Amun Boarding School Prom Night – 2013

Fabian Rutter found himself going home earlier than everyone else on the night of his high school prom after a small joke to his friends about "don't expect to hear from me for a while, im gonna explore every corner of Egypt until I find myself some semblance of a treasure" and having a heartfelt conversation with Mara about how the two of them wouldn't actually worked in the long run, specially consider they were going to university in different cities and decided to call their short relationship quits, he knew that was the practical, and frankly, the right thing to do but dealing with a break up still did leave him feeling a bit uneasy considering how the last one (or lack thereof) went.

As Anubis house came into view, Fabian also noticed a silhouette near the door, instinctively he thought the worse and started thinking of a way to defend himself, the past couple years at this school had definitely taught him that. But the more he paid attention he noticed the silhouette most have belonged to a teenage girl, but no one else from Anubis had left before him and she seemed to be dressed pretty casually, wearing just jeans when every single girl in the entire school, hell every single person was in formal wear tight now, so who could this be?

"No way! Fabian!?" a voice sounding suspiciously like Nina yelled from a short distance, but that was impossible, right?

"Well Victor you will certainly be missed around here" Eric Sweet told his friend as they a drink together, perhaps their last ever, as he planned to go god knows where to ensure the touchstone remained safe, which was of course was necessary but Eric he would miss Victor deeply.

Before either of them could finish their glass though they heard the door open and what must be teenagers laughing.

"isn't it a bit early for them so be back?"

"it most certainly is, you think they've found themselves more trouble already Eric?"

"Dear god I hope not' he said standing up suddenly concerned it might have something to do with his son despite the children at the doorway coming in laughing.

Once they both came down the stairs, what they were met with was Nina Martin wearing a small smile on her face while Fabian stood next to her laughing.

'Well hello Miss Martin, now what brings you here?" Victor said

Nina looked up nervously "oh I- um-"

"it's alright Nina, Victor is actually in our side now" Fabian said with a chuckle that eric shared smiling


"yeah he helped- well actually it's very very long story, I'll tell you later"

"right" Nina started "well my gran passed away a week ago yesterday and I- I don't know- I guess I felt like doing something- different and I thought I could crash graduation" she finished with a sad smile, Fabian held her hand after hearing this explanation for the second time.

"well Nina, im so very sorry for your loss but you are more than welcome to stay here at Anubis house and 'crash the graduation' as you say, in fact if you make your way back to the prom with Fabian im sure all your former classmates would be delighted to see you" Mr. sweet said with a smile and making air quotes in 'crash the graduation'.

"shall we?" Fabian said with a smile holding his arm out to her.

Right as Nina was about to link her arm in his, a huge crash was heard all throughout the house "dear god what was that?" Eric said concerned

"it sounded like it came from the cellar" Fabian said looking towards the door, without hesitation Victor stepped towards the cellar door and started to open it.

Before they knew it, all four of them found themselves in Robert's antechamber about to enter the tunnel system where the noise kept making itself known.

"wait but we don't have the amulets anymore!" Nina said as she saw Fabian step towards the bookshelf

"oh don't worry, our buddy Eddie came up with a brilliant solution" Fabian said picking up something huge from one corner of the room.

"a mirror?" Mr. Sweet wondered

"of course! It blocks the light! That is brilliant" Nina said happily while Victor simply huffed and Mr. Sweet smiled with pride at his son's seemingly brilliant idea even though he had no idea what any of them were referring to.

"well let's go see what that horrid noise is, shall we?" Victor said and all four of them stepped throught and kept moving along for quite a bit since they couldn't find the source of noise, so far that they came to the point where none of them heard the bookshelf closing back up by itself.

Though Nina did think she heard an odd laugh in the distance

It sounded like senkah- "NO" she whispered to herself and convinced her mind that she believed it

Cause no, it couldn't be.