bella's ass still stings where she was spanked, and this is a lingering sensation she'd also like to explore, given more time. She'd very happily allow these two huge men to take their belts to her round little buttocks and narrow thighs, tag-teaming the pain with pleasure as she knows they're very capable of doing, but not right now. She needs too much. She may not belong to them, but she's been gone too long.

"Poor little needy doll," the man behind her croons. "I should punish you." His fingers tighten around her nipples, squeezing hard enough to cause delicious pinches of both pain and pleasure. "I should tie you down, naked and spread wide, down there in the middle of the party, and refuse to let anyone touch you. Let you stew, and drip, and ache, and starve." He chuckles.

She whimpers softly. This man must be Sam, the current leader of Lambda Mu Alpha, the wolf-boys' fraternity. He's not a pleasant man, but she likes that about him. And on any other night, she'd probably be willing to play that game with him, to let him display her for the delight of his alpha-male urges and her masochistic tendencies. But she's too hungry tonight to indulge him. He can punish her for running in any way he likes, so long as it involves cock inside her, seed and pleasure for her to consume. He can scold her all he wants, call her names, whip her body, stretch her little cunt and mouth—she'll gladly take it, and beg him afterwards for more. But he can't deny her. Not tonight. She won't allow it, and for all these wolves' dominant posturing, they know she's actually the one in charge.

Her fingers shove between her own smooth bare mound and the jeans of the man in front of her, impatiently undoing his fly since he seems unwilling to do it himself. He chuckles, using one hand to help shove his jeans and boxers down his legs, maneuvering around her gripping thighs. "It's okay, you needy little thing," he croons, rubbing his stiff dick through her folds in a way that makes her keen. "You just got confused. We'll remind you where you belong, and why."

Maybe they're right after all. The thought bleeds through her mind, quick as lightning, as it always does when these boys get possessive with her. Maybe she should consider a more permanent arrangement here. This is a frat house, after all. They'd give her stability, and they have everything she technically needs. They know who and what she is, and they want her for keeps—not that that's ever been something she desires. A soft sound of both relief and bone-deep pleasure leaves her as four big male hands guide her down onto the cock she's been aching for. Oh, fucking hell. Forget their willingness to play with her, forget the rough hands that know exactly where and how to touch her—this is why she's never able to stay away.

The unnamed man she's been riding curses as he yanks, Sam pushes behind her, and Bella is forced by their hands and gravity to take that cock in one swift thrust. It's a fucking monster of a prick and at first it's painful as he takes her without mercy, sliding her to the hilt with no respite, but that's part of what she craves. Her fingers bite deep into the meat of his shoulders as she holds herself to him, panting. Fuck, that's so fucking good. Oh, hell. Her stomach twists as his desire begins to fill her, leeching from his sweat-pricked skin into her system, dripping into her blood. She's been craving this all night, only little licks of heat reaching into her famished system until she sank down onto that glorious, unforgiving cock.

"Good girl," he croons, unable to resist rocking his hips against her wet core in little jerky motions. "Oh, fuck, that little cunt is the sweetest, baby doll."

She knows. She knows. She's heard it from countless men before, but she maybe likes to hear it from these wolf-boys best. She definitely likes their cocks best, because they're fat and girthy and the wolves know how to use them. The one within her stretches her so perfectly, so exquisitely, and she shudders as she adjusts the grip of her slender, hard little thighs around him. He chuckles and switches his grip to accommodate her, reaching under and between her legs with both broad arms, splitting her wider, pushing that tiny bit deeper.

"I never thought I'd have a little spinner of my own," he croons, lifting her away just an inch, then dropping her possessively back down on his dick. "Then I came to school, and the house here, and there you were."

Bella guesses she qualifies as a spinner, but she's never been a fan of the term. Tonight, however, these wolf-boys can call her whatever they want. She'll happily wear the title if it means they keep manhandling her like one, that big prick hot and heavy inside her. She wants it all—the smell of sex, the taste of desire on her tongue as she laps at his sweat, the delicious savor of precum and her own slick deep inside her.

"Hold still now," Sam commands behind her. "My turn."

Instead of complying, Bella adjusts her body between the two men, arching her back, pushing her breasts into one male chest, the round little globes of her ass into Sam's abs, giving him a better angle for what he wants. The nameless boy's hands pull her ass cheeks apart, exposing his cock stretching her little wet cunt and the tiny pink star of her asshole.

"Fucking gorgeous. So hot." Sam runs one rough fingertip over her star, igniting her nerve endings there. Oh, hell, she feels so helpless and so exposed like this, cool air against all her hidden places, and she loves every second of it. The big hands holding her still, holding her open, allowing her no escape. "Normally I'd wait to DP you until later in the night." His smooth drawl lights with amusement. "Let as many boys as you want, brothers and guests, run a train on that sweet little body, really open you up first. You're such a tiny little thing, and always so tight." His finger returns, now slick with lube. It presses at her back entrance, forcing its way past the tight muscle, his touch gentle but unyielding. He's not cruel, but he's not waiting, either. "But you were a bad little doll. You ran, and stayed away too long. I can see it in your eyes, smell it on your skin. You need to learn a lesson, need to learn who you belong to."

Maybe she does, especially if this is how he plans to teach this lesson. The small bite of pain as he forces his finger inside her mixes with the deep pleasure of dark surrender. It engulfs her, and she whines softly.

"Do that again," the man holding her open says. "I like that noise. She sounds like a needy little puppy."

Oh, she is. She really, really is. She'll gladly be their little puppy tonight. She'll be whatever they want her to be, so long as they don't stop. She squeezes her internal muscles around the huge cock wedged deep inside her, the finger which quickly becomes two in her ass. Sam is stretching her firmly, scissoring his fingers within her, giving her this small mercy. She eats it up, basking in the full attention and desire of two big, bad wolves.

"Good little puppy," the man inside her groans as she squeezes his cock with her muscles. "Good girl, prove you're sorry for leaving. Make it up to us."

She will, because she needs it as much as they do—more, even, as they well know.

"Hurry up, man," he groans at Sam. "I need to fuck this sweet cunt."

Yes, please. She desperately needs that, too. She bites his earlobe impatiently as Sam's fingers disappear, leaving her slick with lube and cursorily stretched. She hasn't had anything up there in a while and this is going to be a little uncomfortable regardless, but fuck, she wants it. She feels her body shake in anticipation, needing the sensation, the movement, the friction. That first cock would be just fine on its own, but he's not moving yet.

"God, you smell amazing." The deep male voice buzzes at her throat as the man trails his mouth over her pulse point. "Always so fucking perfect. Sweet and smoky and spicy. Fucking everything." His rough tongue licks her possessively.

She knows. She ruins men for normal women, and it's that scent, that taste, that does them in. One lick and they're hers. Maybe she should feel guilty, but she's never dredged up the need to care.

"Bite Jacob if you need to, baby doll," Sam says. "He can take it and I'm not waiting. Relax, and brace yourself."

The man inside her must be Jacob. Good to know, she guesses. She doesn't want Sam to be gentle any longer. She's been patient—for her—and all she wants now is for them to fucking get on with it. To move, the three of them together, to find the perfect rhythm that will send them all into orbit.

The blunt head of Sam's cock presses against her back entrance, slick with lube. She arches further, four big male hands and two broad male chests supporting her as Sam pushes relentlessly forward. She feels the thrill of adrenaline shooting through her blood, the pounding in her ears as the first bites of pain and rush of pleasure sweep her. Sam won't let himself harm her, but her body responds with a tiny thrill of fear anyway as the two powerful men manhandle her between them. They could seriously hurt her if they chose to, she knows. She's small, if tough, and they're not just men. The spirit of the wolf beats in their blood. She knows what they are, and they know what she is, know why she keeps coming back, craving what they provide.

The cock in her ass pushes deeper, a long low groan leaving Sam as he wields it. "Fucking perfection," he hisses.

She adores this feeling, chases it like a drug—male skin pricked with sweat, hard muscle surrounding her, a big fucking cock or two splitting her wide. Oh, hell. She grits her teeth as he continues. It feels like there's nowhere left inside her for him to go, the first monster already lodged firmly in her dripping cunt, her clit throbbing, pleading for a little attention as she holds resolutely still and lets the second invader press deeper. Yes, it hurts. There's always a measure of stretching pain, even with an average cock, and these two are considerably better than average. But that's part of what she loves about this.

"That's our girl," Sam croons to her. "That's our bad, sweet, deviant little baby doll." Oh, that's just the voice she likes to hear best from a man fucking her, tender but with an edge, steel wrapped in velvet. "Let me in, puppy. Let me stretch you so good. You know you need it."

She does. She whines again, just as Jacob said he liked, and feels his cock twitch inside her pussy in response. "Hurry up," Jacob grunts at Sam again. His hands squeeze down hard on Bella's buttocks, pulling her even wider. She's seen enough porn to know the view Sam has as his cock inches into her, stretching her little ring wide, turning the rim dark pink as it struggles to take him. She wishes she had a video feed she could watch, the two big cocks straining so close to each other, separated inside her only by thin membrane, jockeying for space, able to feel each other through the sensitive barrier.

"I'm not going any faster," Sam says, in the definitive voice of the alpha male refusing his subordinate. "Have to do this slow at first. You know that, and if you don't, you're not allowed anywhere near this ass. I never want to hurt this baby doll too much. Only as much as she likes." He chuckles, and she feels his teeth on her shoulder, just a little scrape of their blunt, human-looking edges.

"She can take it," Jacob mutters, but he accepts his alpha's rebuke and doesn't press the issue. Instead he presses Bella, withdrawing an inch from her dripping slit and pushing back in, as desperate as she is for movement, for friction. He can pump her cunt now while Sam opens her ass, as far as she's concerned, but it will be even better with everyone working together.

"Our little mascot can take a lot," Sam agrees, "but I don't ever want her cringing from me. I want her always like this, dripping and panting for it." He presses deeper. Fuck, he's long. She cramps slightly, but breathes through it. The stretch feels so impossibly good, every nerve ending in her body alight and singing. Once they really start moving, she's going to combust. She whimpers softly and rubs her hard nipples against Jacob's chest.

"So hot, baby doll," he groans, his tiny thrusts deep in her pussy only making her want more—longer, harder. "Most girls get scared when they see two big bad wolf cocks coming at them at once, but not you."

No, not her. That will never scare her—it's how she thrives. She wants them all, wants that train Sam promised her. She's so fucking needy, so fucking hungry, and nothing satisfies her quite like these wolf boys. Any frat on this street would suffice, technically, but why settle if she doesn't have to? That's why she returns here, after all.

Jacob removes one hand from her buttock and glides forward, rubbing her clit roughly with slick fingers as Sam finally slides home, his body resting firmly against her ass, his cock fully seated within her. Jake's rhythm isn't quite right, his aim a little sloppy, but she appreciates the effort. Most men in his position wouldn't bother. She twists her body slightly, finding a better angle against the pads of his fingers, and turns her head to regard Sam with one bright, liquid brown eye.

"All right, baby doll?" Sam kisses her hard as she writhes against Jake's fingers, pleasure zinging along her veins. They still, giving her a chance to acclimate herself to two cocks fully sheathed inside her at once, but she doesn't need or want the courtesy. She needs them to move, to give her their desire and their seed while letting her seek her own pleasure.

So she says the words she knows will tempt the wolves inside them: "Rail me."

They don't need to be told twice. Four big hands lift her up, their pricks slowly leaving her stretched asshole and drenched pussy, a fucking delicious slide as they manhandle her as they please. When just the heads remain inside, they lower her abruptly back down, letting gravity impale her once more on two unyielding cocks. She whines and whimpers, her little human-looking teeth biting into Jacob's pretty, dusky shoulder just as Sam said she could, awash in both hunger and bliss. Given permission, they work her body without relent or remorse. They slam her onto their cocks, making her take both at once, filling her deliciously. She feels so fucking stretched, so fucking full, her g-spot stimulated roughly and without cease. The strength of two wolves is far beyond the strength of two human men and they don't have to bounce her awkwardly between them as they support her weight; they lift and drop her very deliberately and with precision, exactly where and how they wish. They radiate heat almost as she does, and she takes greedily from them, rocking her pelvis as much as they allow, surrendering to their physical strength, letting them maneuver her body, drive up into her, over and over, the initial pain fading swiftly and rapturous heat taking over.

Jacob's hand shifts away from her clit as he focuses on positioning her, driving his cock into her. "I'll lick you, baby doll," he promises as an apology, groaning as he and Sam impale her once more. "I'll eat you alive, I promise, until you can't see straight. That pretty cunt of yours is so sweet."

She doesn't need his apology; she has more than enough to work with without his fumbling hand. He's better with his cock, anyway. But she'll gladly lie back and let him lick her later, if he wants to, for as long as he pleases. Many men may not care to with human women, but she's not human and no male has ever been able to resist her scent, her taste. She rocks her pelvis, letting the coarse curls of Jacob's pubic hair rasp against her swollen little clit. She can get there on her own without his well-meaning but awkward fingers; that's never been a problem for her. It's those cocks she craves, hard and heavy up inside her, the pulses of energy from the men holding her, fucking her, so deep, so good. She closes her eyes and whines like a puppy again as the coils of delicious tension in her belly tighten, anticipation rising, preparing for her first orgasm of the night. Jake will follow her shortly, she can already tell; Sam will last longer. She doesn't mind at all. They can lay her over that big mahogany desk or bend her over one of the wide leather armchairs while Sam continues and Jacob catches his breath. The wolves' refractory periods are notoriously short—another reason she keeps coming back to this house.

She basks in this feeling. It's so fucking good. These men are so powerful and she drinks in their energy, their passion, like a greedy child in a candy store. Her body demands more, always more, and she arches back against the cock behind her, then the one in her pussy, every muscle in her body beginning to clamp down, to tighten, the first sparkles of bliss lighting in her blood as everything in her clamps down...and then implodes. Her short, neat nails dig into the muscle of Jake's bare back and her legs tremble uncontrollably around him, her body writhing as she grips the cocks within her hard. Both men curse. Oh, fucking hell. Fucking perfection. She feeds recklessly on this feeling, savoring the long moments before it fades away, still desperate for the sweetness of those cocks releasing within her. Both men have the discipline to hold back as she comes hard on them, which she didn't expect of Jacob. She's a little impressed.

But suddenly, as the pleasure begins to wane and the coils of muscle in her body loosen again, she realizes the two men holding her aren't the only voices she hears. The scents of male libido and her own sex thrown into overdrive aren't the only things she smells.

There's someone else in the room.

Slowly her eyes drag open. She unwillingly removes her head from the crook of Jacob's shoulder to assess the situation. She doesn't mind more people joining this party—in fact, she craves it. Sam promised her a train tonight, and she intends to collect. Men, women, wolf, human, she's not picky so long as they're legal and clean and down to fuck. But she's not thrilled that the end of this first orgasm, which should have been exquisite from start to finish, was interrupted. This intruder has terrible timing.

The sight which greets her hazy eyes tells her this might not be a willing addition to the party.

Oh, he's a man. And hot. Very, very hot. But he's also very, very irate, and the expression on his face...she's not sure she can place it. He looks as if he's been brought up short by the sight of two frat boys double-teaming a girl. Bella blinks lazily at him, her body still languid and slow just after orgasm, dry amusement filling her. What was he expecting? This is a frat house, and he walked through a closed door. That's not her fault, or Sam's, or Jacob's.

"Knock much?" She eyes him up and down in the split second before the wolves react, thoroughly unashamed of how she's been found. He's pretty, she'll give him that. Very pretty. Messy hair that doesn't know if it wants to be red or brown, classically perfect features, eyelashes most of the girls downstairs would happily murder him for. He has pretty lips, too. They look so soft, and surprisingly red contrasted with the unnatural pallor of his skin. She wonders for a moment if he's wearing tinted lip gloss. She'd happily reach up and give him a lick to see, but she's sort of occupied at the moment.

Seriously, though, the boy is too pale. Either the sight of college kids doing what college kids do turned him white as a sheet, or he has a serious anemia problem. His eyes look completely black against that pallor. She regards him through hazy, half-lidded eyes, offering him a languid smile, the last, sweet flickers of orgasm still flowing through her. She grinds down against Jacob's cock with brazen indifference to the interruption. "You really should learn to knock. And you have to wait your turn. I can take three, but not in this position."

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