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Chapter 27: Epilogue

"Ughh" Hiccup groaned out loud, even though no human was around to hear him. Standing beside Toothless, all ready in his flight suit, he decided to pass the time by giving Stormfly, who was also nearby, some much appreciated neck scratches.

It was basic husband knowledge, really. When your wife says she'll be ready in five minutes, you should assume she'll take ten and be prepared to wait twenty.

Hiccup was so pumped for this trip, he just wanted to go. Standing around with nothing to do, the seconds ticked by excruciatingly slowly. Opening and closing his wingsuit could only entertain him for so long.

He finally heard a familiar giggle from Zephyr, as she was carried out of their home by Astrid, a bright smile on her face as she approached an excited Stormfly. "Ready to fly, girl?"

"I'm ready to fly too, as I've been since half an hour" Hiccup called, making Astrid laugh brightly.

"You're not the one who has to handle a feisty toddler and make sure all her stuff is packed, right Zeph?"

"That's wight!" she proclaimed, reaching out her tiny hand to pet an excited Stormfly.

Hiccup stuck out his tongue. "Momma's girl"

Astrid rolled her eyes at his childishness and climbed up, keeping her daughter secured to the front of her flight suit with some straps specially designed by her husband.

"Goooo" Zephyr commanded. "Let's Fwwyyyy!"

"Aye aye, captain" said Hiccup, and both dragons took off, beginning the long journey northward to Cranefish town.

Astrid warmed her hands by the campfire, watching Zephyr playing with Toothless. Ever since she'd learnt to balance on her two feet, it was hard to get her to stay in one spot. She seriously had no idea where her daughter got this much energy from. She was much like Hiccup really, always doing something, never ever staying still.

They were at their little rest stop island, where Hiccup had made a permanent little shack to use as shelter on his numerous journeys to the north. She still remembered the first night they'd camped here, the day they'd run away from Berk.

Astrid had found out about her pregnancy a couple of days after that, so in a strange sense, this wasn't Zephyr's first time here after all, she realized with an amused smile.

Eventually, Zeph's energy ran out and she fell fast asleep in her mother's arms. Hiccup sat down beside her with a pleasant sigh, simply listening to the crackling of the fire, gazing at the twinkling stars above.

"So I've been hearing some things around the village…" Astrid said, breaking the silence.

Hiccup raised his eyebrows. "You have?"

"Whispers on the wind really…" she said casually, a smile tugging at the edge of her lips. "about your father… and you"

Hiccup gulped nervously. "I d-don't know what you mean"

Astrid narrowed her eyes. "When were you planning to tell me?"

"I wanted to surprise you!" Hiccup cried, raising his hands up in surrender. "Curse Berkians and their big mouths"

"Oh I was surprised alright…" Astrid said with a smirk, bumping her shoulder with his. "Even though I've known this day would come eventually, it still feels unreal… my husband… the Chief"

"Not for another couple of months… but yeah" Hiccup replied, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head.

"That's amazing…" Astrid said genuinely, stars reflecting in her eyes. Hiccup had to remember to breathe.

His father had brought it up just a few days ago. Chief Stoick wished to make up for lost time, and had elected for an early retirement so he could spend more of his time with his dear wife Valka, who'd come back from the dead and back into his life.

He'd set the date of the official ceremony to fall on Hiccup's 20th birthday, two months from now, and that was the reason they wanted to do this trip now. Hiccup's responsibilities would undoubtedly increase, and he wanted to accomplish their goal for this trip before that if possible.

"What if I'm not good enough…?" Hiccup asked, almost in a whisper. "How can I ever compare to my dad? Stoick the Vast?"

He didn't feel the slightest hesitation in baring all his insecurities, doubts, and fears to her, he hadn't in a long long time. It was simply a byproduct of his immense love and trust in her.

"No one's comparing you to anyone Hiccup" Astrid reassured. "You're your own person, and you're the greatest Berkian hero in seven generations. I've seen you lead Hiccup, I've seen you more than you've seen yourself. You'll be a great chief"

Hiccup blushed at all the praise. "You always know the right things to say"

"Yep. Future Chieftess of Berk, at your service"

"Chieftess huh?" Hiccup laughed. "I think all the power has already gone to your head"

That comment got him a gentle smack on the shoulder from Astrid's free hand.

"Ouch" Hiccup complained. "But seriously, thank you" he said, palming her cheek to give a lingering kiss. Astrid sighed in pleasure and gladly received his kisses, before they were interrupted by a gentle snore from their daughter.

"She takes after her dad, I see"

"I do not snore!" Hiccup protested with indignation.

"Ya do!"

"Do not!"

"Ya sure do!"

They went back inside their little shack after a while, the childish squabble promptly forgotten amongst cuddles and dreams.

Back in Cranefish town, Hiccup went to see his old blacksmith friend while Astrid went off to visit Svana, the dark haired girl from the seamstress shop who she'd met a couple of years back.

Remembering that Svana was due to be married the last time they met, she asked around until she found her new house.

Svana greeted her with a crushing hug before proceeding to gush over the two year old Zephyr, who sat in her mother's lap while the two girls caught up on all that'd happened since they last met.

Astrid was glad to learn that despite Svana's initial apprehensions, her marriage had turned out to be a big success, and the boy she'd married treated her with love and respect.

"I owe it to you… you reassured me when I most needed it" Svana said with a grateful smile.

"It was nothing really…" Astrid blushed. "But I'm glad I could help"

"So… what brings you up here after all this time Hildy?"

"Hildy?" Astrid blinked, before it struck her. Her fake name that Hiccup had given her way back then. "Well…" Astrid tapped her chin, wondering where to begin. She decided to start with telling Svana her real name, that was probably the way to go.

Berk's newfound peace with the dragons was still fresh news in many parts of the archipelago, and people around here probably knew just bits and pieces of the story.

After briefly explaining how Hiccup befriended Toothless and how they went on to drive away the tyrant queen, how Berk ended the war with dragons, Astrid finally arrived at the reason for this trip.

"As I've told you, Toothless is the only Night fury we've ever seen. He may as well be the last of his kind. Even so… we've heard rumors lately… Hiccup's travelled to many a villages, where some people swore to him to have seen another one… a white one… possibly a female"

Svana's eyes lit up in understanding before a smirk formed on her lips. "Oh I see what you're getting at now"

"After all Toothless has done for Hiccup, for Berk, Hiccup's sworn he won't rest until he finds another Night fury... a mate for Toothless" Astrid continued, pride and admiration for her husband clear in her eyes.

"We've been tracking her in the forest north of here for a few days, and have even come upon a few scales, identical in shape and size to Toothless, but with a glittery white color. I think we're close"

"White huh" Svana remarked thoughtfully. "Almost like a… Light fury"

That very night, Hiccup and Astrid slept soundly in their little tent in a grassy clearing in the northern forest, both of them exhausted after another long day of unsuccessful searches for the elusive white dragon.

Around midnight however, little Zephyr awoke to some strange sounds outside.

Wriggling out from under her mothers arm, she snuck out of the tent flap and looked up at the sky, filled to the brim with a million stars.

One dark silhouette cut through the backdrop like a knife, and she recognized it as Toothless, flying alone in the dark.

A second shape whizzed by beside him, similar in appearance but a shade lighter, going blazingly fast.

"Another Toothwess?" She murmured to herself.

Toothless' call rang out high above, answered a moment later by another, a higher pitched sound, one she'd never heard before.

A purple flash momentarily lit up the sky just then, and Zephyr awed at the beautiful sight.

After a while of watching the two shapes fly in intricate formations, she went back inside and resumed her place snuggled with her parents.

She had a feeling that they'd be going back home pretty soon.

2 months later

The feast in celebration of Hiccup becoming Berk's Chief was bound to continue late into the night, and knowing this, Hiccup and Astrid snuck out with their friends to the arena, which was now the de-facto headquarters of the dragon riders.

Hiccup's parents were watching Zephyr tonight, since the young couple had their hands full on this special and eventful day.

Hiccup received birthday wishes from the twins, Fishlegs, and even Snotlout, all of whom had grown to respect him over the years, looking to him as their leader, the one who'd shared all his dragon knowledge with them without the slightest hesitation.

Astrid couldn't stop smiling with pride, and was thankful that the half moon wasn't bright enough for the others to see her goofy grin.

They all went flying on their dragons, a rare late night group flight, and circled around the village, still lit up from the celebrations happening down below, people and dragons alike still filling the streets, emanating from the Great hall.

One by one, the others landed and turned in for the night, until it was just Hiccup and his wife left in the air. By an unspoken agreement, they glided down to the cove, where Toothless came to a soft landing, careful not to wake his sleeping mate.

The Light fury's white scales glittered softly in the moonlight, as she slept wrapped around three large eggs, right there in the sand.

Hiccup hopped off and gently patted Toothless, who joined his mate near the nest, snuggling right next to her and covering her with his large black wing.

Astrid let Stormfly go too, and the Nadder flew off to go find a good spot to sleep somewhere with the other Nadders on the island.

Astrid smiled at the little family of furies, feeling warm and fuzzy despite the chilly weather, and feeling even warmer when she felt her husband take off his cloak and wrap it around her.

She took his hand in hers, and they started the long walk back to the village, walking at a leisurely pace, not wanting this night to end.

It suddenly occurred to her that they'd not exchanged a single word in the last twenty minutes, and she couldn't think of anything else to break the silence, but a simple "I love you Hiccup"

Hiccup tripped and stumbled to the ground in surprise, laughing and making her smile as well as she sat down beside him. "I love you too Astrid".

Sitting alone with him in the forest like this, she flashed back to that time where she'd help him train, years back, and they'd shared water leaning against a similar tree. How the time had flown. That scrawny shy boy was now her Chief.

But he was still her husband first, the father of her daughter. As he'd always will be.

As she looked adoringly at him, a small thought tugged at her brain, and her heartbeat picked up. Was it time to tell him?

Hiccup noticed her distant look and looked at her in question.

Astrid opened her mouth to say something, but then closed it, turning away with a shy blush.

"What is it, milady?" Hiccup asked curiously.

"I was intending to tell you something the whole day, but between the ceremony, the feast, and the crowds, I didn't really get a chance to… and now that we are alone, I'm a bit…"

Hiccup tilted his head. "a bit what?"

Astrid bit her lip. "…nervous?" she asked meekly.

Hiccup shook his head, pulling her into his lap and pressing his lips to her forehead. "My angel, everything I am, I am because of you. You can tell me anything you want without worry. You and Zephyr… you're my whole world"

Astrid nodded, tiny tears of joy in the edges of her eyes.

"I wanted to tell you that your world… it's about to get a little bigger"

Hiccup's green eyes filled her vision as they slowly brightened with understanding, a disbelieving yet jubilant smile blooming onto his lips. "You're serious?" He asked with barely contained excitement, all thoughts of birthdays and becoming the chief leaving his brain in a heartbeat.

"Mmhmm" Astrid said, gently rubbing her cheek against his. "Went to the healer this morning itself… Zeph's gonna be a big sister"

Hiccup made another indecipherable noise of pure joy before pulling her close for even more hugs and kisses, unbothered by the cold late night and the not so comfortable forest floor. After he was done with that, he insisted on carrying his newly pregnant wife bridal style all the way to their house, despite her laughing protests that she could walk just fine.

Even she knew by now that Hiccup wasn't gonna listen, doting on her like this just gave him so much pleasure.

The sky had just started turning deep blue in preparation for dawn as the couple sunk down under the covers of their bed, sighing in pleasure, in anticipation of finally getting some much needed sleep.

Astrid tucked her head underneath his chin as she felt his arms wrap around her, and blushed red even through her drowsiness at the last thing she heard, right before the blissful world of sleep took her…

"Best birthday present ever"

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